Best Hand Dryers on the Market

best hand dryers on the marketWhen equipping the bathrooms of our house, of a particular business or of any public center, hygiene is an extremely relevant factor and so, using any of the best hand dryers on the market is the smartest option both for high efficiency and for maintaining personal hygiene.

And these tools are more hygienic products than traditional towels. A hand dryer is a device that fulfills its main function: dry and clean your hands.

However, with the technological advances that are the order of the day, these electronic accessories have diversified their functions, becoming more practical and versatile.

Therefore, we have selected four of the best hand dryers on the market so you can compare their pros, cons and choose the alternative that best suits what you are looking for.

A look at what research has uncovered about the supposedly ‘best’,
If you’re curious (or in a hurry)

This specific hand dryer is the most popular with our readers

What are the best hand dryers on the market

1.Saniflow M03AC Mediflow

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This hand dryer has dimensions of 325x 272x 164 mm and a weight of 4.25 kg. It has a one-piece housing of AISI 304 stainless steel, 1.5 mm thick, glossy finish, is attached to the base through 2 safety screws, and closed with a special key.

  • It is one of the quietest hand dryers on the market.
  • Due to the uninterrupted flow of hot air, the hands dry faster.
  • It has great robustness, which also makes it anti-vandalism.
  • It is of complex installation so you need the support of a technician to be able to use it properly.

2. Saniflow M99ACS

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This made of stainless steel is very resistant, with powerful airflow, power of 1640 W and airspeed of 65 kilometers per hour. In addition, it retains the base through 4 Allen screws. Its dimensions are 302x 255x 140 mm.


  • You don’t have enough power to dry your hands quickly.

3. Dyson AB14

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The modern technology of Dyson and its engines has also made the leap into the world of hand dryers.

A jump from which products such as the Dyson AB14 professional hand dryer, which offers us a high operating speed and a spectacular design, allow you to dry your hands directly by simply putting them inside the equipment.

To do this, it has a 1600-watt motor, which rotates at six thousand turns per minute, creating a special effect inside the equipment, to leave your hands dry, effortlessly.

A model made of polycarbonate and ABS, which you can easily install thanks to its 8 kilos of weight and its elegant design in silver tones.


dry your hands in a short time with adequate performance.

offer adequate use for a long period of time without resorting to a replacement

Its size allows you to place your hands comfortably to dry them.


The weight of 8 kg of the model can make assembly somewhat difficult,

4. Xlerator hand dryer

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The Xlerator is the most efficient, ecological and hygienic hand drying system on the market.

Its unique and patented technology allows you to dry your hands completely in 8-10 seconds and save 80% of electricity consumption.

It is a recognition of the constant efforts of Xlerator engineers, for being the most environmentally friendly. There are other brands that are also making efforts in this direction, but the one that has gone further is undoubtedly Xlerator.

This brand reduces energy consumption by 90%, is environmentally friendly and also with your pocket.

The Xlerator electric dryer reduces CO2 emissions by 300%. Drying your hands was never as ecological as it is with this brand.

– First high-speed ecological dryer
– Patented low consumption technology
– Dry your hands in 8-10 seconds
– Save 80% of electricity consumption
– 5-year warranty!
– Hepa filter and optional accessories
– 500w eco model
– Do not accept imitations

Types of Hand dryer

  • Physical media (paper or cloth)
  • Pulsed air

Manufacturers are fighting a battle to conquer this market. They carry out studies to show that their product is the most hygienic, the most ecological and the most economical. The University of Bradford, WHO, MIT or the Canadian University of Laval are heavily involved in the development of these studies.

Description of drying methods:
The method of drying by tissue is set aside, being proven that it is absolutely unhygienic, carrier of bacteria in mass.

Paper hand dryer

A single sheet of disposable paper is provided.

photo dryer with paper handsAdvantage:
According to several studies, this drying system is the most hygienic. Using a towel for each use the consumer is less exposed to bacteria.


  • This system requires regular maintenance. Indeed, if he has no more towels in the device, the user leaves the hands wet.
  • From an ecological point of view, the unique use of paper makes it an instrument of big paper consumption.
  • The bin that receives used towels is a nest of bacteria.

Manual electric hand dryer

To activate the hot air propelled by this dryer, press the button.

manual powered air dryer

This type of dryer has all the disadvantages. All studies make it the bad :

the proliferation of bacteria, hands in contact with the device, hot air propelled inhaled by the user, etc.

Automatic electric hand dryer

It’s the little brother of the manual electric hand dryer minus all the disadvantages.

