Best Sewing Machine for Stretch Fabrics

 The best sewing machine for stretch fabricsWithout a doubt, some of the most useful household items on the market are sewing machine especially the best sewing machine for stretch fabrics.

A good sewing machine should be in every family home. After all, periodically it is necessary to repair the clothes and textiles inside, and it is uncomfortable and expensive to go to the professional at all times. In addition, it is a great way to realize creativity.

Modeling and sewing exclusive models of dresses, curtains, bedspreads, and other items can eventually become a hobby, and also a lucrative business.

Today, manufacturers offer a wide range of domestic sewing machines with different functions. Depending on the requirements and professional skills of the craftswoman, you can choose the best option.

If you’re curious (or in a hurry)

This sewing machine is the most popular with our readers

Below, we show you a list of the best sewing machine brands, based on expert evaluations and reviews of real buyers.

What is the best sewing machine for stretch fabrics

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Our recommendations will help you choose according to your needs and wishes. There are many competitors in the world market, but we select the best manufacturers and recommend paying special attention.

In fact, only popular brands guarantee a high level of quality, as well as a minimum risk of defects and, consequently, a long period of operation.

1. SINGER 8280 Sewing Machine

 SINGER 8280 Sewing MachineThe first model of this comparison has received the name of the best sewing machine on the market. It is of the simple brand and is automatic, available in a very elegant white color and capable of working with up to 8 stitches (utilitarian + decorative).

The presser with which it has is located horizontally, and also has a practical winding system following the same direction to facilitate customer use.

It integrates 7 professional programs to adapt to the sewing length you want in any case: it allows you to work with straight seams, darning, and even applying patches. It has a free arm that facilitates the work with pants legs and points.

It allows to work with a stitch width of up to 5mm, with a stitch length of up to 4mm, you can choose between 2 eyelets (stitch selection and stitch length), it has a size of 36 cm x 17 cm x 32 cm and It consumes 85W (70W refers to the machine motor while the lamp has a consumption of 15W).

The automatic system with which the singer 8280 sewing machine works makes it very easy to use. Those who wish to enter sewing skills should buy a singer 8280. The structure of the machine is somewhat heavy, which makes mobility difficult. However, the way he works leaves more than one individual subject.

The simplicity of the device makes it perfect for beginners who want to gain experience when sewing. Undoubtedly, the purchases of this machine have achieved the satisfaction of all users.

  • Adaptation: Press them adjustable more quickly.
  • Automatic buttonhole: It can be configured in just 4 steps.
  • Accessories: It has an integrated box with many accessories.
  • The singer 8280 is comfortable and does not incorporate complex mechanisms that hinder its use.
  • It has the ability to sew any kind of fabric.
  • The successful brand of the machine is a guarantee of how well it will work.
  • The light it brings is spectacular.
  • The automatic threading accessory cannot be obtained
  • The functions that the sewing machine brings, called “singer 8280”, are limited.


 SINGER 2259 TRADITIONIf you are looking for the best sewing machine, with a good balance between quality and price, you just found it. This mechanical machine is presented with a free arm system so that we can interact between 10 utilitarian and decorative stitches.

It has an automatic winding system and stitches length selection.

The coil system is also available in a vertical format, allowing us to work with a maximum width of 5mm.

It allows us to adjust the presser foot automatically and in up to 2 needle positions. In this way, it will fit the vast majority of sewing jobs that we have in mind.

In the same way, like many models, in the same way, this integrates a zig-zag width selector and it is possible to regulate the tension of the manual thread.

The size of the sewing machine is 43 cm x 22 cm x 35.2 cm and comes with a weight of 7kg. That is, it is quite compact so that it can be placed where we need it.

  • Adjustment: It allows us to adjust both the length and the width of the zigzag.
  • The capacity of this is to make an amount of 750 per minute, something that is not achieved in other sewing machines.
  • It is very adaptable since it allows working with various forms of stitches, both basic and complex.
  • It has how and a practical compartment that allows you to store the various accessories it contains.
  • It contains a DVD in which you can find a free class to know how to use it.
  • Adaptation: It adapts to both basic and advanced levels.
  • No-fault to consider.

