Best HiFi Headphones Under 300

best HiFi headphones under 300

Stay with us and discover a list made with love and dedication, in which we have selected, based on price, experiences, and opinions, the best HiFi headphones under 300 of the moment.

HiFi headphones are some of the most requested devices today due to the great sound quality they offer. These are not only desired by music lovers but also sound engineers and studio recording professionals, tirelessly looking for a headphone that allows you to reproduce with fidelity each of the sounds contained in a musical work. We give you 3 reasons:

  • They are the only ones with real sound quality.
  • Because their technology contributes not to harm our hearing.
  • They give us the sound experience that we want so much.

Choosing the best HiFi headphones under 300

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1. OneOdio Wireless Hifi Headphones 

OneOdio Wireless Hifi Headphones - best HiFi headphones under 300
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They are wireless and have a built-in microphone in addition to being a good size.

Brand and Design

The company OneOdio offers wireless HiFi headphones that also have a built-in microphone to give you the best experience.

These headphones can be linked through Bluetooth connectivity and also allows you to share your favorite songs through an audio cable with a 3.5 mm connection. Thus, with two more of your classmates, they can listen to the same songs.

The audio quality has a low-frequency presence that is remarkable and with good quality. Thanks to the connectivity of Bluetooth 4.0 the sound is clear, clear, and suffers from decoupling that can minimize your experience. They also have low noise technology so you can speak through the built-in microphone without external noise limiting what you hear.

The design of the circumaural headband offers excellent comfort because it has a medium-density foam pad that fits perfectly to the pinna of your ear.

These HiFi headphones have a range of energy autonomy for 24 hours but if you no longer have any more charge, you can connect via the cable and continue listening to music without stopping.

Long playtime: With the Bluetooth function you can listen to music for 24 hours. Don’t worry, if you don’t have more battery, you can also listen to music by wired mode.

Measurements and weight:

This headset despite being a little big, its weight is only 290g. While its measurements are 17 high x 14 long x 10 cm wide.

2. HiFi Bluetooth 5.0 HiFi Mini Twins Headphones 

HiFi Bluetooth 5.0 HiFi Mini Twins Headphones  - best HiFi headphones under 300
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Compact and wireless design.


Again we find wireless headphones using Bluetooth connectivity. But this time it is 5.0 which represents one of the highest in playback speed so that your experience does not present any interruption. In addition, the pairing is instantaneous and is done just by turning on the device.

These headphones have a comfortable design and one of the lightest on the market. While the sound quality is hifi with a good presence of low frequencies and the treble response is quite stable.

Its autonomy is only 16 hours of continuous music and it is not what I liked the most but it is very useful to most music fans.

One of the functions that we love, is the hands-free one with which you can answer and hang up calls with any of the two Hifi headphones. You also have the possibility to share your favorite music, when you are in training sports sessions or simply when you ride a motorcycle and you want to enjoy good music with your companion.

Measurements and weight:

Despite their small size, these HiFi headphones weigh 118 g. While they come in a 12 x 12 x 4 cm long, wide and high package.

3. Hifi Mixcder E7 Active Headphones

Hifi Mixcder E7 Active Headphones - best HiFi headphones under 300
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Great sound quality

They are big.


Now we have Mixcder brand hi-fi headphones, it is the E7 series that represents for them one of their best devices. These have the technology for noise cancellation, through automatic analysis of the environment and activation of the signal reduction that you can activate and deactivate with the push of a button.

It has a 400mAh battery that gives you 20 continuous hours of autonomy and the possibility of charging through a USB cable. But if you do not have any battery and a nearby power source, just connect via the 3.5 mm cable to your mobile device or computer to continue enjoying your favorite songs.

In addition, these HiFi headsets have a high-quality built-in microphone that allows you to establish a fluid conversation in phone calls, Skype, and all available electronic media.

Measurements and weight:

These headphones are not only large but also heavy because they are 567g. While its dimensions are 20.7 x 6.6 x 23.8 cm high, wide, and deep.

4. Hifi Beyerdynamic DT 880 Headphones 

best HiFi headphones under 300
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High-quality German technology.

The Beyerdynamic company has excellent HiFi headphones, they are the DT 880 Premium 250 ohm. These have connectivity through cables and are connected through a 3.5 mm connector, to which you can add an adapted for 1/4.

These devices have an excellent sound response, with high-quality stable bass and the noise cancellation system so you can listen to only your favorite songs.

Thanks to its ultralight design, the DT 880 has a lightweight despite its size and this is due to the quality of its materials that allow greater ergonomics.

Measurements and weight:

Its weight is 328 g, while its measurements are 17.8 x 10.2 x 21.6 cm high, wide and deep.

5. Hifi Sennheiser HD 660S Headphones 

best HiFi headphones under 300
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The sound frequency range is amazing.

They are wired.


The German quality of the Sennheiser company is evident in these hifi headphones that stand out for having a classic design but a sound quality with the highest technology. The impedance range is 150 ohms making it easy to connect directly to home, premium and mobile audio devices.

