Best Folding Bike for Heavy Rider

best folding bike for heavy rider

If you have come to this website looking to find the best folding bike for heavy rider you are on the right web portal.

Cheap, ecological, healthy … and also you save the jams. That the bike is one of the best means of transportation we don’t have to argue much more, right?

The problem is that not everyone can have a bicycle at home, especially if you live in the city and your apartment has space problems.

Precisely for this reason, folding bikes are becoming more and more fashionable, because they give you all the advantages but they solve one of the big drawbacks: where do I put that thing?

As it fits in small spaces, you save parking on the street (think that theft of bikes and even loose parts! Are common, even if you use a padlock and chain).

In addition, by being able to fold it, it makes it easier to use various means of transport. For example, using the Cercanías to get closer to the center and continue pedaling until you reach your final destination.

Most public transport supports folding bikes without problems, while if you take a normal bike you may have to negotiate or wait if you travel by bus or metro at rush hour.

So if daily cycling is your thing, take a good look at a folding bike. Surely you can get a lot out of it.

What is the best folding bike for heavy rider?

1. SwagCycle EB-5 Pro

SwagCycle EB-5 Pro - Click the image for more info
Click the image for more info

This really is a bike for everyone. Pre-assembled and ready-to-go, but easy to fold for convenient storage, the SwagCycle EB-5 Pro can be a dependable bike for commuting or carefully tripled in your car trunk for off-road exploration.

Weighing in at just 37 pounds, there’s nowhere you can’t carry this easily adjustable and foldable bike.

It is height adjustable, making it easy to use for adults and teens alike, with seat and handlebar placement to accommodate a variety of sizes, though drivers over 6 “may be less comfortable than younger riders around 5’10 ». It is also very low maintenance, especially with the quick disconnect power lines on the 14 “wheels.

The EB-5 is powered by a brushless motor that allows top speeds of just over 15 mph in pure electric mode and powered by a long-lasting lithium-ion battery.

The bike’s Autoguard technology also enables extremely efficient braking. If you are shopping with children in mind, this electric bike offers one of the safest and most powerful braking systems on the market.

Perfect for travelers who occasionally want to take their bike off-road. Families with multiple users. Parents looking for a “beginner” electric bike for tweens and teens. All this bike needs is a good bike light to go with it.

Pre-assembled; The electric bike is already pre-assembled so you don’t have to waste time with complicated mounting and strange bike parts

Adjustable height for adults and teens; Easily adjust the bike seat and handlebars to find the perfect position for a comfortable ride

14-inch wheels; A pair of air-filled rubber tires with quick-disconnect power lines ensure better traction and easy tire maintenance.

15.5-mile range; ride your hybrid bike at full speed to navigate up to 15.5 miles on a single charge alternating between power assist and pedaling EB-5 folding bike frame can accommodate riders up to 264 pounds and folds three times, so it fits inside compact vehicles, under desks, on the subway, and in other small spaces. Charging time: 4-5 h

2.  ANCHEER Power Plus electric mountain bike

ANCHEER Power Plus - Click the image for more info
Click the image for more info

ANCHEER is one of the leading mountain bike brands and is in vogue among cyclists. It retains its popularity due to the excellent quality of manufactured bikes and offers powerful bike manufacturing.

There is a 250W high-speed brushless motor on this bike, and there is a 15mph high speed that riders can enjoy.

It comes with a lithium battery designed to last, and on a single charge, cyclists can enjoy up to 50 km on a single charge, making it a very powerful option.

This is a durable bike, weighing up to 150kg at a time. The bike’s front fork is made of very high-strength carbon steel and gives the bike it’s comfortable rating. With quiet operation, this bike is more than adequate for both urban environments and country trails.

This bike comes with a 21-speed transmission system and has two modes: power bike and electric bike – the choice is yours!

High-quality material: The electric bike adopts a 100 percent aluminum alloy frame, the front fork is made of high-strength carbon steel and is packed with superior comfort shock absorption and has an adjustable seat angle/hand bar/stem length.

