Best Portable DVD Player for Airplane Travel

What is the best portable DVD player for airplane travelHow to choose? If you want to take a trip, and you have children, you have a 99% chance of hearing after only 30 minutes by car: “Are we coming soon? “.

At home, it’s easy, we put a DVD, a cartoon, legos and voila, but for the car is it so different? What if you were told that it is now possible to do the same thing, with very good devices?

What is the main benefit of the best portable DVD player for airplane travel? To be able to view the DVD of your favorite movies from anywhere, as soon as you can, quickly becomes possible with this device.

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best portable DVD player for airplane travel

What is the best portable DVD player for airplane travel?

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1. DBPower 9.5 ”: the best cheap

best portable DVD player for airplane travelDo not be fooled by its price more than affordable: the DBPower 9.5 ‘offers us here a product of excellent quality with many features that will not fail to seduce you!

If there is a point that will delight young and old with the DBPower 9.5, ‘it is his autonomy: 5 hours! Best of all, you can load it on your cigarette lighter or your AC adapter.

This allows you to have a true best portable DVD player for airplane travel, available wherever you want, whenever you want!

Its 9.5-inch display with a resolution of 800 * 480 also has good surprises with its 270-degree rotation and 180-degree rocking. It can even be converted to a tablet, which is useful for attaching to a car headrest when traveling.

Another interesting aspect, DBPower 9.5 ‘supports a lot of cd formats (cd, DVD, CD-R, DVD-r, VCD ….). It also contains a USB port and can read SD cards for playing MP3, WMA, WAV, JPEG, MPEG2, AVI, DIVX, TXT and even NES (game format emulating the Nintendo Entertainment System console, which will delight any retro gamer worthy of this name).

Note that this device comes with a game controller!

If you wish, be aware that the DBPower 9.5 ‘also contains an AV input and output that allows you to play your favorite movies on the big screen via your TV. The AV cable that comes with the DVD player also lets you connect it to another player of the same type so you can watch the same movie on two DVD players at the same time!

Last plus point, this DVD player has a breakpoint memory feature, which allows you to resume the movie where you left off. Practice not?

Only downside: the MP4 format is not supported and the light of the screen is visible only in low light. The quality of the image and sound are still optimal!

In conclusion, DBPower 9.5 ‘is an excellent entry-level portable DVD player with a lot of assets at a record price! And the icing on the cake is guaranteed a year!

  • Affordable price
  • 5 hours of autonomy
  • USB port / SD card
  • Compatible with many formats, including NES
  • Screen light only visible in low light
  • Does not read MP4

2. Apeman 9.5″: the cheap alternative

best portable DVD player for airplane travelThe Apeman brand offers us here a 9.5-inch entry-level DVD player of good quality. It is also the cheapest reader of this comparison.

With a battery life of more than 3 hours, a car charger and an AC adapter, the Apeman 9.5 ‘is at the top of the range of entry-level portable DVD players but remains a bit below both. competitors in this comparison.

I enjoyed the 9.5-inch LCD of good quality. It can rotate up to 180 degrees which can be very convenient on a trip!

It should be noted that although the audio quality is quite correct, it is also possible to connect headphones to the best portable DVD player for airplane travel to enjoy the best sound quality.

The Apeman 9.5 ‘also offers you the possibility to connect your USB key and SD card to play your AVI, MP3, WMA, etc. files. Small flat, unlike other portable DVD players in this range, no game is available.

An AV input and output allows you to connect your portable DVD player to the TV so you can watch your movies on the big screen. It should be noted that this player is compatible with many file formats and types of DVDs which is very convenient!

The setting of this device seduced me because it seems very easy to use, there is no problem to set the portable DVD player in French and use its various features!

It should also be noted the lightness of this device that will allow even the smallest to carry it without problems when traveling.

In summary, the Apeman 9.5 ‘is a good no-frills product that will delight anyone looking for an inexpensive portable DVD player that just does what a DVD player is supposed to do.

  • Affordable price
  • The screen rotates 180 degrees
  • Very easy setup
  • No games available

3. Wonnie 9.5″: the other cheap alternative

best portable DVD player for airplane travelThe new generation of WONNIE 9.5 inch portable DVD player is now available! Compared to its big brother, it is lighter and contains new features that we will describe here.

First of all its autonomy, 4 hours which places it at the top of the basket of the entry-level portable DVD players. A car charger and AC adapter are provided for purchase.

Note that the car charger cable is long enough to charge the DVD player while watching a movie! You are also able to charge your device with a power bank if needed.

