What is the Best Makeup Case for Professionals

Are you looking for what is the best makeup case for professionals and do not know which one to buy? You don’t know which one you need?

There are large, even huge, others very small. Some empty and others are full of products.

For professional or amateur makeup artists, having the right tools is essential to do a good job, but to load these utensils is equally important, so here we summarize the best makeup cases in the market, taking into account the opinions of users.

Among the most prominent we can mention the Lifewit Multifunctional Organizer, a versatile bag, whose compartments can be distributed depending on your needs and cosmetics.

what is the best makeup case for professionals

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what is the best makeup case for professionals

1. BriConti Professional Vanity Case Set – Three-story cosmetic box

Click image for more info.BriConti is a fantastic full professional makeup case. It contains 82 pieces, distributed in 45 eye shadows, six applicators, eight blushes, 12 lip glosses, two lipstick crayons, two other wand lipsticks, and two more sticks. It also includes three lip brushes, a flat brush for the blusher and finally, the mirror.

If you are like me, you are looking for practicality in your whole life, then this is the makeup kit you need. This is because when closed, it is in the form of a box. In addition, it has a leather handle through which you can move it from side to side without much effort.

The makeup case has a folding and innovative design, so when opening or closing it, it is easier.

In addition to the previous advantage, this cosmetic box is ideal for moving on any trip without suffering any damage.

It has a variety of lipsticks in different forms, with which you can paint your lips the color and shape you want every day since as they are represented differently, they will always give a different feeling.

The negative point that I could find this makeup chest is that it is lined in imitation leather, therefore, it is not synthetic and cannot be used by vegan people.


Comfort and functionality in products that are used daily are important. If you are looking for that, in order to easily transfer your makeup without suffering any damage, Beauty Case can be your ideal set.

  • It has a handle through which it can move
  • It has different types of lipstick
  • It is easy to open and close
  • It is practical for trips
  • It is made of imitation leather

2. Niré Beauty – Brush set for face and eyes

Click image for more info.Of course, one of the most important requirements for perfect makeup is the utensils we use and the brushes are the main protagonists. Niré Beauty is a makeup set that only includes 12 essential brushes in the makeup to get a real and natural finish.

Five of the brushes in this makeup case are special for face care and services to perfect makeup, whether with the highlighter, the base or the powder.

The others are special brushes to make up the eyes, define the eyeliner and specify the shadows.

In addition to this, Niré Beauty gives its customers a sponge for the base and a PureForm brush cleaner made of silicone, so that it helps avoid the pimples that come out on the face thanks to cosmetics.

To achieve this, the brushes have very soft synthetic bristles that do not mistreat the face, and that, in addition, do not come off easily. One of the biggest advantages of these brushes is that they are made with LuxePro bristles that are responsible for retaining little makeup on them, either liquid or cream, thus preventing it from absorbing more makeup than necessary.

The negative point that I have been able to find to the brushes is that if a more professional scope is used, they are insufficient. Since in that field, it is essential to have more brushes.


If you are a person who wants to start learning to put on makeup, or you love practicality, Niré Beauty brushes are ideal, as they are of excellent quality, synthetic and leave you a perfect result.

  • Is synthetic
  • Does not accumulate makeup
  • They are very wide
  • It is not a very broad brush set

3. Lifewit Multifunctional Organizer

Click image for more info.With its measures of 41 x 14 x 29 cm, this case is wide while remaining compact thanks to its travel design. Well, it includes an adjustable shoulder strap, it can also be used as a backpack or if you prefer to hold it on top of a suitcase safely, so for this and much more, it can be the best makeup case.

As for the internal space, this is divided into three layers: the first in the lid with mesh pockets, ideal for the straightening iron or shadow palettes. The second part has 13 pockets in which you can organize brushes and brushes by type of cut, hair and function.

