Best Gaming Laptop for Beginners

 best gaming laptop for beginners

Together, we have managed to research the best-selling gaming laptop for beginners and best-value gaming laptops on the market, combining quality and price on the same page.

Joining the economic and gaming concepts when we talk about a laptop is complicated. We know that if we want the best, we will talk about the numbers of four figures. But … is it possible to get laptops that are much cheaper than that, that is considered to be played and that offer more benefits than usual? The answer is yes; you just have to know how to find them.

The idea of ​​making this guide was born when a group member asked me for advice to see if I could help him find a model of gaming notebooks that fit what he needed.

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Choosing the best gaming laptop for beginners

Together, we have managed to collect the best-selling and best-value gaming laptops on the market, combining quality and price on the same page.

1. Dell G5-5590 – The best buy

best gaming laptop for beginners
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Its processor is the Intel Core i7 model 9750H, which guarantees an absurd processing speed, as well as the second place.

With 16GB of RAM, you won’t have any bottleneck problems due to this issue, no matter what game you want to play.

To help it has a 512GB SSD, which speeds up windows loading and reduces the need for RAM. This is double that of your direct competitor.

Okay, it’s almost like the Y540 …

Now that we have reached the most important difference, the Dell screen has a frequency of 144Hz which ensures that the screen can accompany the video card up to 144FPS.

In addition, the Dell G5 screen has a brightness of 300 nits, while the Legion has 250 nits of brightness (which is already good).

To close the account recently, Lenovo’s product had a significant price increase which made us put Dell in that position. With the superior screen and costing less than Lenovo.

  • 144Hz and 300 nits screen
  • RTX 2060 graphics card, lots of performance
  • 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD
  • Price a little high

2. Lenovo Legion Y540

best gaming laptop for beginners
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This Lenovo lost the lead, just because its screen is not as fast as the Dell above. But due to its powerful graphics card the Geforce RTX 2060 still ranks second. Since it is at this point the main bottleneck for playing games that are increasingly far-fetched in terms of image quality.

Its ninth-generation Intel i7 9750H processor has exceptional performance, remember Intel processors with Hi-end are the ones with the highest processing power.

The 16GB of memory is almost overkill, especially if you have a 128GB PCIe NVMe SSD. With a fast storage device, the notebook needs to use less RAM.

Still, it has a 1TB hard drive to store a lot of data, especially less frequently accessed data, such as images, videos, music, movies, etc.

And its screen is good …

The 15.6 ”screen has Full HD resolution (1920 × 1080) and uses IPS technology, this means more visibility of the screen image even if it is not exactly in front of the screen, and anti-reflective technology for better visibility even in environments with irregular lighting.

This same screen has a frequency of 60Hz and 250 nits of brightness. Although not wonderful numbers are enough for good game quality.

The keyboard has a white backlight which makes it easy to play in the dark, but still with a sober look that allows the notebook to be used at work.

As an extra he Coldfront technology for cooling the notebook. Being that cooling is one of the critical points in gaming notebooks lately.

  • RTX2060, Powerful Video Card
  • 16GB RAM
  • SSD to speed up disk access
  • High Price

best gaming laptop for beginners

3. Acer AN515

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Often the Acer Nitro 5 was one of our recommendations, it still is, but I put it in that position of the list as an option if the price of the Ideapad L340 goes up.

With i5 8300H processor (note that it is the eighth generation and not 9 ° as in the L340) it has slightly lower performance than i5 9300H notebooks. But it’s not bad.

This Acer also features 8GB of RAM, 1TB HD, and the same graphics card as Lenovo’s competitor, the GTX 1050.

This allows this notebook to perform very well for most games.

At this point Acer costs more than the Lenovo Ideapad L340, so choose Lenovo if you can. But if the price changes too much, keep in mind that the Acer AN515 is also a great cost-effective option for gamers.

  • Great Value
  • GTX1050 good gaming performance
  • eighth-generation i5, there are options with the ninth i5 for a very similar price
  • Without SSD

best gaming laptop for beginners

4. Lenovo Legion Y530 – best-selling gaming laptop currently.

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It is an off-road gaming laptop. Long-lasting battery, its fans make little noise, heat very little, and weigh little more than an ultrabook. With which it is perfect to take it to work, university, or simply move around the house with it without having the feeling of moving a mini-desktop. In this “elegant” aspect hides a beast capable of moving any current game without problems.

Being a gamer, it is very likely that it will throw you back and even make you laugh at the fact that there may be a cheap gaming laptop that is really worth it.

As a general rule, lower budget gaming computers don’t let you enjoy everything you should or get the most out of your screen.

But if you really give importance to fluency when playing, you should know that today you have more than interesting options without having to ask the bank for a loan.

Thus, a cheaper gaming laptop can have great disadvantages.

However, we have managed to find the best option for this price range.

The gaming laptop in question is the Lenovo Legion Y530.

It should be noted that for such a cheap price, you have a 1080p screen and an incredible Nvidia GTX1050 graphics card.

In addition, the 8300 processor is a very notable improvement over the rest of mid-range laptops and, as if that were not enough, the storage capacity of movies, files or data reaches up to 1 TB of internal memory. Almost nothing!

  • Good graphics card
  • Value for money highly recommended
  • HD display – 1080p
  • High-resolution gameplay
  • 1000 GB of internal memory
  • Upgradable processor
  • The medium quality IPS panel
  • HDD hard drive (better the SSD – you can change it)

best gaming laptop for beginners

5. Lenovo Ideapad

Click the image for more info.

If that were the list of cost-effective gaming notebooks this would be the champion. Lenovo has the same processor as some laptops.

In contrast, it does not have SSD storage, just a 1TB HD, but this has little impact on the performance of most games.

