Best Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair and Allergies

 best robot vacuum for pet hair and allergies

We present a guide on the best robot vacuum for pet hair and allergies. We love animals. The majority of households have at least one, if not more than one pet.

We love our four-legged friends. They make us laugh, cuddle us, keep us company … On the other hand, what we like least are their hairs which are scattered everywhere in the house.

Here, we abandon the idea of ​​the broom that makes them fly. There remains the ultimate solution: the vacuum cleaner.

But taking out the canister vacuum cleaner every day… it doesn’t tempt anyone. The stick vacuum cleaner? Yes, it’s already more practical, but not yet ideal after a long day at work.

And the robot vacuum cleaner? Wouldn’t that be a perfect solution? It works for us and in our absence. No more drudgery, no more noise. But are robot vacuums powerful enough for animal hair? This is what we will see.

Choosing the best robot vacuum for pet hair and allergies

iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum- Wi-Fi Connected Mapping, Works with Alexa, Ideal for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors,Black
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iRobot Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum- Good for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors, Self-Charging
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iRobot Roomba 980 Wi-Fi Connected Vacuuming Robot
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ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Tangle-free Suction , Slim, Automatic Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Daily Schedule Cleaning, Ideal For Pet Hair,Hard Floor and Low Pile Carpet
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1. The iRobot Roomba 960 – Best Overall 

The iRobot Roomba 960 - best robot vacuum for pet hair and allergies
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For starters, if you are looking for a Roomba with intelligent mapping and that sucks the hair of dogs or cats wonderfully, this may interest you.

It is the Roomba of the 900 series and the most powerful of the brand, only behind the Roomba 980. This Roomba 960 robot, like the previous one, is 5 times more powerful than the 600 range. The difference is that it has smart mapping; cleans in an orderly, fast, and without turning around.

Thanks to its 2 rubber multi-surface brushes, you will prevent uncomfortable tangles from occurring. The rollers are valid for all types of floors, being very effective picking up all the hairs of your dog or cat on the carpets.

Its effectiveness on carpets is due to its powerful suction system. Of course, if you want a special robot for carpets, you may consider the Roomba 980. This is because it has the Carpet boost function, detecting a carpet, and increasing its suction level.

 Smart mapping

One of the most interesting features of this robot vacuum cleaner is its iAdpat 2.0 navigation system. If your budget adapts to this type of robot, you will appreciate that it has a mapping system.

best robot vacuum for pet hair and allergies

As you can see on your mobile, before starting, map your house. With this, the robot always knows where it is and where it remains to clean.

It will not repeat any pass or have anything left to pass!

To finish, we cannot forget the reliability that a brand like iRobot offers. This is the reason why we have put this brand at the top of our ranking. On the other hand, there are 2 more advantages of buying a Roomba robot for pets:

  • They are devices that last several years without breakdowns, the same does not happen with other brands on the market.
  • The technical service responds quickly and they are quite efficient. In addition, you can easily find spare parts in any commercial establishment or on the Internet.


✔️ The suction power and its anti-tangle system.

✔️ Easy to clean both the filter and the tank

✔️ Its durability.

2. iRobot e5 5150, the special Roomba for pets

best robot vacuum for pet hair and allergies
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If you are looking for the special Roomba for pets, look no further because you have already found it.

This is Roomba’s e5 range and is characterized by being designed specifically for pet hairs, thanks to its anti-tangle brush system.

Power like a 900 range:

For starters, the power of this Roomba e5 5150 is 5 times higher than the 600 range and equal to the Roomba 960. the reason why its power level is amply credited.

Space brushes for pets

We continue with other features that make it special for vacuuming hairs from your dog or cat. They are 2 multi-surface rubber brushes that effectively remove dirt, avoiding the typical tangles that occur in bristle brushes.

Anti-tangle rubber brushes

Hasn’t it happened to you that you spend half an hour (or more) removing the hairs from the brushes? With this system, you will never have to do it again.

This does not end here.

Because this robot has premium options such as programming through the app, it is compatible with Alexa and brings you virtual walls to prevent it from entering other parts of the house that you do not want.

A robot that sucks more pet hair than other robots from other brands, perhaps the best robot vacuum cleaner special for pets. In short, if you are looking for the reliability of the Roomba brand, I think that this could interest you.


✔️ Your special pet brushes

✔️ Power, like the Roomba 960.

