Best Motorcycle Gear for Commuting

best motorcycle gear for commutingWhat is the best motorcycle gear for commuting? Here is the question that I have been trying to answer lately by testing different brands.

Motorcycle jackets are products that obviously have to do with fashion, but even more, have to do with our safety.

A good motorcycle jacket will prevent a good part of the injuries that we may suffer in the event of a fall, absorbing the erosions and tears that the asphalt would cause on our skin.

The versatility is a quality increasingly sought among motorists in their equipment. The best motorcycle jackets are those that adapt to the needs of the rider in each situation.

In today’s post, we are going to talk about three-layer jackets and present some of the models that we have available on the market.

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The three-layer motorcycle jacket: one of the best motorcycle jackets

This style of off-road motorcycle jacket is able to withstand the weather conditions of the 4 seasons of the year. It allows the rider to be comfortable and safe throughout the trip.

This jacket is made up, as the name implies, of three different layers: the jacket itself, the waterproof membrane, and the removable thermal lining.

Each of these layers is independent of the other, joined by zippers or brackets. Therein lies its versatility, it can be mounted and dismounted as you wish.

  • The conventional jacket: with a 3/4 structure. Very comfortable for long routes. On many occasions, these jackets have perforations and air inlets. Thus, it can be used alone during the summer.
  • Waterproof membrane: It can be removed or in some cases, it is attached to the external part. This layer is responsible for repelling water, so it is very necessary in the rainy and wet season. There are many types of waterproof membranes that we have already talked about in a previous post.
  • Thermal lining: Perfect for low temperatures. There are linings of many thicknesses, materials, and designs. The important thing about the lining is its function: it insulates from the cold. This layer is normally removable and, in some cases, can be used separately (does not include protections).

What is the best motorcycle gear for commuting – The 4 best three-layer motorcycle jackets

If you are looking for a model with these same characteristics, we present you this comparison of motorcycle jackets :

1. D-Explorer 2 Gore-Tex Jacket

best motorcycle gear for commuting
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One of the best motorcycle jackets of the new season of the Italian brand. The Dainese D-Explorer 2 is the evolution of the D-Explorer but improved.

This model cannot be called trilayer itself since it only has two independent layers, but it meets the same conditions and it seems convenient to name it.

It is made with a water repellent fabric, perfect for rains and the wettest areas. It incorporates a thermal lining that, in addition to being removable, has a Gore-Tex ® membrane that also allows good ventilation.

On the front and back of this jacket, you can find lapels that work as a ventilation system . You can modulate them with zippers.

And this does not stop here. This jacket features homologated Level 2 protections on elbows and shoulders (detachable) and Pro-Armor Level 2 back protector.

It also stands out for the possibility of incorporating the Pro-Armor Chest protector, which can be purchased apart from the jacket.

2. Alpinestars Andes Pro

best motorcycle gear for commuting
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The Alpinestars Andes Pro is a technical jacket designed to offer high levels of resistance to abrasion thanks to its reinforced poly-fabric fabric.

It has the ability to adapt perfectly to all weather conditions, including the most adverse.

It incorporates a waterproof Drystar ® membrane that protects the pilot from water. This layer is characterized by being 100% waterproof and, in turn, breathable.

This model of motorcycle jacket for the 4 seasons also has a removable thermal lining with long sleeves (up to 100gr of padding in the chest and back area)

Moving on to the protections, the Andes Pro includes protectors on shoulders and elbows with CE certification, which we can easily remove. In addition, it has PU reinforcements in both areas for greater resistance.

The highlight of this jacket is its compatibility with the Alpinestars brand Tech-Air Street protection system. The airbag is not included and must be purchased separately, but it comes with all the necessary installation as standard.

3. Spidi Motorcycle Racing Track Leather Jacket

best motorcycle gear for commuting
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One of the brand’s 3-in-1 models. The SPIDI Armakore is made of a Nylon-based fabric that is characterized by its high tenacity and a combination of elastic Flex Tenax fabric to facilitate movement.

This jacket incorporates a proprietary independent waterproof membrane, the H2Out. This layer is also breathable and windproof.

The Armakore model includes a removable 100gr thermal lining . You can also apply the Thermo Max L63 thermal lining, which incorporates a water repellent layer.

Its strong point is the complete ventilation system. By means of flaps located in the chest and back area, the amount of air that enters and leaves the jacket can be modulated.

It has protections on shoulders and elbows of the Force-Tech model. Likewise, it has compartments for the placement of back and chest protectors.

4. Revit Offtrack Motorcycle Jacket

best motorcycle gear for commuting
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If you are looking for a jacket that adapts to all types of terrain and conditions, the Rev’it OffTrack will be your greatest ally.

Launch into an adventure in a lightweight and versatile motorcycle jacket. Its outer layer is made of polyester, a material that is characterized by its resistance and elasticity.

The intermediate layer is a waterproof Hydratex membrane, which protects the pilot from water, and can be detached from the jacket at any time.

Finally, the inner layer is made up of a removable thermal lining, very light, and perfect for the low temperatures that may occur during the route.

Its safety system is made up of SEEFLEX ™ level 2 shoulder and elbow protection and the predisposition for the placement of SEE SOFT back and chest protectors.