For its part, the main compartment of the suitcase is the third storage layer, whose divisions can be made to your liking to cover your space needs thanks to the 10 removable dividers, which makes it a good option if you are looking for a briefcase Professional makeup

The possibility that you can organize the inside of your makeup case to condition it to the size of your cosmetics, makes this product the best makeup case of the moment, according to users. That’s why we mention more of its features here.

  • Materials: The case has a robust structure and a good quality Oxford fabric lining, while the nylon lining offers durability.
  • Zippers: The zippers allow an easy opening of the case, without obstacles or defects.
  • Distribution: You can distribute the internal compartments to your liking using the removable divisions.
  • Transport: Its design allows it to be loaded as a backpack, with a shoulder strap, by a handle or hung on the luggage handle.
  • Weight: When filling it, you may weigh more than you expected, but it is normal for professional makeup artists.

4. Kemier KM-N43W-Black

Click image for more info.If you are a make-up artist, who performs long hours and home styling sessions, you should have this Kemier professional makeup case for its versatile and multifunctional design.

The telescopic retractable height of 96.52 cm allows you to take better advantage of the space and be able to carry it like normal luggage, thanks to the omnidirectional wheels and the retractable handle.

For storage, it has 8 plastic trays in the lower box, external side pockets and in the lid where you can store your brushes, brushes and other tools in a safe and organized way.

The upper case, meanwhile, includes two folding trays in addition to the main compartment and more divisions in the lid that optimize the storage of makeup brushes. In short, this is a broad and functional product, which can also be useful for integral styling professionals; that is, hairdressers, makeup artists, manicurists and much more.

Kemier has specialized in functional bags and cases for stylists, so it can be considered the best brand of makeup cases, but to be sure you can check the positive and negative aspects of this model.

  • Versatility: The case is separated into two, that is, a large one that goes on the bottom and a smaller one on top, so they can be used together or separately.
  • Transportation: You can carry the smallest briefcase hanging on your shoulder or as a handbag.
  • Retention: The internal compartments have net meshes so that loose objects are well secured and do not end up messed up throughout the case.
  • Color: The manufacturer does not offer this product in a color other than black.

Buying guide for the best briefcases and makeup cases

When you want to buy a makeup case, you will always want the best, for that, you must have your clear expectations about what to look for, and of course what it contains.

Components included in a makeup case?

In order to have the ideal makeup, you must have the ideal cosmetics. Those that cover and make your face something harmonious, natural and beautiful. Among the fundamental things of a makeup case, they should be:


Eye shadows should offer the range of colors with which you feel most comfortable. However, the more colors you have, the more your chances of meeting your needs will increase. In addition to that, it is also important that it can offer you different types of leftovers, such as matte, natural, glitter and shiny.


The blushers, in the same way, must be of colors that favor your skin tone and with which you can combine. In addition, you should throw them with a quality flat brush, so that they do not cause cheek damage.


The important thing in lipstick apart from colors is its durability and hydration. You can not crack your lips, because you will hurt yourself and you will not be able to put on makeup in the same way.

Makeup brushes

In this product, it is important that it will not cause you any damage, in addition to that it also correctly distributes the makeup on your face.


Masks for eyelashes are always fabulous. With them, you can play whatever you want to transmit. There are different types of masks: some that increase the volume giving you depth, others make them more curved and delicate, and there are others that lengthen them. I recommend you use them all and stay with the one you like best.

Eye pencils

This product goes according to the shape of your eyes. It is recommended that if they are small, you outline them on the outside and if they are large, on the inside. However, it also goes to your liking, but you must remember that this should not fall easily because otherwise you will have the black eye and you will not find out.

Nail polish

Nail lacquers give your hands a special touch, fill them with color and delicacy. They should not weaken your nails for any reason. You can use a shine that hardens them to help you, also strong colors like black or red can help you out.

What is a makeup case and when did it come up?

It is also called makeup bag and is nothing more than a case that serves to contain and transport beauty items; In this case, in particular, everything that is useful for make-up on men or women … depending on the use they are going to give, but always related to the art of makeup.

