Best Smartwatch for Under 150

Are you looking for the best smartwatch for under 150 but you have no idea which one to buy?

Image result for mejor reloj inteligenteMaybe it occurred to you to give away a smartwatch, or do not need it to have too many features, and that’s why an economic smartwatch can serve you very well.

However, you may be concerned because the price-quality ratio is appropriate … above all, you will not look bad if you want to give it to someone!

Do not worry, because here I’m going to help you by offering you information about the best options for cheap and good smart watches, so you can make a good decision.

To make it easier for you, I’ll show you the watches by price ranges.

If you’re curious (or in a hurry)

This best budget smartwatch is the most popular with our readers

What is the best smartwatch for under 150

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1. Sony Smartwatch 2 Sport

best smartwatch for under 150

As with the most current models, the Sony Smartwatch 2 Sports watch includes everything you need to precisely control your activities.

To do so, it incorporates GPS connectivity, as well as a gyroscopic system with which to accurately calculate your movements and the direction in which you move.

A wide range of sensors that is completed with an accelerometer, with which it is possible to know if you are walking, running or doing another activity.

Something that generates some quality data that you can analyze within the watch itself or with any other application compatible with the Android Wear 1.5 system that incorporates the product.

Social functions and connectivity

Another important task in which this model helps us is to stay connected at all times.

For this, the product is responsible for notifying us on our wrist of everything that happens on our mobile, even having options to answer calls, dictate answers to your mobile messages or following the instructions of Google Maps on your wrist.

An interesting proposal in almost any comparison of smartwatches, offering complete functionality as much as when we do sports as when we need to be connected in a simple way.

  • Good resolution
  • Offers 5 days of autonomy under mixed-use
  • Attractive design
  • has more than 200 compatible applications
  • Optimized connectivity to reduce energy consumption
  • It does not work autonomously
  • Compatibility with Android 4.0 and up only
  • Limited to Android
  • It is not scratch resistant
  • Can not answer or make calls

2. Xiaomi Huami

best smartwatch for under 150 Within the current sports watch market, Xiamoi is one of the most outstanding brands.

Something that is demonstrated in watches like the Xiaomi Huami Amazfit model.

A product that, at first glance, stands out for its large screen and full color where it is easier to see everything clearly.

Entering the interior, we see how the watch has a wide range of sensors, such as GPS, the heart rate monitor and other elements with which to better control each step we take.

Something that also helps to have up to 11 different modes of operation depending on the sport we practice.

Sports that can be on land or in water, because the watch also has a protection against water up to 50 meters, with which to control your swimming sessions.

As for the data of your training, as always, you can analyze them in the terminal itself or directly on your mobile.

All this in a clock with 4 GB of memory, where you can even store your favorite music and enjoy it whenever you want via Bluetooth.

Currently, Xiamoi is considered the best brand of sports watches of the moment by many users.

Let’s get to know this model better and let’s see what its strengths are.

  • Sports control: The model incorporates up to 11 different sports, so it is easier to control your activities by informing the watch about exactly what you are doing.
  • Screen: The large size and full-color circular screen make it much easier to see all the data of your activity, as well as your social notifications.
  • Home automation control: Although it is a function still in development, this model is already compatible with Android systems when it comes to controlling some products in your home.
  • Charging system: The charging connector is somewhat complicated to place, so it is important to read the instructions to do it correctly and avoid inconveniences.

3. Ticwatch S Knight

best smartwatch for under 150 In contrast to the brand models, the Ticwatch S Knight model is an alternative that can be of interest when it comes to getting an intelligent watch.

A model that does not lack the usual sensors such as GPS or accelerometer, with which it is easy to control our location and our sporting activity.

A watch that has the Android Wear 2.0 operating system, with which we can access all kinds of applications and make the most of the different functions of the product.

Something that also helps your 1.4-inch color screen type OLED, where you see everything much clearer.

A watch that also allows you to listen to music directly from your wrist, answer calls and write messages without having to take out your mobile.

