Best Smartwatch For Nurses

Best Smartwatch For NursesAre you looking for the best smartwatch For nurses but the amount of comparisons and opinions overwhelms you? 

You have reached the right place. If you are interested in buying a good nurse watch, you may find it difficult to decide. 

You wear watches for many, many reasons. Taking a pulse can be one of the first goals you can come up with, but other vital measurements, medication administration, and laboratory schedules are other important reasons why you as a nurse want a reliable clock.

The most important characteristics are usually readability, ticking, and durability. But design, uniqueness, and innovation are other characteristics that some find decisive.

At the end of the day, your purchase must be based on price range, functionality, and durability. Happy shopping and thanks to all the nurses who make a different world.

A look at what research has uncovered about the supposedly ‘best’,
If you’re curious (or in a hurry)

This specific smartwatch for nurses is the most popular with our readers

What is the Best Smartwatch For Nurses

1. Apple Watch Series 4 Watch

Apple Watch Series 4 WatchEveryone loves a good Apple product, and these smartwatches are no exception. They are immaculately detailed, but still, have a simplistic design that helps in all the tasks of daily life.

On top of that, they have a slim design, a durable body, and an added water-resistance layer. In addition, the Four Series comes with a sphere size of 40mm or 44mm.

In addition, there are three different colors; Golden aluminum, Silver aluminum, and Space gray aluminum.

Large & Easy to Read Display

The Apple Watch Series Four includes one of the largest Apple Watch screens on the market. Why? Because it is designed to be easily readable without feeling overwhelmed or messy. There are several applications that you can use with the device, and having a larger screen can help you navigate and be ready and is a trouble-free design.

Optical heart sensors

With an active ECG right at the wristband, you can control your heart rate and track any irregularities. Being at work does not mean that you only have to control patients, but also their own health. To make sure you are protected, there are fall detection programs and emergency SOS programs.

The best training partner

The smartwatch includes several activity trackers to help you record your fitness during the day. Whether yoga, hiking, runners or more, you will have multiple tools to help you track your progress accurately. The watch includes cadence and rhythm alerts and actively tracks time, mileage, SPM, BPM, and miles.

In addition to this, it includes your face-to-face competencies patent that can help you connect with your friends or co-workers. Use that, and it is a personalized training that can be acquired through the application, active challenges, and rewards for reaching specific goals. Get everything you need to motivate yourself and stay on the right track.

Durable design

The smartwatch comes with an ultra-thin but durable bracelet that can be changed to another color. In addition, the watch face has integrated lighting with multiple applications and information. Use the dial to control your applications.

Durable Straps straps come in various colors and increase the durability of the phone with the prevention of scratches, breakage or water damage.

What do we think?

In addition to the fact that the watch has a durable construction, it also includes all the extras you would need to lead a healthy lifestyle. As a nurse, you have to take care of yourself before you can treat your patients. Combine it with a slim but with a durable design, and you will have a very efficient smartwatch, perfect for the hospital.

Although, through other reviews, we have seen that this smartwatch has a battery that runs out fast. You will have to charge it every few days or else you will realize that it will run out in the middle of your turn. However, an easy solution is to bring a charging cable to work when you are at a desk or between shifts.

2. The Garmin Vivomove HR

The Garmin Vivomove HRThe Garmin Vivomove HR is an elegant hybrid smartwatch designed with a discrete touch screen. If you are looking for a refined design, you cannot go wrong with this watch. It consists of precision tracking to help nurses maintain accurate synchronization.

In addition, it includes a touch screen that displays messages, detects heart rate, counts calories and much more.

Enhanced tension tracking

To help you balance your work life and relaxation, the Garmin includes a stress measurement system that helps you know when you are calm, balanced or beyond stress. Thanks to this, you can keep track of your health and use it to benefit from a quick and stressful rest.

If you are prone to stress at work, this can help you identify aspects of work that tend to cause problems, such as controlling a headache, physical stress or muscle tension. In addition to this, the relaxation timer can help you plan stress-free moments through deep breaths, exercise breaks or quick meditation.

Fitness Tracking & Monitoring

Another feature that many nurses enjoy is fitness monitoring. It has tools that help you keep track of your current daily fitness, including a heart rate monitor, a maximum estimate of VO2 and the ability to measure your physical age.

Smart and sophisticated design

Smartwatches watches are famous for being able to keep you up to date with all the latest information. Garmin includes multiple notifications that are displayed on the digital screen. Use the sensitive touchpad to switch between notifications, applications and other wellness tracking applications.

There is the main application that helps track all data, called Garmin Connect. You will need Wi-Fi access, and then you will have access to the Garmin Connect online community. Use it to control everything from the tip of the wrist.

