What are the Best Coffee Makers for Home?

what are the best coffee makers for homeExplore this article determining what are the best coffee makers for home. If you are unable to start the day without your dose of caffeine or put around the point to your lunch (or dinner) with coffee, welcome to the coffee shop club!

Or if you want to get a type of creamy coffee, in the same way, that you could be served in a bar or restaurant, an espresso machine may be what you’ve been looking for.

We talked about having a good coffee, the one that awakens your neurons, but also the sense of taste. No instant preparations, but the delicious experience of espresso.

The idea is to choose a coffee maker that prepares your perfect coffee, that you use without being lazy, that you can clean in less time than you use to empty the cup and for which you pay the price that suits you, not just your wallet, but also to your tastes and needs.

With this guide, you will discover what are the best coffee makers for home in less time than it will take to explode the bubbles in its packaging.

What are the best coffee makers for home?

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1. Nespresso Pixie – The best Nespresso capsule coffee maker

Click image for more info.

The Pixie coffee maker is original from Nespresso. Small but powerful, the Pixie has a great design – we didn’t expect less from the brand – and excellent functionality.

In addition to the 19-bar pump, the possibility of choosing the coffee intensity, the welcome capsule pack and it’s very rapid heating since you turn it on, incorporates an automatic shutdown system after 9 minutes of inactivity.

If you run out of the water, some red lights come on to let you know before the engine suffers. It is not necessary to take out the tank to refill it, so it is very comfortable. Plus:

  • The tank admits 0.7 liters of water and can store up to 10 used capsules.
  • The drip tray folds up so you can use taller cups in your milk preparations.

Come on, everything you need to enjoy a delicious espresso coffee without having to pay attention to small details.

And besides, aesthetically it is very beautiful, in any of its colors. Due to its design and its value for money, the Pixie is one of the most popular Nespresso models.

  • Empty tank indicator light.
  • Folding tray to use larger cups.
  • It heats up very quickly and turns itself off after 9 minutes of inactivity.
  • Modern design.
  • It is a little louder than other Nespresso.

2. De Longhi Dolce Gusto Piccolo – The best non-Nespresso capsule coffee maker.

Click image for more info.

Gusto belongs to Nestlé and all their coffee machines work in a similar way, so this De Longhi Piccolo does not clash.

The most significant difference between models is that it is manual (you have to stop the machine) or automatic (it stops only when the coffee is ready). Obviously, the most basic and economical models are limited to the manual option.

The rest of the differences between coffee makers is, above all, aesthetic. And, in terms of design, the Dolce Gusto is very attractive, with softly rounded lines and bold colors.

The Piccolo model is one of the simplest and best known of the brand, also the most economical. This implies, as we have said, that it is of the manual models and you need to be aware when you prepare the coffee. It has a deposit of 0.6 l.

In addition to coffee alone, you can also do it with milk, or chocolate, cold drinks, and infusions, so it suits the tastes of many users.

In this case, you can find compatible capsules (from white label manufacturers) a little cheaper than the original ones.

The De Longhi Dolce Gusto Piccolo, like most of the brand, reaches 15 bars of pressure, which guarantees the classic espresso foam.

  • Small size
  • It allows you to prepare more drinks besides coffee, even cold drinks.
  • Heats up very quickly from its ignition
  • It is manual, you must be aware of stopping it when the coffee is ready.
  • It has no deposit for used capsules, you have to remove them manually.

3. DELONGHI ESAM3300 Super-Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine – The best pressure espresso machine 

Click image for more info.

Inside the pressure coffee machines, the automatic ones are the most comfortable … and also the most expensive, because they give you everything practically done so that you only have to worry about tasting your coffee.

This is done by the DeLonghi Magnificent perfectly: by pressing a single button and turning a regulator, you can make a shorter or longer coffee, adjust the intensity of the aroma and even the temperature of the water.

It has an integrated grinder that grinds the coffee bean just at the time of making your drink so that it does not lose aroma. It has 13 programs to adjust the grinding to your liking, although if you prefer you can use already ground coffee, for example when you feel like decaf.

To savor a delicious coffee with milk or a cappuccino, you have the vaporizer tube (Capuccino System) with which to froth your drink as much as you want.