What is the best sewing machine for stretch fabrics

3. Bernette Sew & Go 1

 Bernette Sew & Go 1The bernette sew & go 1 is a machine that is used to sew in the easiest and most comfortable way there is. This powerful machine is a model of the highest range.

In fact, the characteristics of this advanced device make it almost impossible to find a similar specimen.

On the other hand, the bernette sew & go 8 has the ability to memorize or register different combinations of stitches. This is a capacity that very few machines on the market have. Therefore, those who love the art of sewing and want to improve their skills, buy this great machine.

  • The area where it is sewn is quite large, being specific that area is 163mm.
  • Seams can be done at high speed. The machine can give 850 stitches every minute.
  • It brings the incorporation of a good LED light that contributes to good vision.
  • The price of the bernette sew & go 8 is high and is not available to many people. here

Bernette Sew and Go 1

4. Singer brilliance

Brilliance 6180 Portable Sewing MachineIn the market of machines used for sewing, there are models that stand out more than the rest. For example, the singer brilliance 6180 sewing machine is one of the electronic copies with unique characteristics.

The design and manufacture of this machine are aimed primarily at those who are just learning to sew.

Some people consider that the configuration of the machine is a bit complex. However, the domain of the machine can be acquired in a very short time. The attractive LCD screen that this machine has is the means through which it is controlled.

  • In order to ensure the seam securing, the singer brilliance 6180 brings a special button.
  • The removable table is a function that allows the increase of the surface that is being used for work.
  • The LED light of the machine is powerful and therefore provides the best lighting.
  • The structure of the machine may not be very solid or resistant.

SINGER | Brilliance 6180

5. SINGER Stylist 7258

SINGER Stylist 7258We also present the SINGER Stylist 7258. This SINGER sewing machine can do a lot, but it doesn’t have a matching price tag. Its price is between 200 dollars and 300 dollars depending on the accessories you choose.

It comes programmed with 100 different sewing patterns, including six different eyelet styles.

It is very versatile for different applications, be it a basic straight stitch or something decorative. All stitches are predefined on the machine, although you can change the width and length manually on the LCD screen of the sewing machine.

This computerized sewing machine has integrated speed control along with a stop/start button, so you don’t have to use the pedal if you don’t want to. It can reach a maximum of 750 points per minute and is easy to handle and use.

It has a slightly loud engine, producing 69.9 decibels of sound at its highest speed. It may not be the quietest sewing machine, but the teal color on the front of the machine is a nice design element that makes the Stylist 7258 stand out.

Along with many sewing patterns, this machine has a sewing light, thread cutter, instructional DVD, soft case for backup, automatic needle threader and nine amazing press feet – additional sewing fabric. Other sewing accessories such as a seam ripper and additional reels are also included.

  • Nine press feet are included – additional sewing fabrics.
  • It is accessible
  • It has a programmable up / down needle button.
  • It is loud.
  • It lacks an extension table.
  • It is not accurate in sewing.

SINGER | 7258 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine

6. Juki HZL-LB5100

Juki HZL-LB5100JUKI sewing machines and overlocks successfully compete with many of the world’s leading brands. Many clothing designers prefer to use the JUKI machine and overlock to create complex drawings on clothing, processing the edges of delicate fabric products.

JUKI Corporation begins its history as a manufacturer of domestic sewing machines since 1947. However, production was established only for the domestic market in Japan. The company entered the world market in 2000.

In recent years, the JUKI range of domestic sewing machines has been enriched with a range of modern electronic machines and popular overlocks in many countries of the world due to their design, reliability in operation and great technical capabilities. JUKI’s slogan is “Create in an easy and pleasant way”.

The JUKI company has a research institute in the clothing industry, where highly-trained specialists introduce their own technologies and developments for the manufacture of domestic sewing machines.

In the process of production and operation of JUKI sewing machines, they are constantly tested and improved, new modern technologies, electronics, and constructive solutions are introduced.

In general, JUKI sewing machines and overlocks outperform most companies in the originality of design solutions.

