Best Ironing Boards for Quilters

The purchase of the appropriate best ironing boards for quilters is the first step to make ironing less stressful.

In all this, a little hand will give you the iron, but maintain a correct posture while ironing that mountain of clothes is the first thing to consider.

best ironing boards for quiltersIf you ask any housewife, which is the most exhausting activity that takes place inside the house and you would like to do without, most of them will answer you: the iron.

It is an exhausting activity that can sometimes take several hours.

If there are many people at home who wear shirts to go to work, the time it takes to iron them increases exponentially.

But why is ironing so tiring? Most people get tired because they do not use a proper ironing board.

Maybe it is too low and you have to be bent for several hours, with irreparable consequences on the back, others buy the table, being too high and tiring the arms considerably.

There are several types of ironing boards available in the market, including floor, table, iron, and furniture hanging on the wall.

If you’re curious (or in a hurry)

This ironing board for quilters is the most popular with our readers


Probably the most comfortable and complete are the floor, here below you will find a comparison with the best ironing boards, including some fundamental features.

What is the best ironing boards for quilters?

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1. Bartnelli ironing board 51 × 19.

Bartnelli ironing board 51 × 19.Whether you are preparing for a job interview or just want to do your best, you need ironed clothes and no wrinkles.

The multi-layer ironing board from Bartnelli can certainly help.

With the extra layer board covered with 100% cotton, you can be sure that this board not only flattens your clothes and leaves them wrinkle-free, but will also stand the test of time.

  • Robust in which small items can be stored.
  • Supported by a 3-year warranty.
  • 100% cotton, multi-layered top
  • The wide design of 51 inches x 19 inches.
  • It adapts to 4 different heights.
  • 2 pounds, that’s heavy enough for an ironing board
  • Only available in one color

2. Parker Extra Wide Pro ironing board

Parker Extra Wide Pro ironing boardA full-size ironing board is the most recommended type of ironing board because it offers enough space for clothing and other accessories.

This Parker Extra Wide Ironing Pro board with wing hem is a large ironing board with an extra-large surface.

In fact, the dimensions are 19 inches wide by 58 inches long, including the iron bracket.

It is built with patented retractable valves that most ironing boards do not have. It makes ironing shirt sleeves and other small items of clothing easy to iron.

It is also manufactured with a cold steel metal structure with superior durability and stability. It is ideal for daily ironing tasks, but also for industrial use.

To prevent accidents and to keep them away from children, this Parker ironing board is supplied with a safety lock to make it easy to transport from one place to another.

It also has a cable support to organize the cable and prevent it from hanging around.

The cover plate is multi-layered, so it is handy and safe. Ensures that the heat passes and the ironing time becomes faster.

Compared to most ironing boards, this Parker ironing board comes with extra features that make it more convenient.

It has a heat-resistant iron bracket to prevent the iron from falling, a rail for hanging freshly ironed clothes and a bag in which small items can be stored.

Pros and cons

This large ironing board is one of the four stars.

Below are the lists of advantages and disadvantages of the Parker Extra Wide Ironing Pro board with shoulder wing edge:

  • Extra large board surface
  • Heat-resistant iron bracket
  • Durable metals
  • Strong structure
  • Security lock system
  • Multi-layer coverage
  • stable
  • Easy to transport
  • Retractable shoulder wing
  • Hanging rail
  • Small bag
  • Cable bra
  • Adjustable height
  • Modern style
  • High-quality product
  • Worth the price
  • It is not suggested for small spaces.

 3. Mabel house ironing board

Mabel house ironing boardThis is a better-quality ironing board because it is of high quality and efficient use compared to its competitors in the marketplace.

The ironing board offers good quality cushioning with its foam and a felt combination under the fabric.

It is possible to set the height of this ironing board on 4 diverse levels. This ironing board has a spoiler that is retractable.

The metal of this plate is very strong and the legs are well-built sufficient to hold out the pressure during the ironing time.

  • Robust coverage
  • Easy to configure
  • affordable
  • He wiggles easily

4. Longboard 300LB reliable

Longboard 300LB reliableThe Reliable 300LB Longboard is another item on our list of the best ironing boards from 2019.

