Does the GPS watch need internet?

Image result for gps and internetMany people are asking, does the GPS watch need internet?? It doesn’t matter if you recently bought a Galaxy S4, or if you are still pulling with your Galaxy S3. Whether you have a  Samsung Nexus 4, or if you preferred HTC One; call it Galaxy Note or Desire S.

The fact is, if you have any of these popular Android-based mobiles, at some point, you will want to use it to guide you on your trips or driving on the road. And in that case, you are probably interested in what we tell you here.

By default, Android uses Google’s location services to know where you are. This means that your mobile will send data to Google (anonymously, of course) from mobile networks and Wi-Fi, completely ignoring the GPS system of your terminal to save energy.

This system of triangulation of your position based on networks is effective, but only to a certain extent, since it depends on the existence of some type of network and lacks the accuracy of an authentic GPS. However, it is often enough for certain applications to know their location in an approximate manner, which in most cases is enough and leftover.

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Does the GPS watch need internet?

Activate GPS on Android

However, if your intention is to use a map on your smartphone to orient yourself in a foreign city, or you want to use it as a navigator in your car, you will need to activate GPS. Nothing simpler; you just have to follow these steps:

1. Activate your terminal menu and choose System Settings.

2. Go to Location Services, in the Personal section.

3. Check the GPS satellites option.

To use GPS on your Android mobile, you must first activate it.

Now your Android mobile can use both mobile and Wi-Fi network data and your GPS data to determine your location. In fact, information from networks will help to fix your location faster than using only GPS satellites.

Obviously, to use the networks of your environment and the GPS of your terminal you do not need an Internet connection: your mobile has everything necessary for applications to know and use your location without problems. And yet, knowing our coordinates (cartographic longitude and latitude) is not enough to know how to get from one place to another. For this, you will need a map.

Unfortunately, if you have traveled to an unknown place, you have no data network and you did not remember to download a map to the memory of your terminal from an Internet connection via Wi-Fi, there is nothing to do: you will have to buy a map printed of the lifelong ones.

So, the trick to get the most out of the GPS of your Android mobile without an Internet connection via a mobile data network is to get an app through which you can download the maps beforehand so you can use them whenever you want offline.

Google Maps is a good map application, as long as you know how to download them so you can use them without an Internet connection. If you have a relatively old version of this app, read this post to know how to activate offline maps. If your version is newer (from 6.9 onwards), you will be more interested in reading the following article.

Update: If you are having trouble downloading the maps, then try this trick that we discuss here. Works! It’s very easy to do.

How to use GPS without internet connection (+ 5 applications)?

It does not matter if you are driving or walking when you want to reach a destination and you do not know which route to take, you take out your phone and open Google Maps. But what will you do if you lose internet connectivity?

It’s an unbearable problem no!

Fortunately, there are solutions that allow you to navigate with your GPS without an internet connection.

Primarily, there are two methods to use offline GPS  :

  1. Download a portion of the map to your smartphone
  2. Install an offline GPS application

In this article we will talk about these two methods, in the first part you will discover how to use the geolocation of Google Maps offline and in the second part, you will have the best five android applications to navigate with GPS without internet.

How to use Google Maps offline?

If you want to use GPS only for navigation in a city or region, Google Maps offers an option that allows you to download a geographic area of ​​their map to your android phone, this way when you lose connectivity on your phone, it will automatically switch to offline mode.

It works the same way as if you are online (you have all the information displayed on the map such as information about places and restaurants, coffee with opening hours and contact information, etc.).

How to use Google Maps without an internet connection?

1 – Launch the Google Maps app on your smartphone. Make sure you’re signed in to your Google Account.

2 – Search the city or region you want to save.

3 – Tap on the small icon in the top left, then on ”  Offline areas  ”

4 – Click ”  custom area  ”

5 – Now you click ”  download  “, knowing that you can change the size of the area to download.

In the end, the app reminds you that this area of ​​the map will be updated every time you connect to the wifi. If after 30 days you do not log in, it will be expired.

The 5 GPS applications that work without internet 

As Google Maps does not allow to import the entire map, this is a real problem, especially if you are traveling in another country, in this situation the Google Maps application can not serve you in all your travels.

The good news is that there are offline GPS apps that work without an internet connection, most of them are free. We have selected for you the top five android offline GPS apps:

    HERE WeGo

“HERE WeGo” (previously HERE Maps) is the best android GPS navigation application, which works without the internet. If you are looking for an application to navigate with your android GPS without being connected to the internet, “HERE WeGo” is a good choice.

gps without internet

The application offers a large number of downloadable maps (up to 100 countries) that contain a database rich in information about places, services, shopping centers, hotels, etc. The advantage of this application is that you can choose a specific country, not a city or region. In addition, it displays real-time road traffic on the map.

To start using this application you must register to import the card to your phone. Namely that registration is completely free and unlimited.


gps without internet


Sygic is among the best and most popular offline GPS navigation apps for Android, this app provides TomTom-based internet-free navigation. It offers a lot of unique features like:

  • navigation on good quality TomTom Maps
  • navigation by voice instructions
  • location of gas station
  • etc.

You can download the Sygic app for free on Google Play but there are advanced options that are not available in the free version.

gps without internet


It is a good application that also works without internet, using this application, navigation with your android phone becomes easier, with the many features such as detailed maps for all countries, routing with precise directions and the zoom option. is available for free for android and iOS, but there is also another paid version that includes additional options such as map search, auto-tracking mode, and more. For basic use like reaching a specific destination, the free version will do the trick.


gps without internet

As its name suggests, it’s a totally free offline GPS navigation app, it supports navigation on an HD map of all countries all over the world. It includes other options like:

  • looking for an offline and online address
  • Voice navigation
  • traffic condition of the road
  • Search for local places (TripAdvisor service)
  • A quick calculation of the route

    OsmAnd Maps

Does the GPS watch need internet?

Like all the applications described above, OsmAnd Maps offers all the necessary services for a good GPS navigation on android without connection, it is really an application rich in functionality.

There are two versions of OsmAnd Maps: free and paid. Maps from all countries can be imported into your smartphone. Depending on the country, the data occupies about ten or hundreds of megabytes.

Here are some other features of OsmAnd Maps:

  • Search for places by address or type (example: restaurant, gas station, hotel, etc.)
  • safeguarding the most important places as favorite locations
  • the map display in satellite view mode (Bing)
  • OpenStreetMap global maps, available by country or region

Does the GPS watch need internet? What do you think of this list of GPS navigation apps? Let us know in the comments if you know of other applications that you found useful?


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