This is well known to those who in practice took care of JUKI sewing equipment. Both domestic sewing machines and JUKI professionals can sew any material and work with any thread.

Today, JUKI offers all varieties of domestic, electromechanical, electronic and computerized sewing machines, both with a vertical and horizontal position of the shuttle.

The JUKI brand brings us the JUKI HZL – LB5100. Even if you have never touched a sewing machine, you can discover how to use it. It is really easy and simple to use.

To use the different pre-programmed stitches, simply refer to the sewing key on the front of the machine. Then change the number on the LCD to match the type of stitch you want.

There are 100 pre-programmed stitches to choose from, so the chances of having just what you need for your job are high. Along with additional accessories such as bobbins and a lint brush, this sewing machine comes with five press feet – additional sewing fabric and an instructional DVD that you can follow if you are new to the hobby.

It is very simple to use, although it is not accurate in sewing. It can only sew 700 stitches per minute, but most beginners probably won’t want to “fly” through their first projects anyway.

In its fastest form, this machine only emits 62.3 decibels of sound, which makes it the quietest on the market. The loading coil is easy to install, but we note that winding takes twice as long as most machines.

However, waiting two full minutes for a bobbin to roll up probably won’t bother most people who are learning to thread the sewing machine.

It also has an automatic needle threader to make setup even easier, along with a sewing lamp and a thread cutter.

  • It is very easy to use.
  • The sewing key is on the front of the machine.
  • It is the quietest sewing machine.
  • It can only reach a speed of 700 points per minute.
  • It does not come with an extension table.

Juki HZL-LB5100 Computerized Sewing Machine

7. JANOME 8050 SEWING Machines

best sewing machine for stretch fabricsJANOME sewing machines are intuitive in operation and reliably perform numerous operations.

Any JANOME sewing machine model will work reliably for many years if you follow all the recommendations written in the sewing machine manufacturer’s instructions.

The JANOME brand presents its 8050 model. The JANOME 8050 has 50 different sewing patterns and is easy to use, which makes it ideal for keeping your family’s closet fresh.

You can add buttons with the three different styles of buttonholes or skirts and hem pants of this sewing machine with common stitches.

While sewing, touch the needle placement button to send it to its highest or lowest point, making tight turns and secure seams. With 820 points per minute, you are sure to quickly overcome any repair of garments or quick touch-ups.

The sewing key is right at the front of the sewing machine, which makes it impossible to lose it. You get three additional sewing presser feet and a handful of sewing accessories too, which makes this sewing machine get a slightly higher price. Round 320 dollars depending on the accessories.
The points are listed on the front of the machine.
High performance and good value for money.
Versatility for different types of fabrics.

  • Line by line Pros here
  • Problems with thread tension. However, it is not repetitive and can be taken as a minor detail.

Janome 8050 Computerized Sewing Machine

8. BERNINA sewing machines

best sewing machine for stretch fabricsThe BERNINA range of machines not only has electro-mechanical machines, but also electronic, computerized, sewing and embroidery machines.

And very soon BERNINA specialists will develop the first artificial sewing intelligence.

Currently, the BERNINA range has a large selection of sewing machines for professionals and amateurs. There are simple and elite models that can perform thousands of sewing operations.

For people who have no problem with their budget, we present the BERNINA B – 530 model. It is a computerized model with excellent stitch control and five-foot sewing presser, mobile table, and hands-free. It comes in a practical and comfortable bag type case.

The brand emphasizes comfort and presence with this model, and although expensive, it is an option to take into account professional levels. Its price ranges between 1800 dollars and 2000 dollars.

  • Excellent stitch control and variety of designs.
  • The intuitive program, easy to use.
  • Durability
  • High price.

Bernina 530 Sewing and Quilting Machine

9. Simple singer 3221 Sewing Machine

best sewing machine for stretch fabricsThe Singer simple 3221 is a machine designed for all people who are looking for quality jobs at an economical price, it has very good attributes despite being a simple product.

It is not very fast or has the greatest strength but it is enough to do a large number of jobs.