The 8GB memory is also quite satisfactory when it comes to games, usually the biggest bottleneck is the video card.

And speaking of the video card …

So, the video card on this notebook is the good Geforce GTX 1050, obviously it doesn’t compare to GTX 1650 or higher. But it certainly allows for very good performance (as long as you don’t want to run all games at full resolution).

Its screen is Full HD with anti-glare IPS technology, ie similar to the most expensive. As a free gift, you also have the luxury of the backlit keyboard.

All of this for a little less than R $ 4,000.00… okay, I know it’s not a little, but in times of the dollar, more than R $ 5 is very good. Especially compared to its more basic brother the S145, which in its i7 version has priced very similar to the L340, but with much lower performance.

Even if you are an architect, engineer, designer, the configuration of this notebook is very good for the software you will use.

  • Great value for money games
  • GTX 1050, good gaming performance
  • Does not have SSD

best gaming laptop for beginners

Buying Guide – best gaming laptop for beginners.

Gaming laptops are specifically designed to play, its most outstanding features are:

  • Being teams to play, they must be very powerful.
  • They have advanced processors like those already mentioned.
  • They come with built-in graphics cards that allow smoother and faster gameplay.
  • They stand out for their musical abilities
  • Usually, their screens are oversized to help bring the game to real life.

Also, some models also include the typical keyboards with lights and interesting extras that will allow you to make your sessions much easier and more fun.

On the other hand, they have the disadvantage that these intensive features usually tend to heat the computer and drain the battery more quickly, without excluding the fact that they are heavier-than-normal equipment. Simply these are aspects to consider if you will need to go frequently changing your site, since having it anchored somewhere in the house, does not represent any inconvenience.

The best gaming laptop?

The best option will have to come hand in hand with certain standards, first of all it is mandatory to look carefully to evaluate what type of processor it has (a good alternative goes from Intel i5 up); As for RAM memory, a range between 8GB to DDR3 is more than enough, while the graphics card is a section that varies more in terms of taste, and may be ATI or Nvidia. Both have very good models so it is difficult to choose one in particular.

Our advice!

The laptop must have 1GB of memory, they should avoid the cards integrated in the Intel Graphics type motherboard, since they do not provide a good enough performance to play, do not forget a good screen size, to play the bigger the better.

Leading Brands

When buying any product – of course – you have to think about the brand, in the case of a laptop, this will be as good as the company behind it. Timely and accurate technical assistance is essential. Technical support is a determining factor in making a brand worth its money.

It should also consider the way in which the manufacturer competes with its adversaries in terms of quality, design, and selection. The idea is to invest in a team capable of meeting all expectations and worth the money outlay.

The most prominent brands are:

  1. Lenovo: more than 50% of its teams manage to achieve high ratings due to its battery life, the appearance of borderless screens, the design of its models, and even its innovative keyboards like the one in the “Yoga Book”.
  2. Asus: if you are looking for a good value for money in components of a laptop, this brand takes the baton, in fact, you can get high-end models for gamers.
  3. Dell: its main advantage lies in its warranty, but this is not all, as they are characterized by developing models for both gammers and conventional users.
  4. HP: its line of high-end laptops (ultrabook) and its warranty scheme, simply stands out from the rest, making it an option worth considering thanks to the value – price – alternatives available.
  5. Acer: without a doubt and with all confidence, we admit that it is the brand that provides the best technical support worldwide. It is among the greats for its efficient and more than balanced equity between costs and benefits.
  6. Apple: in no list of laptops can the “bitten apple” brand be missing, first because it is one of the best when it comes to issues of support and warranty; Second, its equipment is characterized by being powerful and durable, although the elimination of certain accessories, including standard USB ports, has cost the brand to decrease in popularity in the eyes of users, without removing the lack of options with lower prices.
  7. Microsoft: indisputably a brand that has given something to talk about in recent years, although it does not have a trajectory as impeccable and extensive as its aforementioned adversaries, nobody can question the fact that its teams provide sufficient benefits to say that it is worth the expense of acquiring them.
  8. Samsung: Another of the greats that have lagged somewhat in the last decade, despite having powerful and quality notebooks, the brand is not among the main favorites of users.

By the end of this complete list, it is time to include brands such as MSI and Razer, which despite not making as much of a stir in the market as those described above, it is well worth taking a look at what they offer, as the launched teams have known to meet the expectations and requirements of users.

Conclusions when buying a laptop.

We know it, the offer of laptops is enormous, at present there is a wide range of models and alternatives. Everything previously evaluated, emphasizes the importance of considering each aspect before buying a laptop, from the hardware to the support offered by the brand.

Remember that for you the best laptop is not the one with the highest price or the one with the latest components, there is much you can save if you can identify your requirements before going to the store; In your opinion, it is advisable to prepare a brief analysis before buying.

It should not be overlooked that although tablets and smartphones are in high demand and popularity, everything – be it playing a video game or writing a research paper – works best on a laptop. Follow the essential guidelines offered in this guide so that the long process culminates in a sound decision.

Although it is tempting to get carried away by the impressive models or the name of a brand of trajectory, the truth is that a wide range of sizes, characteristics and prices are available, choose with solid bases and not to get out of trouble. If the right laptop exists for you, and it’s not us who knows what it is, it’s your needs, find out what your individual requirements are first, and then venture out to find the perfect laptop.

As a result of experience, we can assure you that in order not to err in your acquisition, you should stop thinking about always buying the latest, because you will certainly end up empty-handed. Why? Easy, the technology is like that, it moves by leaps and bounds and any laptop, newer than it is, will have a replacement in a few months, so what really matters is that you analyze the level of update it has and that it adjusts to the use that is going to give it.

I hope this best gaming laptop for beginners helps you out! Now start making your decisions.

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