Best Portable Carpet Extractor for Auto Detailing

Best portable carpet extractor for auto detailing

Choosing the best portable carpet extractor for auto detailing, that can meet your needs can be a difficult task … I understand your confusion …When we talk about cleaning the carpets in our car we must take special care, since if we do not do it correctly, we can expose ourselves to a dirty, unhealthy and harmful environment every time we travel in our car.

You need to do regular deep cleaning of your car, and that includes carpets. For this reason, we show you the best products to clean your car mats and upholstery that you can get on Amazon.

The maintenance of a vehicle is something that has to be done constantly and even the cleaning of the upholstery of it is very important since we avoid the appearance of insects and bad smells in our daily moving vehicle.

Currently, you can find different concentrated liquid products that must be prepared with water and that serve to remove dirt and stains from upholstery and carpets quickly and easily.

If you are looking for equipment that allows you to clean your car efficiently, you need to have one the best car upholstery cleaners. 

Best portable carpet extractor for auto detailing

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Buying Guide – best portable carpet extractor for auto detailing.

How to use a vehicle upholstery cleaner?

The ideal is that you give very good use to your equipment so that you can use it for much longer to clean your car.

  1. Wrapping – The first thing you should do is remove it from its wrapping and check the conditions and parts that the equipment brings.
  2. Instructions – Once the parts have been verified, it is necessary to read the instruction manual so that you can place and prepare the equipment so that you can start using it
  3. Maintenance – After cleaning with the equipment, it is necessary to remove the deposits, wash them, and remove any dirt that may have collected.
  4. Storage – When you have finished using it, it is necessary to store it in a place where it is not subject to shocks or humidity.

Advantages of using an upholstery cleaner what are its strengths?

With this equipment, you can make cleaning your car much faster, even managing to remove the most difficult stains. Among its main advantages we have:

What are the advantages of using a cleaner? Its advantages are:

  1. They are quite compact so they do not take up much space.
  2. They do a deep cleaning of the upholstery, even removing stains.
  3. They have easy to clean tanks.
  4. Not only do they serve to clean the upholstery of your car but they are also useful to use on furniture, carpets, and sofa in your house.

Quick guide to cleaning the carpet of your used car

What is the first thing you notice when looking to buy a used car? There are things that every buyer is looking for. For some, the external part may be more interesting, for others the mileage, but for others, it is the care that is taken with small details such as the vehicle’s carpet.

Why? Because of the owner of that car was careful enough to keep apart as used as the carpet spotless and undamaged, then it means that he has been very careful with the rest of the car. They are little things that give you an idea of ​​everything.

Now if you plan to sell your used car and want to make the best impression on the buyer then you need to know how to clean the carpet as this can help make your car look and smell like a new car.

Remember that our feet carry different soils and materials, all this is usually impregnated in the carpet since it is essential to wash it from time to time. Below, Guillermo Morales Automotive will provide you with three key steps to clean and maintain the carpet of your car like new.

Prepare the interior

Before starting the carpet, organize the interior and pick up loose objects that are scattered in the car (remember to look under the seats). Remove as many things as you can and then remove the floor mats and shake them well to remove any kind of dirt. Then place them next to your car in a clean, dry area.

Next, grab a vacuum cleaner and get to work. Make sure you pass it under the pedals and seats and pay special attention to any crumbs, debris, or dirt hidden in the cracks.


Removes stains from car carpet

Once you have thoroughly cleaned the interior, direct all your attention to the carpet. There are plenty of good carpet shampoo options out there that will remove stubborn stains and won’t fade.

Spray the carpet shampoo on it, following the directions on the label. Make circular movements with a brush once you’ve shampooed. If you are trying to remove stains, you may need to repeat this once or twice to achieve a good result.

Remember not to use too much shampoo at the same time; the carpet will not dry as quickly, and excess moisture can cause mold later.


Once you have thoroughly washed the carpet, let it dry and wait a couple of hours for this process to finish. To speed things up, use a dry towel and press it against the mat to absorb excess moisture, then let it air out.

Your best bet is to park your car in a sunny area and leave the doors open so the mat dries faster. Make sure they dry completely before closing doors and windows.

Once you’re done washing, vacuum your rugs once more when they’re almost dry. Often when shampooing, the dirt hidden in the crevices of the carpet begins to surface. Vacuum it before driving again to prevent this dirt from staining in the future.

Clean the vehicle

While you wait for it to dry, wipe off any debris that might be found underneath where you usually place the carpet. You could also clean the cloth mat that you put on it, just repeat the same process that we explained earlier.


Cleaning your car mats should be done regularly, doing so will make the mat last longer and help your car look better. While cleanliness is an important part of the image, protection is another.

I hope this best portable carpet extractor for auto detailing helps you out! Now start making your decisions. Read also – Best Chainsaw for a Woman

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