Dyson hand dryer with forced air

The device is switched on by hand detection. Hot air is propelled at high speed by antibacterial filters.

Manufacturer Dyson has designed an electric hand dryer full of technology to counteract all the flaws of an ordinary electric hand dryer.

Advantages :

  • According to some studies, the use of a paper towel costs the equivalent of 38 uses of an electric dryer. This makes it a much more economical device than a paper hand dryer.
  • And so much more ecological too.
  • All Dyson and Saniclean hand dryers have HEPA filters that remove bacteria from the air used for drying.
  • The hulls are covered with an antibacterial layer.
  • The drying time is fast type (about 10sec!).

Practical, fast, economical, hygienic and ecological … the new hand dryers offered by Dyson and Saniclean are among the most efficient devices on the market.

Buyer’s Guide

Like the purchase of any product, before giving the definitive ‘YES’ to the hand dryer it is prudent to consider a series of relevant characteristics. In order to make sure you are making the right decision.

For this reason, we present the main aspects that you should evaluate in all hand dryer options :

Air supply and outlet system

This is one of the main elements to consider, and it is the one that would mark the difference between the different proposals.

In general, current hand dryers include one or two air inlet ducts, which generate flows according to the power level of the motor (or engines) that it possesses. So you must make sure the air outlet, as this will define the time it will take to dry your hands.

And of course, the way out of the air beyond being a high-speed flow must be efficient. Therefore, consider both factors when evaluating the hand dryer power system.

Specific use

Each dryer can be applied to a different environment. That is, it not only serves to a condition in bathrooms but can also be installed in other areas. And therefore, it is necessary to consider choosing the device that meets the characteristics necessary for the use to which it will be used.

Recall that there are dryers with small to large hands, from lower to a higher power. And each one adapts perfectly to different places.

Fabrication material

In relation to the previous point, depending on the use that will be given, the stronger the hand dryer should be. Therefore, it is better to bet on models based on metal, or even plastic, but of great resistance.

The idea is to increase the durability and satisfaction of the product, and of course, to fulfill its main purpose in the shortest possible time.


Finally, it is better to verify that the installation process is simple and that the product integrates the elements of comfort and safety necessary to use it efficiently.

How to use a hand dryer

A hand dryer is a key element that should not be missing in any bathroom. When we incorporate its use in our day to day we help fight the proliferation of frequent germs in the towels with which we dry our hands. Below you will find a series of suggestions if you want to learn how to use a hand dryer.

best hand dryers on the market

Choose according to the frequency of use

It will never be the same to place a drying device in a public area than in the bathroom of your home. The influx of people is a determining factor, so we cannot use a small team with a fragile structure in a space where it will be constantly manipulated. In the same way, it is imprudent to have a structure with great power if you are going to use it in your home.

Select the type of technology

You must first know the type of technology that these devices use. Select the one that best suits your needs. There are structures that have buttons or activation knobs, being necessary to press them to start the drying process for a stipulated period of a few seconds.

In contrast, you will also find the designs that include an activation sensor, so by simply bringing the palm of your hand to the rack, the airflow system comes into operation immediately.

Check the ventilation ducts

Do not be seduced only by the engine power available for this type of equipment; First, you should check the number of ducts used for ventilation. Its function is to direct the different air flows in greater or lesser time to the outside, of course, with the help of the workforce of the device. Usually, these devices have between 1 or 2 ventilation channels.

Install the equipment

The installation of this equipment can be done easily, by means of an anchor on a flat surface in an upright position. Similarly, you can use a design that incorporates screws to mount and disassemble safely.

It is important that in ensuring it you verify that there is adequate support. Remember that when in operation, the vibrations generated by the working power of the motor can cause unexpected landslides.

best hand dryers on the market

Prevents overheating

It is important that you do not overdo the use of this device since it can lead to an incident. Exceeding the range of its power would generate overheating, ending its life or causing a fire.

Use it carefully, so that it does not reach a temperature higher than what it is designed to withstand. It is prudent that you verify the incorporation of a thermal system that avoids overheating.

Reduce sound

As we mentioned earlier, the device works based on an engine that in turn conducts air through 1 or 2 ducts. This whole process generates apart from a noticeable vibration, several decibels of sound.

For some people the level of noise produced can be annoying; Of course, also depending on the power of the equipment and / or the dimensions of the bathroom where you install it.

The recommendation is easy; You can incorporate sound dampers to solve this awkward situation. These blocks are responsible for absorbing the noise.

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