These makeup cases emerged in the nineteenth century in France and initially to store small jars, cans, scissors, brushes, and other beauty and hygiene tools, because you can not only transport products to paint, but also to remove makeup (before classifying These briefcases could be taken to medications or pharmacy items: gauze, strips, etc.).

Whether to store or transport them for reasons of transfers or travel, these articles have shown over the years how useful they have been for modern society.

What uses to give a complete professional makeup kit?

This accessory or makeup equipment may prove to be indispensable for many depending on their profession, they have multiple uses from just makeup (man or woman) as well as to work, the professional makeup artist of a beauty salon, the makeup artists on television channels to Actresses and actors.

There are some actors in general who have their own makeup case, theater actors, it is widely used in the world of prostheses used in television as large series or movies, and endless utilities could be attributed to This fabulous cosmetic box.

Types of complete makeup set

The important thing will always be, regardless of the type of makeup case you buy, is that you keep your makeup products well organized … that they do not turn, water, break or lose materials/products due to a bad movement or because they do not hold the articles.

Basic Makeup Case

They are usually a little small in size for just the same, carry the basics such as wet wipes bags, some lipsticks, bases, blush, and rilmer to indicate few things. There are those who saturate their small case with more things, but this usually damages it in the long term.

Makeup case for girls

Or toy briefcases, of those who bought us when we were girls and played to paint us like all adult women. They usually bring some not very strong lipsticks and some brushes; few bring shadows, in addition to the mirror.

The makeup case for teenagers does not differ much from this case for girls as they usually bring more beauty tools, but not like professionals.

Second-hand makeup box

Definitely this type of briefcases, which can be of any material and any type, it is better to discard them. It is best to buy a new makeup case because that way you avoid skin infections.

Wearing someone else’s makeup is unhygienic unless you are very assiduous in cleaning the case or the previous owner and have a guarantee that you will not get a skin irritation to say the least.

Other professional makeup kits

Among so much variety in the market, we can delight ourselves for those who like the world of makeup and all that it brings, professional makeup cases are the object of desire of every makeup artist; It is what they want most to be able to do their work with quality and professionalism.

If you contact a professional makeup artist and see him arrive with a palette of these, your first impression will be of what a professional! We will find them like this:

• Makeup case with wheels. They are like carts, but cosmetics. Easy to transport suitable for makeup artists, hairdressers and nail technicians, being ideal for beauty salons, nail/hairdressing salons, beauty center, makeup area.
• 3 levels of makeup cases. They are a bit small when closed, but when you open them you discover the amount of space they have to give you and you can easily organize your makeup; also for security, you can get them with key and with a key.
• Complete makeup set with legs. It seems that you were the director or director of a movie, they are super practical and comfortable to use, especially if you are on a recording set. You can also find it as makeup cases with lights.

In addition to the components indicated in our previous section, these cannot be missing either:

• Makeup remover or Kleenex • Cottons or sponges • Swabs • Makeup remover discs • Biphasic makeup remover for sensitive skin • Water inside a spry to refresh the face • First type lip cream • Pre-creams • First skin or moisturizing face creams • Creams imperfections correctors • Tweezers • Sharpener • Skin bases • Compact • Bronzers • Illuminators • Eyelash curler • False eyelashes with your glue for those who like • Eyebrow crayon • Palettes.

What do I need to make my own homemade cosmetic box?

There are several ways to do it and on the internet, there are many videos of how to do them, but it will depend on where you will have it and if you will need to transport it because the materials for resistance must be different.

Now if you want to have it at home and do not want to spend a lot using recyclable materials, what you should keep in mind is the following:

• Utensils. Scissors, measuring ruler, an exact cutter, pencil, permanent marker, hot silicone gun, and a screwdriver.
• Materials. Cardboard, plastic bottle, velcro, mirror, elastic rubber, wrapping paper, self-adhesive transparent paper, adhesive tape, American tape, glue stick, hot gun silicone, leatherette, and 4 screws.
• Much desire, ingenuity and arm yourself with patience.

