Best Studio Headphones for Producing Electronic Music

best studio headphones for producing electronic musicChoosing the best studio headphones for producing electronic music, that can meet your needs can be a difficult task … I understand your confusion

The use of quality headphones is essential for listening – and sound reference – to be faithful to the sound production in which you are working.

Investing in professional (studio) headphones is as important as any other device that you want to use seriously.

You know that good quality headphones will last you a long time and you want the best for the budget you have (by the way if you are looking for something more specific look at the best DJ headphones ).

Just because certain models and brands of headphones you can read “studio” on the label does not mean they are appropriate. Unfortunately, this is something that society has become accustomed to because of Beats helmets and other brands that have used this word too lightly to advertise.

Working with good studio headphones during recording, mixing, and mastering is what sets a good announcer- producer apart from other aspiring amateurs. Just like a professional voice-over recording microphone is required, the headphones must offer the best reference to sound quality during post-production tasks.

What is best studio headphones for producing electronic music

1. Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro – Best Overall

Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro - best studio headphones for producing electronic music
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The Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro headphones are great – and very popular – reference studio headphones.

These high-end headphones are designed for seamless mixing, mastering, and monitoring, offering high resolution and high-frequency response.

Closed studio headphones with an impedance of 250 ohms. Strong and comfortable, padded steel headband with interchangeable, circumaural soft skin ear pads.

2. Sennheiser HD 280 Pro

best studio headphones for producing electronic music
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Closed studio headphones, Sennheiser HD 280 Pro fantastic for studio and monitoring. They are dynamic headphones and their nominal impedance is 64 ohm, and their sound pressure level (SPL) is 113 dB.

These headphones are “off-road”. With them, you get a good response in high frequencies and extended bass to detect any problem in the mix.

Design is a padded headband and ear cushions. They weigh just over 250 grams and their frequency response is 8 to 25000 Hz.

3. AKG – K702

best studio headphones for producing electronic music
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The AKG K-702 headphones belong to the high-end of AKG. It is not for nothing that engineers and producers turn to the AKG K-702 for study tasks. The sound is pure.

Two-layer Varimotion membrane headphones to ensure boost fidelity. Dynamic, circumaural, and with an impedance of 62 Ohm.

The frequency response is 10-39,800 Hz, they have 200 mW of power, they weigh just over 350 grams.

4. V-MODA Crossfade LP2 (€ 170)

best studio headphones for producing electronic music
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These professional headphones are a dinosaur and have been on the market for a long time. But if they last here it is for a good reason.

It is the most famous pair of V-MODA helmets and it is that they last many years according to users (to make the analyzes we do not have the possibility to test this).

With robust, precise 50mm drivers tuned to flat sound not to mention the nice metal design and case.

S in question is a solid investment and for some reason the halos ears with foam Viscoelastic it always attracts me. These are no exception and can also be exchanged as good studio headphones with the intention that they last a long time.

Solid bass and a good mix of mids with unamplified highs. The Crossfade beats the Street Dre even in the water. In fact, it still bothers us that some celebrities can sell that brand as a good thing when they are actually mediocre.

Buying Guide – best studio headphones for producing electronic music

For a good response when it comes to working focused purely on sound, we recommend closed headphones. The pad of this type of headphones can be foam, lined with leather or velvet. Its ear coupling is circumaural. This shape makes up a crown that wraps around the ear and converts that interior space into a mini audio room in which the sound of the earpiece is pure, bright, wide. That sound remains inside the earpiece.

The circumaural headphones completely surround the ear. When closed, these headphones allow sound isolation of the listening subject almost completely.

Well, we have already listed the most outstanding models. If you want to buy one of them you have to take into account some details. In the event that you have already purchased any device online, you may not need this guide, but if you know less what you are looking for, keep in mind the following:

What budget do I have? There is a decent pair for 100 euros or less, but there are many more powerful models for this price. It will depend on the budget and how seriously you go.

Will I make recordings, mixes, or both? daily use? Gym? Think that your main activity is the one that should guide you to decide which model suits you. Open, closed, or half-closed. If you are a DJ remember to look at the article that we linked at the beginning of the publication.

Do I want professional headphones just to listen to music? In this case from the list choose the ones that are closed at the back to be more isolated and you cannot hear so much what you are playing.

Do I need a sound amplifier? Although you can use one for technically any pair, some of the ones we have listed have so much power that you can’t fit all the technology inside them and generate the maximum sound experience, so in this case yes. You will need something external. In this case, we have a comparison so you can find the best headphone amplifier.

Without a solid pair of professional headphones, you will be missing the most important factor when it comes to mixing music in a studio. Helmets made for this purpose with open or half-open rear parts are designed to mix better because it prevents the accumulation of bass frequencies inside the peripheral.

This allows you to have a flatter and more accurate sound. If what you want is basically to mix and be the professional owner of your home studio, look at the offers that we have told you about and take a couple of these.

On the other hand, those with the closed-back are better for recording, since they prevent external sounds to the headphones from entering the microphone and that is part of the track you are recording.

This is the design you want for your studio. They are both recommended for daily use and to produce music in general. One question we get quite a bit in the Bluetooth Headset comments is what is the definition of circumaural. They are simply a type of design that allows better insulation (for engraving they stand out, unlike for mixtures).

In terms of amplifiers, it is necessary for professional headphones that reach between 100 and 600 ohms. Since they are more powerful the impedance is too high and you need an amplifier to process all the auditory force. If you are investing an expensive pair, it is usually worth buying the amp as well to get all the good sound they can offer.

Many of the manufacturers that create helmets for amateur consumers do not require one of these. More than anything because they sacrifice impedance to compensate with the interiors.

Recommendations, opinions, assessment

First be careful with the brands that put “studio” in the name of their model, simply to attract certain users (who grow day by day …). The term studio headphones is becoming as saturated as “organic food.” Some put a label and that’s it …

In a market as large as professional headphones we have not been able to choose clear winners because again it will depend on many factors and what you want them for. Even so, we recommend buying one of the above with the offers that we have linked so that you find it even at a better price.

Personally tested and although tested a few days we have also read a lot the opinions of other users. We would never recommend a poorly valued pair.

Be sure to consider the points that we have named in the guide and especially in your budget. Never buy a Beats as something professional (blasphemy …) and get a good pair of studio headphones and they will not disappoint you. Especially the old ones that can be replaced so you don’t have to buy new ones often.

In this sense, we have loved the previous headphone brands because the others have not dared to make studio helmets with replaceable parts so you have to buy another model, so not only for good sound quality but also for ethics, the ones above they are the best. We hope that the guide has served you.

I hope these best studio headphones for producing electronic music helps you out! Now start making your decisions. Read also: Best Motorcycle Batteries on the Market

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