How to Store Inflatable Kayak

If you are looking to find how to store inflatable kayak, you’ve come to the right place. Kayaking, like any other sport, requires the necessary clothing for its practice and it is important that all practitioners have full knowledge of this so that they can carry out their routine correctly without affecting their performance.

The most important thing is to have the right kind of kayak depending on the modality you want to practice. Each modality has a specific type of vessel that is constructed with materials that have a more adequate behavior with the type of waters through which it sails, either turbulent or calm waters.

The type of kayak and the material affect, of course, the way of keeping it and taking care of it. It is not the same to keep an inflatable kayak, which can be deflated and stored anywhere in the house than to clean and store a rigid competition kayak.

I’ve written a complete hands-on review of the best inflatable kayak, where I outlined durability issues I ran into. Let’s start by seeing how to store inflatable kayak.

How to store inflatable kayak – Usual places where you can store your kayak

Saving a kayak and knowing where to do it sometimes involves a big problem because there are several reasons to take into account, mainly its size (a kayak is between 5-6 meters).

For this reason, you should investigate very well what are the appropriate places where you can store them and in that sense, what are the measures that must be taken into account for their correct protection, either in your home or in a special place.

  • First of all, it is advisable to keep it in a place that only you have access to or at least people of your absolute confidence, avoiding community sites that can make you have a bad time for theft or damage in your kayak as scratches and breaks, among others.
  • Hanging it from the ceiling is always a good option, but for this, you must first measure the space that has to be available depending on the size of your kayak and this should normally have at least an extra 3 centimeters to avoid scratching with the same wall or that is narrow.

how to store inflatable kayakHanging from the ceiling or wall is a great option to store your kayaks. Remember to measure the length to know that you will enter the wall. In this case, we see two sea ​​kayaks with a wall fixing system.

Roof lift system for canoe  

One of the easiest ways to store your kayak at home is to hang it from the ceiling in your garage or in a room that you have enabled for it.

An example of this type of assembly is the H2o product, which allows you to install a forklift system to store your kayak.

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  • Another very similar option is to use is to store your kayak on the wall of a room.

Kayak wall mounting system

In this case, the assembly would be done on the wall, the benefits being more accessible.

It is easy to install and very resistant so that we do not have any problems.

how to store inflatable kayak
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how to store inflatable kayak
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Another site that is normally used to protect kayaks is specialized clubs in this sport. This is especially interesting if you don’t have space or a specific site where you can store your boats.

The advantage of keeping them in clubs is that you save the transfer in vehicles to the place where you are going to navigate and also when you store it in a special place, you can socialize with other paddlers and even navigate accompanied by them.

The disadvantage is that most of these sites charge rent for having your kayak there and maybe it’s money that you don’t have budgeted for.

  • The garages are also usually the places that paddlers use most to protect their kayak, as they are more spacious or extensive and this allows the boat to fit without any problem.
    The advantage of using the garage is that it will be inside your property and this will make you feel more secure because you will not have to worry about whether someone wants to harm you, steal it or something like that.

The important thing is that whatever site you decide on or have the availability to protect your kayak, it must be free of dust, from the Sun and it is recommended that from time to time you perform the proper maintenance to have your boat in perfect condition.

Also, you can choose to purchase an inflatable kayak or folding and this will be a great advantage because you can put it more simply, require less space and normally these kayaks come with their own cover which means you have double protection. In addition, they are a little less expensive than rigid kayaks, so they can be a great investment.


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