With a mechanical system, the singer 3221 sewing machine keeps many features in its components. All these are shown by their function and performance.

Coil -It has an automatic winding system, the coils have vertical orientation, this has a width of 5mm.

Eyelets-It has a 1-step function that allows buttonholes to be made at the press of a button and also has the accessories corresponding to the eyelets.

Feeding-This uses a cable with 110v voltage and its length is enough to use the machine in any direction.

Knee lifter- This model does not have a knee lift function but has a speed controller pedal.

Stitch stitching – It is not specified that it has a stitching function.

Needle plate – The device is easy to thread through its needle plate.

Press them – It has a function that allows the adjustment of the presser foot automatically, it also has several accessories such as press fabric for buttonholes, for buttons, the basic and for zippers.

Spool holder- Its coil holders are designed in metal.

Stitch selector – It has 6 basic sluts and 5 of elastic and up to 9 that has decorative use, and one-step buttonhole stitches.

Double-needle – This model does not allow working with a double-needle.

Singer 3221 Simple Sewing Machine

10. Singer starlet 6699

best sewing machine for stretch fabricsThe Singer starlet 6699 sewing machine has been created for use by people who have not gained much experience in sewing.

However, its various functions allow experienced sewing individuals to use it. The presentation of this machine can get a lot of attention, with its pink or turquoise colors.

However, the features of the Singer starlet 6699 machines are what makes it so excellent. For example, it is good that electricity consumption is lower compared to other machines. Many things have led to this impressive device is one of the first options to consider when sewing.

  • The machine’s functions make it extremely versatile.
  • The ergonomic format of the device makes its use very comfortable.
  • Automatic threading allows time savings.
  • The cover that the sewing machine brings allows beneficial protection of the appliance.
  • The price of the Singer starlet 6699 can be high compared to others.

SINGER 6699 Starlet Electronic Sewing Machine

Purchase Guide– What to consider to buy the best sewing machine for stretch fabrics?

To be able to do a wide variety of things with your sewing machine, it must have certain features, which give you enough space to handle the shape of the fabric design, as well as to also resist the thickness of any type of material.

There are many factors that intervene in the correct and comfortable operation of a machine destined for the preparation, but among the most important, the ones that are detailed below stand out.

▷ Types: Manual or Electric

This factor refers to the two main types of sewing machines currently on the market, namely the electronic machine and the mechanical or manual machine.

Before explaining in detail how these two models differ, it is important to consider this factor as decisive when buying a sewing machine, since it depends on the practical operation of the appliance, the time it will take to make a particular stitch and also the degree of experience that is needed to use the sewing machine correctly.

The main difference between the two types lies in the different management of the choice of stitches to be made which, in concrete terms, is equivalent to the way in which the different stitches are selected and made.

An electronic sewing machine, for example, has a series of buttons connected to an electronic plate that drives the internal mechanisms of the machine for the choice, customization, and realization of the stitch, while a mechanical sewing machine has knobs that allow it select these settings, using precisely a mechanical principle.

However, in terms of longevity, quality of results and of the product itself, there are no differences between the two types of machines that, in fact, represent two interchangeable alternatives in terms of reliability and robustness.

As mentioned above, these two types are mainly distinguished by a different sewing process and by the presence of some functions that are automatic in the electronic type while in the other type they are performed manually.

For this reason, the use of one type of sewing machine may be easier than the other : the electronic sewing machine is certainly more suitable for beginners of sewing because it requires less experience not only manual but also theoretical, as it offers parameters already preset automatically when selecting a certain stitch to sew (while, in the mechanical sewing machine, it is the user who must have a certain familiarity and knowledge in order to be able to select the correct position of the machine parameters sewing).

Finally, the purchase of an electronic sewing machine or a mechanical sewing machine is a personal choice, dictated above all by the ability to sew each one and by their own needs, and this is demonstrated by the fact that, while that a beginner seamstress could benefit from the simplicity of an electronic sewing machine, a more experienced one could see it as a tool that is too little manual and creative.

