Hoverboard problems and solutions (Problem Solved)

hoverboard problems and solutionsDo you want to know the common hoverboard problems and solutions? Is your hoverboard broken? Or do you want to know what can go wrong with a hoverboard? Read more.

Hoverboards and Oxboards  (it is actually the same) can reach speeds of around 15 kilometers per hour. You see the falls already on social media, especially while learning to drive. Collisions with hoverboards are also on the agenda.

Falls and collisions can cause damage to the hoverboard, which can cause all kinds of hoverboard problems.

Here are some common hoverboard problems and solutions.

On this page, we help you with the problems you may have with your hoverboard. The problems that often occur can be found on this page and you will also find matching solutions.

Preventive protection with a protective cover

The best measure you can take to prevent your hoverboard from breaking in the future is to use protective covers. With a cover for your hoverboard, you protect the hoverboard against damage, including scratches and dents. In the event of falls and collisions, the protective cover partially absorbs the impact, considerably reducing the chance of a defect.

An additional advantage of a protective cover is that your hoverboard remains free of scratches. If you ever want to sell the hoverboard second-hand at Marktplaats, you will get more money for it.

Hoverboard protection covers can be purchased at various hoverboard web stores. You can obtain it from Bol.com, Superhoverboard, The Balance Wheel, and Smart City Wheels.

Recommendation:   Always buy a protective cover when purchasing a hoverboard. The protective cover helps keep your hoverboard free from scratches, dents and other damage!

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Right to guarantee

First of all, you must, of course, check whether you still have a guarantee on the hoverboard. It is very important that you buy a hoverboard from a company that gives a guarantee on the hoverboard.

Fortunately, there are many web stores that offer a standard two-year factory warranty. You have to pay attention because the factory warranty is not an all-inclusive warranty. With the factory warranty, you are often only covered for factory faults.

If your hoverboard breaks due to a fall or a hard collision, then you usually have no guarantee.

You also have to be careful that you never start working on the hoverboard yourself, because then there is a chance that your guarantee will expire immediately!

It always pays to contact the store where you purchased the hoverboard to see if they can repair your broken hoverboard.

Recommendation:  Always buy a hoverboard with a factory warranty. Never key on the hoverboard yourself, because your guarantee will expire.

Reset Hoverboard

Most hoverboard problems can be solved quickly by resetting the hoverboard. On YouTube, you will find a lot of instructional videos that explain how a hoverboard reset works. Everyone calls it a hoverboard reset, but actually it’s more that you calibrate the hoverboard.

The hoverboard often loses its “sense of balance”. You can restore this by recalibrating or resetting the hoverboard. See the video below for step-by-step instruction.

Hoverboard vibrates

A vibrating hoverboard is a defect that is often caused by a manufacturing fault. However, a vibrating hoverboard can also be caused by a strong collision. A hoverboard can vibrate from the start, then it is almost always a production error and is covered by the factory warranty at every web store. This defect can also occur after one or more hard collisions. On the Web

  • A hoverboard also vibrates when you stand on the hoverboard with your foot for too long. This is not a defect. Read the instruction manual carefully, because it explains that you do not have to stand with one foot on the hoverboard for too long when getting on and off.
  • A hoverboard also vibrates if you look good, but not good enough. When riding a hoverboard it is very important that your weight is well distributed on the hoverboard. If that does not happen, the hoverboard will vibrate and that is not a production error.

Always try to recalibrate the hoverboard first. That often helps. If you have already calibrated the hoverboard without results, it often helps to reset/recalibrate it a number of times in succession. If that doesn’t solve the problem, then your hoverboard is broken and needs to be repaired.

The cause of the vibrations lies in the  sub-boards . There is a sub-board on each side of the hoverboard. Therefore, vibrations can occur on one side, and in both cases also on both sides.

There is a rubber in the sub-board that causes the problem. The solution is very simple: cut one millimeter off the rubber part and the hoverboard must do it normally again.

Hoverboard no longer works

There are several reasons why a hoverboard no longer works. It is well known that hoverboards are not waterproof. When the hoverboard is exposed to water, the hoverboard may break.

There is a lot of confusion about waterproof and splash-proof. On the internet, you sometimes read that hoverboards are splash-proof, but that is different from waterproof. Splash proof means that the hoverboard is resistant to rainfall and small amounts of water.

Tip: A hoverboard can never be watertight, so make sure your hoverboard does not come into contact with much water. It is therefore not advisable to drive through a large lake.

Another reason why the hoverboard doesn’t work at all is when the hoverboard’s motherboard is broken. A motherboard cannot do it for various reasons.

  1. The motherboard has come into contact with a lot of water. Water and electronics do not mix.
  2. The motherboard is cheap junk and therefore breaks down quickly.
  3. The motherboard is from a good brand, but you are just unlucky.

If a hoverboard stops working at all, it is almost always due to the motherboard. The motherboard is also the most expensive part of the hoverboard. The motherboard is covered by the factory warranty.

If the motherboard is broken after a major fall, serious collision or collision or by water, then, unfortunately, you are not entitled to a warranty.

Also, never go tinkering with the hoverboard yourself, because as soon as that happens, your warranty expires immediately at most electronics stores.

The motherboard is not always the only cause. If a hoverboard no longer works, it may also be due to the battery. If the battery is broken, the hoverboard will of course not work.

A good hoverboard just like the Oxboard has expensive batteries from brands such as Samsung or LG. Replacing a battery is also expensive. Replacement of defective batteries is often covered by the factory warranty.

Charging does not work

The hoverboard is electronically driven and requires a battery. When the electricity is used up, the hoverboard needs to be recharged and that is quite easy with the charger that comes with it.

The charger can break, preventing the electricity from being routed to the battery. That is one of the reasons why charging cannot work. The other reason has to do with the battery. If the battery is dead, then charging has no use.


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