There is a lot of variety on the web in terms of multiple ways to do it, choose the best, easiest and most comfortable for you.

How to clean our makeup palette?

Have you thought about the importance of cleaning our makeup sets (for those with more than one)? Well, if not, you should, since in the makeup case we handle shadows, powders, brushes and all that has micro particles of our skin, sweat, etc. which can be a broth of bacteria/microbes, not counting dead skin-loving mites that can get trapped in your makeup utensils.

Not only the makeup case, everything you use and introduce there should be cleaned regularly; more if you are one of those who do little makeup and forget beauty products … remember to expire and put in poor condition.

Cleaning in general, that is, discard what does not work or is damaged, it’s that simple and this is what you should observe when deciding what to throw before cleaning as such from your case:

• The product looks lumpy, discolored or even more watery than normal.
• Separation has occurred between the layers.
• If it has a bad smell.
• If the packaging bulged, deformed or has any sign of deterioration; This means that some ingredients spoiled.

It is important that you ask yourself these questions too: How many times have I used it? Does it contain any preservatives or other products that can damage it quickly? Is it ecological? Is it toxic to the environment? Depending on the answer you will then determine more firmly what products to throw away or not.

Cleaning in the makeup box. More tips

After taking the time to empty and remove everything (even dust) from the case to clean the products, use a damp cloth for external cleaning, as well as the cover of all products.

As for the brushes, immerse them in warm water for 30 seconds. Add a small portion of makeup remover in the water and let stand a few more minutes. Then, shake them and rinse the bristles with plenty of water.

But if you are looking for another way to keep your makeup equipment clean, we have more options for you and more naturally using water, vinegar, a brush that does not use teeth, detergent or make-up remover and a container.

You will only have to leave the case soaking in vinegar water for half an hour (if the manufacturing material allows it), then brush and detergent scrub until all makeup stains are removed; Finally, let dry and you will have everything clean.

How to restore a complete makeup set?

If after an exhaustive review you determine that your complete professional makeup kit still works, it is worth investing time and money by restoring it, then get to work (if it is not an extreme case either).

These are simple and clear steps, depending on the “damage” in the case the restoration may be different, but let’s say this is the basics to do:

1. The first thing is to clean it completely, for that you can use a damp cloth that does not release viruses.
2. Depending on the material from which the case is manufactured, if it has aluminum parts it is best that you use a non-abrasive and / or special aluminum cleaning product to give it shine, worth the expression.
3. Let’s check the interior that has nothing detached if so, try to glue with a special glue that you know will not damage or damage the material of the case and wipe the excess with a damp cloth.
4. If you decide to paint the case to change the original color and give it a new air, cover with special adhesive tape that you do not want to be filled with paint, let dry and ready.

You have restored your makeup case as new.

How to choose the best makeup case for me?

Whether you are a makeup professional or not, you should take these considerations into account when choosing the best beauty case for you, your daughters, granddaughters, friends, etc., when giving a gift (the price will vary according to your budget). Check out the following list of what you should take into account:

1. Material from which it is made. This is imperative to be clear when you say yes! since it influences the quality and the duration of the briefcase; The idea is that it lasts for many years or until you want to change it for a more modern and modern one.

The metal, aluminum or PVC (plastic) briefcases are very resistant, so on this aspect, you will have the security that their durability will be infinite. Unlike those made of textile material because they are not always so durable.
2. Ensure the care and maintenance of cosmetic products. If it is permeable because no matter how organized your cosmetics are… but they protect it from the surrounding dust or rain during the transfer, it does NOT work! Because after a while, your products will end up being damaged.
3. The weight. If you are going to use it to move products continuously from one place to another, the ideal thing is that it is light enough and easy to transport. If it is for home use, weight is not a determining factor because the constant mobilization of it is not necessary.
4. Sizes and designs. At this point, it adapts to the style and taste of each person who acquires a makeup bag; You can always find all the colors and brands you want (in the same way, in our previous section we mention you the best brands of makeup cases ). Here we can mention that the dimensions must be sufficient to properly organize all of its products and transfer them with the minimum possibility of deterioration or loss of them when it comes to makeup professional.
5. Pluses that bring makeup cases. In this section, the answer will depend on the type of case you purchased at the end, with wheels, legs, lights, etc. Obviously, the more avant-garde the design the price will rise.