Potential consumers can be able to decide if this is the kind of merchandise they are making a bet on, but here are some important features that can help you make that decision.

2-in-1 design for multifunctional tasks.

According to manufacturers, the Longboard is the first and only 2 in 1 ironing board in the world, built for regular ironing, but also for weavers and quilters.

It has an extension that adds 55 inches to the already large ironing surface.

This helps in ironing larger items such as table clothes and sheets and, as mentioned above, quilt and knit.

Ergonomic support for iron.

The iron bracket that comes with the Longboard offers ergonomic support for the ironing process.

It is designed to secure the iron in an inclined position, ideal for lifting it while applying the least pressure to the wrist and hand.

The magnetic locking system for an extra secure fit

The Longboard offers safety and optimum adaptation for both work and storage.

To ensure that the cover is properly held in place, it is protected by means of the twofold strap for a smoother surface. while not being utilized, the table can be folded and stored with magnetic closures to keep it in shape.

  • Tube frame design
  • Expansion for knitting and quilting.
  • Suitable for large items
  • sustainable
  • sharp edges

5. Ironing Board Lelit

Ironing Board Lelit

For those looking for a professional ironing model, this model is one of the best and most complete in the market, which also translates into a higher price.

The Lelit model is a device with a lot of positive comments found in the various forums.

This ironing board is solid and full of functions, with the possibility of complementing it with accessories through subsequent purchases.

Among its advantages is the possibility of adjusting the height, but also the heated upper part and not only that, since it is also equipped with a fan and a suction function.

There are also several points of support but above all the possibility of inserting a precision work arm and a vertical ironing hanger (sold separately).

Of the real disadvantages that we have not found, except for the high price and perhaps the weight of 18 kg, which for someone could be excessive.


We recommend the Lelit table for all those who want speed and precision, that really have a lot of ironing clothes and that they may need to adjust the height because several people use it.

We do not recommend it, given the high price, to those who use it sporadically but also to those who do not have much strength in their arms and often have to move it from one place to another.

  • Suction and blow function for more precise work
  • Cover with heating to remove moisture from clothes
  • Adjustable height to avoid uncomfortable positions
  • Several accessories purchased separately for a more practical job
  • Solid structure
  • Weight above average
  • High price

6. Leifheit Extra Large

Leifheit Extra LargeFor those looking for a small ironing board with plug, this Leifheit model is a cheap board, with a very reasonable price.

However, we can certainly recommend it to many, but not all, since we have found strong points and weak in him.

We start from what does not convince us at all, as the lack of shelves for ironed clothes, but also the iron grid, too small for plate models.

The tip of the table is not very pointed, so it is better to buy an iron sleeve or a table for the work of collars, cuffs, and sleeves.

The characteristics of the materials even indicated as breathable, are not well specified, and we doubt a little of their quality.

The product is very light, closes completely vertical, but it should be noted that there are no wheels for movement.

An advantageous feature is the height adjustment up to 98 cm, ideal even for those who are very tall. Finally, we highlight the presence of an integrated electrical outlet.


We recommend Leifheit Classic M Plus to people, even tall people, who do not iron a lot or who iron a few pieces per session.

On the contrary, however, we do not recommend it to those who iron a lot, especially shirts, which also require great precision.

  • Mobility thanks to the integrated plug
  • Lightweight
  • Height adjustable even for tall people
  • Slightly tapered tip for precision ironing
  • There is no support shelf for ironed garments
  • Iron support not suitable for some models with external deposit

 7. Foppapedretti  Extra wide

Foppapedretti  Extra wideFor those looking for an ironing board this model, medium-high size is very particular, because it is not just an ironing board, but a real wardrobe where you can put the iron or the different ironed clothes.

The structure is not particularly large, but certainly solid since it is made almost entirely of beech wood.

The weight is slightly less than 30 kg but can be moved easily thanks to the wheels located below the base.

The main advantage of this model, in addition to having a large capacity inside, undoubtedly offers many shelves during work.

However, there are no special functions, it is a simple piece of furniture, and we also point out that there is no possibility to adjust the height.

If you are very tall, it is not the best purchase to make, we also add that the countertop is not the largest, but we still have a fairly large surface.