Ideal, therefore, to accompany both your sporting activity and your daily life.

When it comes to knowing which sports watch to buy, we must always know what functions each model offers. And this is just what we are going to do next.

  • Screen: The full-color 1.4-inch OLED screen makes it easier to see clearly what you are doing and control the functions of the equipment.
  • OS: The watch works with Android Wear 2.0, which guarantees you to have an updated system and a wide variety of applications to do almost anything.
  • Compatibility: The product is compatible with a wide variety of applications such as Google Fit, Strava or Google Play Music.
  • Battery duration: Depending on the intensity of the use of the battery and the applications used, it may be too short. The most that arrive, according to the user’s comment, is a day and a half more or less.
  • Materials: Some user comments that the materials used are somewhat weaker than expected, so it is best to treat the watch carefully to avoid deterioration.

4. Samsung Gear S2 Sport

Samsung Gear S2 SportTo decide which is the best smartwatch you should review all the recommendations we make in this article as the Samsung Gear S2 Sport, a smartwatch with a circular screen of 1.2 “that complements your physical training because it records your heart rate, daily activities and consumption of water, with which you can also keep connected to the applications of your Smartphone, check your emails, play your favorite music using the Level U Bluetooth headphones.

Users recommend it for having an intuitive use in addition to an excellent level of resistance to water and dust, IP68 certification.

The Gear S2 Sport has a Dual Core 1 GHz processor, an internal storage capacity of 4Gb and a RAM of 512Mb, which allow efficient operation of the various integrated sensors that it has such as the accelerometer, gyroscope, pulse sensor, barometer, ambient light sensor, and others.

The Samsung Gear G2 Sport offers, what could be, the best Samsung smartwatch of the moment. Take a look at its advantages.

  • Screen:Its screen is 1.2 inches, with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels and SuperAmoled technology.
  • Memory: The storage capacity of this smartwatch is 4GB and its RAM is 512 MB.
  • Processor: The processor is Exynos 3250, Dual-Core at 1 GHz and has a connection to Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.1, NFC and, in addition, it is compatible with iOS.
  • Sensors: It has a gyroscope, ACC sensor, heart rate monitor, ambient light, barometer, and GPS to 3G.
  • Protected: This smartwatch is water-resistant.
  • Calls: With this smartwatch you can not make calls, requires the phone nearby to make them.
  • Speaker: A user who has already purchased the product reports that this model does not have a speaker.

5. Motorola Moto 360 V2 Sport

Motorola Moto 360 V2 SportAt the forefront of new technological trends, the renowned Motorola brand presents its Moto 360 V2 Sport smartwatch, an economical option with many features that do not envy other more expensive models.

This watch with sporty design has a resistant silicone strap and a 1.37 “circular screen that works with the Android Wear operating system.

It has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection to synchronize with your Smartphone and give you access to your social networks, your list of music, chat by Whatsapp, among others.

You can also download all the fitness applications you want to complement your sports training and keep track of your heart rate or beats per minute to keep your exercise history always updated.

The RAM has a capacity of 512 Mb, a Quad-Core 1.2 GHz processor and an internal memory of 4Gb.

For these and other features, the Moto 360 V2 Sport is considered the best smart watch for the money.

  • Belt: The strap that has this smartwatch is silicone.
  • Useful: This model has a step marker and a heart rate monitor that are useful when needed by the buyer.
  • Charger: Its battery charging system is wireless, which means that it does not depend on any cable for charging.
  • System: The operating system of this smartwatch is Android Wear.
  • Connectivity: This equipment has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, which makes it easy to connect to the internet and your smartphone.
  • Impermeability: This smartwatch model is not waterproof and caution is advised when using it and take care that it does not get wet and thus avoid any type of accident related to this.

6. LG Smart Watch

LG Smart WatchWith an elegant and classic design, this smartwatch goes unnoticed by onlookers but has great features that make it worthy of the title of the best smartwatch because it has the Android Wear operating system and is compatible with Android 4.3 and IOS 8.2 or later versions.

