Best Multimeter for DIY Electronics

best multimeter for diy electronicsIt’s hard to find the best multimeter for diy electronics if you don’t know where to start looking.

But you don’t have to do anything. We have been looking for and comparing several of the best multimeters and we have prepared this guide for you.

Here you will find:

  • What is the best quality-price multimeter and why
  • Other multimeters you should consider
  • What multimeters you should not buy if you do not want to throw your money
  • Useful information. How a multimeter works or how to know if it is damaged, among other things

What is the best multimeter for diy electronics?

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1. TACKLIFE DM01M – the Best Quality Price Multimeter

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The Tacklife DM01M is a digital multimeter with an adjusted price and very good measurement accuracy. And, in summary, this is why we consider it the best quality-price multimeter.

Its main functions are voltage measurement for direct and alternating current, resistance, diode, capacitance, temperature, frequency, and transistor.

It has a protection function that makes this device a safe device to be used by the whole family. The fuses are made of double ceramic, resistant to possible explosions.

It is capable of supporting up to 1000 V of direct current and 600 V of alternating current.

Other functions of the Tacklife DM01M are automatic shutdown, low battery indicator, LCD backlight, and an electric flashlight.

Capacitance measurement

Capacitance measurement is one of the functions less known by less skilled users, but it is incredibly useful. Capacitance is the property of bodies to maintain an electric charge.

Its measurement is used to measure the capacity of capacitors and electrical equipment. Capacitance is measured in volts and farads. This measurement is very easy to perform on the Tacklife DM01M.

There is one aspect in which this digital multimeter is clearly improved: its size and weight, excessive in equipment designed primarily for domestic use.

  • Non-Contact measurement is an option highly favored by all users, rated as convenient and practical.
  • The measurements of capacity, temperature and frequency are very precise.
  • The screen is large and easy to read, even in poor visibility conditions thanks to its backlight. In addition, the small flashlight that has been incorporated is a success.
  • The finishes are good and the design resistant.
  • An interesting addition is its support foot, which allows it to be easily placed on a table.
  • In sum, the options presented are quite complete, especially considering their low acquisition price.
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2. TACKLIFE CM02A – Good and Cheap Clamp Meter

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Tacklife CM02A is a good and cheap clamp meter. And we do not say this lightly. It is because for a few economical and efficient multimeters especially recommended for domestic use or for small professional jobs.

This digital device has an LCD screen and allows you to measure both the direct or alternating current voltage and the resistance, continuity, frequency, capacitance, temperature, and diodes.

It has a 24-month warranty and is a very safe device because it has contactless voltage detection: when detecting the device alternating current voltage the different indicators light and the buzzer alerts with various frequencies.

In this way, it prevents electric shocks and possible accidents. The digital display is large, which makes it easy to read. In addition, the amperometric clamp of the Tacklife CM02A has tips coated with flexible silicone, with a length of 75 cm.

Other interesting functions of this multimeter are the auto-off (it is deactivated after 10 minutes if it is not being used), the low battery indicator and the out of range indication. These are additional functions that make their use much easier and more comfortable.

  • It offers very precise measurements in all its values ​​and very different kinds of measurements;
  • Because of its benefits, it is ideal for home repairs;
  • Its economic price is not an obstacle to good finishes and robust and durable design;
  • The screen offers an appreciable image quality, with perfectly readable characters;
  • If you are looking for cheap clamp meters, this is your best option;
  • Its use is simple and intuitive.
  • Few objections can be found in this multimeter model. Some users complain about a letter that is too small in the instruction manual.

3. PROSTER Digital Multimeter

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The Proster digital multimeter is a small device, especially for the domestic market. It measures voltage, resistance, continuity, transistors, and diodes. It is a simple device to repair different electrical circuits. It is very easy to check continuity with it because it emits an alarm sound in the circuit.

The LCD screen of the device is 15 mm high and is backlit. The brand is concerned about offering a good after-sales service to its customers: the product has a 12-month warranty and technical support throughout its useful life. With regard to its operating temperature, it is from -0ºC to 40ºC.

One of the most outstanding features of this multimeter is its portable and compact design. Thus, this is one of the fundamental reasons to become an ideal home appliance.

With regard to safety, overload protection prevents dangerous accidents, so the Proster can be used without fear by any adult family member.

In addition, this multimeter includes efficient extras such as the low battery voltage indicator and low battery indication. They are applications that help to check the status of the instrument and optimize its operation.

