What Is The Best Audio Interface for Logic Pro X

What Is The Best Audio Interface for Logic Pro XIf you have come to this website looking to find What is the best audio interface for logic Pro X, you are on the right web portal.

As you know an audio interface is one of the most important pieces in any audio production process, that’s why we show you the best audio interfaces.

This piece of equipment carries the responsibility of connecting your devices, be it guitar, Microphone or any other instrument, to your computer and convert these analog signals to digital format so that you do what you please.

So, if you are working on producing your next song or album and are using external instruments, you will want to know that you are recording and converting them to the highest possible quality, which means that you will need the best audio interface to get the job done.

The market is very large, so we have done the hard work for you and simplified the list to simply the best so that you can find the best model for you and for your productions.

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Now, What Is The Best Audio Interface For Logic Pro X.

1. PreSonus AudioBox 96 Studio USB 2.0 Recording Bundle

What Is The Best Audio Interface for Logic Pro X

To start our list, we have chosen one of the most complete interfaces on the market, making sure you have everything in one package.

Whether you are a beginner, looking to start or a professional looking for a solid kit that does the job, this package is ideal.

You can connect the interface directly to any USB port on your computer or channel racks with a high-speed USB cable, while the front has the very important MIDI input.

What gives this package an advantage is that it has an M7 microphone (with a built-in studio capacitor) and the cables you need to make it work.

It also brings HD7 studio headphones, with high-quality monitoring and the patented Studio Magic Plugin Suite, making sure everything works on your existing system and VST.

You don’t have a DAW software to lock? Don’t worry, it also brings a copy of Studio One for recording and production, meaning that you will already have everything you need to start your production journey.


  • A complete all-in-one package with everything you need
  • Computer Software (DAW) and Plugin
  • It can be used as an external sound card
  • IPhone and iPad compatibility


  • Some installation problems in Windows 10
  • Cables may break due to excessive use

2. Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (2nd gen) USB Audio Interface

What Is The Best Audio Interface for Logic Pro X

If you are looking for an audio interface that stands out for its functionality, compatibility, and quality, you may not have to look for another.

While your presentation is unforgettable and will look great in your home or studio, do not let your appearance fool you. It really works! The first of its benefits that you can enjoy is that it comes with four analog inputs, designed to handle any instrument you want to connect.

You will also find two preamps for microphones with infinite gain options (very fun) and a standard ¼ inch input for studio monitors. That apart from a dedicated headphone jack with its own gain level.

In terms of functionality, this audio interface exceeds expectations, this box can handle and convert sample rates of up to 19,200Hz (24-bit recording) and has an impressive frequency response from 20Hz to 20,000Hz, which is more That enough to capture the sound quality you are looking for.

However, the fun does not end here, with each purchase you will have Pro Tools software, in addition to a package that includes: the Focusrite Creative Pack, Ableton Live Lite, Softube Time, Focusrite plug-in suite and 2GB of Loopmasters samples to download.

Those are many options at your disposal, however, some users report driver failures in Windows. For Mac, it works perfectly.


  • Outstanding recording and conversion capability
  • Many inputs and outputs for your instruments
  • All the software you might need
  • Compatibility with all DAWs, including Logic Pro X


  • Not ideal for Windows users
  • It can be difficult to learn to use for beginner users

3. Audient iD4 USB Audio Interface Open Box

Audient iD4 USB Audio Interface Open Box

Audient is a leading brand in terms of audio interfaces and has been for decades.

With their latest model, they demonstrate all these years of experience and with an average price, this interface is ideal for both beginners and professionals.

However, do not let its affordable price discourage you, the audio quality is outstanding, with this lightweight and highly condensed equipment you can enjoy two dedicated outputs and inputs, as well as a console microphone preamp and a JTEF input for instruments, all backed by high-performance converters.

This allows the interface to record in full 24bit with a range of 9,600Hz. As for listening to your audio, you can take advantage of the benefits of a very useful dual class-AB amplifier output for hearing aids.

The durable metal case is designed to last for years, you will also find the iD ScrollControl mode for advanced control options over your recording and conversion session, as well as zero-latency monitoring thanks to the built-in Monitor Mix & Pan option.

It even has a USB input, which means you can connect any USB device including your iPad, iPhone, and even Android. With the purchase, you will have all the software you need to control it on Windows, Mac and even iOS.

