Best Hair Dryer for African American Relaxed Hair

best hair dryer for african american relaxed hair

Are you looking for the best hair dryer for African American relaxed hair, but you have no idea which one to buy?  In the past, there were only professional hair dryers to shape hair.

Today there are hair irons, dyes, keratin, gels, and a myriad of instruments and chemicals to manipulate the shape of the hair. However, they can continue to invent new products and the hegemony of dryers will never be compromised.

Their drying function, graduated temperatures and air intensity have made this one of the best inventions ever created in the world of hair aesthetics.

Do you have an office job and it should look shiny every day? Did you just cut your hair and want to keep a top-notch image? Do you work in the hairdressing world? For all these scenarios and more, these products have been created.

You do not have to go to the hairdresser all the time and spend a fortune on the care that you can do yourself. Buying a professional blow dryer makes it easier to care for your hair at home. You will see how easy it will be to carry out this action every day and the amount of money you can save yourself.

Choosing the best hair dryer for African American relaxed hair

1. Karmin Salon Review – Best Overall

best hair dryer for african american relaxed hair
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The best professional hairdryer in the entire range of options. ultralight and eye-catching. It has a particular elegance in its structure. It has a ceramic mouthpiece that generates infrared heat.

It has a manual switch to control the use of negative and positive ions. It has multiple airspeeds and three different heat options. Special high-tech pieces. Bring all the necessary gadgets to use. Professional hair dryers high prices, but high level.

Specific characteristics of the product

This product has the following construction characteristics:

  • Reduces average drying time by 70%
  • It has pure ceramic coils
  • Emits infrared heat
  • 1800 watt electrical power
  • Functional motor with 220 to 240 V
  • The ultralight design weighs 362g
  • Product dimensions : 23 x 9.5 x 22 cm

About the cost of the product

The quality of one of these products is measured by the parts it uses and the result of its functions. Its high cost is due to all the implements it has. No dryer has infrared technology and ceramic materials.

Extremely powerful and does the job up to three times faster than any average tumble dryer. The price is justified thanks to all the advanced implements of modern engineering. Cheap professional hair dryers are no competition with this invention.

  • Advanced technology parts
  • Faster drying process
  • Unrivaled quality
  • Very high costs

2. Parlux 3800 Review

best hair dryer for african american relaxed hair
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The professional ionic dryer of the highest quality. It is a special dryer model because it is simple and comfortable. It has a powerful motor with K-Lamination technology. It has 2000 hours of service. Uses 135W of blowing power.

You have five speeds and four temperature levels. It has a built-in silencer, allowing you to gradually retain sound. It comes in many colors, including white, silver, green, black, and red. Its ion-use technology allows you to do a more delicate job and preserve hair shine.

Specific characteristics of the product

This product has the following construction characteristics:

  • Two unbreakable nozzles
  • 3 meters length of flexible cable
  • Airflow: 75 cubic meters per hour
  • 2100 W power
  • Cold air button
  • Thermal isolation
  • Constructed from recycled materials

About product maintenance and cleaning

It is recommended not to use it for a long time because it can mistreat the hair. The cable should be collected and wound after use. From time to time it is recommended to clean the rear head where the air is absorbed because it can accumulate dust. Keep out of reach of children. Do not wet or leave exposed in a humid place.

  • Use of ion technology
  • Powerful product
  • Good price
  • The white model is expensive

3. Parlux 385 Ionic & Ceramic Review

best hair dryer for african american relaxed hair
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Dryer with a professional diffuser. A hairdryer built from recycled materials. Thanks to its internal gears it is a silent and powerful product.

Its power light technology allows less electricity to be spent with the same amount of energy as a regular hair dryer, making it an eco-friendly option, not to mention that of course you save money on your electricity bill.

Available in many colors. It is a good hairdryer option.

Special product features

Two elements that make this model very special were briefly mentioned in the previous point. We mention them in detail:

  • Ecological assembly: all the pieces of this equipment are taken from recycled materials, which helps to minimize costs and preserve the environment. Since the ecological trend is in fashion, it is taking advantage of this initiative
  • Powerlight technology: this consists of an equitable distribution of energy through all the products in its circuits. Usually, in these types of products in which heat must be generated, the watts are concentrated on a single axis. Here it is equivalent in all its points

About product design

It is very attractive because it is designed in a standard model. It does not take up much space and is very comfortable and not very large; perfect for any place. One of its great attractions is the distribution in its construction, which makes it practical and easy to control. That without counting its many colors.