Do you want more advantages?

  • It incorporates an automatic cleaning system, which causes the machine to rinse every time it is turned on and off.
  • In addition, it will notify you when it is necessary to make a manual descaling (the term will depend on the use you give to the coffee maker).

Following the cleaning, two important details: the water tank is removable, and so is the drip tray.

In short, the Magnificent DeLonghi lives up to any renowned coffee shop. Your friends will want to go to your house for coffee!

  • You can adjust the automatic grinder to get the desired grind.
  • The double hopper for grain and ground (great for decaf).
  • Supports glasses and cups of different sizes.
  • The cost for coffee is much cheaper than for capsules (and better quality)
  • The price. This type of coffee maker is not cheap.
  • It is quite large and you will need room to place and use it.

4. Krups Nespresso Essenza Mini

Click image for more info.

In this Krups Nespresso Essenza fit many functions, despite its small size.

For starters, its pressure pump is one of the most powerful and reaches 19 bars so you can enjoy an excellent coffee with all its cream.  But also, you have the option to customize it to your liking, making it more intense or longer.

Since you turn it on, you just have to wait 25 seconds to make coffee. And the energy-saving mode is activated after 3 minutes. As a shot, it goes off by itself after 9 minutes of inactivity. You don’t have to worry about anything!

If you decide on this coffee maker, you can start enjoying it immediately, because it includes a box with several capsules so you can try the different flavors of Nespresso. It also has a € 20 voucher for you to buy more capsules, but subject to a larger purchase.

It is also not mandatory that you use the original Nespresso coffee: there are numerous white brands that manufacture compatible.

It has a container of used capsules with capacity for 9 units and a tank of 0.6 liters (about five coffees). If you drink coffee with milk in a large cup, keep in mind that the drip tray is removable but not foldable. That is, you have to remove it so that it enters the cup.

It is perhaps the most uncomfortable failure of this Krups Nespresso, which is otherwise an excellent coffee maker for kitchens with little space.

  • Good value for money.
  • Ultra-compact size
  • It heats up in just 25 seconds.
  • Adjust the intensity and quantity of coffee.
  • If you use a large cup, you have to remove the drip tray.
  • The water tank admits only 0.6L (approx. 5 coffees).

5. Wacaco Minipresso NS

Click image for more info.

Whether you travel a lot, or if your office doesn’t have a good coffee maker and you miss it, the Wacaco Minipresso NS has come to save you. Now you can take your capsule coffee on and prepare it anywhere.

Indeed, we are facing a travel coffee maker. In many hotels, they provide a water heater, but a good coffee addict is not going to settle for a soluble, much less. So you pour hot water into the tank, press on the mechanism several times and you have your espresso ready!

Logically, being manual, the pressure is not the same as an electric coffee maker. This reaches 8 bars, enough to save the trip, and have a good coffee in places where you didn’t think it was possible.

It weighs 350 gr, so you won’t notice it in your backpack or suitcase and it occupies very little.

The Wacaco Minipresso Includes a cleaning brush and a cup for pouring coffee. You can also buy a larger water tank, filter baskets to prepare your coffee without capsules and an EVA travel bag separately.

  • You can take it on a trip.
  • Light and compact
  • It does not need electricity.
  • You need to get hot water.
  • The pressure is lower than in a normal Nespresso machine.

6. Bosch Tassimo Vivy2

Click image for more info.

This is one of the smallest espresso machines you can find in the market, but its value is one of the largest.

Like all Tassimo, the Bosch Vivy2 allows you to prepare several drinks in addition to coffee, making it ideal for small homes or work centers, where it will be used by many different people.

Do not worry, it is impossible to mix the flavors of the different drinks because it has an automatic cleaning and descaling system that is activated after each use.

Thanks to the T-Disc capsules with barcode, it is automatic and stops only when coffee (or chocolate or tea) is right at its temperature, quantity and intensity point, to make it easier for you to make your drink. However, the mechanism does not respond well to white label capsules: something to keep in mind.

It takes very little to heat, you can prepare your coffee in seconds, even the first cup of the day. In addition, its small size does not limit its capacity, as it has a water tank of 0.7 liters.