Fashion meets the heart

One of the key factors for any human being is to make sure their heart rate is functioning at a normal BPM. Working as a nurse can be stressful, so there is a lot of use to monitor your heart. When the back of the box is flat on your wrist, the ECG measures and controls your heart rate.

In addition, other features include counting steps using an accelerometer, monitoring sleep hours with the SleepWatch application, estimating calories burned through your age, height, weight, and BPM. In addition, it tracks fitness activities once you have entered them into the system.

What do we think?

As for our best smartwatch for nurses, we recommend it for stressful parties to work in a clinic, it would be of great benefit to using the relaxation function. Track when you need to take a few minutes for yourself and take a much-needed break.

In addition to this, the fitness tracking application can help you stay fit while working. Finally, we think that the exterior is attractive and can be mixed with most medical uniforms.

However, there have been reports that it is difficult to read the digital display while in the sun. If you are constantly going outdoors or working in an ambulance or as a lifeguard, it can be difficult to read throughout the day. Therefore, we only recommend this version for those who work indoors.

3. Fitbit Ionic

Fitbit IonicOur last option is the Fitbit Ionic that is designed to be your own dynamic personal trainer. The device is equipped with a large screen that will guide you throughout the day.

It is one of the best on the market and comes with numerous accessories and presents multiple colors and designs.

Custom dynamic coaching
Personalized and dynamic coaching is a specialized system that helps you plan your training and encourages and follows you. At each step, the online coach gives you detailed information to keep track of your training sessions and your progress.

Built-in GPS / GLONASS
The built-in GPS is more than just good for tracking your current location. It is built with GLONASS software that helps you keep track of your running / running pace, measure the total distance and map your routes. If you are looking for an all-in-one device, this is one of the best in the field of fitness.

Multiple band sizes and comfortable.
The Fitbit Ionic comes with multiple band sizes that allow you to adjust it securely to your wrist. With so many tasks at work that require you to move, the last thing you want is to get your smartwatch off your wrist.

In addition, you can find multiple designs, colors, and sizes on the market if you are not satisfied with the ones supplied with the package. Combine it with your uniform or choose one that is monotonous and less noticeable.

Support for multiple applications.
Fitbit offers access to all your favorite iTunes applications such as sports, weather, etc. One of the best applications is the NFC chip with which you can make payments directly without a bank card or credit card.

In addition, you can load music from your computer and put it on your device and listen to it while you work. It makes the day pass much faster and can help if there isn’t much to do on your turn.

Durable protective glass
Finally, the screen of the screen is encased in a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 that is designed to be break-resistant. As a nurse, you are in several situations where your smartwatch can be in danger. With strong glass, you can prevent scratches, cracks and glass breakage. Moreover, the entire watch is waterproof, which prevents damage.

What do we think
In general, for our best smartwatch for nurse assessments, the Fitbit Ionic is one of the best smartwatches if you want to use it as a training tracker. It has a sustainable design that can keep up with the busyness of a nursing job.

Extra goals and training functions keep you motivated all day long. The only major drawback that we have found is that music must be loaded via the connection to the computer and it is also a bit slow.


As a nurse, it is essential to keep working and at the same time focusing on your own health. Healthcare professionals must take care of themselves before they can take care of their patients. If you have an illness or a health risk, it is also good to keep them under control with a smartwatch.

The best smartwatch for nurses is the Apple Watch Series Four due to the wide range of functions. However, if you are looking for a more economical and discreet touchscreen watch, the Garmin Vivomove HR may be more suitable for you.

Finally, Fitbit Ionic is perfect for people who want to stay active and healthy while working.

In general, the best smartwatch for nurses should be made of durable materials, be resistant to possible damage and have a waterproof coating.

If these smartwatches do not meet your specific needs, you can find the best watches for nurses, smartwatches for paramedics or useful physiotherapists. We hope we have helped you find what you need to benefit in your daily life.

What kind of nurse watch is better?

There is currently a wide variety of designs, however, you will only find two types of nurse watches, wrist and pocket watches.

To help you decide which type is best for you, we bring you a list of analyzing the pros and cons of each type of nurse watch.

Pocket Watch

As for hygiene, this type is the most recommended. It can be carried both inside the pocket and hung on it, it is best to be held in the uniform because it saves you the job of having to take it out of the pocket and in turn avoid physical contact.

Pocket Watch Features

  • Hook: It is held by a pincer or safety pin located at the top end.
  • Inverted: Its orientation is inverse, in order that when attached to the uniform the time is easily appreciated without the need to take the clock.
  • Adaptable: A specific uniform is not required, this nurse watch can be hung on any fabric.


Although pocket watches are considerably more practical, there is still a group of nurses who continue to opt for wristwatches.

These clocks are often uncomfortable when carrying out some of the tasks, for example, washing your hands.