✔️ Good technical service


❌ Does not map

3. Mi Robot Vacuum, the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner for pets.

best robot vacuum for pet hair and allergies
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Xiaomi products offer a quality – almost unbeatable price. I don’t know if this has something to do with what they say is the Chinese Roomba.

It is the robot vacuum cleaner of the Chinese brand. Without a doubt, this Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum is a device with a very good price for the benefits it offers.

Its star characteristic is undoubtedly its speed. No other robot vacuum cleaner for pets is that fast. It is capable of vacuuming a 250-meter house in 2.5 hours. You could even vacuum a house with 2 floors of 100 meters each without recharging the battery.

This does not end here.

With a super suction power of 1800 Pa, it makes it an effective robot for vacuuming animal hair, both on hard floors and on carpets.

Other features that we cannot miss are the mapping.

It has intelligent 360º mapping

Thanks to its 12 sensors, it will do an orderly cleaningLocate the dirt, trace the most optimal route and map so you don’t leave any corner uncleaned. In addition, you will know where it is, where it has cleaned, and what remains to happen. Everything from the mobile!

In addition to all the above, we know from our experience that it is a robot that goes very smoothly and does not collide with the furniture abruptly, unlike other vacuum robots.


✔️ Its speed.

✔️ The autonomy of 150 min.

✔️ Super competitive price.


❌ The filter is not washable, unlike previous versions.

❌ It does not have a scrub function.

❌ The app on iOS is not going well

If you want a valid robot for pet hair with intelligent mapping and without spending a fortune, this is yours.

4. iRobot Roomba 614, the Roomba for mid-range pets

best robot vacuum for pet hair and allergies
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If you want a robust and durable robot vacuum cleaner, this Roomba more than fulfills its function. This Roomba 614 is the cheapest Roomba robot vacuum cleaner and, although not specifically for pets, it cleans quite well

3-phase system, superior cleaning to any mid-range robot vacuum cleaner

It consists of 2 multi-surface brushes, one to remove dirt, and the other sucks dust and hair from the floor. In addition, it has a 1 edge brush designed with an angle of 27º to sweep more efficiently.


Thanks to its self-adjusting head, it can adapt to any height automatically, accessing any room or floor and climbing on the rugs (if they are not too high). Of course, try to keep the path as clear as possible so that it does not get stuck and does not make it difficult for you to “go home”.

If you need a programmable pet hair robot, you may be interested in the Roomba for pets e5.
In addition, the e5 series has an anti-tangle roller rubber brush and a power 5 times greater than others of its competition

Remember that it has high-efficiency AeroVac filters, this aspect is very important to catch all the mites in the hair of dogs or cats.


✔️ Shelf life. It is a very durable robot in general and especially its Roomba battery.

✔️ You can find spare parts in any shopping center and at a good price.

✔️ Good price with the quality of Roomba.


❌ It is not programmable.

❌ Does not map. It passes through the same area several times.

❌ It makes a lot of noise

What are you waiting for to choose your basic Roomba that fulfills what it promises at a more than attractive price?

5. iRobot Roomba 980 robot vacuum cleaner ideal for carpets

best robot vacuum for pet hair and allergies
Click the image for more info.

This model is five times more powerful than other commercially available robot vacuum cleaners for animal hair.

It has a powerful airflow accelerator and an iAdapt 2.0 navigation system with intelligent mapping. This feature allows your device to easily locate the areas to be cleaned in your home.

Thanks to the “Virtual Wall double Function” function, this robot can avoid objects and rooms of your choice and move from one room to another.

It is even able to detect spaces already cleaned. As for the Halo function, it allows you to control your vacuum cleaner and prevents it from approaching some of your objects.

This machine also has an Aeroforce three-stage cleaning system and uses two brushes designed to clean different types of surfaces.

Its filter is capable of capturing 99% of dust and dirt up to 10 microns. You can also control and program your device remotely through Alexa or Google. Wherever you are, you can turn on or off your vacuum cleaner connected to Wi-Fi thanks to the IRobot Home application available to you

6. ILIFE V3s Pro Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Click the image for more info.

This vacuum cleaner is also made for animal hair. Nevertheless, it is still intended to clean any type of dirt lying around in your home.

It’s much smaller capacity of 0.3 L does not change anything in its maintenance performance. Designed with a sensor, this device does not risk being damaged by bumping against the wall or furniture.