The support for the container of the Bosch Tassimo Vivy2 is adjustable in height, so you can use your favorite cup without having to juggle to prevent coffee from falling out of the base.

  • Its small size makes it suitable for almost any space.
  • It is one of the cheapest coffee makers on the market.
  • It is automatic, it stops alone when the coffee is ready.
  • It allows preparing many drinks, in addition to coffee: chocolate, infusions …
  • White label capsules give compatibility problems.
  • It reaches fewer pressure bars than other coffee makers (3.3 bars).

 7. Philips Senseo Original XL

Click image for more info.

Philips is the manufacturer of Senseo coffee makers, which are used with Marcilla coffee. This tandem gives rise to the fundamental difference of the Senseo compared to other espresso machines, and they do not use disposable capsules.

Instead of using plastic or aluminum, Senseo capsules are actually biodegradable single-dose.

This, in turn, has two positive impacts: one, that less waste is generated by coffee (you don’t have to pick up a plastic or aluminum capsule); and second, the pods are cheaper than the capsules, so in the long run, you get more profitable coffee.

Currently, there are many white label manufacturers that offer them, so you have a choice, beyond the original Marcilla.

The Philips Senseo Original XL has a tank of 1’2 l, larger than usual in espresso machines, so you can make more preparations without having to refill. In addition, it allows you to make one or two cups of coffee simultaneously, although if you make two cups remember to include two pods or a watery drink will remain.

This model (and its little sister, with a deposit of 0.7 l is very popular in Europe. There are users who have been using it daily for years, which guarantees its resistance and longevity.

Due to its durability and the cost for coffee, we can conclude that the value for money of the Philips Senseo Original is one of the most adjusted in the market.

  • The pods are cheap and ecological.
  • Large deposit.
  • It allows making two coffees at the same time.
  • Little pressure (around a bar).
  • If you want an intense coffee you must use two single doses.

8.  Krups Roma Fully Automatic Coffee Machine.

Click image for more info.

The Krups Roma EA8108 espresso machine is super-automatic, it does absolutely everything: grind the coffee just before you need it, prepare the drink, collect the grounds in a tank, clean and descale automatically …

It also allows you to customize the size of your drink (from 20 to 220 ml) or the dose of coffee (from 6 to 9 gr per cup), for a more or less intense result.

It reaches 15 bars of pressure and has a removable tank of 1.8 liters. It also has a vaporizer tube, which in addition to foaming in the milk dispenses hot water for your infusions. Without forgetting other interesting features:

  • The height of the dispenser is adjustable, so you can use any cup you want without problems.
  • It has an upper deposit for coffee beans that prevents you from having to fill in each brew; In addition, it is transparent and closed, to maintain the aroma of the beans without losing sight of when it should be replenished.
  • The grinder is made of steel wheels and offers 3 levels of grinding (fine, medium or coarse) to adjust it to your liking.

When cleaning it, everything is easy: in addition to the automatic cleaning and descaling system, it is delivered with a maintenance kit that includes cleaning pads and a descaling envelope.

The Krups Roma EA8108 is a great option to fully customize your espresso coffee with minimal effort.

  • Smaller than other similar coffee makers.
  • It allows customizing the drink in intensity, size, and thickness of the grind.
  • Includes self-cleaning and maintenance kit
  • Only admit coffee beans.
  • The instruction manual is very poor.

9. DeLonghi ECAM22110SB Compact Automatic Cappuccino, Latte and Espresso Machine.

Click image for more info.

This model of Delonghi coffee maker is presented as an impressive device that will surprise us from the first moment. It can be used with coffee in grade and ground, integrates a grinder that can be adjusted according to 13 different programs and an interesting cappuccino system that allows you to obtain very foamy foam.

To regulate the intensity of the aroma we can turn a panel with a wheel that is integrated in the front of the device.

One of its key features is the automatic cleaning function: in addition, the device also warns us of when it is time to change the water filter or when to decalcify.

The size of the coffee maker is 23.8 cm x 43 cm x 35.1 cm and has a weight of 9kg.

  • Customizable: It allows us to achieve coffee exactly as we want.
  • Easy to clean: System that facilitates cleaning and notifies us when to do it.
  • Controlling the settings requires some learning.

