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how does virtual golf work?The question is how does virtual golf work? In the winter, indoor golf is an alternative to golf in the (cold) outdoor air for some players. Some golfers always want to play outside, even when it’s snowing or freezing.

Others like to go to an indoor golf location in the winter because you can practice your long and short game there in warm temperatures.

If you’ve ever visited a virtual golf center, you may have wondered how these simulators determined the strength and accuracy of your shot. I will attempt to answer this question in this article.

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How does virtual golf work?

Realism and technology

All simulators allow you to play on more wonderful terrain than each other.  The ball graphing and tracing system is so precise and realistic that simulated balls bounce off trees, splash in the water, bury themselves in the sand, retreat onto greens and respond to other obstacles such as they would do it on an outdoor course.

Golfers fight against all the conditions that exist on a real course; long walkways, sand traps, trees, and water. In fact, the simulators make it possible to experience the thrill of golf all year round, except for the game time that is less than reality.

How it works

how does virtual golf work?

The Golf-O-Max has a unique infrared tracking system. The player proceeds as if he played on a normal outdoor course, using a regular ball and sticks. When the ball is hit, an electronic sensor system collects information as it passes and immediately simulates a realistic flight of the ball on the screen.

To do this, the ball is analyzed three times. From the time interval that the bullet goes through the two sensor zones, the computer calculates the speed of the ball.

When it bounces off the screen and reverses the second area of ​​the sensors in the opposite direction, the system determines whether the ball has a straight-line path or a rotation effect to the left or right.

The player sees the exact path of the ball and where it will end. The distances traveled are real no matter the stick used. Realism is exceptional.

After each shot and each trajectory simulation, statistics appear on the screen and inform the player on the distance traveled and remaining until the hole. When a ball is sent into the water or out of bounds, the computer automatically adds a penalty stroke and places the ball in the appropriate place for the next shot. The scene of the screen is positioned at the right place for each player according to the honors.

What you need

Once equipped, how is a golf simulator used? You need to :

  • A piece ;
  • A PC;
  • A screen ;
  • A carpet ;
  • A projector.

To begin, we start the PC and project a virtual golf course on a screen. We can then start playing. Sophisticated cameras, equipped with infrared sensors, will then detect the presence of the bullet, its speed, the angle of fire, and the trajectory followed. As for lasers and radars, they take care of giving you your exact position on the course.

If you’ve chosen a simple technology, you can use your device simply by hitting the balls in a net and using a PC screen.

In the end, if golf interests you, but you do not necessarily have the time to go on real courses, it may be time to think of an indoor golf simulator. This device will allow you to taste the joys of this sport, and you will save its disadvantages.

VIDEO – how does virtual golf work?  Watch this video for an impression of what indoor golf is.

Golf simulator: what advantages?

Using a golf simulator has many advantages. First of all, it looks a lot like real golf, in terms of the actions, the pleasure and the sensations felt.

Second, this device is suitable for all levels. Are you a beginner? No problem; you will learn in conditions very similar to real golf; it may be a springboard for you to play real golf at a later date.

If you already know the basics of this sport, a simulator will allow you to evaluate your performance and your shortcomings; you will be able to analyze your keystrokes and swings and repeat the actions indefinitely until you are perfectly satisfied with your performances.

Finally, if you are a professional, you can train and familiarize yourself with all types of courses.

Thirdly, using a simulator presents few constraints. Unlike real golf, there is no need for much space; a few square meters are enough. In addition, going to a real golf course takes time; while with this device, you can play at any time, at your own pace, without leaving home. In addition, the parts canceled due to rain or excessive wind are over.

Finally, a golf simulator, beyond sports practice, can create a friendly atmosphere. What’s more friendly and more original, after a meal with family or friends, than to do a little exercise, in a relaxed atmosphere, full of good mood? And beyond the private domain, this device will also be an ideal tool for corporate activities.

Indoor centers:

1. Simulators

Many indoor golf centers have one or more golf simulators and a practice green made of artificial grass. A simulator includes a batting cage where you hit balls in a cloth. A golf course is projected onto the canvas, usually an existing course such as the Old Course in St Andrews or another well-known course.

High-speed cameras and sensors measure how the ball is hit. The visitor plays hole by hole and sees on the canvas where his ball ends in the virtual golf course. Play continues from that point. On the canvas you can see how far it is to the hole.

Two or more players can play a match on the virtual golf course.

On a golf simulator, you can also practice on a virtual driving range. Golf simulators can help improve golf because all kinds of data are measured: the ball’s departure angle, club head and ball speed, and ball height. In most cases, you pay per hour if you use a golf simulator.

2.  practice greens

Most indoor centers have artificial grass greens where you can practice putting and sometimes you can also chip well.

3.  Lessons and club fitting

In some indoor golf centers with simulators, professionals give private and group lessons. Some professionals are also club fitters and can help golfers find the right set.

4.  Informal atmosphere

The atmosphere in an indoor golf center is often very informal. Often there is a catering section right next to the practice facilities where wine and beer can also be ordered.

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