I also liked the choice between two 9.5-inch screens, one with a 270-degree rotation and the other with 180. With a resolution of 1024 * 600, you have an excellent price-performance ratio here. which concerns the image!

However, you will have to place yourself properly to see something, it is also where the option of rotating the screen comes into play. This is a common caveat for entry-level portable DVD players so nothing terrible in the end.

Audio level, the quality is quite correct, it is regrettable however that the headphones are no longer part of the offer which is a shame.

Here again, the portable DVD player has a US port and SD card through which you can play your movies and image files. They are compatible with the main video formats (MP3, WMA, VOB, AVI, MPEG1, XVID, JPEG). Too bad the SD card protrudes a little too much from the machine, which can facilitate the breakage of it.

Regarding the format of readable CDs, all the usual formats are supported (CD, DVD, R / RW, VCD). No Blu Ray, which is normal for an entry-level portable DVD player.

An AV cable is also provided, which allows you to connect your portable DVD player directly to a television.

Another point that appealed to me is the presence of an integrated virtual remote control, which allows you to use all the features of the device even after losing the remote control (which always happens one day or another, who did not look everywhere for remote control at home?).

Finally, WONNIE gratified this reader with a polishing technology that avoids fingerprints on the device which is a significant asset, especially when the portable DVD player is intended to be mainly used by users. children.
Polishing technology can avoid fingerprints.

Small flat, Wonnie 9.5 ‘DVD player does not easily adapt to the supports of the heads of some cars. With a little perseverance and imagination, we still get there but it’s a shame.

  • Affordable price
  • Compatible with all major formats
  • Screen rotation option
  • Does not fit all types of head restraints

4. Sylvania SDVD9020: the best midrange

best portable DVD player for airplane travelWith the Sylvania SDVD9020 we are entering the mid-range portable DVD players and IMHO is the best in its class!

First of all its record autonomy: 5 hours! This places this player in the top of the basket in terms of autonomy, alongside the DBPower 9.5 ‘which is present in this comparison.
You can charge your portable DVD player via an AC adapter and the cigarette lighter, which is convenient for entertaining children on a journey of several hours by car. A point to deplore: the socket of the transformer that tends to let the adapter escape if the player moves a little too much.

The 9-inch 16: 9 LCD is of excellent quality and can rotate 360 ​​degrees! It can be turned into a tablet for easy installation on a car seat headrest.

Also, note that the very fine design of the device allows you to carry it easily where you want!

I am less excited about the audio system which, although of good quality, is not powerful enough when you watch a movie from a distance or simply by car. Fortunately, headphones are provided with the portable DVD player.

Otherwise, external speakers may be needed if necessary.

The Sylvania SDVD9020 comes with a USB port and an SD card slot, which is normal for a midrange portable DVD player. The usual file types are supported (MP3, WMA, JPEG …) … including the MP4 which is not the case on the selection of entry-level devices and that is good to know.

The DVD player supports all standard cd types except Blu-ray.

A point that disappointed me a bit is the lack of AV cable to connect it to a TV, which is however available on a host of products lower range than the Sylvania SDVD9020.

An ergonomically designed remote control is included with the unit, which is important.

In conclusion, for a mid-range product, Sylvania SDVD9020 fulfills its promises but I prefer the Pumpkin 12.5 and DBPower 9.5, one for its technical characteristics and the other for its value for money unbeatable.

  • Compatible all formats
  • Excellent quality screen
  • Power adapter and cigarette lighter
  • Transformer socket a little loose

5. Pumpkin 10.1: the best high-end

With the 10.1 Pumpkin, we enter the world of high-end portable DVD players! Its high definition widescreen and its autonomy will not fail to seduce you!

Indeed, the Pumpkin 10.1 contains a battery that can last up to 5 hours! The product comes with an AC adapter and car adapter so you can charge it anywhere.

So you can watch your favorite movies wherever you are! It should also be noted the charging time of only 6 hours, which is a good thing.

The display of the Pumpkin 10.1 crushes the competition of this comparison with a screen of 12.5 inches high definition and a resolution of 1366 * 768! The screen can also rotate 180 degrees, which is convenient when traveling by car.

With such features, the picture quality is excellent, you will not be disappointed! It should be noted that the product is also available in 14 inches if you really want a big screen!

Unlike the Sylvania SDVD9020, the Pumpkin 10.1 offers outstanding audio service with which you do not need headphones for an optimal sound experience!

This portable DVD player is of course delivered with its USB port and SD card but is also compatible with MMC, which is not the case for other portable DVD players in this comparison, high-end requires! All the usual formats are supported (MP3, JPG, AVI, MPEG, DIVX …).

