Best Sublimation Printer for Beginners

 best sublimation printer for beginners

Hey, do you want to buy the best sublimation printer for beginners? Check out this comparative list of the best ones.

Before explaining how you can choose the best sublimation printer, it is vital that you know exactly what we mean and what are its practical applications.

Well, a sublimation printer is basically one that uses heat to print. In other words, when transferring, they usually use a ribbon with four-color ink; the reason why it differs from the ordinary printers mainly by the type of ink it uses.

Choosing the best sublimation printer for beginners

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1. HP Office Jet Pro: best A3 sublimation printer

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HP 7720 Officejet Pro – Wide Format Multifunction Printer (A3 and A4 printing, display …

  • Connect your smartphone or tablet directly to your printer and print easily without accessing a network

It is actually a very good printer, and it is also useful because no matter what you want to print. Whether it is an A5 or an A3 document, you can do it in one way or another as you see fit and comfort.

You can choose three types of printer. The first is the Office Jet Pro 7720, then there is the 7730, and finally the 7740. They are small additions that each one has, it depends on what you need.

It is an inexpensive printer, especially considering the many functions it has and everything you can get from it. It contains lots of benefits that are worth trying.

The printer also has a small screen where some basic manual settings are allowed. The printer comes with an instruction manual, but it is very easy to use anyway.

You can connect your mobile or any device with Bluetooth and in a very fast way, without even having to access the network you can very easily print everything you need.

Print quality

The printer can print various shades and styles. The print quality is so good that it even has the ability to print graphics in different shades. For magazine catalogs, photographs, etc.

Exclusive cartridges

It has to be used with cartridges that are exclusive to the brand, that is, from HP. It can be scanned, copied, and even faxed, all on the small screen on the front of the device.

The performance of black and white ink is very good because it can print up to 3000 pages without any problem.

Something that definitively differentiates this printer from the others is the fact that it can print in A3, it has two trays, each of which can hold 250 pages.

It scans everything that has a flat surface and it also has an automatic document feeding function. Scarcity speed is up to 8/8 pm.

It is compatible with all operating systems as well as with all kinds of mobile and electronic devices. It is something that anyone would want to have at home.

You can print and scan all kinds of documents in an A3 format. It is very comfortable because there is no need to go to stationery.

You can scan and transfer the format to JPG, TIFF, PDF, PNG, etc. All this is very effective especially if you need to have physical documents in digital on a very frequent basis.

Users are generally satisfied with the product, although they do highlight that since it has so many different functions, it can sometimes be cumbersome since they do not know how to use it at all.

The printer is of very good quality, and for the price, you can’t really ask for more. It is the best printer on the market with the ability to print A3 documents.

If you need a cheap and perfectly working printer, then this is definitely a very good option for you personally.

  • Different printing options.
  • Print in numerous formats.
  • You can print easily without accessing the network.
  • Good scanning speed.
  • Something heavy.
  • Very thick and wide.

2. EPSON ECO-Tank: Best Epson Sublimation Printer

EPSON ECO-Tank - best sublimation printer for beginners
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Epson ET-2650 EcoTank 3-in-1 Inkjet Printer, Wifi, LCD Screen, Black

  • Enough ink for two years. Prints up to 4,500 pages in black and 7,500 in color

This EPSON printer is of very good quality and also works in a very dynamic and fast way, which at the end of the day is what really matters because this is highly valued when using the product.


The price is economical considering that it is an eco-tank printer, since these are usually much more expensive because they save a lot of ink, and therefore the costs of the cartridges.


In this product, there is ink to use for two years without running out or anything happening to it. Plus, the starter pack comes with four cans of black ink that are sure to last for years.

Not only that but the most surprising thing is also that paying only thirty euros more you can take a card with which you can order more ink as many times as you want, in other words, you will have unlimited ink.

It is a printer that can last as long as it can. It is truly incredible and rarely seen in any other brand and in other companies, it is the printer with which you can save the most.