What makeup case to buy?

You already know the considerations that you should take into account, so, the first thing you can do is take a look at our comparison of makeup kits in relation to quality and price located in the previous section. Now, the following is to determine the other factors that will affect our final purchase such as:

• The quality of the makeup product. In the end, you can finish shaving your makeup case and it can be damaged when transporting poor quality products if they are irrigated inside.
• Make it easy to clean. And comfortable.
• Have enough space to properly organize beauty items. Give you the ease of movement inside the case.
• That it suits you or the person you are going to give it as a gift and will be a great gift.

With all these recommendations you must be ready to acquire the best makeup case.

Where to buy a full and ideal makeup case?

Without a doubt, the best-recommended place (online) to buy your makeup case is Amazon.com there is everything for both non-professionals in the world of makeup and for those who are.

Variety in colors, designs, models and sizes you can find there; from large briefcases to small cases, through simple makeup bags and selling the same accessories of these necessities in case you get to buy an empty makeup case.

Frequently asked questions on what is the best makeup case for professionals.

Q1: How to organize a makeup case?

A general recommendation of professional makeup artists is to organize by departments and products; that is to say, to put in a tray all the products for the preparation of the face: cotton discs, moisturizers, cleansers, etc. Destine another area only for bases and concealers, a space for lipsticks organized by colors and tones, the eye area with pencils, shadows, and masks of eyelashes, the place of brushes, brushes, sponges and other tools. In this way, you will avoid having everything mixed and difficult to find at the time you need it.

Q2: How to restore a makeup case?

Many briefcases end with loose or loose locks, so to restore them, you can start by adjusting all these parts, screws and handle. If the case has any oxidation sample, you can use a special product to clean it and if it is broken inside, you can use white glue to glue its parts.

To give it a renewed look, buy a spray to paint it the color you want, but first, use paper tape to cover the areas you want to keep and thus create a contrast effect.

Q3: What is a makeup case with wheels for?

Trolley-type briefcases are very beneficial for professional make-up artists who perform catwalk, photoshoots of models and clothing lines that need several makeup changes and have to travel to different cities and countries, so they must carry all their material in a wide space, organized and easy to load. In this sense, briefcases with omnidirectional wheels and extendable handles are the most popular.

Q4: What to do with an old makeup case?

If the briefcase has already used up its life for a professional makeup artist, there are still some extra uses to reuse it. We can turn it into a first aid kit, decorated in the form of an ambulance.

To do this you must paint inside and out, place details and decorations alluding to its functionality and get a fixed place where any member of the family has access to use their implements in case of a slight accident at home.

Another way can be to turn it into a jeweler or accessory organizer, if you have many, in this sense, you can cover its interior with Eva rubber with a plush texture, suede or other soft material to better preserve the jewelry.

Q5: How to clean a makeup case?

If it is a metal case, it does not have many implications, because you only need a damp cloth to clean its exterior. And if it is a deep cleaning, it is appropriate to remove all products inside and pass a cloth dampened with water and vinegar to clean all spaces, trays, and compartments. To dry it is good to leave it open in a ventilated place while cleaning each product and tool individually thus avoiding stains once the case is dry.

Q6: How to open a makeup case?

In general, briefcases of this type use metal clasps for opening, whose mechanism is very simple, because you only need to lift the safety ring of each clasp and finish unlocking the lock. Most commonly, it includes two locks: one on each side. Other models only bring a main clasp in the middle.