All CD and DVD formats are also supported. It should be noted that Pumpkin 10.1 does not support Blu-Ray!

An AV cable is provided with the portable DVD player, which allows you to play your favorite movies on a TV.

Finally, if your DVD is interrupted for any reason, you do not need to use the “chapter” mode of your DVD: the Pumpkin 10.1 records the position of your DVD to resume exactly where you left off

In conclusion, Pumpkin 10.1 is an excellent high-end portable DVD player that will not disappoint you!
Did I specify that this product is also guaranteed for 18 months?

  • HD widescreen
  • Great audio quality
  • MMC compatible
  • Does not read Blu-Ray

How to choose your portable DVD player?

The screen

This is probably the most important aspect to consider when choosing a portable DVD player. Indeed the screen must be the best, so you can watch your movies or series in good condition.

Look at the size of the screen, it should not be too big to avoid taking up too much space, but should not be too small to have the best vision possible.

It is also necessary that the screen is a good resolution, otherwise, the quality will not be at the rendezvous.


Unlike the living room DVD player, the best portable DVD players will offer a wide range of compatibility, which will take into account a variety of format choices. CD, DVD … As you can see in our comparison, the number of formats is quite consistent.

But where it is the most interesting is if your device has mp4 compatibility, which is advantageous if you have movies, series, or animated on a USB stick or SD card.


Another important criterion to consider is the connection. Indeed having a device that can connect to several places is better. Whether on TV, car or other. Mostly DVD Players for cars have a USB port and an SD card slot, which is now essential, given the number of dematerialized files that exist.

The SD card port becomes more and more important to read the files contained in it.

The best for your DVD player is the provision of an AV cable that will allow it to connect to your TV, to watch your home movie on the big screen.

The sound

The quality of sound is a very important criterion (found on home cinemas in our comparison), especially that your portable DVD player will be used mainly in noisy places like the car.

For most mid-range and high-end devices that you will find, the speakers will be of good quality, but will also usually be coupled with headphone inputs to listen in public transport for example.


In terms of autonomy, logically prefer a higher time. Indeed watch movies for a long drive without constantly recharging the portable DVD player, leaving a car socket for the best GPS. For high-end DVD players, battery life can easily rise above 5 or even 7 hours. For models entering the range, it will take about 3 hours of autonomy on average.

The price

For this, the price plays an important role. Indeed do not go looking for the most expensive portable DVD player, it will be quality, but the price/quality ratio will be really bad. The best models in their categories will be less than 3 figure dollars.

In this price range, you will find yourself with a powerful model for a sum that is not astronomical per se. You can then enjoy the best for cheap!

What are the advantages of a portable DVD player?

Appeared almost at the same time as conventional DVD players, the portable DVD player has not had the expected success. Indeed, being able to be connected to a television or a video projector, this one was rather expensive at its beginnings.

Today is another story because by about ten euros we can get one at the entry-level. The portable DVD player is actually a device whose benefits are very numerous, you can enjoy a trip in peace if you have children, or just watch your movies on DVD on your TV.

By choosing to equip them, it is likely that your daily life is truly improved.

How does the portable DVD player work?

For portable DVD players with buttons, you can move, and control the player through the menu, start the video or pause, adjust the brightness of the screen but also adjust volume, quickly scroll the time of the video forward or back.

Simply put the DVD in the mechanical drawer, close it and here the content will appear on the screen in a few moments. For touch-sensitive portable DVD players, it’s the same principle, but the manipulation is done directly on the screen, which makes handling easier.

For dual screen portable DVD players, use is only on one of the two screens called the sender screen.

Is the autonomy of the portable DVD player important?

Many drive builders emphasize the autonomy of their products. Each player comes with a rechargeable battery that will allow you to watch movies for a period of 2 to 6 hours depending on models.

This is very important because having a low autonomy will make you constantly recharge your device, which is quite disturbing when you need the socket to charge your laptop, your GPS or other.

But having too much autonomy is useless because the reader can still be recharged at home or for a short while on the way.

Where to fix the portable DVD player?

There are two types of DVD players for your car.
The first is the player that attaches directly behind the headrest of one of the chairs of your car. Its advantages are rather numerous:

You can remove the player when you want it because it is not directly in your field of vision, and therefore will not interfere with driving, because it is placed directly in front of the viewer who will watch the movie.

This type of DVD player will usually attach to the two bars of the headrest of your car. Some models are even simpler and attach to the headrest with a velcro system. The other model, much less common, but more classy, ​​is the ceiling DVD player.

The installation is a bit more complex than a headrest DVD player but the rendering is really bluffing. The rendering will be like a mini-movie theater in your own car!

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