Best Golf Simulator Under 5000

Best Golf Simulator Under 5000Discover our selection of the Best Golf Simulator Under 5000 thanks to the TOP 5 Best Bestsellers on the Internet. You will find a comparison of the Best Golf Simulators, Reviews, and Prices on this page.

If you’re here, maybe you’ve already heard about golf simulators or tested them in a pro shop. In this guide, we will see the different aspects of golf simulators.

Most simulator companies lack information on their site about their products and are looking for the marketing side more than informally, unfortunately.

Here I try to address aspects such as features, usage, and technology.

First thing, a simulator is a device that allows you to have an experience of any real activity in a virtual configuration. The golf simulators will allow you to play golf on invented courses but also real.

They have their advantages and disadvantages but you will not find any better alternative to play golf at home. These simulators are defined as real simulators in opposition to simulation games.

What is the best golf simulator under 5000?

1. Optishot 2 Golf Simulator

Optishot 2 Golf SimulatorThe number 1 world of golf simulators has all the assets to attract a maximum of golfers. With a price of <$300, it is the best quality/price ratio of the market!

Through a continuous research and development program, OptiShot Golf’s designers and engineers have developed an ideal consumer product. The OptiShot 2 simulator features  32 high-speed, precision calibrated infrared sensors.

Each is calibrated to track your club before, during and after the ball contact, giving you accurate and instant feedback on every shot of golf. The sensors are placed on either side of the tee on the synthetic mat available in the box.

The carpet is to be plugged into USB on the PC or Mac of the user who with the integrated simulation software allows following all of its parts. OptiShot 2 comes with a 15- mile golf course including the legendary Pebble Beach or St Andrews.

A multitude of other courses is downloadable in addition to the initial pack.

Regarding the analysis of the game, the Optishot 2 provides real-time information on club speed, the angle of the clubface on impact, the direction of the ball, the tempo of the swing, and on each stroke. the power of contact.

The golf simulator Optishot 2 allows you to practice golf in the lounge to practice (practice function) or share a golf course with friends. It will, of course, be more pleasant to couple the simulator with an overhead projector diffusing on-screen damping for total immersion in the simulation.

2. Skytrak Launch Monitor Simulator

Skytrak Launch Monitor SimulatorUsing state-of-the-art technology, SkyTrak is a high-quality simulator. He accompanies the golfer as well to practice outdoors or at home, indoor. This high-performance simulator is more technically advanced than the Optishot 2 and more accurate.

There is no need for sensors at the club level or on the ball. The Skytrak Launch Monitor box is placed in front of the ball at the address to record a maximum of information on impact.

The Skytrak Launch Monitor Simulator offers the ability to train and hit balls with any club in your bag. Its advanced technology instantly displays a highly accurate rendering of the flight of your ball in a beautifully designed 3D environment.

Your training will never be the same again. Skytrak facilitates your approach to the game and instantly lets you see the influence of every little change in your swing. For example, a change in the grip, a change of club trajectory in backswing will allow you to immediately see the effect on the ball trajectory, its distance, the angle of attack, etc.

Skytrak Launch Monitor Simulator

The fast improvement of your game will be breathtaking, sometimes even more effective than a golf course. The Skytrak simulator allows you to feel the impact of each element throughout the swing. This gives you the feedback you need to improve your game.

Work on your typing trajectory, pitch angle, range of shots and spin without leaving your home. And save on the cost of buckets of balls and gas while getting the information you’ve never had before at your club’s practice.

Features of the Skytrak Launch Monitor:

  • 3D Practice Field with Shot Tracer
  • Bullet performance data: bale velocity, pitch angle, backspin, sidespin (lateral rotation) and lateral angle (target line deviation)
  • Swing data: clubhead speed, ball distance to fallout, distance from the target line and total distance after roll
  • First-person camera view with Shot Tracer
  • Visualization of the flight of the ball since the impact: follow the trajectory of your shot in the air (draw, fade, trajectory high, low, etc.)
  • Replay Shot: tap the play button to review the excellent drive you just snapped
  • Free SkyTrak app for iPad, Android, and PC or Mac via a WiFi access point
  • Wireless connection: SkyTrak has its own battery for total portability
  • Accurate and affordable in terms of price: reliable simulator and lower price compared to a trackman.

3. ProTee Golf Simulator

ProTee Golf SimulatorIn the premium category, the ProTee golf simulator is at the cutting edge of technology. After more than 10 years of development, it offers features that go far beyond those of other systems costing 10 times more.

High-speed optical sensors follow the clubhead and the ball to provide an unprecedented realistic flight path.

The included golf mat has many sensors that detect clubhead speed, swing trajectory, clubface angle, strike zone position, swing tempo, ball speed. and its path, and calculates the launch angle and rotational speeds.

With the detection mat, you can train and play a round of golf, including chipping and putting. Even the missed shots are taken into account (top, scratch, socket) for a realism foolproof. After, if you want to cheat a little, nobody will stop you.

ProTee Golf Simulator

All effects are taken into account: fade, draw, slice, hook, pull, push as well as the wind on the course (strength and direction).

ProTee’s high-speed camera system tracks the flight of the ball for a more precise launch angle and direction.

If you opt for the top pack, you will have optional putting sensors that give extreme realism. They will detect the finer details of the putt, which will give the ultimate in putting simulation for a round of golf from tee to tee.

150,000 golf courses are available on ProTee Golf Simulator and ready to play. The huge advantage of this simulator is the ability to create your own course in just a few clicks with the easy-to-use included authoring software.