 Size and free arm

Two very important elements that greatly influence comfort and the ability you will have to make edging, among other types of work, on the fabric you are sewing.

While it is important that the model is compact to save space on the work table and especially to be able to move it easily, it is also necessary that it is not extremely small, because in that case, it will only serve to embroider simple details and not for creations more complex.

▷ Stitches

It is of great relevance the length and width of the stitches that the machine gives (in some models they allow this to be regulated), as well as the variety that it has, to be able to handle them during the different creations you make.

Sewing stitches are undoubtedly the most decisive factor in the purchase of a sewing machine since they determine what types of stitches can be made specifically with a particular model.

For those who approach the world of sewing for the first time, it is necessary to know that the stitches consist of techniques or rather how to make a seam, we refer to what type of line is made with cotton thread on the fabric: this it can be, for example, straight and simple or double, elastic and of many other types.

What and how many types of sewing stitches should a sewing machine have to be good and versatile? 

The answer to this question depends entirely on the use that you decide to make of your machine: you have to evaluate how often it will be used, either for work or for your hobbies, what type of fabrics are going to be mainly processed and if you are going to use the device only to sew or even to embroider, for example.

▷ Functions

The functions that characterize a sewing machine are a decisive factor for the purchase because, in addition to influencing the final price of the machine that enriches it, they also make its operation easier and more practical.

In fact, some electronic models automatically perform some functions that mechanical sewing machines also have, which makes the same operation much easier to perform and requires less time.

As we will see later, some functions refer to the use of the machine itself, while others refer to the performance of certain sewing techniques; In addition, some functions represent comfortable extras that make the product more sophisticated, while others are true indispensable allies, especially for beginners in cutting and sewing.

Here is a list of the main functions that a sewing machine can have:

  • Foot adjustment: some machines allow you to adjust the foot in different positions to facilitate the work when sewing several layers of fabric.
  • Double-needle function: it is used to use a special needle that is actually made up of two identical needles, specifically for the realization of double stitching, such as hems for shirts or a dress.
  • Reverse: this function changes the direction in which the tissue on which you are working is moving (which, to make it clear, instead of moving away from the user as it usually happens, it moves in the opposite direction). In this way the recoil point is made, which serves to prevent the thread from sliding.
  • Free arm : it consists of the presence of an accessory compartment that can be removed from the base of the sewing machine and that allows making a seam called “free arm” because instead of being horizontal, it allows to move in a circular way and make, for example, hems of pants, cuffs or sleeves.
  • Return of the transport fork: some models offer the possibility of lowering the level of the teeth that the transport fork has (that is, the metal base on which the tissues slide while sewing) and manually moving the fabric in the desired address. In this way, it is possible to perform specific sewing techniques such as free embroidery.
  • LED lights: instead of the classic simple bulb, some sewing machines are equipped with one or more LED lights (which can also be of different colors) and that helps with optimal visibility.
  • Automatic winding of the roll: it is the automatic version of a function that is normally performed manually and that allows you to rewind the cotton from the roll to the roll with the press of a button.
  • Needle threader: Some machines have this function that automatically inserts the cotton thread into the eye of the needle.
  • LCD screen: the prerogative of electronic machines, allows you to check the selected settings and can have different sizes.

This list does not include other additional functions that normally only distinguish high-end models; This is the case, for example, of the sophisticated memory function, with which the machine remembers the last selected settings that the user can make again without having to reset them every time.

Adjustable options

In this area we can name, for example, the height (which can be adjusted using thick and simple fabrics), as well as, the idea is to automatically or manually control the thread tension.

▷ Current source

You can find in the market models of connection to electric current sources (the most common), wireless machines that work with batteries, or there are even products that cover both options, to use the most comfortable when desired.

➤  What are the best sewing machines on the market?

Once you know the elements that make up a sewing machine and the most important thing you should keep in mind to get a machine that meets what is necessary for the type of work you want to do with it, you can evaluate more accurately the variety available in the market.

In the following list, you will be able to appreciate the most recommended models by the buyers, thanks to the fact that their qualities meet what is necessary to maintain a good operation, with finishes suitable for professional work.

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