We recommend the Foppapedretti ironing board to all those who seek to take advantage of the spaces of the house, taking a wardrobe and ironing board in one purchase.

  • Transport with wheels
  • It also serves as a storage closet.
  • Solid wood materials
  • Many shelves available
  • The wheels do not turn for changes of direction
  • Little precision because the tip is not very narrow
  • The height can not be adjusted

8. Brabantia ironing board Extra Large

Brabantia ironing board Extra LargeIf we put it in the first place it is not because it is the cheapest or the most “pretty”, although it really has an excellent price and looks very good.

But this ironing board convinces for other reasons that have to do with functionality, which is the most important thing after all.

The Brabantia 101083 has very solid support that allows working with very diverse plates.

This base to put the iron has a safety edge for the iron to stay in place.

Its structure is made of high-quality materials and has a cover made of 100% cotton that facilitates ironing, has a system that holds the fabric so that it is always smooth.

This ironing board has two security systems.

A locking mechanism for children that prevents the table from falling, and when folded we need to move it from one place to another we can use the transport lock that prevents it from unfolding while we move it.

The Brabantia 101083 has generous dimensions of 124 x 38 cm for a more comfortable ironing surface and is adjustable in height with a range of 69 to 96 cm.

  • Has large tray and large resistance
  • has space for ironing center
  • can be used safely in hands
  • safety lock
  • Circular cover table can be annoying.

9. Jata Ironing Board With Ladder

Jata Ironing Board With LadderThe company Jata wanted to design this model of ironing board so that it had a light weight and was easy to use.

The most outstanding feature of the Jata 848S is that it only has a weight of 6 kg, although it seems a lot is a pretty low weight if you compare it with other models of this type.

By having this level of weight it will be very easy both to use the table itself and transport it without much effort and save it where you like best.

The 848S has a cover designed entirely in cotton, which is very good for ironing any garment, plus it has padding to help you even more at work by allowing you to press with the iron against the fabric.

Another of its main features is its high level of practicality, thanks to the fact that it has several extra compartments, a system that converts it into a small staircase and tubes for hanging clothes.

  • Good value for money
  • Underweight
  • Versatile
  • Safety railing for the iron
  • 100% cotton cover
  • Robust
  • Stable
  • The last rung of the ladder is not very practical
  • It is not adjustable in height, it is always 70 cm high
  • The cover that it brings is of low quality

Purchase Guide: What to take into account when buying an Ironing Board

1. Structure

Ironing is probably one of the most hated domestic activities and, therefore, it is even more important to create the right conditions to carry out this tedious task in the quickest and least exhausting way possible.

Once you have chosen the iron that best suits your needs, you must find the right support surface, which allows you to maintain a comfortable and correct position for your back and that does not risk damaging under boiling steam.

There are 4 different types of ironing boards, each of which has advantages and disadvantages: table, wall, folding or retractable ironing board. Let’s see in detail the characteristics of each one.

Table ironing board

As the name suggests, it must be placed on a table, desk or cabinet and consists of a small shaft mounted on two folding legs.

It is a practical solution for those who only iron items that can not be done without ironing or for those who have little space in the house, because in addition to being small is usually equipped with a hook to hang it in the closet with clothes.

However, it is not possible to adjust its height and the support surface is very short, so often even a men’s shirt is larger than the entire shaft and therefore requires more passes to be stretched completely and without creases.


They should be mounted at the desired height and can be useful for those who have a small room or a store to be used as a laundry: they save a lot of space and do not even need a table.

The disadvantage is that once assembled they can not be removed from the wall, so the ironing boards are not suitable for those who do not have a fixed place to iron.

In addition, by being fixed to the wall, the movement space of the arms is limited.


It is undoubtedly the most popular model and consists of a long and narrow board mounted on a folding metal structure or wood.

In this category, there are hundreds of models, some very basic and light, others more equipped and versatile.

You can also find models for professional use, often with a sleeve for the arm and sometimes also iron, included in the price.

The folding ironing boards are adapted to the needs of all, so they are the best selling models.