You will also receive a free software package and plug-ins with a cost equivalent to $ 600.


  • Accessible price for beginners and professionals
  • Two exits and two entrances
  • All drivers included
  • Mac and Windows compatible


  • You don’t have enough tickets for bands or recording several instruments at once
  • Limited recording frequency compared to other interfaces

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4. RME Fireface UFX USB 2.0 High-Performance Audio Interface

RME Fireface UFX USB 2.0 High-Performance Audio Interface

Are you looking for a super-powerful, high-end interface that can handle everything you throw at it?

Put your attention on this one. This high-performance interface is what professionals use, so if you are a principal you should move to a simpler one on this list.

With the Fireface, you can enjoy all the benefits offered by 60 audio channels that are divided into 30 inputs and 30 outputs with the option to use them all at the same time.

In turn, these are divided into 12 analog and 18 digital channels that can all be activated at the same time to record on 30 individual tracks.

Although it is the most expensive on the list you pay for what you will receive in terms of performance and functionality.

All channels operate at the highest audio quality on the market of 192khz with an outstanding playback range of 118dbA, including the multiple headphone outputs available. Y

ou can even use the microphone channels as analog or digital, allowing you full control over your recording.

Despite all the benefits it offers, it is still one of the lightest interfaces, allowing you to transport it wherever you want and of course, it is compatible with any type of control whether Windows, Mac or iOS and includes all the necessary drivers.


  • Reliable duration you will have for years
  • 48 sample latencies
  • Absolutely minimal background noise


  • Expensive but professional
  • Not ideal for beginners

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5. Focusrite Scarlett 2i4

focusrite-scarlett-2i4 - What Is The Best Audio Interface for Logic Pro XI’m not going to go around the bush: it‘s a real beast. If I could only recommend one product for your home recording studio, Focusrite’s Scarlett range would have all the ballots to be chosen, and more particularly, the 2i4 model.

If you have been in music production for a while, you have probably heard about Focusrite. And if you haven’t done it yet, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Although they manufacture more products, where they really stand out is in their audio interfaces. On the outside you just have to see them: they are solid, very resistant and with a finish that I love.

Simple but elegant. And if we go inside … oh friend … when you hear the clarity of the previous Focusrite I assure you that you will not want to try another sound interface. His previews are crystalline. Not a noise. Heavenly music for your ears (never better).

Focusrite’s 2i range is simply amazing. It’s the quality price is unbeatable. Yes, you will find cheaper audio interfaces, but I assure you that none with the same quality.

Here are the main features of the Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 :

  • 2 hybrid entries. What does this mean? It incorporates 2 inputs, which can be both microphone and line. To exchange them between microphone and line, you only have to operate the small lever under each input («Line» for the microphone, and «Inst» for the instrument). This system allows you to play and configure it the way you need it. You can record voice and guitar at the same time, or two instruments, or record anything in stereo using the two inputs inline mode.
  • Knob gain control at each entry.
  • 4 outputs, both balanced and unbalanced. Ample.
  • 24-Bit / 192kHz
  • USB connection
  • Phantom power supply to connect condenser microphone.
  • 1 headphone output that also has its own independent volume control. A detail that will end up being VERY useful.
  • MIDI In / Out
  • 2 reducing pads, one for each entry. Pressing them will reduce the input signal by 10 dB. Yes, it is something that you can also do from the DAW, but they are small details that add up.
  • A balance knob or knob to control the amount of input/playback signal. This is to decide if you prefer to listen more to the reproduction of what you have already recorded, or failing that the sound you are recording at that time is heard more. It may seem silly, but you can not imagine how comfortable it is to record on a prerecorded track and can perfectly control the volume of both tracks.
  • And above all, the jewel in the crown: 2 previous ones with an unthinkable quality for its price.

Apart from the 2i4, you also have the Scarlett Solo (a single input), the 2i2 (2 inputs, 2 outputs), the 6i6 (2 inputs, 6 outputs, and 2 headphone outputs, very much to consider if you plan to record at other people so you can both listen to the recording), 18i8 and 18i20 (4+ inputs and multiple outputs).

Among the entire Scarlett range, my recommendation is undoubtedly the 2i4. It has the best value for money and everything you need in a normal study.

Now, if you plan to record life, you will need more tickets, so you may be interested in getting the 18i8 or the 18i20, although logically its price goes up a lot.