Users recommend it because it has the IP67 certification of water and dust resistance, and the sleek design provided by the stainless steel structure and the original leather strap makes it the favorite watch of the most demanding customers.

With the LG LGW150S, you can have permanent access to your contact list and your email tray with just the movement of your wrist to scroll up or down.

From this watch, you can also make calls without using your Smartphone. Also thinking about the security of your information you can configure it to lock when you take it off the wrist.

If you have doubts about which is the best brand of a smart watch, check out the advantages of the different models you can get.

  • System: Its Operating System is Android Wear 2.0.
  • Processor: The processor of this smartwatch is Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 at 1.2 GHz.
  • Resistant: It is resistant to both water and dust.
  • Drums: The battery lasts 410 mAh, 3 days on average.
  • Sensors: This smartwatch has 9-AXLE sensors with a barometer, accelerometer, compass, gyrometer and heart rate monitor.
  • Memory: Its internal memory is 4 GB and, in addition, has 512 MB of RAM.
  • Limitations: A user who has already purchased the product reports that they do not have GPS or WiFi.
  • Connection: When using the WhatsApp application, it allows you to read only the first message that arrives, but this is because the application is already configured for the smartwatch.

7. Apple Smart Watch

Apple Smart WatchSurely you’ve heard of Apple Watch smartwatches, the brand was founded a few years ago as we already know.

From its first version to the one that can currently be found, it has evolved not only in features and functionality but also in size and design.

Apple’s smartwatches have a common feature is that they work with the engine and the usual logic that Apple prints to their products.

If you are already a consumer of the brand of the apple you will be more than accustomed to the surprises that the brand offers us with each update of their products.

  • Very comfortable style: one of the main objectives of the brand is that its designs are comfortable and they have achieved it thanks to its sporty design.
  • Pay conveniently: the wallet app the app to store cards is compatible with Starbucks that does not need to take your wallet or mobile to pay
  • Great ally for sport: your cardiologist in this small watch is something spectacular, your smart personal trainer can detect if you are developing an activity and offers information about the activity and tips to get the best results
  • Dependence on the iPhone : it is one of the biggest disadvantages that is that if you do not have an iPhone you can not use it
  • Incompatible with some regions: unfortunately it is incompatible in some regions of the planet that is why it was launched only in 21 countries at a beginning

8. Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness WatchThe Ionic is a Fitbit smartwatch that includes a 1.42-inch screen with a resolution of 348 x 250 pixels and has a brightness of 1000 nits so you can see well in any situation.

It also has 2.5 GB of internal storage to save songs through a specific application and has an application store from which to download more.

It is made to be waterproof and can be used in all kinds of sports thanks to the built-in sensors, from swimming to running, as well as breath control.

It has a good battery life, with the normal use of about five days and with a GPS use around eight hours. GPS is also one of the most reliable in the market.

Your heart rate reader works generally well, and Fitbit has a good tradition of improving the measurement algorithms of your devices over time.

It includes NFC for contactless payments, which is an additional advantage for those who are already used to doing it from your phone.

Finally, it allows the monitoring of sleep as well as the amount of oxygen in the blood (SpO 2 ).

It works well for the usual variety of physical activities such as running, cycling or hiking.

  • Design and aesthetics
  • Wireless payments.
  • Autonomy.
  • Handling combined tactile / buttons very simple.
  • Swimming profile.
  • Mobile application monitoring daily activity and very advanced sleep.
  • Music storage
  • Compatible with Strava.
  • Few applications available at the moment.
  • Price a little high, at least until we can see it with a discount.
  • The main strap is uncomfortable and non-breathable.
  • It does not support external sensors.
  • The screen in “off” mode.
  • Messages can not be answered from the clock itself.

9. Polar M430 Smartwatch

Polar M430 SmartwatchToday, when technology has advanced to the point of offering the most useful and diverse gadgets for runners such as the Polar M430, it is difficult to imagine sports activity without a training clock with Global Positioning System (GPS) ) and wrist heart rate monitor.

