Best Steering Wheel for Xbox one and PC

 best steering wheel for xbox one and pcIn this article, we give you tips on the best steering wheel for Xbox One and pc. Not all players who love racing games or who play archaic games need a racing wheel or a joystick.

On the one hand, because not all games support it, on the other hand, the question will arise whether you really need it.

That said, if you’re headed for more realistic games, you don’t just need a racing wheel, you need the best racing wheels. Indeed, without a large steering wheel, realism will be almost completely absent.

There are different things players want when it comes to driving. While some want speed, others want that feeling of realism when driving. In fact, there are even those who just want something they can call racing wheels

You can get very cheap options if what you want is just a racing wheel. But if you need something more, then you need to get the best you can.

To get an excellent racing wheel, there are many things to consider. The first, which is the most important, is the return of force. It is very important if you want to get the effect of what you are doing and the feeling of driving a real car.

The steering wheel is another thing that is important, both in terms of size and feel. The pedals, the adjustment, and the rotation of the wheel are all elements to take into account.

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The best steering wheel for Xbox One and PC

1. Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition

Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel - - best steering wheel for xbox one and pc
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While maintaining the confidence of the players, Thrustmaster designed the TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition which is intelligently constructed like most of the company’s racing wheels, and with great performance.

Racing wheel for Xbox One and PC, the 458 Italia Edition is designed with very good force feedback, thanks to its industrial-class brushless motor. It has a turnover rate of 900 and the base is generally solid and good.

If you are considering an upgrade, you can do it because it comes with an easily detachable steering wheel. However, the steering wheel that accompanies it is smooth and very efficient.

The steering wheel, even if it is smooth, has another side, and it is its touch, which is not the most upscale you can get. But at least you don’t have

Part of the racing wheel that causes a few points to be lost is the pedal. Not only because it has only two pedals, but also because it is solid and especially plastic.

But if you look at the price, it’s a good investment with all it has to offer.

  • Solid and intelligent construction.
  • Great forced feedback.
  • It’s a great buy.
  • Steering is pleasant and flexible.
  • The pedals could be made a little more comfortable.

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If you are a Ferrari fan and looking for something with a big comeback, amazing direction and build quality, this Italia edition should be on your way. It even becomes an increasingly “let-go-racing” piece when you look at its price and quality.

2. Logitech G920 Dual-Motor Feedback Driving Force Racing Wheel

Logitech G920 Dual-Motor Feedback Driving Force Racing Wheel - best steering wheel for xbox one and pc
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A reliable super steering wheel at friendly prices

Logitech and Thrustmaster offer products of equivalent quality, but it is the pedals supplied with the first that downgrading the box. But let’s see in detail the characteristics of the Logitech kit.

Base quality
The Logitech steering wheel force feedback is exemplary, with a powerful and adapted force, pulling and repelling your hands while you are driving the vehicle.

The base is slightly more flexible to handle than the Thrustmaster TX, but also less realistic. It is positioned more as a luxury category game controller than as a replica of a real steering wheel.

The force feedback is not so powerful and you will not have to physically fight with the car as in the case of the Fanatec, but you will still be able to feel the wheel reacting gently to the understeer, to the impact against the edges and cars rub against yours during tight passages. Memorable experiences.

Quality of the steering wheel
It is a very comfortable steering wheel to handle, but it is not removable as for the models with an equivalent price. Therefore, you will have to settle for that of the box.

However, this is not really a bad point, the paddles are good, the rim larger than for the other steering wheels offers a good grip and improves the fluidity of driving, and the buttons all in relief make it a steering wheel with both elegant and ergonomic for the game.

Quality of the pedals
This is the only drawback of the whole. The crankset that we tested had a very hard new brake pedal, which required standing on the pedal with all its weight to brake fully. The problem apparently lay in the rubber stopper which is supposed to reproduce a realistic feeling of resistance, and it seems that some stops are too hard.

This is not a systematic situation and will improve over time, but the fact is that other pedals offer a more enjoyable playing experience as soon as they are unpacked. Considering that the brakes will work properly, the other elements are already a very good deal at this price, given the product you get in the end.

Rotation angle: 900º
Pedals: 3
buttons: 13
adjustable pedals: Yes

  • A quality steering wheel at a good price
  • Good driving sensations
  • Specific for Xbox One
  •  Hard pedals at the start

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3. Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback racing wheel for Xbox One and WINDOWS

Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback racing wheel - best steering wheel for xbox one and pc
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Cheap solution with force feedback? Yes, please!