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6. PreSonus Audiobox 22VSL 

presonus-audiobox-22vslI have to admit that it was difficult for me to decide the second position, but I could not opt ​​for another option other than the Presonus Audiobox.

PreSonus is an excellent brand, with products of really good quality and also incredible value for money. In fact, the DAW that I use in my studio is Presonus Studio One, which I will talk about later.

Presonus audio interfaces also have amazing reviews and are a great option for your home studio. These are the main features of the Audiobox 22VSL :

  • 24-bit / 96kHz
  • 2 hybrid inputs with gain control.
  • 2 previous class A XMAX of very good quality.
  • Balance knob to combine between the input and playback sound.
  • USB connection
  • Phantom power supply to connect condenser microphone.
  • 2 balanced and unbalanced outputs.
  • 1 headphone output

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 7. Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo

universal-audio-apollo-twin-duoThe Apollo Twin Duo of Universal Audio could well be number one in this ranking. The Universal Audio previews are reputed to be one of the best in the market.

However, this model has two drawbacks. On the one hand, it is only compatible with Macs, leaving PC users (like me) out of the game.

In addition, it carries a thunderbolt connection. On the other, its quadruple price to the previous models, and as you know, I always try to recommend products with better quality prices first.

Now, if you are from Mac and you can stretch the budget, the Apollo Twin Duo is an option to definitely consider:

  • 24-Bit / 192 kHz with 2x SHARC DSP for calculation of UAD Plug-Ins without CPU overload.
  • 2 hybrid entries.
  • Hi-Z high impedance input for a 6.3mm jack instrument.
  • 4 outputs of 6.3mm jack line.
  • Optical digital input S / PDIF / ADAT.
  • 1 headphone output
  • Phantom power supply to connect condenser microphone.
  • Low-Cut and Pad switch.
  • LED-meter.
  • Thunderbolt connection.

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8. Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6

native-instruments-komplete-audio-6The Komplete Audio 6 by Native Instruments is a good audio interface with good components and features, which is really hard to find many hits.

For me, the main one is the price. It is somewhat superior to the Focusrite Scarlett and the Presonus Audiobox, and I don’t think it is better especially.

As I have said other times, I am a fan of Native Instruments, but not of its hardware, but of its software. The Komplete plugin pack is indispensable in your studio.

In the comparison between Komplete 10 vs. Komplete 11I prepared for Your Home Studio, we could see that it includes practically everything necessary at the software level to start producing music in your studio.

However, hardware products, although it is undeniable that they are of very good quality, have not come to win me (at least yet).

That said, the NI Komplete Audio 6 if that may be the best option for you if you use many Native Instruments products since you will get the most out of it. These are its main features:

  • 24-Bit / 96 kHz
  • 2 hybrid inputs with gain control.
  • 4 symmetric analog outputs (6.35 mm jack)
  • S / PDIF I / O
  • MIDI input and output
  • 1 headphone jack
  • Direct monitoring
  • Phantom power to connect condenser microphones.
  • USB connection

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9. M-Audio M-Track 2x2M

M-Audio M-Track 2x2MFinally, I wanted to make room for the M-Track of M-Audio. Although you already know that I am not especially a fan of M-Audio, by popularity and by history it deserves a place on the list.

The M-Track is the successor to the mythical M-Audio Fast track, which before there were so many options on the market, was for a long time one of the great references as the first audio interface for home studios.

I really don’t know why I’ve never gotten hooked on M-Audio products. Their products are of good quality at prices that are usually somewhat lower than those of other brands, which makes the M-Track an option to consider if your budget is somewhat tight.

In addition, the M-Track has improved the design (the truth is that I really like the design) and very interesting features of more expensive products have been incorporated, which the Fast track did not have its predecessor.

  • 24-Bit / 192kHz
  • 2 hybrid inputs, without gain control for each input.
  • Phantom power
  • 2 additional 1/4 ″ TRS instrument inputs, which is interesting plus rare in other models.
  • 2 1/4 ”TRS line outputs with volume control switch.
  • MIDI In / Out
  • 1 headphone output

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Without a doubt, my recommendation is that you get the Focusrite Scarlett 2i4. It is VERY VERY VERY difficult to overcome its value for money. Its quality is incredible and the price more than affordable. In addition, it incorporates all the necessary functions for an interface for a home studio.


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