Q7: How to make a makeup case?

You can use a toolbox from those sold in department stores or hardware stores, and decorate it to print your personal style and turn it into a unique makeup case.

However, there are many tutorials on Do It Yourself projects, which show how to make a briefcase with cardboard boxes. For this, you will need the following materials: 3 large shoeboxes, 3 small shoeboxes, thick cardboard pieces to reinforce the structure boxes, adhesive tape, decorated adhesive paper, glue stick, extra strong glue, 1 meter of fabric color of your choice and a leatherette strap or fabric for the handle.

The idea is to cut the boxes in such a way that the three large ones form the main trunk, and the small ones are the internal compartments distributed in extendable trays.

When you have the structure designed and each part for assembly, the boxes should be lined on the outside with the decorated adhesive paper and on the inside with the fabric, then it must be joined with adhesive tape and extra strong glue to create the opening system, fix the strap and place velcro on the top, which will be the closures of the case.

Q8: What should a makeup case have?

Whether for personal or professional use, there are some basic ones that you can not miss in your makeup cases such as sponges, brushes, and brushes, at the rate of one pair for each function, in addition to powders, creams, contours, etc.

We know that the preparation of the face is important so you should also have wet facial wipes, cotton discs, makeup swabs, micellar water, and cleansing milk, among others.

In the case of cosmetics, it is good to have shadow palettes of different colors, lipsticks in various shades, eyelash masks of different effects. As well as the bases, concealers and compact powders to seal the makeup, liquid eyeliner, gloss, eyelash curler, eyebrow tweezers, highlighters, bronzing powders, blushes, and pigments, among others.

How to use a makeup case

The purpose of the makeup case is to organize, store and transport your cosmetics, for this reason, if you wonder how to use it correctly, here are some tips, which will help you maximize the benefits offered by this product.

Each thing in its place

Although the briefcase should already bring its divisions and sections, we advise you to separate these spaces by categories and allocate them for specific products, in this way you avoid having a mess inside the briefcase.

Therefore, you can store the bases in one place, the lipsticks in another, the blushers in a tray, the correctors in a drawer and thus grant a place to each product and tool by category: brushes, sponges, eye shadows, etc.

Avoid overloading

When we buy a makeup case, we already feel professional and we believe that the more products we have in it, the more useful it will be and that is very far from reality.

It is advisable to keep the most used tones and pigments that can be combined to form other colors, thus saving space.

The same applies to the accumulation of many masks for eyelashes and lipsticks, the former has a recommended shelf life of 6 months, so you should check frequently if they are dry or damaged and discard what is no longer useful.

In the case of brushes, if they are for personal use, you can keep one of each type in the case, but if it is for professional use, you should have a pair of each type. Also, you can use the blankets of brushes and store them inside the case, as they take up less space.

Clean frequently

Having your brushes always clean, separate sponges and tools in place will help you keep your briefcase clean. However, and according to the frequency with which you use it, an eventual cleaning will help you keep it organized, without stains or dust on the floor of the compartments. This will also make you look more tidy and hygienic in front of your clients when they are made up.

If your case is metallic it will be very easy to clean it with a damp cloth, but if it is made of cloth, you should take care of stains and dust. In case it is very dirty you can use a solution of water, vinegar and bicarbonate and with a sponge clean by rubbing the stained parts, then rinse with a damp cloth with water and let dry in the sun.

Not throw it

You should be careful when traveling with your makeup case not to throw it in the trunk of the car, so always ask the taxi driver to keep it carefully. In the case of airplanes, you should check with the airline to see if you can carry your briefcase in the cabin.

In general, it is allowed, but you must take the restrictions with liquid products from carrying them in a hermetically sealed transparent bag and in presentations of maximum 100 ml.

The important thing is to always place the case carefully on the floor, the table or surface where you are going to have it and that way you avoid breaks in the metal case.

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