Best Mini Fridge for a Bedroom You Should Buy

best mini fridge for a bedroomAfter a rigorous selection, we bring you the best mini fridge for a bedroom. There are few things better in life than pouring a cold drink and relaxing. A problem, albeit a luxury problem, is that the refrigerator is so far away from where you are at that moment.

This problem has plagued mankind since cooling was first used, from cave dwellers to glaciers all the way up to now, with your grandfather who wanted to watch football with a cold drink. Fortunately, the world has found something to solve these kinds of problems.

Mini fridges are the solution to all your problems that might have to do with a cool drink. That is of course not a new invention, but perhaps something that is highly undervalued.

Time to show some appreciation, then! We have compiled a list with the best mini-fridges, the heroes of a bedroom, dorms, offices and bars to choose your favorite.

Of course, it will make you a diaper, but they will also make life so much easier, and isn’t that what we are all looking for? So relax and read on.

What is the best mini fridge for a bedroom

Danby DAR033A6BDB 3.3 cu. ft. Compact All Refrigerator, Black
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Midea WHS-121LB1 Refrigerator, 3.3 Cubic Feet, Black
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1.Danby Designer 3.3 cubic foot refrigerator

best mini fridge for a bedroom
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According to our extensive tests and research, the Danby Designer 3.3 cubic foot refrigerator is our choice for the best mini fridge for a bedroom, since it is a high-quality unit that occupies storage space caters to a variety of foods and beverages of different sizes. It is also an economical mini-fridge.

If Danby is not your ideal mini-fridge, consider a number of other options, including excellent mini bedrooms and more. Check the full list to see all our best offers!

Why you should buy this: The Danby Designer All compact refrigerator with an exclusive shelving system, you can make the most of its size.

For whom: People who occupy bedrooms and small apartments will appreciate this small device.

Why we choose the Danby Designer 3.3 cubic foot refrigerator:

If you bought a compact refrigerator, you probably saw the name, Danby. The company offers a variety of high-quality minifridge, and Danby Designer is an excellent example.

This compact, multi-colored refrigerator features on-site storage and an exclusive Canstor shelving system for storing a variety of beverage sizes, including large 2-liter bottles and 12-ounce cans. Although this beverage storage box cuts something in the main compartment, the three adjustable refrigerator shelves are still wide enough for most products.

This refrigerator does not have a freezer, therefore, the name “All Refrigerator” is a good thing. The freezers of most compact refrigerators are too small to be worthwhile. However, if you want to make ice cubes, you can switch to one of two Danby refrigerators.

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2. Midea WHS-65L compact refrigerator

best mini fridge for a bedroom
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The Best Minute Mini-Refrigerator

Why you should buy this: The Midea WHS-65L is the smallest refrigerator on this list, but low price and high-quality workmanship make it a worthwhile purchase.

For whom: Do you need a cold? At any time a drink within reach? This 1.1 cubic foot refrigerator fits almost anywhere you need it.

Why we choose the Midea WHS-65L compact refrigerator:

Limited space? How really limited space? The Midea WHS-65L is only 18 inches tall and 19 inches wide and is so small that it fits on the kitchen counter or under a desk.

Despite its small size, you can still put a good amount. The refrigerator has room for a box (if you place the cans individually) and there is a 2-liter bottle on the counter.

This device is also compressed in a small freezer compartment. Of course, the freezer is not good enough. It is only a few inches wide and cannot contain much more than a few ice cubes. However, if you use this refrigerator as a convenient beverage cooler to save yourself the need to take it from your main refrigerator, the freezer may be worth it.

3. HOmeLabs mini-refrigerator – The best mini refrigerator for residential homes

best mini fridge for a bedroom
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Why you should buy this: It is a great and very versatile refrigerator that is perfect for bedrooms.

Why we choose the hOmeLabs mini fridge:

This offers surprisingly complete functions for such a compact model. Temperature controls can be set between maximum, medium and minimum (or turn off when not in use) as needed, but the inside of this refrigerator really impresses.

The main compartment is divided into three glass shelves. Create individual storage areas for different foods. However, if you have larger items, you can remove the shelves as needed.

