Best Portable Toilet for Truckers Don’t Get Caught Short

Choosing the best portable toilet for truckers, that can meet your needs can be a difficult task … I understand your confusion … In an ideal world, a toilet appears in your field of vision as soon as the belly brews you.

Unfortunately, truckers do not live in an ideal world and sometimes they have to wait for long minutes and even long hours to put their backs on a porcelain throne to satisfy their basic needs.

No matter in what part of the world you drive, you will eventually be faced with an urge and a flagrant lack of sanitation. Sometimes, Mother Nature will offer you a little discreet wooded corner where you can let yourself go away from prying eyes but more often than not it is impossible.

To overcome this situation, we bring you the best portable toilet for truckers. Not the big compostable toilet kit but a little kit with a small bench semi-comfortable allowing you to evacuate discreetly no matter where you are.

best portable toilet for truckers

Here are the best portable toilet for truckers

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1. Porta Potti Curve – Model 550E

best portable toilet for truckersThis portable toilet employs a real water wash system and is very affordable. It is simple and easy to use an alternative. This toilet has a five-gallon water tank and a five and a half gallon wastewater tank.

The discharge mechanism works with batteries and is checked for reliable operation. It is a two-piece design that has a clean water tank at the top and wastewater at the bottom. Disassembling this toilet is very simple.

It only measures 17 ″ x 18 ″ x 15 ″ and includes a handle for easy transport. It even has a kit to secure the toilet on the floor that you place it, no matter where.

It is a hygienic model that includes a built-in sealed valve for total odor containment. When it is time to empty the Porta Potti, the spout is swivel and guarantees that you will not have splashes.

This toilet also has a tank indicator so you are always aware of water and waste levels. Some users apply an odor liquid to the waste tank, in order to reduce the smell by emptying it.

2. THETFORD Portable Toilet

best portable toilet for truckersDo you enjoy camping in the middle of nature, but are not willing to give up some comforts of home? As one of them is surely the bathroom, here I present a very practical option to encourage you to go outside without sacrificing your well-being.

This portable toilet, of sufficient size for a family, functions as a waste deposit. Thanks to its large capacity of 21 liters and its height equivalent to that of a normal seat, you will feel at home.

In addition, it does not need to be connected to a drainage system. Thus, you can use it without wasting time in its assembly.


  • Made of high-quality materials, it is a tool very resistant to deterioration.
  • You will only need to remove a lever to open the pit. Once you finish, you must lower the tank and close it again with the lever.


  • If you plan to take it with you in the camper, loaded with clean water, it is very likely that you will suffer leaks.

3. DOMETIC Portable Toilet

best portable toilet for truckersYou are planning a trip by van or camper, and you have not yet decided on the most appropriate toilet to accompany you on the adventure. So, keep in mind this one -piece, double-sealed model , which guarantees greater safety against leaks and odors.

With a capacity of 19 liters for waste and 9.6 liters for discharge, its design is very complete. It consists of an adult-sized seat, and includes a cover and side closures providing more protection.

You can take it with you without problems, thanks to its dimensions of 39cm x 37cm x42cm. Thus, placing it and being able to use it before any need, will be more accessible to you.


  • It is very easy to empty and clean because it has a wide discharge opening.
  • You can use it for all your trips. But also, it will be a very functional tool in case of assistance to sick or elderly people.


  • Its construction is resistant materials, but with medium durability.

4. PLAYBERG portable toilet

best portable toilet for truckersThis is a folding toilet much simpler than the first option. This is a simple and slim design. This unit is particularly ideal for when you want to carry a lighter weight.

The PLAYBERG portable folding toilet can be combined with garbage bags or can be used over a pit latrine. It has four legs to make it more stable. This toilet is 14.5 inches tall, and the weight limit is 300 pounds.

The toilet seat is made of plastic and has roughly the same dimensions as a regular toilet seat. This is a simple option that could be just what you need if space is an important factor for you.

5. Luggable Loo portable toilet

best portable toilet for truckersThe Luggable Loo from Reliance Products is a five-gallon bucket modified to function as a toilet. It has a toilet lid to close it and a metal carrying handle. This is a great unit for those who need an autonomous toilet system and do not care much for comfort.

If you are looking for an option that allows you to sit a little higher, this is a good option.

Using the Loo Lauggable is very simple to use, you just place a bag inside the bucket and then empty it once it is almost full. It is recommended to use this toilet with Double Doodie bags specially manufactured for this type of use.

Although the pressure cap keeps this unit free of odors, try to put in odor liquids or some kind of material. like sand, to make sure it doesn’t smell bad.

And for you to have total privacy … The FRUITEAM Pop Up booth :

Waterproof booth configuration in seconds, without the need for professional assembly. It includes a mesh in the part of the roof that provides better ventilation.

It also includes two hanging envelopes and a clothesline inside, convenient to store the things you need. For assembly, it includes sand pockets and four metal stakes that provide stability in windy conditions, a removable rain cover that protects from rain.

You can take this FRUITEAM privacy booth wherever you go. It can give you a private place to change your clothes, take a shower, use the bathroom, etc. If you are ready or ready to go on an excursion with your family and friends, you must have one!

FRUITEAM Pop Up booth

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