10. DeLonghi America, Inc EC685M Dedica Deluxe espresso.

Click image for more info.

This Delonghi model is a traditional pump coffee maker, with the particularity that it is very narrow; It only measures 15 cm, allowing us to adapt it wherever we want.

It has been designed with Thermoblock technology, which means it will be hot in just 35 seconds.

Another of its keys is that it works with 360º rotation, and this allows it to serve foam for milk and cappuccinos with a perfect flavor. In order to operate, the machine needs ground coffee, although Easy Serving Express Type Dispensing can also be used.

It has been designed to prepare a coffee or two at the same time, and it has enough space to adapt two cups.

The size of this model is 33 cm x 14.9 cm x 30.3 cm and has a weight of 4.22kg. In addition, it has been designed in stainless steel, material that will guarantee that the coffee maker will always be in the best conditions of use.

  • Use: Can be used with pods or ground coffee.
  • It has no “Auto Power Off” function.

Guide to buy the best coffee makers for home.

Espresso coffee enthusiasts have endless options to prepare their favorite beverage.

This, in fact, is done by a lot of very different coffee machines: you can use an Italian, French, American, Napoletana, express, automatic, semi-automatic, embolus coffee machine, with self-cleaning, heat milk, single-dose, with the lime detector, or coffee makers that also make infusions.

Tranquility! Choosing is simpler than it seems, you just have to decide what your priority is when making coffee.

How do you make a good espresso?

what are the best coffee makers for homeTo make an espresso, a limited amount of boiling water is put under pressure through the fine and compressed grinding coffee, and intense coffee with a tasty golden brown crown is obtained almost instantly.

Most purist experts consider that preparing an espresso is a ritual that combines art and technique. And as every ritual has its own rules:

  • The minimum amount of coffee per cup: between 7 and 8 grams
  • Water temperature: varies from 88 to 92ºC
  • Minimum water pressure (when it passes through the milling): ideally, 9 or 10 bars, although there are machines that go up to 20. The more pressure, the more cream your coffee will have … and the richer it will be.
  • Preparation time: between 20 and 30 seconds

All this seems too complicated for a simple coffee right?

For that we have a lot of machines that will automatically adjust all these variables, so you only have to worry about enjoying your coffee.

Any coffee maker you choose should heat the water, generate the right pressure and mark the right amount of grinding. However, not all do it at the same time, spend the same electricity, cost the same or clean the same. Of course, you don’t get the same result either.

So think well about how you like coffee and what budget you have and choose the best espresso machine for you.

What types of espresso machine are on the market?

The concept “espresso machine” is quite ambiguous and accommodates several different machines.

1. Italian coffee maker or mocha

Italian coffee makerThis is the coffee machine that we all have or have had at home, the one of a lifetime.

It is a coffee maker in two bodies. A lower one where the water is introduced and a funnel-shaped pan are placed with the ground coffee and a superior body to which the water rises when it boils, infusing the grinding.

The pressure is very low (approximately 1.5 bar), but its best virtue is the simplicity of its use and how little it occupies.

And of course, its price: you can find them at a cheap price, although depending on the manufacturing material or the manufacturer, they can exceed € 100.

The taste of coffee depends on the amount of grinding and pressing in the pan. As always, the raw material is of quality is essential to achieve a good final result.

In addition, there are sizes for all tastes, from one cup to 12, although the most common are those of 6 cups.

Of course, reheated coffee is no longer the same, so choose the size you really need. It is preferable that you prepare a second coffee maker if you have been wanting more.

2. French or plunger coffee maker

Also quite popular and economical, although the manufacturing process is a bit longer than in an Italian coffee maker. But not much else, neglect.

It is a cylindrical container, usually of glass, in which the ground coffee is poured and, on this, the almost boiling water. This “almost” is important: if you add the boiling water, you can “burn” the grind and the result will be bitter coffee.

The lid (which has a metal filter) is placed on top, and after allowing to infuse 3 or 4 minutes, the plunger is lowered slowly, pushing the ground coffee to the bottom. The ground should not be too fine, to prevent it from penetrating the filter.

As it is an infusion brew, if you want a coffee with a body, choose an intense variety that prevents it from being too soft espresso.