The Proster digital multimeter is well valued by its buyers. The quality/price ratio it offers is satisfactory. It is considered by many of these users as magnificent for use in small repairs and installations at home. These buyers ensure that it meets all its points with the properties indicated.

  • The measurements it offers are quite reliable;
  • Its dimensions and weight are very manageable. It is a perfect device for transport, which occupies almost no space or weighs.
  • Screen backlight is a very popular feature, used by many of its buyers;
  • The quality of the materials with which it is manufactured is not the best possible. This fact may affect its resistance and duration, in the medium or long term.

4.Crenova MS8233D

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The Crenova MS8233D multimeter is another attractive product, being especially focused on its electrical use, with systems for measuring voltages, amperages, and resistances, among other elements.

It has three independent connectors depending on the amperage or the capacity of the circuit you want to measure to adapt the use to the voltage or voltage present in the system.

So that you can better visualize the information, the product has a large screen and backlighting for when you work in dark conditions.

The system also stores both the latest data and the maximum recorded, to have them as a reference, also having a diode check system to verify their proper functioning.

A complete product at a reasonable price that is considered to be the best digital multimeter for the price-quality ratio of the current market.

To continue with this great support of your choice, we want to describe the pros and cons of this product that belongs to the best multimeter for DIY electronics. It may be the one for what you need.

  • Its 3.5-inch LCD screen allows you to clearly observe the data provided by the equipment in each measurement.
  • It includes two test leads, the “Data maintenance” and “MAX” value function
  • Its design includes a protector that will help minimize the impact due to unexpected falls or blows.
  • It has a selector that will help you easily move between one function and another so that in a short time you can measure what you need.
  • It is possible to work hands-free, thanks to its hook built into the back, so you can hang it comfortably.
  • the measurement obtained can be accurate and that it retains a level of margin of error

5. TACKLIFE CM03 Clamp Ammeter

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If you need a digital multimeter to measure the voltage in direct or alternating current, resistance, continuity or diodes, the Tacklife CM03 can be your ideal device.

This very economical price device is characterized by a compact and easy to use design. It weighs only 204 grams and measures 16.4 x 10 x 3.1 cm. It has overload protection, a high-definition screen, and an auto power-off function.

Another of the properties of the Tacklife CM03 that make its use much easier is the automatic detection of the measurement functions.

It includes a bag to make transport and storage even more comfortable.

Its functions and ease of use make it one of the most suitable multimeters for home repairs.

It works with voltage up to 600 V in direct current and 400 V in alternating current.

Finally, the 24-month warranty is an added bonus to trust this device and decide to purchase it.

  • Above all, the most outstanding quality of this multimeter is its small size, lightness and extremely simple handling. It even fits in the palm of one hand. It is a device indicated particularly for users who need to perform basic repair and maintenance tasks at home and is the first time they buy a multimeter.
  • Its measurements are accurate and fast, offering the expected accuracy of a device with these characteristics;
  • Once again, the Tacklife brand triumphs by providing a multimeter with a great quality/price ratio. It is difficult to find so many practical functions in the market for so little price;
  • Auto power off is a valuable help for inexperienced users and avoids unnecessary battery waste.
  • The finishes are not the best nor the materials used in their manufacture stand out for their quality;
  • It is not a professional device, suitable for the most expert.

6. Etekcity multimeter

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If you want to equip yourself without spending too much, you should choose models that are cheap, but also of quality, as with the Etekcity. This multimeter has the usual options with different options to measure the voltage or current, among others, although with the particularity of working at different levels in order to obtain more accurate results within what is the measurement.

The measurements are updated continuously, in about 2 or 3 readings per second to allow continuous readings properly.

These are displayed on your screen, which we can use with a continuous light system to improve visibility in dark situations. We can also establish a system of unemployment in the equipment to keep the reading on screen in a very simple way.

As it has not been easy to make a decision and you have not been able to define which multimeter to buy, in this comparative guide we mention the positive and negative aspects of this model with very good benefits that possibly fit your needs.

  • the device has a rugged rubber cover, test leads, and overload protection.
  • It has an easy to maneuver selector, with which you can choose the measurement of diodes, DC current, audible continuity, resistance, voltage, among others.
  • It shows the results quickly and offers a high-speed update for continuous measurements.
  • As part of its accessories, it incorporates a 9V battery and test leads.
  • You should be very careful with this equipment, although its users have not made negative comments about the quality of this multimeter.