You can print up to 4,500 pages in black and up to 7,500 pages in color. With this printer, you can save up to 74% on the costs of cartridges and inks that you would spend with other printers.

The printer recharges very easily, all you have to do is fill the tanks with liquid ink that you can easily fill with ink tanks that are included in the printer.

The printer includes a guarantee so that you can use it for several years and so that if anything happens to you, it can be repaired at no additional cost.


You can print directly from the mobile. The printer supports wifi and various applications. You can print, copy, and scan on this same printer very quickly and easily.

Easy to use

The printer is used in a very simple and intuitive way, although if someone does not understand the concept of liquid ink very well, it comes with an instruction manual and a CD that explains how it works.

Users are very happy and satisfied, not only because they save a lot of ink, but also because EPSON’s quality is exceptional. Everything works as it should.

It has a small screen where you can make numerous adjustments of various classes and types, which is absolutely comfortable, although it can also be done from the mobile.

It is the best EPSON printer, and in general one of the best on the market as it offers numerous opportunities for people and makes life much easier.

  • It hardly uses ink.
  • It works perfectly and prints quickly.
  • Enough ink for two years.
  • Save 74% printing costs.
  • Slightly more expensive than other printers.

3. Canon Selphy: best photographic sublimation printer

Canon Selphy - best sublimation printer for beginners
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Canon Selphy CP1300 – Wireless Photo Printer (Apple AirPrint, Mopria, flip screen …

  • Fast wireless printing from smart devices thanks to the Canon Print app, MopriaTM, Apple AirPrintTM, and the …

This printer is currently the best-selling in its category. It is available in various colors: white, black, and pink. It includes three multi-colored inks and the printer is wireless.

  • It is possible to connect it with Apple Air Print, Canon Print, Morpia TM, etc. All with or without WIFI, in a way that can be most comfortable for you.
  • Best of all, the printer is not very large, nor is it very heavy, so it can be transported from one side to the other very easily.

There is also the option of buying it with a photography pack and a travel bag. You can print wirelessly very quickly and with a dynamism which is what really matters at the end of the day.

The prints he makes are of exquisite quality, and not only that, but they also last for very long periods of time. Print any photo in less than a minute.

You can print in numerous sizes as long as they are not photos in a larger format than A4. It has an elegant design and is portable so you can print your photos wherever you want.

You can use the printer for highly artistic and creative prints that require much higher quality, but you can also print ID photos or photos to frame at home.

Easy to use

Users are very happy with its operation. It is a very intuitive printer that allows you to print the photos directly from your mobile without having to worry in the least.


If what you are looking for is a device that can print photographs quickly, of great quality and also without having to adjust it too much, then this printer is definitely an excellent option for you.

  • Wireless.
  • Simple to use.
  • Includes three colors.
  • Compatible with numerous formats and operating systems.
  • There are other options.

4. EPSON Workforce: Best Cheap Sublimation Printer

EPSON Workforce - best sublimation printer for beginners
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Epson Workforce WF-2630WF – Ink Multifunction Printer (WiFi, Monochrome LCD …

  • 4 in 1: scan, copy, print, and fax

The next product is the cheapest sublimation printer on the market, but it is also the best value for the money sublimation printer.


It works perfectly in all aspects, and with how cheap it is, it’s worth it. It uses little ink and the speed with which it prints is truly amazing.

Purchase options

First of all, there are tons of purchase options. You can only buy the printer, or if you prefer you can choose some other options and accessories that come with it.

There are some with multi-pack, with several black cartridges, with lots of accessories, different sizes, and other objects that you can use together with the printer.

This product has tons of options. First, it has WIFI, and you can also print everything very easily from your own mobile device. It is very comfortable and appropriate.

It has four diverse functions in a single printer. You can print, scan, copy and it also has a fax option, which today is still a very fast and useful tool.