However, it can also be carried inside your pocket, only it will take time to take it out and you must make sure that it is always clean to prevent the transfer of germs.

Particularities of nurse watches

Best Smartwatch For Nursesnurse or nurse in the hospital constantly has to deal with people who are ill. Many diseases are contagious, they need to constantly wash and disinfect their hands.

wristwatch is impractical when cleaning hands. A normal pocket watch is also not suitable, because doctors and nurses need your always visible.

Such watches are as useful as an hourglass, so completely unsuitable.

Many clinics even forbid staff to wear a watch on their wrist. In any case, doctors, nurses, and nurses usually prefer practical watches, which they can attach to their pockets.

heart rate monitor for nurses is a conventional watch by technology, which is suitable for everyday use in the hospital due to the type of attachment. But these watches have to fulfill more conditions so that they are a good help.

Quartz accurate with analog display

Since a heart rate monitor can only record the number of heartbeats, but not the nuances, the nurse or nurse must palpate and count the pulse by hand. Only then can the staff determine if the pulse is even and powerful, or irregular and weak.

To count the blows, an hourglass was actually used in the past, which took exactly 30 seconds to empty a chamber.

Of course, it makes more sense to use analog clocks. A digital quartz watch is not very suitable because it makes it difficult to intuitively capture the seconds.

For this reason, a nurse’s watch usually has a movement that precisely controls quartz to the second, but an analog display with a second hand. Especially popular are models with a pulse scale. A very good nurse watch should have these features:

  • The dial is not covered by a lid.
  • The watch can be attached to the smock.
  • The numbers are easy to read.
  • The second hand is clearly visible.
  • The clock has a pulse scale.

Hygiene in the hospital

The pulse watch for nurses is not a wristwatch for a reason, because it does not only bother her with hand disinfection. It is also exposed to a high degree of microbial contamination.

Nurses or nurses constantly touching people who are sick and do not always wear gloves. Under a clock or in the cracks on the bracelet can easily colonize germs that cause disease. On the smock, the clock is housed in the sheltered hospital.

Nevertheless, caregivers dealing with the sick should opt for a model that is embedded in rubber or silicone. The clocks can be removed to thoroughly clean the fastener. Precious looking models with gold or silver engraved metal links are less suitable.

At least in stations where germs are a problem, you should forego these watches.

heart rate monitor for nursing in a silicone sheath has another advantage that is not as insignificant as it first appears. The fasteners are cheerfully colorful. Some are provided with a beetle or a smiley and bring a little joy in the clinic’s everyday life.

Being sick is hard enough, small splashes of color are welcome. Especially at the nursery, nobody should give up this possibility to beautify the stay in the clinic. Basically:

  • Silicone is more suitable for everyday use in the clinic than metal links chains.
  • The clock should be easy to clean and disinfectable.
  • Colorful elements embellish the day.

Fixing the clocks

The offers in Germany and Switzerland differ not only in material and design. You usually have a choice between three types of attachment:

  • Attached with a safety pin: The watch is firmly attached to the gown and does not come off, even if someone pulls on it.
  • Clip-on the Kittel bag: A heart rate monitor for nursing with a clip has the advantage not to damage the fabric. But it can be easily pulled off.
  • Buttoning into a buttonhole: The watch is firmly attached to clothing and does not damage the fabric.

Note: Whether the watch will hold safe also depends on how tightly the watch is connected to the strap or chain attached to the gown. Benefit the nurse watches a comparison of the experiences of others or look into a report summaries.

In terms of secure fastening, there are the biggest differences. Best ratings in handling as a heart rate monitor make little sense if you lose the watch later.

Pros and cons of a nurse’s watch


  • easy handling
  • versatile
  • handy and not disturbing while working
  • with a magnet or with clip for plugging or a lapel device is present
  • easy to use
  • a must in everyday life as a nurse
  • great gift for expectant nurses
  • ideal for pulse measurement
  • ideally suited for the hospital in dealing with patients
  • a lot of different colors and shapes


  • less suitable for everyday use

Buyers Guide

Think about the everyday situations in which you, as a nurse or caregiver, need a watch. Which requirements do you personally set in this context to the clock?

  • Is it possible for patients to pull the watch? Pin or buttoned models are better than clip fastening.
  • Do you want a colorful playful clock to spread a good mood? Silicone fulfills this wish.
  • Do you need a model that emphasizes your seriousness? Metal watches or plain white models are best for this purpose.
  • Do you need special attention to hygiene issues? The watch must be easy to disconnect from the belt to clean it.

After you’ve made the decision, look for the nurse clocks that best meet your personal requirements in the shop. Take your time for price comparison, because you certainly do not want to spend more than absolutely necessary.


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