How to do Coffee Art at Home – A Beginner’s Guide

In this article, we will make a brief account of how to do coffee art at home. Making figures in coffee has become a strong trend, well received by the public and business. So surely this article will give you an idea for your cafeteria, or just for you to try to make your own latte art at home.

how to do coffee art at home

Do you remember the first time they served you a decorated latte coffee? Latte art has been with us for a short time but it is already an essential trend in the world of specialty coffee. The talent of the great baristas still leave us with their mouths open, but you can also make latte art at home like a professional. Do you dare? Do not miss our guide.

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Remembering concepts: what exactly is latte art?

With so many special coffees and new fashions that emerge every day, it is not bad to do a little review to remember what exactly is a coffee decorated with latte art. Although its name is associated with latte coffee, it is a technique that can be applied to other coffees with milk.

Its origin dates back to the 80s when the first coffee works of art began to appear in Italy and the United States. It is not very clear who invented it, but it was the American David Schomer who popularized the technique by becoming an expert and publishing a book about it. A decade later the madness broke loose.

how to do coffee art at home

It is a decorative resource that uses frothed milk to create artistic motifs about coffee cream. The great baristas become artists with more or less expertise when it comes to pouring milk since the drawings are formed directly while the dairy is combined with coffee.

Normal finishing touches are applied by adding cocoa and cinnamon powder or syrups and sweet sauces. You can also play with the thick foam to add volume in 3D designs or use a small stick to draw more detailed details using the color of the same coffee.

Thus, the basis of latte art is two fundamental ingredients: a good coffee and milk, in different proportions according to the drink. This art can be applied to a cappuccino, cut coffee, or, of course, to latte coffee.

The science of milk: which one to use?

how to make design on coffee at home

Almost everyone who fails to try to make latte art at home makes a big mistake: not choosing milk well. It is essential that the milk froth properly to draw on coffee, and therefore you have to choose good quality milk. Look for it to be whole, fresh and better if it is from the traditional tradition of a local dairy company.

Are you lactose intolerant, are you allergic to milk protein or are you vegan? You can also make latte art with alternative drinks, but the best vegetable option of all is peanut milk. And, above all, choose one that you like its flavor, coffee has to be rich!

how to steam milk for latte art

Fresh milk should be very cold in the fridge, about 4-7 degrees Celsius. Then steam is added, raising the temperature to 35-40 degrees, and then heating to about 65-70. In these steps chemical processes are triggered that “denature” the milk, achieving the appropriate microfoam to decorate.

Everything you need to make latte art at home

coffee art drawing

Before you start practicing make sure you have all the essential utensils and products :

  • Automatic or super-automatic espresso machine with a frother or vaporizer accessory.
  • Jug of milk with at least 500-700 ml capacity.
  • Cups wide mouth, cappuccino style.
  • Thermometer to control the temperature of the milk (optional, but recommended).
  • Sprinkler and stencils to decorate with cinnamon or cocoa.
  • Skewers or chopsticks for drawing.
  • Coffee beans of good quality roasted to your liking.
  • Whole milk, preferably fresh, very cold.

coffee history and facts

How to do coffee art at home.

Once you have everything ready and prepared, you can start practicing by following these steps:

  1. Start preparing a good coffee to your liking with your coffee maker. It is essential to have a good machine at home so that the coffee has a top-quality cream since it is the base on which the frothed milk will fall.
  2. Fill the jug with milk taken directly from the refrigerator, which is very cold, only halfway.
  3. Place the nozzle of the vaporizer or frother inside the jar, slightly diagonally, but without touching the milk. It is necessary to leave a small hole of millimeters so that the steam enters as if we were blowing. Thus enters the air.
  4. Don’t move the jar, the coffee maker does all the work. Leave it fixed and stable. Thus a fine, dense and creamy foam is achieved, with very small and imperceptible bubbles. Make sure the milk does not exceed 70 degrees. Stir gently to shine.
  5. Pour the milk making sure that the trickle falls continuously, leaving the cup and jug straight. Start at a height of about 5 cm and go raising the cup to finish with the nozzle just above. Start with a slow speed and accelerate the spill when you take half.
  6. The drawings are made with the end of the pouring when the cup is already full of milk. Bring the mouthpiece to the maximum to create the images you want. Start experimenting little by little to see how the milk behaves in the cream.
  7. You can put the finishing touches sprinkling cinnamon or cocoa, with or without templates, using a stick or skewer or adding details with chocolate sauce.

When you have mastered the technique of foaming and pouring you can start experimenting with the drawings you want. It’s all about practice and creativity! Let your imagination fly and take advantage every time you want to have a good coffee at home to practice.

You can get inspired by watching the best baristas in your city live or with the video tutorials that many professionals share on the network.

You will see how in a short time and with a little practice you will discover how to do coffee art at home, create your own latte art and leave your guests with their mouths open.

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