In the chest, back and arms area are PWR mesh inserts that offer greater ventilation, a perfect addition for the season of higher temperatures.

Shopping guide – best motorcycle gear for commuting

Protection level

The most important aspect of any comparison of motorcycle jackets is the level of protection that the product offers us. This protection has two different aspects, one inside and the other outside.

On the inner side, it is normal for the jacket to have different protections strategically placed in areas such as the back, elbows or shoulders, so that, in the event of a fall, these protective elements absorb the impacts, protecting your body from the effects Of the same.

Therefore, it is key to check that these protections comply with current legislation and, therefore, are capable of resisting those blows, so that they are really effective.

The protection system must also be reinforced by the fabric with which the jacket is manufactured, which, in addition to absorbing part of the impacts, must also be resistant to withstand the friction of the asphalt itself.

Recall that sometimes the dumbest fall, at low speed, may not have effects in the form of fractures, but it does have abrasions of the skin when rubbing on the asphalt.

To avoid these damages, we must bet on quality materials, whether synthetic or natural, such as leather, that adequately protect the body in the event of a fall, preventing rubbing from causing damage.


Normally, motorcycle jackets are designed with an ergonomic design that allows them to fit properly to the body and maintain adequate mobility.

This is fundamental, regardless of how much the jacket we are evaluating costs because if it forces us to travel in a too rigid posture and does not allow us to maneuver in comfort, we will surely end up having problems.

Thus, it is essential that, before making a decision when buying a jacket, you check whether you can have adequate mobility when maneuvering, as well as when assembling and disassembling the machine.

It is also important to take into account the weight of the product, since, due to the presence of the protections and other elements, many motorcycle jackets tend to have a high weight.

It is not a problem that this weight is high if the protection is really at a sufficient level, but as always, the lighter the jacket, the better feelings of comfort. Do not forget, also, to check the size of the jacket, adapting the same function of the characteristics of the biker.

This is essential, since too large or too small a size can cause not only that the protections are not really effective when necessary, but also the fit and comfort when riding are not the most appropriate.


Although this is an aspect that is often neglected, there is nothing that contributes more to the safety of a biker than the fact of being seen properly.

In this aspect, the clothing we wear on the road is of paramount importance, since it can help us to be seen from a greater distance, giving us greater security or precisely preventing that visibility and, therefore, increasing risks.

To achieve this visibility, it is advisable to look for models that have light colors, which are visible at a greater distance than the darker ones.

In addition, it is easy to find, even in the most economical models, reflective elements strategically located in areas such as the arms or the back, which increase our visibility to other drivers, even in the darkest conditions.

In any case, in general, it is not advisable to bet on black or very dark models, unless they have the proper reflective areas that compensate for the lack of color visibility.

How to use a motorcycle jacket

As a good motorcycle fan, you already bought your special jacket and, to use it correctly, we present this article, where we will guide you in how you should use your motorcycle jacket correctly, as well as give you some practical tips so that you have protection and safety while riding your motorcycle.

biker with fur jacket  - best motorcycle gear for commuting

Check your jacket manufacturer’s instructions

This step is very important, because, as a general rule, this type of clothing must have specified at least in symbols if you can use a washing machine and dryer, the type of material if it is textile or leather, the temperature to dry, between other things to know before using it.

Put the appropriate protections on the jacket

A good motorcycle jacket must have adequate compartments to put the necessary protections. The most common are protections for back, shoulders, elbows, and chest. To do this, place the jacket on a table and open the internal zipper where the trellis is placed, usually included in the jacket.

Although there are models that do not bring it, be sure to buy one that is compatible with the make and model of your jacket. Position the back protection so that it fits properly into the jacket, then proceed to zip it up.

Some motorcycle jacket models have compartments for attaching chest protectors, which consist of two pieces to be placed in the internal front pockets. To do this, proceed to open the zippers of these pockets and place each of the side protections for breasts until they fit perfectly.

Another type of protection widely used in motorcycle jackets are those of shoulders and elbows, the pieces of which are placed in compartments located in those parts of the jacket. Some models have them on the inside, others on the outside of the jacket. Locate these compartments and proceed to place each piece until they are well fitted.

Put on your jacket and make any necessary adjustments

Once all the necessary protections are placed in your jacket, you can use it, starting with opening the main zipper and then inserting the arms. Proceed to close the zipper, preferably up to the neck. Depending on the design of your jacket, adjust the wrists, hips, and arms to your liking and size. Some jackets have velcro straps or zippers to carry out this process.

biker driving on the road - best motorcycle gear for commuting

Use your jacket at the right time

To determine when you should use your jacket, you should review it on the inside. Most models of winter jackets include a removable inner thermal lining, as well as various padding to provide extra protection.

For the summer, it is advisable to remove the thermal lining, opening the side zippers and proceeding to remove it from the jacket. This type of jacket is the most versatile because you can use it at any time of the year.

Use your jacket for casual wear

Motorcycle jackets are usually a fashionable garment that you can wear casually or sporty. Just remove all the protections and the thermal lining in case it is summer and you will have a modern jacket.

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