If you are looking for a precise training watch with GPS and wristband monitor, elegant design and at the best price, our recommendation is that you decide for the Polar M430.

With this model you can achieve your goals using the benefits of technology, saving all your data and using them later.

Thanks to the Polar M430 training watch you will never have to worry about counting your heartbeat directly from the carotid or being aware of how long you have been training, how many pauses you have made or how far you have traveled. Everything you can know by consulting this device.

  • The duration of the battery is approximately 1 week if GPS is not used.
  • They are quite robust and resistant compared to other brands, so you will not mind to subject them to various conditions without affecting you.
  • It has the precision to generate fairly accurate data.
  • The screen is perfectly visible, even before the strong brightness of the sun striking the clock.
  • Some users claim that it is disconnected and it is a little difficult to put it back in perfect working order.

10. LeafBoat Compatible Withings/Nokia Steel HR Sport Smartwatch

LeafBoat Compatible Withings/Nokia Steel HR Sport SmartwatchIf you are looking for an elegant watch without giving up the new technologies, the Nokia hybrid will delight you.

It is one of the most complete hybrid watches and the quality-price of Nokia Steel HR stands out above all else.

You will forget to have to load it regularly and you will find in its application many functions that will help you to have a healthier life. Overall, I have everything I need in this watch.

How does Nokia Steel HR connect to our phone? Through Bluetooth. It is the only connectivity present in the device.

Dimensions: we have two versions of Health Steel HR: 36mm and 40mm in diameter.

Despite the difference in size, its weight only varies by 10 grams: 39g for 36mm and 49 for 40.

It is resistant to water. Like almost all current smartwatches with water resistance, you can submerge about 50 meters (5ATM).

Intelligent silent alarm: To wake up smoothly at the time set on the clock.

It has motion sensors (both day and night), accelerometer with a precision of 3 axes and, of course, infrared heart rate sensor.

Duration is one of the strengths of this smartwatch. You can get up to 25 days of battery with daily use and up to 5 in training format.

In addition, the battery is charged magnetically.

  • Thanks to Nokia Health Mate (the Nokia tracking application) we can configure the Health Steel HR in different sport modes: such as swimming or running.
  • Battery. We have already named it as one of the advantages, but it is incredible that today not all devices of this type, do not have a long battery like Nokia. 10
  • Tracking sleep patterns. A very important metric to be able to assess the quality of our night. Times you woke up, the time you spent sleeping and total hours of real sleep. Like the Fitbit Ionic, it is one of the most accurate in the medium-high range.
  • We can find the HR smartwatch at a very low price.
  • It does not have GPS. Not that it is of vital importance in a hybrid watch like this, but I personally found it a failure.
  • Little personalization although it has a very attractive design.

Shopping guide for the Best Smartwatch for Under 150


Most of the smartwatches available in the market work as an extension of your smartphone where you will receive notifications of text messages, Whatsapp, incoming calls, social network updates and much more.

That is why it is very important to verify that the smartwatch chosen is compatible with your mobile phone and the operating system you use.

When making a comparison of smartwatches you will notice that there are models compatible with both Android and IOS versions to offer versatility to the customer.

We reiterate, it is important that the phone and the smartwatch are compatible so that they can synchronize correctly, otherwise, it will only be useful to you to see the time.


There are many functions that can have the smartwatch that you choose depending on the brand and model, among the most common you can get is to receive notifications of messages and calls, notifications of remoteness from your mobile phone, some serve as hands-free, that is, you can answer calls independently to the Smartphone.

They also include sensors to record the kilometers traveled, quantify the steps you take, calories burned and other data to help record your physical training.

With the addition of the Android Wear operating system, many watches have access to applications to expand the usefulness that you can give to this innovative device.

Connectivity and battery

This aspect is related to the compatibility between your smartwatch and the rest of the electronic devices.

