Why do nurses need a watch with a second hand?

why do nurses need a watch with a second handThe question is, why do nurses need a watch with a second hand? Nurses need to be able to regularly check what time it is and also need a second hand to check the pulse of a patient.

Although a nurse is under maximum stress in the clinic and often has to work on the edge of her physical stress limit, there is no heart rate monitor for nurses who serve the purpose of overgrowing the pulse of the staff.

nurse’s clock is not an electronic heart rate monitor but a useful tool that helps the nurse control the patient’s pulse. Nurse’s watches are more like a traditional clock than a heart rate monitor.

But they are adapted to the typical requirements in the hospital. Even many doctors do not want to miss these watches anymore.

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Why do nurses need a watch with a second hand?

Particularities of nurse watches

why do nurses need a watch with a second handnurse in the hospital constantly has to deal with people who are ill. Many diseases are contagious, they need to constantly wash and disinfect their hands.

wristwatch is impractical when cleaning hands. A normal pocket watch is also not suitable, because doctors and nurses need your always visible. Such watches are as useful as an hourglass, so completely unsuitable.

Many clinics even forbid staff to wear a watch on their wrist. In any case, doctors, nurses, and nurses usually prefer practical watches, which they can attach to their pockets.

heart rate monitor for nurses is a conventional watch by technology, which is suitable for everyday use in the hospital by the type of attachment. But these watches have to fulfill more conditions so that they are a good help.

Quartz accurate with analog display

Since a heart rate monitor can only record the number of heartbeats, but not the nuances, the nurse or nurse must palpate and count the pulse by hand. Only then can the staff determine if the pulse is even and powerful, or irregular and weak. To count the blows, an hourglass was actually used in the past, which took exactly 30 seconds to empty a chamber.

Of course, it makes more sense to use analog clocks. A digital quartz watch is not very suitable because it makes it difficult to intuitively capture the seconds. For this reason, a nurse’s watch usually has a movement that precisely controls quartz to the second, but an analog display with a second hand. Especially popular are models with a pulse scale. A very good nurse watch should have these features:

  • The dial is not covered by a lid.
  • The watch can be attached to the smock.
  • The numbers are easy to read.
  • The second hand is clearly visible.
  • The clock has a pulse scale.

Hygiene in the hospital

The pulse watch for nurses is not a wristwatch for a reason, because it does not only bother her with hand disinfection. It is also exposed to a high degree of microbial contamination. Nurses or nurses constantly touching people who are sick and do not always wear gloves. Under a clock or in the cracks on the bracelet can easily colonize germs that cause disease. On the smock, the clock is housed in the sheltered hospital. Nevertheless, caregivers dealing with the sick should opt for a model that is embedded in rubber or silicone. The clocks can be removed to thoroughly clean the fastener. Precious looking models with gold or silver engraved metal links are less suitable. At least in stations where germs are a problem, you should forego these watches.

heart rate monitor for nursing in a silicone sheath has another advantage that is not as insignificant as it first appears. The fasteners are cheerfully colorful. Some are provided with a beetle or a smiley and bring a little joy in the clinic’s everyday life. Being sick is hard enough, small splashes of color are welcome. Especially at the nursery, nobody should give up this possibility to beautify the stay in the clinic. Basically:

  • Silicone is more suitable for everyday use in the clinic than metal links chains.
  • The clock should be easy to clean and disinfectable.
  • Colorful elements embellish the day.

Fixing the clocks

The offers in Germany and Switzerland differ not only in material and design. You usually have the choice between three types of attachment:

  • Attached with a safety pin: The watch is firmly attached to the gown and does not come off, even if someone pulls on it.
  • Clip on the Kittel bag: A heart rate monitor for nursing with clip has the advantage not to damage the fabric. But it can be easily pulled off.
  • Buttoning into a buttonhole: The watch is firmly attached to clothing and does not damage the fabric.

Note: Whether the watch will hold safe also depends on how tightly the watch is connected to the strap or chain attached to the gown. Benefit the nurse watches comparison of the experiences of others or look into a report summaries . In terms of secure fastening, there are the biggest differences. Best ratings in handling as a heart rate monitor make little sense if you lose the watch later.

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