And in terms of price and maintenance, the most economical and simple. For € 10 you can have your coffee maker and to clean it, you can put it in the dishwasher without a problem. We also recommend that you occasionally disassemble the filter to clean it thoroughly.

3. American or drip coffee maker

what are the best coffee makers for homeThe typical American movie coffee maker, you have surely seen it a thousand times, that glass jug with which the cups of the cafeteria customers fill again and again.

It is even daring to include it as an espresso machine because in reality there is no pressure proper, but we explain it to you because it is very practical and easy to use.

The machine has a water tank that, when heated, passes through the filter that contains the grinding (usually of paper), dripping drop by drop into a jar and thus infusing the coffee. If the grinding is very thick, the water does not get to soak it completely and the final coffee will have a watery taste.

The jug is placed on a resistance that keeps the coffee warm continuously, which makes it not especially rich after overheating several times.

In fact, the coffee of these coffee makers is even despised by the most demanding baristas, but they have a great advantage: they are very practical.

We must not be aware of them and can even be programmed so that the coffee is ready just when we need it. Who doesn’t like to wake up with the smell of fresh coffee?

There are really cheap models, and you can have your coffee maker from € 15 . Just remember not to be very demanding with the taste.

4. Espresso machine

We start with the main words: these coffee makers are the ones that resemble those of bars and coffee shops but in their domestic choice.

What they do is heat the water so it reaches a lot of pressure and passes it through the pan with the filter where the coffee is. This pan is usually in a filter holder with a characteristic arm, which is rotated to fit and tighten it in the coffee maker. The result is a creamy, intense and full-bodied coffee, living up to the demands of the most coffee growers.

In addition, many models incorporate a vaporizer tube to heat the milk and to add a good layer of foam on your espresso coffee, if you wish.

They are increasingly popular, so there are numerous models to choose from. And this can become a problem, because there are numerous options, let’s get into the mess:

what are the best coffee makers for homeAutomatic espresso machines: the easiest to use because they do practically everything alone. 

Even put the coffee in the filter, because they include an automatic grinder that grinds the right amount of coffee you need for each brew. This implies, of course, that you must use coffee beans.

This can be a problem for those who want to control the entire coffee process in detail, because you will not be able to modify the amount of coffee or the pressure, except in models with exorbitant prices.

One point to consider when choosing one of these machines is the quality of the grinder. The better grinder, the more expensive the coffee maker will be. High-end models allow you to regulate the quality and level of grinding and dose the amount of coffee per cup (between 7 and 8 grams).

The biggest handicap when choosing one of these coffee machines is its cost.

But yes: the espresso you are going to drink is really good (if you use a good quality coffee bean) and doing so will cost you the least effort. They reach a pressure of up to 19 bars in some models and can allow you up to two cups per brew.

Manual espresso machines: they allow you to control all the brewing, because you choose the coffee, the quantity, you press it as much as you want and you decide the exact amount of water or milk that you add.

That is, you have to take care of everything, which can be an advantage if you are an exquisite coffee maker or a disadvantage, if you do not have much time to devote.

But if you are a demanding barista, it is your choice, no doubt. The one that allows you to be everything you want with your coffee. In addition, they are cheaper than automatic ones, which is another point in their favor.

There are manual models that can also work with coffee beans and even single-dose capsules. Aesthetically they are very attractive and are usually made of stainless steel and / or aluminum, which makes them very resistant and durable.

Do not forget to look at the capacity of the water tank (to calculate how many coffees you can make without refilling it) and the power it reaches (it usually ranges between 15 and 18 bars), which you already know is decisive to increase the intensity of the coffee.

Then you can look at the “accessories”: whether or not it includes the vaporizer tube for milk, automatic shutdown, water filter … If you can foam in the milk, you still dare to do some of these little works of art:

Obviously, the more features it incorporates, the more expensive it will be, but you can find quality machines for less than € 100, an unthinkable price for an automatic.

5 Capsule coffee maker

Although they exist since the 80s, the revolution of the single-dose capsule espresso machines jumped in the early years of the 21st century, from the hand of Nespresso (and George Clooney, of course, What else? ).

They are very, very simple to use, because you just have to put the capsule you want, press the button and your coffee is ready in seconds.