It’s the entry-level force feedback steering wheel for Xbox One, but it’s not necessarily a disappointing experience – far from it.

To tell you the truth, it gives the impression of a gaming room terminal, and also the possibility of accessing advanced functions in your races, something that was previously forbidden to you, and you will have the feeling of truly driving a car.

Quality of the base
Obviously the quality of the servomotor is far from that of the high-end products of our selection, but you will still feel these traction and reaction forces at the steering wheel during your race.

There is nothing more exciting than seeing another car driving towards yours and feeling the thrust through your hands while driving – it’s like the game is coming to life. Today’s games offer a lot of detail through force feedback software, so the quality of the effect felt comes from the software rather than the hardware.

Knowing that Thrustmaster is a reliable manufacturer, even its entry-level devices are worth playing.

Steering wheel quality
The layout of this steering wheel is the same as for the top-ranked model, the Leather Racing Edition , which is perfectly functional, but has buttons that are difficult to reach with your thumbs – and it is absolutely necessary to reach them.

It should therefore be understood that the handbrake is not the easiest button to use – especially when you are already turning the steering wheel – it is not practical at all.

Nevertheless, it has a robust and pleasant design, and the paddles will let you change gears easily whether you hold your steering wheel in the 10:10 position, or in a more elegant position at 9:15. It is likely that it will not be able to collect as much as a more expensive steering wheel, but if you drive calmly, it will be very useful to you.

Quality of the crankset
Unfortunately, it is not that good. An acceptable crankset is made of metal parts and a clutch pedal, but the latter is all plastic and has only two pedals. It still allows you to go around and control braking with different dosages, which means that you are less likely to lock your wheels when braking or to skate when starting.

It’s still a lot more fun than using the standard controller (even though the Xbox One’s pulse triggers are very effective at doing the same things), so mastering the game won’t be a problem. Don’t expect to feel like you’re in a real car – that, not at all.

Rotation angle: 900º
Pedals: up to 3 – sold separately
Buttons: 12
Adjustable pedals: Yes

  •  Very good price
  • Superb force feedback
  • Adding elements very easy
  •  Inexpensive pedals for the basic version
  • Not as robust as the others

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4. Subsonic SA5156 – Drive Pro Sport Racing Wheel

Subsonic SA5156 - Drive Pro Sport Racing Wheel - best steering wheel for xbox one and pc
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The latest addition to our Xbox One steering wheel ranking is the Subsonic Drive Pro Sport model.

Here we have a very complete steering wheel , which has both a 2-pedal crankset and a gear lever. It is compatible with Xbox One, PS4 and PS3.

It plugs into the controller port and is ready to use immediately. Pretty, although its appearance is a bit plastic, it has an ingenious system of fixing by suction cup which allows, for example, to fix it on a table to play by being correctly installed.

No problem to put it on his knees either, because it is slightly curved and above all quite light (3.6 kg).

In terms of sensations, it is quite convincing, with a double vibration motor which transcribes the bumps and shocks of the (virtual) road well and a possible rotation at 270 °. It is less precise than the models presented above but it remains very pleasant!

The little extra is its included gear lever, which immerses you completely in the heart of the action. Too bad however that the buttons on the steering wheel are not the same as those of the consoles: the colors are not respected and it disturbs me in-game! Likewise, the connection cord is a bit short.

  • Its broad compatibility
  • The gear lever includes
  • The suction cup system
  • Its lightness
  • Buttons in black in white
  • The cord is too short

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5. Thrustmaster T150 Racing Wheel

Thrustmaster T150 Racing Wheel - best steering wheel for xbox one and pc
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There are some who are very easy to love and others who are hard not to hate. The Thrustmaster T150 is in the first category, and believe me, it’s not about the price you pay.

Designed to be compatible with PS4, PS3 and PC, the T150 comes with good force feedback, a USB connection and a maximum rotation angle of 1080 degrees.

The steering wheel is comfortable thanks to its leather construction, which makes it not as plastic as with most products in its price range.

It has good control and action buttons. Even if you can’t improve the steering wheel, you can easily improve the pedals.

You will not be as noisy thanks to its pulley and its transmission system. The smoothness and fluidity are also very good thanks to this.

This allows it to be on the best list because of the value it provides. However, if you don’t stick to your budget, the T300 could just as well be better.