As it is a wireless model, it offers much easier navigation in your interior. The most fun with this tool is that it is automatically led to the charging base as soon as its battery runs out.

On the programming side, this ILIFE V3s Pro has nothing to envy its competitors, because it has a technology that even allows several types of cleaning to be carried out, to mention only the automatic mode and the programmed function. A simple press of a single button is enough to activate the robot.

What should you ask for a robot vacuum cleaner for animal hair?

robot vacuum cleaner animal hair parameters - best robot vacuum for pet hair and allergies

The choice of a vacuum cleaner to vacuum animal hair cannot be improvised. There are many parameters to take into account in order to select the one that best suits us. In addition to reading this guide, you can refer to this comparison of robot vacuums to make your choice before purchasing.

What power for a robot vacuum cleaner for animal hair?

We always come back to the same problem when we have to buy a vacuum cleaner. What power should he deliver?

And we also come back to the same answer: manufacturers very rarely indicate the suction power, or useful power, of their model.

However, it is an essential element for vacuuming floors, and even more so if you have animals at home.

So how do you do it?

Rely on the indications of brands, claiming that their vacuum cleaner is five times more powerful – but compared to what – and that it can vacuum everything?

It’s tempting, but in the absence of clear indications on the suction power, here are some ideas to buy a robot vacuum cleaner for animal hair:

  • Watch the watts and choose the robot vacuum cleaner with the highest number;
  • If watts are not notified, look at the volts and apply the same principle;
  • Look at the note. An A is generally a sign of a powerful vacuum cleaner;
  • Read the reviews online, which is full of great advice.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that if we choose a special bristle model, we will obviously have a more powerful vacuum cleaner.

Tank capacity

Designed for daily cleaning, and small in size, a robotic vacuum cleaner usually has a reduced tank.

There are thus many models with a container of 0.25 to 0.30 L. This is sufficient for the daily cleaning of a house causing little soiling, but with animals (or even children), it is necessary to think about the plan a little more.

Animal hair still takes up a lot of space in a tank, so let’s think about its capacity.

In medium and high-end robot vacuums, there are tanks with a larger capacity, 0.6 L for the most part.

Very honorable for vacuuming floors and carpets, it will still have to be emptied every day if you have several animals, to avoid it being full the next day while it is in operation.

Or, better, invest in a robot vacuum cleaner that returns alone to its base to empty its tank, even if it is not the same price.

Filters for robot vacuum cleaners for animal hair

Attention, very important. The filter is an essential component for a vacuum cleaner, especially when you have animals.

We have two choices: invest in a vacuum cleaner with a cyclonic filter, or in a robot vacuum cleaner with a Hepa filter. But what is the difference between the two?

The cyclonic filter is the latest technology in the field. Dyson only uses these, a guarantee of high quality. The cyclonic filter, or multicyclic for the higher end, creates a strong depression which generates small cyclones. Thanks to the high speed with which dust and hairs are separated from clean air, it guarantees maximum efficiency not only for suction power, but also for filtration.

The Hepa filter is a high-end filter used in many industries, as its efficiency in filtering fine particles is great.

No rejection of dust in the air, and it even retains dust mites and germs.

Of course, to keep an efficient device, you have to think about cleaning them regularly.

The brushes of robot vacuum cleaners, important for animal hair

No, not all vacuum cleaner brushes are effective at vacuuming hair. Not that they are incapable of it, but a standard vacuum cleaner brush will “hang” the hairs, which will form knots.

In addition to the fact that removing them is an obstacle course, the hairs can also form plugs, causing a loss of suction power.

To avoid this, robot vacuum cleaners specially designed for vacuuming hairs, like Irobot Roomba, are equipped with special brushes, usually made of rubber, which avoid these inconveniences.

No more tangled hairs in the brushes!

Other important criteria to compare for a robot vacuum cleaner

robot vacuum cleaner sensors - best robot vacuum for pet hair and allergies

Now that we have seen the specifics necessary for a robot vacuum cleaner for animals, let’s see the other important parameters that one should check before buying with these tips, as well as with the guide to buying robot vacuum cleaners to choose.

The autonomy of a robot vacuum cleaner

The autonomy of a robot vacuum cleaner is essential to know. We would not want it to stop in the middle of cleaning …

It is due to the quality of its battery. So, it is better to invest in a robot vacuum cleaner that has a Lithium-ion battery.

