What is the best way to create an ebook?

Quite, many people are asking the question: What is the best way to create an ebook? This article provides answers. Let’s face it: producing new content is difficult, and creating an ebook necessitates more resources.

But, while this is worthwhile for business purposes, why spend time and money when Designrr is available? Let’s look at whether this software is worth your money in this article.

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What software do I need to create an eBook?

Who created Designrr?

PageOneTraffic Ltd, established by Paul Bannister, developed Designrr with a team of professionals. This is a software development firm that specializes in marketing. In fact, Paul has been developing software for nearly two decades.

Paul founded the company in 2011 with the goal of discovering challenges that business owners and marketers face; before that, he worked for major corporations such as Adidas, Nike, Carrefour, State Street Bank, and DeutschePost.

He worked in three start-ups, one of which was acquired for $138 by Taleo Inc. in 2011. PageOneTraffic develops a solution by creating software that solves the problem after learning about the issues.

The Designrr employs a method of assisting agencies and small company owners in promoting their content with the least amount of work possible. This service was introduced in 2016 and allows users to generate ebooks that function as lead magnets for one or more websites.

Sidebars, advertisements, social icons, and navigation from reused content from posts and other sources are all absent. They create things that, according to Paul, will transform the way people do business.

PageOneTraffic Ltd’s team of professionals is currently in charge of Designrr. Paul, the founder and CEO, Kirsi, the Director of Operations, Simion, Michal, and Mike, Software Developers; Enrique, Testing and Quality Assurance; Larry and Eric, Customer Service Representatives; and Amir Mortel, Graphic Designer

What is Designrr?

Using this tool, developing new content does not have to be difficult. This program is an ebook creator that also serves as a lead magnet. It can convert blog posts, videos, podcasts, and pdf files into ebooks, dynamic flipbooks, show notes, web pages, and pdf documents.

You may enhance traffic and reach a new audience by repurposing old content. Increasing traffic is beneficial. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows.

It allows you to generate magnificent ebooks and reports in under 2 minutes without writing a single word. Everything is completed fast and efficiently. Technical abilities are no longer required, and training videos are no longer required.

You may use this tool to build an ebook using one of 100 project templates based on your niche, and there are over 720 Google Fonts to pick from to suit your needs. There are an unlimited number of copyright-free photos accessible that you can customize to meet your brand.

Designrr allows you to publish an unlimited number of ebooks without having to do any formatting or writing. You can acquire a free commercial license for business usage once you purchase. It’s quite simple to use.

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When to Use Designrr.

This tool is accessible at all times of the day. This is ideal for the following situations:

-Coaches -Content marketers -Videomakers -Podcasters -Course creators -Ebooks creators -YouTube creators -Webinar marketers -Small company owners -Marketing agencies -Brand marketers -Small business owners -Marketing agencies -Brand marketers

Simply choose the source, evaluate your draft, select a template, tweak and tune, and publish your ebook.

Select the Source

Any document, blog page, website, social content from Facebook, YouTube files, audio, and video can be used as your source, and it will be transcribed in minutes. You can import from any of these sources, and you can do it several times. You can also utilize PDF ebooks or white papers as a source and have them converted to a flipbook automatically.

Use the editor to revise the content of the manuscript. You can add speaker names, quotes, screenshots, and other highlights to the transcript.

Select a Template

Choose the template that best fits your niches from the pool of options. You can use or upload your own photo or add free images from the copyrighted photographs. Font styles, footers, and headers, as well as the call to action, can all be customized.

Adjust and fine-tune

This procedure will allow you to polish the ebook before it is published. You can change the items in the paper or add more photographs. Replace the cover or make a 3D cover with page numbers.


Your Designrr account’s ebook, blog post, or pdf store is accessible at any time and can be downloaded. You have the option of publishing to a kindle, pdf, website, ePub, or flipbook.

Why Use Designrr?