Gear and Brake Shift System – With front and rear disc brakes and a 21-speed transmission system, you can choose any speed according to your needs. Perfect brakes fully protect your safety.

And the horn and bright LED headlight are equipped for night driving
High-speed motor and lithium battery: The 36V, 8Ah lithium-ion battery is removable. The bike equipped with a smart lithium battery charger can make your ride up to 25-50km / s. 250W high-speed brushless gear motors easily help you travel on the 15 mph road speed limit.

2 Work model: electric bike and power bike, you can choose the electric bike to enjoy a long trip in time and also exercise. The combination of two modes would be a better choice (Note: To ensure the quality, please order by “Ancheer”.

And we are the only official seller and we are not responsible for the after-sale service purchased from another seller).

With one year warranty for the electric motor, battery, and charger, don’t worry about using it. When you buy this electric bike, click the “Select Assembly” button above; choose “Ship to Store to Assemble and Pick Up.” Note: If you don’t select, there is no assembly service.

3. Dahon Folding Bikes

Dahon Folding Bikes - Click the image for more info
Click the image for more info

Dahon is the largest manufacturer of folding bicycles in the world and also the most recommended by experts. Its frame is made of Chromoly steel, a material widely used in cycling, providing excellent resistance to this bike.

This model is equipped with first-rate materials, such as a 7-speed Shimano gearbox. In addition, it has a rim of 20 and weighs just 13.5 kg, making it great for portability. It is a perfect bike for those who want a guarantee of resistance and performance!

Buying Guide – best folding bike for heavy rider

best folding bike for heavy riderThere are many reasons to decide to buy a folding bicycle.

You may be addicted to physical exercise, those who think that any time is good to train.

Ouizás you are fond of cycling in all its variants.

Perhaps you have thought it out of ecological conscience, you do not want to contribute to the emission of gases.

Or you may simply be a practical person looking to save on fuel, not to lose half your life looking for parking, not to suffer the rush hours of public transport …

The point is that you are in front of the wide range of possibilities that the market offers and you have to decide. Where do we start?

What are you going to use it for?

It is the first question you must answer. Try to refine your answer, because it will help you define the characteristics you need and, therefore, the price you will pay for your new bike.

  • Will it be your primary form of transportation? It is important to know whether or not it deserves a great investment.
  • Are you going to combine it with other means of transportation? Make sure that folding is easy and fast, and that the joints are resistant.
  • Will you have to raise and lower it every day from your apartment without an elevator? Be careful with the weight.
  • What average distance will you travel daily? Study comfort.
  • Will you use it only by the city? Defines the type of terrain you are going to ride on. Although this type of bicycle was born with an urban spirit, at this time it is already possible to find folding models for mountains.

All these factors and some more are the ones that you will have to take into account to make a good choice.


The range of prices is really very wide, so much that it can go from the hundred and little euros that a bike can cost in the supermarket of the shopping center, up to almost twelve thousand of the most sophisticated models of solid brands.

Here the question is to establish what we are going to ask for and find a reasonable relationship between price and benefits. We must be realistic: it is not worth paying more if the use we are going to give it is below the highest possibilities of our bicycle.

If you are only going to take it out of the house once a month, perhaps it will not pay you to invest a fortune, instead if it is going to be your means of transport and considering that you will save on parking, gasoline, metro or bus, you can rest easy by spending something more money, which you will save in other ways. Common sense.


Folding bike mixed transport - best folding bike for heavy riderIt is an important factor for several reasons. First, if you have to carry it by hand to, for example, climb stairs daily.

And second, because if you live in a city with slopes you will appreciate the lightness when you face the slopes, so as not to sweat a fat drop moving extra weight with each pedal stroke.

But be careful when choosing. Do not go directly to the lightest because it can also be the weakest and most fragile, you will have to assess the weight in combination with the other features that interest you. The key is in the materials:

  • The aluminum ones are lighter and perhaps the most competitive on the market.
  • The steel ones weigh a little more, but they gain stability and firmness.