It is the favorite option of offices and work centers because its cleaning and maintenance has zero complications and also allows it to adapt to all tastes because there are many capsules of different flavors and intensities in the market.

And this is where the trick is to get your bearings with these express machines: you have to look at the capsules.

Types of espresso capsules

Because not all capsules are suitable for all machines. This, if you are not a staunch purist defender of a specific brand, can be a great limitation to unleash your fondness for caffeine.

Basically, there are 4 major manufacturers in the sector: Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Tassimo and Marcilla Senseo.

They are so powerful that there are manufacturers of household appliances that sell espresso machines compatible with any of these 4 capsules (DeLonghi, Krups, Philips …). Do not discard any of these other brands, because they usually have a great value for money.

But we go with the 4 main actors:

Nespresso capsule coffee maker

1 Nespresso

It is, without a doubt, the best known and also the one with the greatest variety of coffee capsules.

It belongs to the Nestlé group and is the one with the best brand image.

All Nespresso coffee machines reach 19 bar pressure and work with the same capsules, regardless of the manufacturer. Water tanks, depending on the model, contain between 0.7 and 1.2 l.

Because of their design and their great investment in advertising, they have a reputation for faces, but this is not entirely true since there are options for all budgets.

The original capsules are quite expensive and you can only get them in official stores (online or physical). However, in most supermarkets, there are already compatible capsules at a more affordable price.

Compared to other types of capsules, Nespresso has clearly positioned itself in the coffee market. There are no more combinations. If you want coffee with milk, infusions or chocolate, go to the next point.

2 Dolce Gusto

Interestingly, it also belongs to Nestlé, but is focused on another sector and offers other benefits. One of the most attractive is that it is not limited to coffee capsules, but also chocolates, teas, cold drinks, coffee with milk …

This feature makes it especially attractive for workplaces because there is a wide range of drinks to satisfy all pleasures.

In addition, its cheaper options are even more accessible than the lower Nespresso range and you can purchase some basic model for less than € 50.

Within the Dolce Gusto, there are manual models (which you have to stop when you have the amount of drink you want) and automatic models (which stop alone, pre-selecting the amount and intensity of coffee you want).

Actually, the quality of the final coffee is very similar, so the choice of a manual or automatic model is rather for economic reasons (the manuals are cheaper) or purely aesthetic.

All models reach 15 bar pressure to guarantee you the typical espresso foam.

Its biggest drawback derives from its great versatility: you can prepare many different drinks, so you will have to buy several packages until you get your own.

Oh, and it has no deposit for used capsules! They must be removed by hand after each use.

3 Tassimo

It is a brand of the appliance manufacturer Bosch, which is already a guarantee in itself.

They have an important differentiating point, betting on technology: their capsules (called T-Disc) carry a barcode that is read by the coffee maker to prepare each drink with the right amount.

So you should not be aware of the machine at all, which makes it very convenient to use. Although if you want to give “your touch” to coffee, you also have the option of manually adjusting the amount of coffee.

The best thing about Tassimo coffee makers is that they are really cheap. It is also the one that offers more variety of drinks (coffees, chocolates, infusions …), which gives it another positive point.

In return, the drawback: they do not have a deposit for used capsules and there are no compatible white markings.

4 Marcilla Senseo

It is a brand of the Philips manufacturer. Its main difference from the previous ones is that it uses Marcilla coffee pods (a kind of paper bags) instead of capsules.

The second big difference is that they cost about half that of other espresso machines, and the single doses are also cheaper than the capsules.

They are not the machines that offer you the best quality coffee, but their elaborations have the best value for money.

In terms of design, all coffee makers are somewhat larger than those of other manufacturers, which gives them more stability than other models.

Last tips

The ultimate function of a coffee maker is to say good morning every morning or finish a meal. But the number of models in the market can make the choice a bit complicated.

To make sure that you are right with your coffee maker, think in detail how you like coffee, how much time you normally use to do it and the budget you want to allocate to this appliance.

There are those who just want their dose of caffeine, and there are those who really enjoy the ritual and the taste of delicious experience.

The espresso machine that is perfect for your office can be a mess in your kitchen, and vice versa. To determine what you need at all times, prepare your favorite coffee and give Juan Valdés memories of us.

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