The printer is very easy to use. It is very intuitive and you can easily find its features since they will be completely at your fingertips.

The screen is a monochrome LCD. It is very simple and basic, but to tell the truth, it doesn’t take much more. For a printer, you need to adjust what is required, not much further.

Amazon dash

You can sign up for a new Amazon program. It’s called Amazon Dash Replacement. The same printer detects when you no longer have ink and automatically places an order with Amazon.


Users are very happy with the results obtained with this printer, especially since most of them did not expect that the results would be so positive and that the device would work so well.

  • Multifunctional.
  • Impressively cheap.
  • A very reliable brand.
  • Multiple options when buying.
  • It’s very simple.

5. EPSON Expression: best sublimation printer a3 Epson

best sublimation printer for beginners
Click the image for more info.

Epson Expression Premium XP-900 Inkjet 28 ppm 5760 x 1440 dpi A3 WiFi – Printer …

  • Compact, high-quality all-in-one: Print up to A3, scan and copy up to A4

The following printer is definitely the best value for money for EPSON A3 sublimation printers. Why? Simply because it has a little bit of everything, and yet it is so easy to operate.

  • It is a not very large printer, it is very compact. You can print all kinds of sheet sizes, even A3.
  • If you are a designer or a person who needs to constantly print in these formats, this printer is ideal for you.

It has an all in one, but everything it has is of high quality. You can scan and photocopy in A4, but not A3. Printing is one of the only functions it has in A3.

Everything works through WIFI, as well as WIFI direct. Some very simple ways to print via mobile without having to be connected to a network.

It has a small, high-resolution screen where you can view files directly to locate those that require printing, scanning, or copying faster.

You can very easily insert a USB or memory card into the printer so you can print it very quickly. You can print double-sided at the same time.

It contains an instruction manual for use, but not only that, but it also includes a CD and DVD with additional instructions in case you have not been able to fully understand its operation.


The screen is not very big, it is less than three inches, but it is not something that you are going to use too much in your day today. The important thing is that it is a quality printer and will work for several years.


It is an excellent option if you are looking for an A3 printer since it will surely not fail you and even if it is a little more expensive than normal, after giving it so much use you will realize that it was worth it.


After all, EPSON is a trustworthy and very reliable brand that has been on the market for many years, and that always continues to surprise with the low prices it offers and its great qualities and guarantees that last for years and years.

  • Print on A3.
  • Excellent image quality.
  • Fast printing.
  • You can print even without a network.
  • Something expensive.

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Guide to buy the best sublimation printer for beginners

The sublimation is a physicochemical process in which a solid passes directly from solid to gas at applying a change in its stable conditions, for example, applying heat and pressure.

In personalization and advertising, the sublimation of articles has this process :

1) We print, with liquid sublimation ink, on a special paper

2) We allow the ink to dry so that the ink becomes solid on the paper.

3) We place the item to be personalized or sublimated on the base of an iron and the special printed and dry paper on top of the item to sublimate. The design must be looking down and making contact with the item that we are going to personalize.

4) We put a protective paper on top of the paper with the design. It is also recommended to put another protective paper under the fabric, on top of the iron base.

5) We close the plate (previously pre-heated and programmed according to each type of item to be sublimated.

6)   When closing the plate, the dry sublimation ink, and the item to be sublimated start the true sublimation process:

6.1) When reaching temperatures between 180º C and 200º C and thanks, also, to the pressure of the plate, the dry ink evaporates; the polyester molecules of the item to be personalized “open”; the pigment from the evaporated ink enters the polyester molecule.

6.2) After 45 to 180 seconds (depending on the item) we open the iron. By lifting the top of the iron, we stop applying pressure and heat. Polyester molecules close up and encapsulate pigments (colors). They will be kept inside until, in the future, they return to temperatures above 140ºC.