Using this platform eliminates the two most significant roadblocks for ebook writers. The first step is to write the material, and the second is to design it. You may immediately extract content from Apple Pages, Websites, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and any other editor with this program. Your content will be transformed into an attractive and well-designed ebook that is ready to publish and distribute. These ebooks will benefit your company in the following ways:

-Improved traffic. These ebooks and other resources can be used to attract visitors to your website.

-Produce leads. You may develop your list by increasing the number of leads and opt-ins by using ebooks.

-Make ebook sales. You can sell the ebooks you developed and profit from them.

-Repurpose your materials. If you already have content, add a text, give it a fresh style, and you’ve got yourself a brand new ebook.

-Raise brand awareness. Targeted ebooks that fit your niche can help you build your business and brand’s credibility.

-Start a New Company. Because a commercial license is included in the tool’s purchase, you can start your business by publishing an ebook.

You can also preserve your resources while utilizing the program. You’ll save both time and cash. The following are some of the things you can save:

-Save several hours of writing time -Save $300 to $1000 on outsourcing costs -Save $500 on design -Avoid becoming overwhelmed by technology -No time to spend -Save $300 on pricey tools -Photoshop and InDesign

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Other Powerful Features that Designrr Has

Designrr is the first and most popular tool that combines information and design. It makes professional and attractive ebooks while being extremely simple to use. Using the prepared downloaded booklet as a lead magnet, you can increase your list faster. Converting a blog post into a lead magnet boosts conversion rates.

More sales can be made at greater pricing. Your low-cost ebook could feature gorgeous designs that draw users in. You won’t have to deal with any more dull PDFs, and you’ll have access to the following benefits.

Complete command

Using the design tools, you may personalize and change any aspect of the ebook. Backgrounds, texts, styles, fonts, photos, headers and footers are all editable.

Import from Facebook

Importing is now simple. You can import content from a variety of sources, including web pages, MS Word, YouTube, and Facebook posts.

Image with no copyright restrictions

The photographs are copyrighted, but the tool is free to use. The free picture library contains thousands of gorgeous images from Pixabay and Unsplash. You can even create your own and include it in your ebook.

Editor of Photographs

Because you can resize, crop, and color the photographs, this is an appealing feature of this program. The editing can be done using the built-in editor. External photo editing is no longer required.

Page Number & Table of Contents

In just one click, the tool will generate a table of contents with page numbers, customizable headers, and footers. Additionally, the TOC generator allows you to navigate the document from any location. You can change the color of the page numbers.

Add a page’s blog post

You can import content from any source, including a website or blog post.

Editor for Project Drafts

For writers who want to start from scratch, the editor is simple and clear. There are no difficulties or distractions. Do nothing but writing and edit.

Where to Buy Designrr.

This tool is available for purchase on the company’s website. With so many phony websites on the internet, be sure you only transact with the real thing. Never pass up an opportunity to improve your speed, create ebooks, and expand your business. Remember that you may rapidly complete the following tasks using this tool:

Quickly expand your list

Using ebooks as lead magnets can help you convert more leads and develop your list faster. Potential buyers will almost certainly download your beautiful booklet in exchange for an email address, which will lead to new business. This has been shown to increase conversion rates.

Increase your sales.

Converting your knowledge and ideas into an ebook is a great method to make money online. However, you should ensure that the ebooks you’re promoting are of high quality, attractive, and a good way to make money. You can use this application to turn your cheap ebooks into magnificent and appealing ebooks that will entice users.

Engage the audience.

You’re captivating readers with the information with a gorgeous ebook design. You’re extracting them from a text-based PDF.


Designrr helps you save thousands of dollars on templates and third-party services. Photoshop and InDesign eliminate the need for $300 design software. Save hours of writing time and up to $300 in outsourcing fees. When you buy this tool right now, you’ll get a $497 commercial license, a free marketing ebook, a free Facebook community and coaching, and individualized training. Lifetime admission is a mere $27, compared to $324 each year. You save more than you are entitled to.


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