This model incorporates transducers that have an ultralight aluminum coil and that are coupled to the precision diaphragms, made of stainless steel fabric. In addition, the transducers combine to offer a tight tolerance of (± 1 dB) for better performance.

Its connectivity is through a cable, but the company thought of everything so that you can have comfort. It has two detachable cables that have been reinforced for high conductivity. One of these cables has a 6.35mm stereo jack and includes a 3.5mm adapter, while the other has a 4.4mm Pentaconn series stereo jack.

With a circumaural design, an impedance that ranges from 23 Ω – 150 Ω, a frequency response between 10 – 42,000 Hz 10 – 41,000 Hz (-10dB) and 10 Hz – 42,000 Hz. In addition to a sound precision level of (SPL ) 114dB (1 kHz / 1Vrm) 104 dB at 1V 1kHz 105 dB, these are one of the best hifi headphones on the market.

Measurements and weight:

Thanks to its ultra light-alloy components, this earphone is only 259 g in weight, measuring 20 x 6 x 26 cm high, depth, and width respectively.

6. HiFi Headphones Sony WH-1000XM3S

best HiFi headphones under 300
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The best HiFi headphones from sony.

They are expensive.


The WH-1000XM3S.CE7 from Sony is an impressive headset that you can use with cable or via Bluetooth connectivity. It has an autonomy of 38 full music! and a charging time of less than three hours, which is more than enough to satisfy the most demanding and passionate users.

It is compatible with portable desktop computers, as well as smartphones and home media players. With a maximum range of 1o meters in wireless mode and three meters with cable through a 3.5 mm connector

It has the most advanced Noise Canceling technology, with comfortable and adjusted pads for greater ergonomics and the powerful Noise Canceling HD QN1 processor.

With LDAC technology, it has a maximum transfer rate of 990 kbps, which is higher than conventional wireless BLUETOOTH. It also has smart listening technology with Sense Engine, which intuitively adapts to the environment.

Thanks to the built-in microphone you can speak with just a touch and listen to everything important, due to the control of ambient sound.

Measurements and weight:

Weighing only 254 grams and measuring 18 x 15 x 8 cm long, wide and deep, these are one of the ergonomic and compact margins on the market.

 7. Philips Audio Fidelio X2HR Hifi Headphones

best HiFi headphones under 300
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A traditional design with the highest technology.

They are expensive.


Now we have PHILIPS brand headphones, this is the Fidelio X2HR / 00 series that stands out for providing a high quality listening experience, comfort, and faithful to the original sounds of your favorite songs.

It has powerful drivers made of 50mm neodymium so that you have the widest range, at the same time, the most accurate.

Its speakers have been designed, tested, and configured to deliver crisp, well-balanced bass, a highly transparent mid-range, and clear, undistorted, and faithful high-frequency response.

Its open design offers first-rate acoustic capacity because it eliminates the accumulation of air pressure behind the driver and frees the diaphragm for free movement.

Capable Type Motion Control (LMC) features a multi-layered polymer diaphragm that covers the damping gel. Therefore, everything exaggerated in each of the frequencies is eliminated instantly so that you do not stop living the best sound moment.

Measurements and weight:

Its weight is 320 grams and it is 19 x 23 x 11 cm high, wide, and deep.

Buying guide for best HiFi headphones under 300

Depending on what we are going to use the headphones for, we should choose between one model or another among the wide variety available

Types of headband headphones

Depending on its construction, the headphones can be open or closed. In the former, the cup or capsule of the earpiece is open on the outside of the hearing aid and protected with a grill or foam that lets the sound in and out.

This makes reproduction more natural, the sound is not “canned” and, in addition, the ear of the person using them is less tiring. On the contrary, in closed headphones, the capsule is designed to not let sound in or out.

This enhances the bass, and together with the fact that they tend to put more pressure on the head, it produces a feeling of isolation. The problem with this type of hearing aid is that prolonged listening, at high volume, ends up causing hearing fatigue, as well as being more uncomfortable.

Both open and closed hearing aids, with their advantages and disadvantages, have their applications.

  • Open Headphones: Ideal for long, detailed listening, whether for pleasure at home, with a hi-fi system, or for working in a studio, in front of a console or study table, doing audio editing or production. As we have said, the sound goes in and out, so we must try not to have ambient noise that can interfere with hearing or people around whom we can disturb.
  • Closed headphones: they are suitable for all situations where we need isolation, for example, working in a DJ booth, or in a recording session with a microphone that could capture the sound coming out of the headphones and spoil the shot.

Also, when we buy headphones to listen to music on the street with the smartphone, they are also usually closed, for that of eliminating ambient noise. Some hearing aids suitable for this use include an electronic noise-canceling device, which enhances the feeling of isolation.

Types according to their design and size

Within what we have already seen, there are two other types of headphones, circumaural, which are placed around the ear, and supraural, which are placed over the ear.

  • The circumaural headphones are larger, and, not resting on the ear, more comfortable (especially if you wear glasses), in addition to producing a feeling of spaciousness in reproduction.
  • On- ear headphones are smaller, therefore lighter. This gives them greater portability, in addition to not sheltering their ears excessively, something that is greatly appreciated in hot weather.