For the most part, smart watches include Bluetooth 4.0 connection and Wi-Fi connection to synchronize at high speed with your mobile.

When it comes to autonomy you will find models whose battery can last from 3 to 5 days.

If you intend to opt for a more durable battery you will have to spend more money because that will directly affect the final price.

However, if you choose a watch with Android Wear it is possible that with so many applications the battery lasts an average of one or two days, so you must take into account all these elements before making a hasty purchase.


At the beginning we mentioned that smartwatches are accessories that complement the functionality of your mobile phone, however, there are standalone models, which include a slot to insert the sim card and operate independently as a phone on your wrist without having to synchronize with another device.

With this type of equipment, things are simplified a bit more because you will only depend on your smartwatch where you will have your contacts, messaging, access to social networks and calls in a single device.


Unless you have a very loose budget, the aspect of the price for many customers is crucial, however, you do not necessarily have to buy the most expensive watch to ensure you have a functional device.

When making the comparison you will notice that you can buy an inexpensive watch that has an intuitive design and useful functions.

But you always have the option to pay a little more and choose between the most recognized brands, with the longest trajectory and pioneers in the launching of these gadgets, and that in turn are being renewed to improve the versions, leaving the first models obsolete.

So if you make your smartwatch an indispensable accessory for your daily life, be prepared to buy the latest versions that will be produced to keep the technology devices business for the most demanding customers who always want to have the latest generation devices.


At the end of accounts, with all the functions and utilities that you have, the smartwatch does not stop being an accessory that complements your style, so you must choose one that adapts to your rhythm of life, that you can take to work to a meeting casual with your friends.

Among the options available in the market you can choose classic designs with a circular screen that resembles traditional wristwatches but when turning the wrist they present the interactive menu.

There are also other sports wristbands with silicone and small screens or those with links metallic and interchangeable bracelets that you can adapt according to your outfit of the moment and that the occasion deserves.

In any case, when knowing this data, you can choose which is the best smart watch in the market for you.

How to use a smart watch

The current way of life does not only demand that we be punctual, we also have to cover other needs such as answering emails, controlling our physical condition, among others.

Smart watches have been designed to provide a series of features that allow us to be connected all day, even when we are doing other activities.

Read the instructions for use

So you can get the most out of the smartphone that you bought, you have to know its functions first.

You must know what are the functions that meet and the way you can use them, so before putting it on the wrist, you need to read the instructions for use provided by the manufacturer.

When you are doing this, it is important that you have the clock with you so that you can familiarize yourself with each function.

Customize your watch

Being smart, your watch will require you to provide information so that your functions can be associated with the web.

It is about providing data such as emails, as well as your social network accounts in case you are interested in keeping up with what your friends and family are doing; This way you will receive notifications of your changes of states and publications.

Similarly, if the watch has the function of GPS, enter and configure your address so that it lends its function more efficiently.

Download the app and keep it updated

The app is what will make your smart watch can be more efficient in its provision, so it is important that you download all the app you consider necessary to stay connected to your watch, as it will be the second screen of your mobile phone; so you will not have to take it out to answer a call if you’re in the gym, for example.

In addition, you must keep these applications updated so you can take advantage of the connectivity between your watch and your mobile.

Connect your watch with your mobile

This is the most important step. To do this you must turn on the Bluetooth function of your mobile; then open the app that will control the operating system functions of the watch.

As it is the first time you make the connection, you must make the necessary configuration starting by accepting the conditions of use of the app.

Enter the basic information that is required. In a new window you will be presented with the list of compatible smartwatches; select the model of yours and accept the connection.

When the connection is made, configure the notifications you want to receive on the watch; You can choose between calls, text messages, social networks and more.

Care you must have

Although your smart watch is designed to be resistant, you need to be careful so you can use it for a long time.

In the first place, it avoids that it suffers strong blows as well as exposing it to extreme temperatures or putting it near equipment that generates heat.

Also, respect the level of resistance you have to water, that is, do not submerge it to a depth greater than it is capable of resisting.

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