The door also has its own shelves for storing snacks and excellent support for cans that are perfect for whole beverage cans and easy to take out. Upstairs there is a small freezer, approximately the right size for a small frozen pizza.

In addition, it is also a very affordable refrigerator that facilitates the adjustment in the budgets of the bedrooms (you can also write on the stainless steel door on the marker for notes and other messages).

4. Costway portable refrigerator

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A comfortable mini fridge with a  rugged design that is also thermoelectric, easy to move and especially for trips where you need to keep your drink cold or also heat them.

With a large capacity,  LCD screen, and digitized temperature setting, you will always have the temperature controlled.

This amazing refrigerator and heater are super quiet;  so you won’t need to worry about your dreams being interrupted. Refrigeration can be low to 64 ℉ and the warmest range is 122 ℉ -149 ℉, ideal for preserving heat from food, cooling drinks, soda and cocktails that cannot be missed. 

5. Cooluli: Mini 4 liter fridge

best mini fridge for a bedroom
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This mini electric fridge has a capacity of 4 liters (6 cans). It has a thermoelectric system with an exclusive power bank option, which allows you to easily switch from beverage cooler to food warmer.

Easy to use from 110V interiors to car use by plugging the device into the 12V adapter of the cigarette. In white color and with a beautiful matte finish on the outside elegant enough to use at home or the office.

Thanks to its handle at the top, moving it is super simple. And to change from cooling mode to heat mode, you just have to wait 30 minutes and thus be able to guarantee a safe food treatment.

6. Electric Cooler Knox

Electric Cooler Knox
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A design designed for a greater and surprising capacity:  up to  60 cans of soda or 6 bottles of two liters and 15 cans of soda or beer. It has a removable divider that creates two compartments for better organization and is still super easy to move since it has two integrated wheels and double handles that facilitate transport and traction.

Space will no longer be a problem! It also has a double plug: one for standard power socket and another for your car adapter. Both have storage compartments that are hidden when not in use.

7. Mini SL&BX car refrigerator 

Mini SL&BX car refrigerator 
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With a custom design for girls, this mini refrigerator has more storage capacity than it appears. It is very quiet and compact, so it is perfect to take in the car and also use at home or in the office. 

Thanks to its compact design,  cleaning it will be very easy;  you just have to remove the internal storage shelf and get to work.

With this refrigerator, you will be ready to refresh the best moments of the summer.

8. Mini retro style refrigerator

best mini fridge for a bedroom
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With a striking and sophisticated retro style, this refrigerator is ideal for those who spend too much time in the car, in the office, and of course … for those who travel.

It has a capacity of 12 cans. The transition from the refrigerator to the heater is very simple and its cooling capacity is 40ºF-45ºF, while the heating is 150ºF. 

This durable travel design is made of highly resistant plastic, which means that it is also very light and easy to transport, even when it is full.

Its highly durable insulators are capable of maintaining the temperature even for a long time after being turned off.

Advantages of a mini-fridge

At first glance, the only difference between a small and a normal refrigerator is its size, but here we will detail some of the advantages of a mini-fridge that will be useful as long as you do not need to keep a large amount of food.

  • Comfort

This is one of its advantages since you can have your refrigerators on hand without having to travel to the kitchen. If you have a mini-fridge in the office you can keep your food there without going to a bar or restaurant.

  • There are portable models

These models of refrigerators allow you to take your fridges wherever you go. There are even portable electric refrigerators, these can be plugged into direct current, 12 volts or even USB, so they can be used on a car trip or if you go camping. With a portable mini fridge, you will avoid any risk of eating spoiled food.

  • Lower price

Naturally, being smaller refrigerators, they are cheaper. This makes them a good option if you don’t need to keep a lot of food and don’t want to spend too much.

  • Lower power consumption

The consumption of these appliances varies according to their size. On average, a mini-refrigerator between 40 and 80 liters consumes 240 to 320 kWh (kilowatts/hour) per year. A normal size refrigerator consumes between 420 to 660 kWh per year. Therefore, the consumption of a mini-fridge is approximately half of the consumption of a normal fridge.