6.3) The previous description corresponds to a microscopic scale; Overall, the same has happened across the design that has received the same pressure and temperature. That is, we have the initial design, now reflected in the article already sublimated.

sublimated mugsublimated shirt  sublimated canteen



– Printer adapted or suitable for sublimation

– Refillable or refillable cartridges

– Sublimation inks

– Sublimation paper

– Thermal adhesive tapes

– Silicone coated paper

– Sublimation iron

– Article to sublimate. Polyester fabrics or articles with polyester cover


Does every printer serve to sublimate?

No , but most printers and models can be adapted for sublimation use.

Never buy a new printer from a store that is not specialized in sublimation printing, and then buy cartridges, inks, and paper from another store. Buy the printer in specialist printing stores, so you will get recommendations for the use of your printer, tips, instructions on how to use it for sublimation and video tutorials.

Frequently asked questions

Below I want to answer several questions related to the sublimation printer, I am not a printer technician but I think I can answer most of the questions that I am going to ask in the next section. If you do not find an answer to your questions, you can send me a comment, I will be happy to help you.

Paper jams in the tray

The sublimation paper does not have to get stuck in your printer, depending on the printer you can select through its software a paper of greater weight. If the paper continues to jam, contact Epson directly.

Can I use normal ink?

No, if you have prepared your printer with sublimation ink, it is no longer advisable to use normal ink.

Setting up a sublimation printer

As we have previously discussed, a sublimation printer is simply a normal printer with sublimation inks, after buying it, do not install the inkjet cartridges. You should only use the sublimation ones.

When should I spend money on a printer to sublimate?

I recommend that you start with a printer not too expensive, try how it goes in this world and if you are passionate invest in a better one.

Do you recommend buying a second-hand printer?

No! it may have clogged heads or it may be in its last years of life, I advise buying a new one

Color Profiles

Color profiles lead the path of bitterness to more than one, remember that the printer does not come with any color profile. Sometimes the supplier of the sublimation ink can provide you with the color profile, but remember that this is not always the case. I recommend using adobe photoshop to calibrate your designs. You can remove, put, magenta, cyan, etc.

The printer did not print white

No sublimation printer prints white, white is made with the absence of color.

How many inks do I need to sublimate?

Conventional printers use 4 inks, CMYK, this stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. With these 4 inks, all other colors are made. Although there are also some printers that have 6 tanks.

Can I use plain paper?

No! you must buy and use sublimation paper, the normal paper will only serve you to waste ink. You should only use plain paper in case you want to do some printing test, but remember that the result is very different because of the weight. Attention! never press plain paper with the press.

A3 or A4?

This is the million-dollar question, I will answer you in two ways, are you serious? Choose the A3, do you have a lot of money? choose the A3? Is your passion Choose a3. If not, I recommend the A4, it is ideal to start this business.

What program do I use?

I use Adobe Photoshop, I create the design in .psd, then convert it to CMYK at 300 dpi and send it to print in high quality. If you do not know how to use it, I recommend you learn, it is worth it if you like this world!

How to print at high resolution?

This section raises many questions, first of all, we must clarify that we have a desktop printer, that is, it is not a printer for printing National Geographic. If we want to print with the maximum resolution we must do the following:

  • Make sure you have downloaded a photo with a good resolution. This is 300 pixels per inch.
  • Export the document in jpeg at 300 dpi and in CMYK.
  • Remember that the colors of the print never come out the same as on your computer screen.

What ink should I buy and where?

There are many sublimation ink suppliers on the internet, if you have an Epson printer I recommend, sellers, on Amazon, they are cheap inks that give good results. Undoubtedly you will have to do some color tests since most of these links do not come with a color profile, for this, I recommend using Adobe Photoshop.

How many sheets can I print with a sublimation can?

To know how many sheets of paper you can sublimate, it is ideal to start calculating your impressions from the first day, from my experience with 4 ink tanks of about 200 milliliters per bottle, I can sublimate 100 sheets. For this, it is essential not to waste paper leaving large spaces without printing. Anyway I

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