Hidden ironing boards on furniture

They are among the most expensive models and the table is, in fact, retractable, so the remarkable feature of this type of axes is that they can be completely closed and transformed into a piece of furniture on which to support a vase or an ornament.

They are, therefore, ideal for those who pay special attention to home decoration but are quite cumbersome and not suitable for those who have a small apartment.

2. Size and mobility

With the exception of the wall-mounted models, which once fixed will no longer be mobile, all other categories of ironing boards offer the possibility of moving more or less easily and can adapt more or less to the ironing habits of the user.

In our opinion, the possibility of moving an axis, the ease of this movement and the overall dimensions are the second decisive factor in the choice of an ironing board.

Let’s see what are the characteristics to evaluate in this regard.


Ideally, the ironing board should be at a side height or at most the height of the navel, so that the ironing board does not bend over the garments and has the correct range of movement for the arms.

In the case of wall and table models, the fixing or placement on a suitable table clearly depends on the user, while the folding or retractable ironing boards can have a fixed structure or height adjustable.

These last models are certainly preferable, also because they can be used without problems even by several people of different heights.


Also, in this case, it is folding and retractable ironing boards.

In addition to having a folding structure, some products, especially bulky and heavy ones, are equipped with wheels to facilitate movement.

However, care must be taken that they are not simple plastic wheels, but, if possible, have a rubber coating and scratch-resistant to avoid damaging delicate floors such as parquet.

While it must be easy to move, it is also true that during ironing the board should not slip, so it is important that the structure has non-slip rubber feet that rub on the floor and that the wheels, if any, are equipped with brakes or can be raised.

Closing system

Finally, reference is also made to the closing of folding models, which can be vertical or collapsible.

Vertical closure

In the first case, the ironing board, once closed, rests on only two of the four legs and grows in height, so it can not stand independently and must be placed on a wall or stored in a closet: This means not only running the risk of dirtying the walls but also having to find a suitable place to prevent it from slipping and falling.

Horizontal closure

But the folding models do not present any of these problems: the structure closes on itself and the axis rests on four legs, which makes it much more stable.

These models are also significantly lower than those of vertical closure and can be easily stored under a shelf or next to a closet. In the photo below you can see an example.

Weight and robustness

The load-bearing structures of traditional ironing boards can be made of wood or metal alloys (such as steel and aluminum).

Both materials have disadvantages and advantages that should not be underestimated in the election:

  • Wood structure: Aesthetically it is certainly more elegant, but wood models are also generally more expensive. In general, they include several shelves and tend to be more robust, so they are also suitable for the support of boiler irons.
  • On the other hand, however, they are slightly heavier and the wood tends to absorb moisture, so we must pay attention to the type of coating with which they are equipped and let them dry a few minutes in the air before storing them.
  • Metallic alloy structure: can have very light and basic models, as well as other super acessories, and has the advantage of being generally light and less exposed to damage caused by frequent exposure to steam. It is generally a little less solid and stable than a wooden structure.

3. Cover and filling

Three aspects of the ironing surface have to be taken into account, two of which are common to all the models and one specific to the professional ironing boards: the dimensions, length, and width of the board, the padding and the cover, and the functions that facilitate ironing. We will evaluate the three aspects separately.


The larger the size of the shaft, the easier it will be to stretch the bedding or large garments.

However, the tip must be narrow so that it can be used as a prop to tighten garments at the seams.

Padding and cover


Some of the cheapest models on the market do not have padding but are simply covered with a cotton or synthetic cover.

In fact, the presence of padding is essential for the success of the work.

The structure of the table, both wooden and metal ironing boards, has holes that allow air to circulate and moisture does not accumulate: if the padding is absent or too thin, when pressure is going to be applied to the iron the fabric, instead of stretching, take the shape of the structure, compromising the result a bit.


There are several aspects that can be evaluated with respect to the ironing board of the ironing board.


First of all, the cover should be made of a permeable and breathable material to absorb not only the vapor, but also the possible drops of water: therefore, it is preferable to avoid the synthetic models, since they could melt in the long term, and prefer the cotton models that allow a better perspiration.