7. TACKLIFE DM06 Digital Multimeter

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The Tacklife DM06 digital multimeter is a device with varied, safe and reliable functions. With it, it is possible to measure a variety of parameters, including alternating and direct current voltage, resistance, diodes, capacitance, transistor, temperature, and frequency.

One of the first things that attract attention in this device is that it does not consist of a rotary switch. Instead, it has 3 buttons to control the main functions.

The temperature measurement you can reach up to 300 º C, a fairly considerable measure.

The screen is one of the most careful aspects of this model: it is a large and perfectly readable LCD, measuring 6.8 cm and backlit.

It incorporates an error detection deflector and a small flashlight to use in poor lighting conditions.

Other extra features that it includes are automatic shut down after 10 minutes without being used, overload protection and a 24-month warranty.

Is the purchase of the Tacklife DM06 multimeter a good buy?

If you are looking for a complete and remarkable precision multimeter, both for use at home and for small jobs, the Tacklife DM06 can be a perfect choice. It does not disappoint at any time and, with minimal maintenance, it can last for many years.

  • Accurate and easy to obtain measurements; Its adjustment is automatic.
  • Ease of handling Its ergonomic shape facilitates grip and its design and weight allow the device to be transported from one place to another without any effort;
  • It includes complete and effective functions. This can meet the expectations of a wide range of users, with different needs;
  • It detects points of tension, without the need for contact, very efficiently.
  • Its price is higher than that of other multimeters of the same brand, but this is justified by incredibly complete functions.

What is a multimeter?

A multimeter is a measuring tool, mainly used by electricians and professionals in the electronics and home repair sector. It is also known as a multimeter or tester.

It is a very practical device because it allows measuring different parameters and magnitudes in the same device, of small size.

What does a multimeter measure?

The multimeter is able to measure currents and electrical voltages, as well as different resistances and capacities.

In addition, it works for both direct and alternating current. The continuous is the current used by electronic devices to operate while the alternating is the one that reaches all homes.


Depending on the parameters to be quantified, the multimeter can operate as an ammeter, voltmeter or ohmmeter.

  • The ammeter measures electric current intensities.
  • The voltmeter serves to know the voltage or difference of electrical potential between two points in a current.
  • As for the ohmmeter, measure the electrical resistance.

Who invented the multimeter?

The multimeter was invented by a British telecommunications engineer, Donald Macadie, who worked in the Post Office.

His goal in developing the new instrument was to reduce the number of devices separately that he had to carry with him for maintenance and repairs. The first multimeter, the antecedent of the current analog and digital, was commercialized in 1923.

How does a digital multimeter work?

The digital multimeter is characterized by having a screen, usually LCD, where the results of the measurements are displayed. These results are displayed in numerical values. These values ​​appear on different scales on the device, depending on the measurement class.

Knowing the maximum value that can be measured on each scale is key to not damage the instrument.

The performance

The operation of a digital multimeter is not complicated, but it is important to know its components and applications. There are different kinds of digital multimeters: some measure more values ​​and others are more limited.

Among the measurement parameters that include these devices are the intensity in direct or alternating current, the resistances or the voltage.

One of the most common uses of the digital multimeter is to check the passage of electricity, continuous or alternating, through a cable. Thanks to this device it is possible to discover cut wires or breakdowns in the electrical circuits.

The multimeter usually has a knob as a selector, from which the values ​​to be measured are chosen. If we want to measure direct current it is necessary to select DCA while, for the alternating one, the wheel has to turn towards the acronym ACA.

With regard to voltage, VDC on the wheel of the digital multimeter refers to DC voltage and VAC to AC voltage.

On the other hand, the multimeter also serves to check the electrical continuity in a line or circuit. The position indicated with a diode in the device is what allows this function to be used.

Finally, the Ohm symbol indicates the resistance measurement function on a multimeter.

How to use a multimeter?

Once the measurement scales, the device selector and the different variables that it is capable of measuring are known, we just need to familiarize ourselves with the connectors of the housing to use the multimeter. The connector holes are used to insert the cables with which different measurement tests are made.

The most common hole or terminal is marked with the letters “COM”. The black wire must be connected in this hole. Many measurements are made using this connector.

Another of the holes is recognized by a “V” and the Omega symbol. It must be used for measuring volts and ohms, respectively.

Finally, the multimeter also has “+” and “-” symbols, which indicate the polarity of the test points when measuring the voltage in direct current.