If you have your eyes on a piece that is not expensive but will give you as much as many that are very expensive, you are much better with the Thrustmaster T150. It is simply a complete package.

  • It has a good angle of rotation at 1080 degrees.
  • Ecosystem ready.
  • Good compatibility.
  • He is able to take all the ecosystem pedals you put on him.
  • A larger steering wheel would have been more efficient.

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buying guide for a best steering wheel for Xbox one and PC

Before choosing one of the best Xbox One steering wheels in this review, there are some features you should know about. Let’s take a look at them in this buying guide.

The forceful return of the Xbox One steering wheel

The force feedback system has existed for several years on several models of automobile simulation steering wheels. However, it would not be true to say that all racing game steering wheels have this option.

In fact, the driving sensations that exist in driving a real racing car are not reproduced by entry-level steering wheels. Some models are only flywheels with forced vibration , and without servomotor for force feedback.

If you want to play a simulator (Forza Motorsport, Forza Horizon, Project CARS or Dirt Rally) on your Xbox One console and with a very affordable value steering wheel, do not expect to have driving sensations of a real car, even if it is the best racing game simulations that exist.

The diameter of the steering wheel

Most Xbox One racing wheels are created to replicate the original racing wheels. In fact, some are for example allowed to imitate the appearance of the steering wheel of a famous sports or racing car (ex: Sparco steering wheel).

However, the aspect is not very important when you look at some models of excellent manufacturing quality (ex: Thrustmaster TX steering wheel ).

The diameter of the wheel, on the other hand, plays an essential role in the grip and the feeling of driving when turning in turns. The less expensive flywheels are generally small, with a limited angle of rotation.

If you want to expect a more realistic experience, you can opt for a 12-inch diameter flywheel with at most 100 degrees of wheel rotation.

Adjusting the pedals

The pedals that accompany the Xbox One steering wheel are more ergonomic when they are adjustable, whether it be the accelerator, brake pedal or clutch pedal. This option can allow you to change the spacing between the pedals , which opens you to changes that can make your feet more comfortable.

Sure, it’s something that real cars don’t have, but it’s an option built into most of the steering wheel models for Microsoft Xbox.

The sensitivity of the steering wheel and the crankset to pressure

Pressure sensitivity is another criterion that closely affects the realism of the racing gameplay. It generally depends on the use of a potentiometer in the construction of the steering wheel and pedals.

The gaming experience is therefore closer to reality. This technology will detect the pressure force coming from you as a user and react accordingly.

Platforms supported by the Xbox One steering wheel

We are talking about steering wheels for Xbox One, but they are most often compatible with other consoles. Similarly a PC steering wheel can work on an Xbox One console without a problem.

And this does not only concern the steering wheel but also the other peripherals: gear lever, pedals, and handbrake. So, it would be an advantage if you chose a PC compatible steering wheel or another console (ex: PS3) in case you want to switch to another platform without changing the steering wheel.

The number of buttons on the Xbox One steering wheel

The number of buttons on the racing wheels is not standardized. In fact, each Xbox One steering wheel is slightly different from the others. Some have 7 buttons, and some go up to 13. Some of these steering wheels also come with a D-Pad. Even the layout of the buttons can vary from one model to another.

Personalization and adjustment

A high-end steering wheel generally allows you to change the gear change mode. You can use the classic H gearbox or the paddles as on a Ferrari. You can also modify the resistance of the steering wheel and opt for progressive resistance of the steering wheel to simulate a problem with the steering wheel for example.

The weight of the Xbox One steering wheel

The weight of a simulated racing wheel counts for some players. This often has something to do with the internal structure of the device: stainless steel gears, double brushless motor, etc. But, generally, it is the fixing system which is really considered on this point.

While some steering wheels can easily be attached to a desk, table, cockpit or playset, there are users who prefer to place it on their lap. This is where weight plays an important role in terms of comfort and convenience. In addition, when you play, if the weight of the steering wheel is heavy, this automatically results in difficulty in controlling the car.

The noise level

Noise can come from the steering wheel itself or the pedals. It is probably the latter because it is the one that receives the most pressure. The noise level varies from model to model, and it is often a result of the type of materials used in the design of the steering wheel.

Some gamers also prefer to hear the noise so that their play sessions are more realistic and so that they are more focused on driving.

I hope this best steering wheel for Xbox One and PC help you out! Now start making your decisions. Read also Best Sublimation Printer for Beginners


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