Some cotton covers can also be thermo-reflective, that is, they have a surface treated with ceramic or braided powder with very fine copper filaments that “reflect” the heat and are non-stick, which speeds up ironing times.

The thickness and inner lining

Also the thickness and the inner lining of the sheet are important: there are very thin and ineffective covers and others thicker, perhaps because they are equipped with a foam rubber or felt coating: the latter material is actually preferable, since It has the double advantage of not deforming over time due to high temperatures (as can occur with foam rubber) and reflecting heat.

Fixation System

There are also some differences in the fixation of the table. In particular, we can indicate three fixing systems :

  • With elastic band: the edge of the opaque sheet is elastic, so it can be carried precisely and effortlessly on the surface of the shaft. It is undoubtedly the most convenient way to fix the sheet to the shaft, but sometimes the sheet thus fixed is not perfectly stretched during the ironing.
  • With ropes: in this case, the fabric is fixed by cords that are tied together at the desired tension. Naturally, the tighter the ropes are, the stronger the fabric will be during ironing.
  • With clip: a third system is the one that allows the use of clips that hold the plate fixed on the shaft, its advantage is that it allows quick hooking and unhooking of the sheet to the shaft.

In any case, we remind you that if the table supplied is not satisfactory, it is possible to acquire a new one at a cost of a few euros.


Professional ironing boards are often equipped with some functions that facilitate ironing.

Obviously, these models are very expensive and with benefits perhaps disproportionate for simple domestic use, but for those who work in haute couture, they are essential tools of the trade. These ironing boards can have the following functions:

  • Heating function: Warms the board, thus drying the fabrics from the humidity of the steam. In this way, garments can be stored immediately in the closet and new folds will not form immediately.
  • Suction function: “suck” the tissues and hold them firmly on the shaft so they do not form unwanted folds. It is a particularly useful feature with garments rich in folds and seams, such as evening dresses or pleated skirts, as it facilitates the passage of iron even in areas that require precision work.
  • Blower function: it is the opposite of the previous one and avoids the formation of ironing marks in the most delicate fabrics such as silk or velvet.

4. Panels and support surfaces

We have indicated the support surfaces as the fourth determining factor in the choice of the ironing board because we believe that the presence of these makes the use of the table much more comfortable.

There are different support surfaces, arms, and hooks that can complement the ironing board.

Even if the presence of these additional components is not directly related to the price, since even professional models can be baked, it is also true that they are hardly included in the most economical models, especially if they are tabletop ironing boards or wall.

Let’s see which are the most common accessories of the ironing boards.

Air separation grid

The most common surface that can be found is probably the iron grid , placed at the non-pointed end of the top: this way it is possible to place the iron in a safe place when you need to have both hands free, thus avoiding the risk of burning the padding leaving the iron plate in contact with the fabric of the cover.

Keep in mind that the presence of an iron shelf is essential in case you use a steam iron (impressive, for example, in professional ironing boards), and in this case, you must first make sure that it is strong enough not to break or bend under the weight of the iron.

On the other hand, models designed for use with steam irons often have a rod that has the function of holding the cable and streamlining the movements of the iron.

Hanger for ironed clothes

It is also very common the presence of a shelf or a support grid for ironed clothes, sometimes even accompanied by a second shelf to house the laundry basket.

Obviously, in the case of retractable ironing boards, the number of shelves is significantly higher, and sometimes they include real doors in which to place distilled water or other useful instruments for ironing.

Support for coats

In addition to the shelves, it can also be very useful to have a hanger for the hangers where you can hang those items that it is not advisable to keep folded in the drawers, like clothes, skirts, elegant pants and so on.

Arm and removable extension cable

More rare to find are the sleeve and the removable extension: the first is usually in professional models and serves to iron more precisely the sleeves, especially shirts, the second is a practical solution for stretchers and clothing of bed.

5.-Best Brands

Ironing boards can be found on all brands, most of which are not particularly famous.

It is not uncommon, in fact, that very cheap model can be found without difficulty, even in supermarkets or indifferent home supply stores.

For those looking for more solid and accessory models, one of the most famous brands is certainly Foppapedretti, an Italian company specializing in wood products for the home and with special attention to aesthetics, as well as  Leifheit and Brabantia.


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