How to Use Treadmill at Home for Beginners

Treadmills have the first benefit that you can start using them regardless of your age, and you can thus start in physical activity by walking on it. Another benefit is that this exercise of walking (or running) can be done in a gym or, if you buy a treadmill, at home.

The good thing about doing this activity at home is that in the meantime you can play the music that you like and that encourages you in this activity, you can also watch TV and even watch and take care of your children if you have one.

These machines have several speed options and if you are starting with this exercise you should be careful. So here we are going to give you some guidelines so that you know how to use treadmills and thus start well in this activity good for your health since it improves your cardiovascular system and your physical form.

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What do you need to use treadmills?

1.Treadmill, water, sportswear.
2. Effort and will.

Instructions on how to use treadmill at home.

First-timers in this activity are recommended to configure the machine speed options in their first days at a smooth pace of between 5 and 7 km/hour, which will be like a more or less rapid walk.

As time passes you can add more speed in the activity and more time. It is a progressive work, you should not do it abruptly because it will not be good for your health. how to use treadmill at homeSome of these machines will offer you the option to tilt the belt and it seems that you are going up. This is good for when you start in the activity since you will go to the rhythm of walking and prepare you to then start running.

It is important to establish the frequency with which you will exercise on the treadmill, and for this, it is necessary that you follow a well-established routine because this will lead you to achieve the results.

For the first time a routine of 3 or 4 times a week is recommended for one hour and the speed as previously recommended from 5 to 7 km/hour depending on the physical state.

To preserve our health and for our comfort, we will give you more recommendations to get you started in this physical activity:

  • You should warm up every day before starting the activity, such as walking slowly.
  • When walking or running you must have an erect position, facing forward and with your neck straight. The shoulders should be aligned and the arms should move at the pace of the step you take. If you take another position it will cause you pain, discomfort or problems.

how to use treadmill at home

  • Then you can make combinations in which you will alternate minutes of walking with minutes of running. At first, you will walk more minutes than you will run, and progressively you will alternate more minutes of running. Thus you will acquire the exercise of running for long periods of time.

how to use treadmill at home

  • When you have acquired the level of running on the tape you can introduce series or changes of pace.

This will improve your average running speed. You can make a series of200 meters and rest a minute between them, series of 400 meters and rest a minute and a half or series of 1 kilometer and rest two minutes between them.

  • You can then make intensity peaks which will help you burn more fat. The recommended pace that you carry should be moderated to approximately 65% ​​of your maximum pulsations, and you can insert a sprint (maximum speed or chop) every 30 seconds or one minute in which the rhythm must be 85% of your maximum pulsations.

This will bring you the benefit of burning more fat. Do not cut the exercise abruptly, you should slow down gradually. After the activity, you may feel somewhat dizzy, which is normal.

It is necessary that after the physical activity you stretch your muscles for a few minutes, especially those of the legs. Tips for using treadmills Respect the recommended positions to avoid pain and discomfort.

Wear comfortable and sporty attire to exercise on the treadmill. Drink water during exercise time to hydrate. Create in you the habit of daily exercise for your well-being.

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