The editor allows to create 18 holes from scratch and to model anything on the course. You can change terrain, move tees, move greens, move holes, remove holes, add holes, bunkers, rivers, ponds, trees, foliage, buildings, animals and more objects.

Moreover, the game can generate for you a totally random course never played. The possibilities are therefore almost infinite.

Course on ProTee Simulator

The loading time is minimal between the holes. There is no timeout. It’s perfect especially when you know how golf can be time-consuming.

The graphics system is a high resolution, high-performance system that allows you to move in real-time on the course in screen resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD. Only the wind blowing on your face is missing.

Up to four players can play locally and/or online. Personalize your character, his clothes and choose between a game in stroke play, match play, Stableford, four balls, etc.

What is included with the Protee Golf Simulator:

  • Carpet with the high-speed sensor system
  • The high-speed vertical camera system
  • High-speed putting system (included in the pack with integrated putting)
  • Complete software TruGolf E6Golf
  • Halogen lighting system
  • Impact and projection screen
  • Universal power supply

How does a golf simulator work?

To set up a golf simulator, you need at least a capture system and an analysis and simulation software. When you play on a simulator, the course itself is virtual but the golf shots played are very real.

The simulation software detects shots played and transcribed virtually by sensors on a simulation course.

This technology is composed of sophisticated high-speed cameras, equipped with infrared sensors that will then detect the presence of the bullet, its speed, the angle of fire and the trajectory followed. As for lasers and radars, they take care of giving you your exact position on the course.

The equipment needed to set up a golf simulator at home is, therefore:

  • A room of sufficient size
  • A PC with simulation software
  • A screen
  • A golf mat
  • An overhead projector and a sensor system
  • And of course your golf equipment

The indoor golfer hits the ball against the screen and is damped to avoid a return to the user. During your swing, the sensors collect as much information as possible until the golf ball touches the screen, transmitting all of this data to the software.

The latter, by the detection of the ball speed, its effect and the angle of attack, will transcribe virtually the distance and trajectory of it. The result of your shot is available almost instantly, allowing you to follow your performance in real-time.

Pros & Cons of a golf simulator


  • Swing analyzer and real-time data to improve
  • Ability to play on the most famous golf courses around the world
  • Excellent communication tool or for events
  • The best alternative to play golf at any time
  • fun


  • cumbersome
  • The price!

What use to make of the best golf simulator under 5000?

One thing is certain, with a golf simulator, you are not likely to die of boredom.The possibilities are many and varied to satisfy all users:

  • Training: A lot of data is collected such as the angle of attack of the ball, its spin, the speed of swing and ball. All this allows a fine and sharp analysis of your game to improve your index in the best conditions.
  • Leisure: beyond your personal training, the golf simulator is an opportunity to spend a good time with friends or family. The major advantage is that it can be used on-demand at any time of the day and at any time. Thus, one can make an 18-hole indoor rain or snow or sale outside of the home. Thus, it greatly reduces the constraints (weather, weather conditions, travel, transport of equipment) and motivation problems. Another advantage is that it can be used as a home theater for watching movies or playing other games.
  • The Business: golf shop, club fitting, hotels, holiday villages, leisure complexes, theme parks, clubhouses can install simulators to entertain their audience, stimulate sales of equipment, increase attendance and create new business opportunities. Moreover, it is quite possible to rent a simulator for events just to attract more people.

How to create a space to install your best golf simulator under 5000?

Analyzing the environment in which you decide to install your simulator is important.

First, choose the type of simulator you want to use (capture system), then complete with the other elements necessary for operation (screen, structures, PC, projector, carpet, etc.).

So, you have to know:

  • The dimensions of your available space (height, width, and depth)
  • The type of use you want to make (private or professional)
  • Technical profile (data accuracy) or fun leisure (challenges, courses)
  • Possibility of making fittings? Education?
  • Removable or convertible space?
  • Priority to the technology or aesthetics of the layout?
  • Do you prefer a complete system with a projection on a big screen or just hit the balls in a net and use the image of the PC?
  • Desired screen type (flat, curved, panoramic, …)
  • What is your budget for this project?

Can Simulators replace the reality of the terrain?

Best Golf Simulator Under 5000

The debate has already been opened but is still relevant. Can golf simulators exceed reality? The answer is obvious, no. Indeed, simulators can not replace reality because golf is not just a sport where you have to put the ball in a hole and absolutely lower your index finger.

It is a set. In this sport, the setting is essential as well as the atmosphere. The landscape is an integral part of golf and provides unique sensations. The environment is essential and the seaside golf courses, for example, offer a landscape of great beauty.

The virtual as for him, can not appropriate this, even if the virtual reality progresses and has evolved considerably in a few years, to play in the open air, to take advantage of the landscape and the atmosphere remains the major asset.

The simulators make it possible to progress and possess real assets, they also mark a great advance in the discipline and offer new prospects for the future. Advanced technology allows you to better know your swing and get to know yourself, improve at your own pace. Professional golfers appreciate simulators to detail their game and correct their weaknesses.

The simulators have a real interest and promise to improve again, offering golfers new experiences. Professional golfers appreciate simulators to detail their game and correct their weaknesses.

The simulators have a real interest and promise to improve again, offering golfers new experiences. Professional golfers appreciate simulators to detail their game and correct their weaknesses. The simulators have a real interest and promise to improve again, offering golfers new experiences.


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