Product dimensions

Aerodynamic scheme. It is 28 centimeters long and its width is no longer than your forearm. It is ideally sized for work, travel, or home use. Whatever.

  • Comfortable to handle
  • Composed of recycled materials
  • The cable may deteriorate

4. Remington Pro Air 2200 D5210 Professional Dryer

best hair dryer for african american relaxed hair
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This dryer is one of the cheapest for the features it includes. What attracts users the most is a great power and its turbo function together with its ionic system.

Its design is also ergonomic and its bright colors in the design make it match any personality.



  • The value for money is excellent, its power and the speed with which it dries hair has surprised many of its buyers.
  • It is worth mentioning that if it is not given regular care it can be damaged quickly. So keep in mind its periodic maintenance and always have it in an area that ensures away from heat and excessive cold.

How to choose the best professional hairdryer?

It has been widely stated that not all professional dryers have to be used by specialists or by hair care centers. You can be freelance or you just love to have your hair beautiful and up to date. For all occasions, the best and most powerful dryers have been created.

If you are looking for cheap professional hair dryers, there are some models that can help you with that. There are some simple types of dryers that have only a handful of specific functions. They are still of the best quality, meet all needs, have some technological advances to improve their quality, and may also cost less.

If you want professional dryers, we also have it. These include instruments to increase volume and fit all imaginable hair types. For specialized jobs, these models are the best.

Maybe it takes a lot of work to take care of your own hair at home and you need a model that is very good, but home use, an advanced professional hairdryer is what you are looking for. For the most difficult tasks your hair demands, all types of assistive tools have been created.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hair Dryers

You need to evaluate all the possibilities of purchase, choose the dryer that suits you best, and carry out the operation. As for shipping, choose the platform that you like the most, and in less than you think you will already have it at home and using it on your hair.

Choosing a hairdryer is not an easy task, even so, you can find many options on Amazon that will help you take better care of your hair and keep it dry and smooth in less time than you think. Hairdryers are one of the best tools for hair lovers so do not miss the opportunity to have your own hairdryer.

How to Dry Curly Hair?

Drying curly hair can be very difficult if we consider that due to the shape of the hair it is easier to store moisture. In addition, if we do not dry it properly, painful knots can form, break or burn our hair.

That is why here we will tell you how to dry curly hair in 4 steps.

Let it air dry: Before using a hairdryer, the ideal is to let the hair dry on its own. To do this you must first go to the towel and then leave it loose so that the excess moisture begins to disappear.

Connect a diffuser to your dryer: To speed up the drying process, it is best to use a hairdryer. For curly hair, the expert stylists recommend attaching a good diffuser which will help us to disperse the air and thus help the hair to dry faster.

Scrunching: Placing a blow dryer directly on curly hair can damage it and make it curl. It is best to apply the scrunching technique in which you will have to use the diffuser to knead and lift the hair by applying air for 2 to 3 seconds on the scalp. This way you will get better volume and definition.

Use a heat protector: Heat protectors for hair will not only prevent damage due to the temperature of the dryer, in curly hair they will help to reduce the drying time of the hair in half.

How to dry hair without damaging it?

Drying the hair without damaging it seems to be something very complicated, although in reality, this is not the case if you follow these tips that we have for you.

Remove excess water: The first thing you should do is remove excess water from the hair. To do this, use a towel gently pressing, without carving, the hair, likewise, let it dry for a little time in the air.

Use a thermal protector: Another very useful tip to dry your hair is to use a thermal protector which helps protect hair from the heat of a dryer while helping to reduce drying time in half.

Regulate the temperature of the dryer: Using a very hot dryer can severely damage your hair, so it is best to use the hairdryer on medium temperature to dry the hair with a little heat without damaging it.

Strand Dry: To dry your hair evenly and avoid frizz, the ideal is to do it strand by strand. Separate the lock, keep the dryer about 20 to 30 cm away for about 5 seconds maximum.

Use a diffuser: Some hair types like curly or colored hair can be damaged if you apply heat directly. The ideal is to use a diffuser which will help you better distribute the air from the dryer, thus speeding up the drying process but without damaging your hair by not directly applying heat.

I hope this article on  best hair dryer for African American relaxed hair helps you out! Now start making your decisions. You may also like: Best HiFi Headphones Under 300

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