The latter has many advantages, such as greater autonomy, but also a shorter charging time and a longer service life.

In addition, if you have a large house and therefore a larger area to vacuum, there are robot vacuum cleaners that will recharge on their own, then resume cleaning.

The sensors

The sensors of robot vacuums are very important. Not only do they prevent it from being blocked when it encounters an obstacle or falling on the stairs, but in addition, they allow it, depending on the model, to map the room in order to optimize cleaning.

A first-price vacuum cleaner will simply change direction when facing an obstacle, but others will have infrared or cameras.

It is also possible to have studs, forming an “invisible wall”, in order to confine it to a specific area.

Robot vacuum cleaner for connected and programmable animals

The must of the must: the connected robot vacuum cleaner. With it, no more worry, you can control it remotely via an application. Thus, we can make it insist from a distance on a particular area, and even repair the stupidity of our doggie.

Programming is also very practical. Here too, we can order it to insist on certain floors, start it at certain times of the day, schedule it for difficult tasks, for carpets, etc.

Everything is done to make our lives easier.

Even if the price may seem expensive, the fact remains that this type of vacuum cleaner is really a worthwhile investment, as explained in more detail in “How to choose your robot vacuum cleaner?” “.

And for even more efficiency in cleaning the house, there are robotic vacuum cleaners that can also, as their name suggests, wash the floor, just to finish with the hairs as is the case for Aimbot Animal Premium H2O.

Let us resume: the important thing (more than the functionalities) for a robot vacuum cleaner which will be able to vacuum up animal hair, is of course its suction power, but also the capacity of its tank, its filter, and its brush.

The battery life and the fact that it is programmable and/or connected are big pluses that make our daily life easier.

The leading brands on the robot vacuum cleaner market are Irobot Roomba, Neato and Baguette, even if powerful robot vacuum cleaner brands can vacuum all floors in the house with animals, such as Philips, Samsung, Dyson, or Rowenta again. It only remains to compare and choose the one that suits us best.

Most frequently asked questions

Animal hair robot vacuum: what are the advantages?

A robot vacuum cleaner for animal hair will be very useful for not having animal hair embedded in your carpet or lying around.

The robot vacuum cleaner for animal hair has twisted brushes combining nylon bristles and rubber blades. This allows hairs to be captured without fouling the system. Its power, which is generally 40 watts minimum for the most basic but high-performance models, is one of the main advantages of this type of device.

By opting for a device specially designed for vacuuming animal hair, you are actually endowing yourself with a device that is more versatile than the others since it is also able to vacuum dust and other waste very easily.

This device is sometimes equipped with a navigation system like the laser system which allows it to memorize the details of the rooms in your house so as to circulate intelligently while avoiding having to return to the same places.

The cleaned surface is important and the energy consumed reduced. You can also have a random system whose only defect is its tendency to return the device to clean surfaces which cause higher energy consumption.

You can program your device in advance so that it can clean the apartment at the times that suit you best. Whether you are present or absent, the robot vacuum cleaner for animal hair will clean your floors, carpets, and rugs effectively, ridding them of all dirt including animal hair.

best-animal-hair-brush - best robot vacuum for pet hair and allergies

The most basic models can only be programmed for one hour in advance. But with other models, it is possible to program the device to be operational on certain days at specific times.

The compact design of the robot vacuum cleaner for animal hair allows it to be able to slip under your furniture to find all the hair, crumbs, or dust that can settle there. Rotating side brushes allow better efficiency because they are able to capture hairs or other waste along the walls for example.

The pet hair vacuum cleaner usually has a larger waste container, up to 1 liter, and very thick, anti-allergen filters to stop waste.

What are the weak points of an animal hair vacuum robot?

Like the vast majority of robot vacuums, this category can be very noisy. It can trivially reach 75 decibels. However, nothing forces you to choose the noisiest model. In addition, although specially designed for animal hair, these devices do not tolerate large tufts. It is therefore recommended to make them work at least twice a day so that they can easily suck up small scattered hairs.

A robot vacuum cleaner for animal hair will be an excellent tool to clean your house and keep it clean, free of animal hair, hair, crumbs … Very practical and easy to handle, it can accompany you in the daily maintenance of your house. It is therefore important, as we have seen, to carefully choose the device that will be the most suitable.

I hope this best robot vacuum for pet hair and allergies helps you out! Now start making byour decisions. Read also: Best Tabletop Radio With CD Player


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