Each hole must be properly connected to the correct operation of the device.

In addition, in the use of the multimeter, it is essential to locate the test points well. The test points are two and are used for connection to any device that we want to verify and measure.

Good advice when using the multimeter to measure the direct current is to select the highest value in the device to progressively go down.

How to know if a multimeter is damaged?

If a multimeter is not used correctly, it can be damaged and offer measurements that do not respond to reality, completely inaccurate.

A multimeter may be damaged or defectively calibrated for various reasons. Before making further checks, a basic measure is to check the condition of the battery.

Steps to follow if the multimeter is damaged

If it is not the battery or battery, you have to follow a few simple steps.

  1. First, you must insert the red and black wires into the multimeter.
  2. Next, you have to place the Ohms indicator in its lowest position, which is usually around 100 Ohms.
  3. The next step is to read with the black cable connected. If the multimeter is well-calibrated, the measurement it must offer must be between 0 and 0.05 Ohms. If not, it would have to be calibrated.

How to calibrate it once restored

To calibrate a multimeter you will need to consult its instruction manual or know its factory values. These values ​​are the calibration parameters.

However, another way to calibrate a multimeter is by comparing its results with another similar multimeter, whose values ​​we have proof of being accurate and that have been previously verified.

Care you should have

Do not put the multimeter in contact with water, or store it in damp places. It is important that you handle the cables carefully, as well as the knobs so that you use the device for a long time. Avoid hitting it, as it can affect its operation. In case the multimeter suddenly stops working, it is necessary that you check the fuse, as it is likely to require replacement.

Shopping guide

Types of measures

The multimeters, as the name implies, establish the possibility of controlling different parameters of any electrical installation or similar. Depending on these parameters, we can establish different elements in our own multimeter comparison, so that these parameters conform to what we will normally use.

Obviously, if you have no more need for measurement than that of simple elements related to stress, you can bet on a simple model, saving money with it. But if what you need are higher quality models or with a greater need for measurements, you can find them too.

In fact, in the current market offer, we can find models capable of measuring elements such as temperature, frequency or hertz of product management, amperages, resistances or even luminosity, to mention some parameters. Therefore, if you need to measure a specific product and do not care how much it costs to pay, you can find it easily. Even so, the price will always be much cheaper than you might think.

Operating system

The operation of the multimeters is very simple since it is enough to use the front selector to choose which parameter we want to measure, place the diodes on the connection area or the corresponding circuit and from here directly take the data that comes out on the screen. The selector generally has a rotating system that, by means of rotation, allows to select the different elements that can be measured, including in some cases different selections for the same parameter, depending on the intensity of the current or the amperage, to name a couple of examples.

In any case, the advantage is that the selection system allows you to be able to do it directly with the gloves so that you do not have to take them off to use the product. This selector also allows you to turn off the product when you are no longer going to use it and it even has additional elements that are in charge of turning off the product when you have not used it for a certain time, saving you batteries and worries.

Once the diodes have been placed, the system takes care of taking the measurement and presenting it directly on the screen in a clear and efficient way. This system is common to all the products that we usually find in the market, so you have only to see that the model effectively complies with these principles, to have a suitable and quality product.

Security and data presentation

Since we are dealing with electricity, it is necessary to bet on quality models, even in the case of economic multimeters, so that you can have the necessary peace of mind to be able to work properly and without risks. Obviously, all the elements that are used in its manufacture must comply with the manufacturing standards of both the EC and those related to the system of low-voltage installations, so that the use is appropriate to this type of measures.

This safety must also be present in elements such as diodes, which must offer the necessary care to avoid any type of incident or discharge. In order for you to be calm, the chosen product should also include a diode check system, so that you can evaluate the proper functioning of the diodes and the adequate quality of the measurements made in the operation of the equipment.

Regarding the data presentation system, once the proper functioning has been verified, it must be based on the traditional large LCD screen, which allows you to easily visualize them and even have an adequate vision where there is no light, by a suitable backlight system. Do not forget to check the data storage and continuous reading options, which allow you to see the evolution of the data over time.


So what is the best multimeter for diy electronics to buy?

To create this list, the first thing we have considered is what someone like you would look for when buying a multimeter. That he had the necessary functions, that he performed them perfectly.

In general, that could be qualified as the best digital multimeter.

That is why our recommendation for which multimeter to buy is the Tacklife DM01M

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