You should value it also taking into account your physical complexion, your weight, and even your age.


Generally, the first reason to buy a folding bicycle is the need to take advantage of space, so it must necessarily be an important factor that you should study with a magnifying glass.

Does it fit in the space you have available for storage? Can you easily store it in your office while you work? How much does it take up in the trunk of the car? Will it be a manageable size when you have to take it by subway or on the bus?

Check the dimensions once folded. Get familiar with the mechanisms, they must be comfortable for you. They have to be simple but solid, to withstand continued use. If you have the chance, the ideal would be to do a test: you should be able to fold it quickly and without complications in a couple of minutes.


Folded folding bikeLet’s say the obvious: it does matter. The same concept of bike already means that they are not large or bulky, which is precisely why they are very practical to avoid traffic jams or places with high traffic density.

The wheels will always be smaller than a mountain bike or racing bike, but be careful with the choice. The smaller size can also make them more unstable and it is necessary to get used to handling them in terrain, for example, poorly paved. A reference means is 20 inches. It is a versatile size, to roll comfortably on all types of surfaces.

You should also consider your own height and weight to find your ideal size . If you make the mistake of choosing a bike that is too small, you will be uncomfortable and forced.


It is important for the comfort of the cyclist. The cheapest models, the low ranges, will have lower quality shock absorbers.

If you spend a lot of time a day on it, you may notice joint pain, such as wrists or knees. And we have to say is: be realistic when considering your age. If you are not twenty years old, you will appreciate a good cushioning much more.

It should also not be forgotten that they are not bikes designed for speed. From 20 km/hour the vibration increases and is noticeable.


It is another of the key characteristics of folding bikes. What use is it to fold beautifully on itself if later it is not manageable when transporting it? If you already have that you will have to climb the bike daily to your apartment without an elevator, look at the comfort to load it.

Not only will you care if it’s light, but also easy to grip once folded. It is possible to find models in which the same frameworks as a handle, or with added handles or even with wheels that greatly facilitate transport. Some even include a travel bag, a great idea if you take your bike on vacation.

If you plan to combine your bike with any other form of public transport, this point is essential. Look at an example of one of our recommended bikes:

Transmission system

We take it for granted that your bicycle must have a change of speed in order to better manage to pedal both ascending and descending. Although it is not essential, in fact, there are bikes that do not include it, and it does not have to be a problem if you live in a flat city.

However, it is a feature that you will have to pay special attention to if you are going to move regularly in a city with unevenness. It is not the same to have to face the slopes of San Francisco daily than to roll smoothly to go to work.

The slopes will be more demanding with you and with the machine, and you will want to have an appropriate gear range. Again, the use you are going to give it will determine the benefits you need.

Electric, if you need a push

You may have one hundred percent trust in your legs. If so, congratulations. Others may prefer to keep an ace up their sleeve and choose an electric bike.

The market offers different possibilities. You have to take into account that we are entering another world and new factors will have to be analyzed: battery performance, durability, charging process, autonomy … Obviously it will affect the price range.

Accessories and extras

What are you going to need? Do you take your laptop to work every day? Do you take the opportunity to stop by the supermarket and do some shopping? Study well what racks they offer you and if it will be enough for the use that you are going to give it regularly.

Check the available accessories in the brand you have chosen. For example, if you live in rainy weather, you’ll appreciate the fender so it doesn’t stain every time you roll in a puddle.

On the other hand, you can also be creative and “tune” your bicycle with extras available in the market: different bells, gel seats, type of pedals, leather grips for the handlebars, anti-reflective… There are brands that launch special editions with a motif, for example, on an anniversary or in collaboration with a designer who exceptionally gets to work for the brand. They are usually limited and even-numbered. An extra for lovers of unique objects.

I hope this best folding bike for heavy rider helps you out! Now start making your decisions. You may also like: Best Wiper Blades for Snow and Ice

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