The technical specifications

The technical specifications of the headphones are what will largely determine the final sound reproduced by them. We say in large part, because then other factors influence, such as the player used and the quality of the audio you are listening to, remember that the higher the compression of the sound, the lower the quality.

In the recently published article about Bluetooth speakers, you will find information related to this topic.

Often these technical specifications appear as undecipherable data for neophytes. We want to help you understand them so that your choice is always the most suitable for your needs. Here we explain the meaning of the most important ones and their influence on the sound of the headphones.

Impedance: is basically resistance to electric current. In the case at hand, the resistance of the headphones to the signal emitted from the player. It is measured in ohms and is represented by the Greek letter “omega”.

The usual impedance of the commercialized headphones ranges from 16 ohms to 600 in the most professional models. The more impedance, greater resistance, and less power, so the volume will be lower. Therefore, you will need more energy to operate the hearing aids.

Portable players such as MP4, smartphones, or tablets have low output levels, so we must use headphones with low impedances. In contrast, professional amplifiers or study tables that produce a high output level need headphones with higher impedances, as these are more resistant to distortion, interference, and excess power that could burn them.

The frequency range: the human ear is capable of detecting a frequency range that ranges between 20hz and 20,000hz, with the lowest figures corresponding to the low frequencies and the highest figures corresponding to the high frequencies.

The best headband headphones must be capable of reproducing at least the entire frequency spectrum audible to the human ear. You will often come across models that exceed it, for example from 10hz to 35000hz.

This is explained by the fact that there are frequencies that are not heard but are perceived and contribute to making the reproduced sound richer in bass and treble.

SPL or Sensitivity: The sound pressure level or sensitivity is measured in decibels (db). The higher the dB, the higher volume the headphones can reach. Keep in mind, though, that the human ear reaches the pain threshold from 120db.

Headphones with higher sound pressure levels are usually designed to be used in places with high ambient noise, for example, during a concert or in a DJ booth. In the case of specific headphones for working in a studio, which is usually soundproof, the SPL is lower.

The technical specifications are very important as they will tell us which are the best headphones for us.

The size of the drivers: the transducers or drivers are the speakers of the headphones, usually the larger they are, the better the sound quality. Hearing aids designed to deliver high sound quality, for example high-fidelity ones, usually come with drivers larger than 40mm.

What headband headset to buy?

As you already know, in this article we are only dealing with wired headband headphones and, you will have seen that there are several types of headphones to choose from when purchasing the most suitable for you.

For this reason, below, we make a classification of the headphones that are the protagonists of this comparison, according to the use for which they are intended.

This does not mean that you cannot buy an HD25 or another DJ headphone and use it with the iPhone, for example, since the qualities of this type of headphones such as isolation, the volume they provide and the reinforcement in the bass are very useful for listening to certain types of music with portable players.

Best DJ Headphones: The recommended models for this use are closed headphones, with a high isolation capacity and a high SPL level. Also, you need robustness in construction, resistance in the cable, and mobility in the capsules, through joints with the headband, in case you have to mix only with one of them.

Whether it is circumaural or supraural, I leave it to your choice, as it is a subjective matter of comfort. There are excellent DJ headphones in both designs. The best example of a robust and virtually indestructible DJ headphone is the Sennheiser HD.

The best studio headphones: These headphones are always characterized by offering a flat, reference sound without “coloring”, in which the different tracks integrated in a song can be easily distinguished. But there are two variants:

  • The studio headphones used to record with a microphone closed to allow monitoring.
  • Headphones for mixing and production, which are open, reproducing a more natural sound and with a greater spatiality.

The best headphones for HIFI: the demanding customer of this type of headphone is the classic audiophile, who delights at home with prolonged listening on hi-fi equipment of the works produced by his favorite musicians.

However, they are also suitable for enjoying audiovisual content, or with a PC through a good DAC converter. This requires a very comfortable, open, circumaural earphone with large drivers capable of reproducing a very wide frequency range in great detail. A good recommendation for its value for money is the Sennheiser HD 600.

The best headphones for smartphones: This section, despite the fact that we have called it “headphones for smartphones”, refers to versatile headphones to be used outdoors with all kinds of portable devices or at home with a PC.

In general, when it is not about headphones as specific as those mentioned above, most hearing aids available in the market are framed in this segment.

For this use, it is usual to use earbuds, in-ear or in-ear, for the comfort of transportation that gives us its minuscule size. But headband headphones often offer higher sound quality, and for many people, in addition to being harmful to hearing health, it is uncomfortable to wear the in-ear headset inserted into the ear for a long time.

A more portable earphone, with the short cable, of closed construction, and if possible, with a microphone to be able to use the hands-free function, is usually suitable for these cases.

In addition, if you travel often, it does not hurt that the hearing aid integrates an active device “noise canceling”, which will protect you to a great extent from the noise inherent in the means of transport, that is, from the motors and other passengers.

I hope these best HiFi headphones under 300 helps you out! Now start making your decisions. You may also like: Best Steering Wheel for Xbox One and PC

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