  • Smaller size

Of course, this is its main characteristic and can be considered both a disadvantage and an advantage, depending on the specific needs of each person. In case you need to keep drinks or food and do not have much space, there are mini-fridges of all sizes so that they can occupy very specific spaces in your house, office, garage or basement. A mini-fridge is ideal to put under a countertop or under a desk.

  • They are very quiet

The vast majority of these small refrigerators emit very little sound, this makes them ideal for rooms or offices.

Guide to buy the best small fridge

In case you do not know which model is ideal for you, we have detailed some tips that will guide you so you can choose more safely.

  • Correct measurements

First of all, you should know the measures where the mini-fridge will be, whether you plan to install it under a countertop or under a desk, you should know in advance the exact measurements of the space you have. However, this only applies if you are looking for a fixed model of under-counter refrigerator and not a portable one.

  • Know the decibels it produces

This refers to the sound emitted by a mini-fridge and it is recommended that you consider it, especially if you plan to place it in a room. Find the best mini fridge for a bedroom that is quiet.

  • Color and design

This is another important factor since the mini fridge must combine with the rest of the environment. For example, in a room it should look discreet, so you hardly notice it. On the other hand, if you want to decorate a minibar, it can be a more striking model that brings a touch of personality.

  • Power consumption

As for this, it is recommended that you lean towards energy savings when choosing a mini-refrigerator. Like most appliances today, these mini electric refrigerators have an energy rating that indicates their consumption. Preferably look for models with the energy rating A + or higher, these are the most efficient without losing cooling quality.

  • With freezer or without a freezer?

This will depend on the particular needs of each person, but you should not stop wondering if you need a model with a freezer or without a freezer.

  • Fixed or portable?

Maybe with the fridge you have in your house is enough for you, but you need a way to bring refrigerators on your trips or outdoor excursions. For this the best thing is a portable mini-fridge, in it, you can take all the food you need and keep them for several days. There are models that can be connected to 12v or even USB models.

Tips to take advantage of the space of a small refrigerator

Having the refrigerator tidy will not only help you to find your food faster, but it will also help you to keep it better since the refrigerators are designed so that the foods that need colder go higher and those that do not need so much go below.

  • Categorize your food or drinks

As a first tip, it is good that foods such as dairy products, cold cuts or ready-made meals go on top, in order to get colder. In this way, you will keep them for longer in good condition.

  • Use the refrigerator subdivisions

All small refrigerators have subdivisions where to store food or drinks, always try to use them in the best possible way in order to optimize the space. For example, in one sector everything related to dairy and prepared foods can go, in another sector you can store drinks, in other vegetables, etc. Always looking to make the most of space.

  • Use toppers and other organizers

For maximum space optimization and for better organization, it is advisable to invest in a good set of quality toppers. If possible they are suitable for the freezer and dishwasher. If you have a set of toppers of various sizes it will be much easier to manage the space of a small refrigerator. It is recommended that they be transparent so you can see what is inside without opening them.

  • Take some time to organize after making your purchases

Arriving from the market and simply leaving the bags in the refrigerator is not a great idea, especially if you do not have much space. Try to take a few minutes to wash, divide and store your food in containers before storing. This will facilitate your subsequent consumption and save you time when you need to prepare a meal, in addition, you will keep your refrigerator cleaner and the food will be better preserved.

Differences between mini-fridge and minibar

Technically a mini-fridge and a minibar are very similar, both appliances are used to keep the temperature of what is inside low, however, the difference lies in the use that is given to each.

A mini-fridge is used to make the most of a small space, but it serves the same function as a normal refrigerator, that is, to store all kinds of food. They are very useful to take advantage of certain small spaces, such as under a countertop, under a desk, table or any other furniture.

They are also used by people who do not need to store a lot of food and live in small environments, such as people without children or students.

On the other hand, a minibar is rather a small refrigerator where only drinks are stored. They are usually used in social environments to make meetings with friends so that everyone has access to drinks. They usually have more original and decorative designs.


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