How to Install GPS Tracker on Vehicle

In this article, we give you tips on how to install GPS tracker on vehicle. Especially with regard to safety, a GPS locator is an accessory that is used to determine the location of a car, a motorcycle or a truck at any given time.

Thus, there are many companies that already use them in their fleets and many also individuals who have managed to have a remedy for car thefts.

Therefore, it is worth knowing how to install GPS tracker on vehicle.

Here’s how to install GPS tracker on vehicle

GPS installation for vehicles

This task can be carried out by professionals, although its simplicity makes it advisable to do it without having to go through any workshop. The first thing to do is to find a location near the vehicle wiring, such as the headlight area.

Once the area is located, its voltage is checked so that there are no problems in this regard, most locators specify the voltage at which they work. Now we proceed to the installation of GPS for vehicles connecting the cables of this accessory with those that pass through the area chosen for it.

If it has been done near the headlights, it is advisable to test the lighting system before concluding a task that will keep the car located at all times.

Where to do the GPS installation for vehicles

Obviously, the more hidden this component is, the better, since it will not be easily discovered by potential thieves. There are plenty of areas in a car, although it is always better to choose those that are close to cables so that the connection is simple and the use of too long cable runs is not required.

Choosing the area near the battery is advisable if you want to have the device permanently powered since for this it is necessary to connect a cable that will operate it continuously.

The headlights, as indicated above, also constitute a good place, as well as the interior area of ​​the dashboard or the door trim covers.

Installing the GPS tracker in 2 steps

The very first step will be to activate the SIM card. To do this, you have to take your phone and make some settings like removing the PIN. Then, send a few messages to a loved one to make sure everything is working well.

Once it’s done, it will be necessary to place the SIM card in the GPS plotter and look at the user guide to make sure that there is no particular adjustment to make.

For models that connect directly to the car, it will be necessary to opt for the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the GPS tracker. It will tell you the best “hiding places” to hide such an object in all discretion.

Once the device is in place, it is only necessary to activate the SMS which will be used as code so that the device can answer and send a specific link. Once you click on the link, you will know exactly where the car is in real-time. Moreover, we will clarify that there are GPS trackers that can automate the sending a message as soon as the car moves. A very practical solution that we appreciate in writing.

Benefits of GPS installation for vehicles

Obviously, mounting a device with these characteristics is the best way to always have a vehicle located, something capable of solving theft in a very short time.

In addition, these accessories have greatly improved in efficiency and performance, so you can fully rely on its operation, thanks to the latest geolocation advances to be totally safe and to protect a car from possible aggressions.

It is also worth knowing that some insurance companies have special bonuses for vehicles that have a GPS tracking system, something that can lower the cost of an item that, as a rule, is not usually too cheap.

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how to install GPS tracker on vehicle

Presentation of the geolocation service

This service is available for everyone, whether for professionals or for individuals. It is an important and decisive service for many companies. The principle of this service is to allow one or more people to know in real-time the position of a car.

The use of these data is, unfortunately, diverted from its original purpose. It is therefore important to understand how it works if one day you have a doubt.

The housing that houses this GPS tracker is equipped with two main parts: the telephony module and the chip that serves as a GPS receiver. The operating principle is extremely simple!

The geolocation chip is there to indicate to a service where the box is located in real-time when the communication service that is found inside allows for the sending of a link (very often a card or a specific application that contains the map).

Through this link and a good internet connection, the person is able to know exactly where the car is at the same time.

What is formidable with these devices is that it is not necessary to be in a radius of proximity. Thanks to the many satellites flying around the earth, information is quickly relayed.

The GPS plotter can be located in the depths of Asia, you could still locate it. That’s what makes this tool amazing: it can be used on many vehicles without displaying any distance limit.

The three essential parameters for buying GPS tracker

One of the first criteria to consider is how it is fed. The GPS plotter can work in total autonomy and be placed wherever you want in the car, whether in an armrest, glove box or in the spare wheel of the trunk.

The other type of GPS plotter involves being connected to a power source. Generally, it is the OBD socket of the automobile that is targeted. This is not always the best solution.

Indeed, we must not forget that, for the power source to work properly, it must be activated. Or if the battery is not in operating mode, that is to say with the keys of the activated contact, then, the GPS tag will not work … It’s annoying, because when the theft of the car has instead if it stops, it may never come back, especially if there is a search in the car.

However, the stand-alone location service also has its limitations: what is the maximum battery life? And if the flight takes place a few hours before the camera arrives on the end of the battery …?

It is up to you to make the right decision for this first indispensable criterion.

The second parameter to take into account is the type of sending of the message. This can be through an SMS or the Internet. Each solution has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to you to choose who will satisfy you the most.

The last essential parameter to consider its size and weight. The bigger the device, the bigger the battery is supposed to be (as part of a standalone GPS tracker).

Only, is the discretion for this type of object not advised? In this case, size and weight make sense. We suggest you take it into account. Depending on where you want to hide it, it is essential to take the necessary dimensions if it is a small or large place.



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