Best Riding Lawn Mower for Small Yard

best riding lawn mower for small yard

Would you like to know the best riding lawn mower for small yard so that mowing the lawn in your garden does not mean having to sweat the fat?

A lawn tractor is a magnificent machine that will save you a lot of work and with which even can have fun driving quietly through your land while holding a can of soda ice cream in your hand.

But are lawnmowers really the ideal machine for you and your garden?  We clear your doubts and advise you to make the perfect decision.

Mowing the lawn can be a pleasure, until the dimensions of the terrain soar. A situation in which it is advisable to have a lawn tractor, with which to save time and inconvenience when processing and cutting large areas with grass.

best riding lawn mower for small yard

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Buying guide – best riding lawn mower for small yard

Recommendations to keep in mind when buying a lawnmower tractor

Plot Size: Please do not buy it unless you have a plot or garden of at least 2,000 square meters.

How is your land: See if your plot has many mounds or on the contrary, it is smooth and easy. A lawnmower will not cope well with constant level changes and obstacles, but it will take its toll on giant flat terrain.

Cruise mode: Like cars, some more advanced models can set the speed you want without having to step on the accelerator. In my opinion, it will be much more boring, but that’s up to you🙂

Hour meter: It tells you how long the engine has been running, and it will be very useful for an oil change or other maintenance.

Fuel tank gauge: If you do not have a fuel gauge (most current models surely have it) you will live with your heart in a fist thinking about when it will run out and leave you lying.

Cup holders: If you drink, don’t drive, but … it doesn’t hurt to have the chance to cool off with a can under the blazing sun of justice that burns our herculean bodies while mowing the lawn.

Mowing the lawn is somewhat annoying for some users, although for others it is a pleasant task. However, as the surface to be cut increases, the work multiplies and it becomes necessary to have specific tools.

A situation where having the tips in our guide to buy the best lawn tractor on hand is helpful, as these products make it easy to mow large areas of lawn comfortably. As much as sitting on the tractor and “walking” on the grass.

Let’s see then what we must look to succeed in our purchase, which is essential considering how much one of these tractors costs.

Shopping guide 

Tractor engine

The first aspect that we must value when buying one of these tractors has to do with the engine that includes the product. This engine has a variable power, although it is always usually gasoline, given that due to the characteristics and the energy demand of the tractor it would be very complex to make it electric.

In general, the higher the motor power, the greater the product’s ability to work on larger surfaces. A fundamental aspect, since it is not the same to cut the grass of a large soccer field as it is of an area that we have at home, of a tight size. So don’t forget to check the manufacturer’s recommendation of terrain regarding the capacity of the tractor.

This power also has to do with the speed of movement of the product. It is obvious that we are not going to make races with the tractor, but the truth is that a little more speed always saves time when working. Anyway, we are talking about speeds ranging from 6 to 8 kilometers per hour, so those small differences can mean a good time saved on very large terrains.

Cutting system

Once we have chosen the motor and its range, it is time to talk about the cutting system. In this case, we can apply the principles of conventional mowers, regarding issues such as width or height.

In general, when it comes to an inexpensive lawn tractor, it is usual for it to have a limited cutting width of approximately 60 or 70 centimeters. These models are designed for small terrains and are accompanied by less powerful engines. Just the opposite of what happens in the widest products, which can reach about 100 centimeters, designed for large terrains and very large surfaces.

Regarding height, the models that we see in any comparison of lawnmowers usually have similar characteristics. Specifically, this height ranges from 25 to 100 millimeters in height, adjustable in 5 or 6 different levels, depending on each product. Something that should also be verified, to verify that it has the cutting settings that the work we are going to do need.

Additional elements

We close this guide with some other aspects that should be verified, which we have summarized in this small section. One of these aspects has to do with the cut grass exit system. Some models use collection baskets while others pour the previously crushed grass directly onto the ground for compost.

If you opt for a model with a basket, check its capacity, since the larger it is, the less you will have to stop working to empty it.

Also important is the driving comfort of the product. Something that depends, for example, on the wheels that the tractor has. The bigger they are generally the easier it is going to be to drive the tractor.

The same applies to the turning radius, which should be as small as possible, in order to save you time when changing the cutting line, thus making it easier to leave the grass even with fewer passes.

Finally, there are other aspects that should be considered, such as the presence of lights, which are always an interesting extra to work on cloudy days or when light is scarce.

The same goes for models with adjustable seats, which make it easier to enjoy a suitable position during work. Also do not forget to check the start, which should be electric and simple, for greater operability.

Faq – best riding lawn mower for small yard

Is it possible to start a lawn tractor without a battery?

Yes, it is possible to start a lawn tractor without battery, but this is not recommended.

Which oil should I use for a mower tractor?

To avoid unpleasant surprises, be sure to consult the manufacturers’ instructions for oil. But in principle, all modern oils are suitable for lawn tractors.

How to lift a lawn tractor?

If you want to maintain your mower tractor yourself, consider getting a platform lift.

Can you tension a mower tractor belt?

If a hissing noise comes from your engine, it means that a belt is not tight. Of course, you can fix the problem yourself by opening the hood.

What is a tractor mower solenoid?

The solenoid, like on the other transport vehicles, is the part that takes care of initiating the electrical contact at the time of starting of the mower tractor.

What are the main criteria for choosing a mower tractor?

The criteria that you must take into account in priority before buying a lawn tractor are the engine power, the comfort, the width of the cut, and the wheels.

How much does a lawn tractor cost?

The lawn tractor represents a significant investment. For its acquisition, it is necessary to plan from 1.600 euros to 7.000 euros.

Which ejection system is better?

When it comes to the ejection system, the best one is the one that projects the cut grass back.

What capacity for the recovery tank?

The ideal is to choose a model with a recovery tank of 200 liters.

Riding mower or rider mower?

If the budget allows, prefer a ride-on mower with a recycling bin.

I hope this best riding lawn mower for small yard helps you out! Now start making your decisions. Read also: Best Office Chair for Working at Home

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