Best Fax Machines for Office Use

best fax machines for office useChoosing the best fax machines for office use, that can meet your needs can be a difficult task … I understand your confusion.

The fax has been for decades a very effective communication device, whose validity has not ceased, thanks to its immediacy and efficiency, especially in the commercial and business sphere.

Today many offices and businesses still use this equipment frequently, therefore the offer in the current market is varied. The ideal is to take into account some important aspects when acquiring one of these equipment, such as printing technology, which is fast and effective.

In addition, it is important that it has other functions to complement its performance; as answering machine and cordless phone. After reviewing some of the best-selling and best-rated models on the market today, we can first highlight the Brother FAX-2845, which has a paper tray with capacity for 250 sheets and offers a speed of 20 copies per minute.

In addition, it has an automatic redial function. Secondly, the Canon FAXPHONE L100 stands out, which has an intuitive 5-line LCD screen and offers a resolution of 600 x 400 DPI for greater clarity.

What is the best fax machines for office use

A fax is a working tool to be able to send or receive relevant information, so your presence should not be missing in an office. All this to advance along with technology and thus receive images encoded in quality and legitimate proportions to the desired document.

Taking this need as a starting point, we have prepared this list so that you can buy the best faxes of 2020 and you can have one that fits at the forefront of your style and demand.

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1. Brother FAX-2840 Monochrome Laser Fax – Best Overall

best fax machines for office use
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It has a Super G3 modem that offers 33.6 kbps, so data transmission is fast, achieving a page every 3 seconds approximately. This is a major advance over older faxes that used to take even several minutes.

Main disadvantage:

It is monochrome fax, which means that it only prints in black ink. However, it is recommended for office use, making it cheaper in the long run.

It is capable of memorizing 22 single-dial keys and up to 200 speed-dial numbers, saving time when sending documents to frequent contacts.


This is electrophotographic printing fax with an integrated telephone handset, which has an electrical power of 180 W, capable of printing a total of 20 copies per minute in A4 size using a 220 – 240 V AC 50 / 60Hz power supply, so it is one of the fastest of its kind.

It offers a resolution of up to 300 x 600 dots per inch, for a high-quality printed image. On the other hand, it has the multiple copy function, to reproduce the same page up to 99 times. Its enlargement and reduction ratio is from 25% to 400%, this means that it can print up to 4 pages on a single A4 sheet.

It is compatible with labels, envelopes, paper with a certain thickness, as well as thin and recycled, it also works with a bond or normal paper. It also supports A4, Letter, B5 ISO / JIS, A6, Executive, A5, A5 long-edge, and B6 ISO sizes, weighing from 60 to 163 g / m2.


It has a 33,600 bps super G3 modem, capable of transferring data in seconds to speed up processes. In this sense, it offers a laser printing system, which, unlike ink, is capable of withstanding a higher volume of work, therefore, it is recommended for job sites with constant impressions and without any rest periods.

Furthermore, this technology allows speed to be maintained without negatively affecting the quality of the result.

It has a 16-character LCD liquid crystal display, which consumes little electricity and contributes to energy savings. On the other hand, it incorporates a class 1 laser, which according to UNE EN 60825-1 / A2 complies with safety measures and is harmless to humans.

It uses a DR2200 drum that yields approximately 12,000 pages to print. It also works with a TN2210 dry ink toner, which lasts 1,200 pages. In addition, the TN2220 can be purchased separately, printing up to 2,600 pages. To make matters worse, it has a special function to save toner.


This model has dimensions of 36 x 36.8 x 31.1 cm, so it does not take up too much space in your workplace. However, being a team for professional use, it has a weight of 9 kg, so it is recommended to leave it fixed in a specific place in the office.

It has a paper tray with capacity for 250 pages of plain paper, that is, with a weight of 80 g / m2. Also, it includes a manual feed slot that is capable of supporting one sheet at a time, measuring 76.2 to 216 mm wide by 116 to 406.4 mm long.

In terms of appearance, it has a modern look with a control panel on top of the device, which includes the necessary buttons for easy access to all functions.

2. Canon FAXPHONE L100

best fax machines for office use
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It is multifunction equipment, which in addition to fax is a printer and copier. It has a 33.6 kbps Super G3 modem.

Its fax function is capable of printing up to 18 pages per minute, with an output time of approximately 7.8 seconds for the first print, with a resolution of 400 x 600 dots per inch.

It works with laser printing technology, which streamlines printing tasks and makes it a good choice for small and medium businesses. It has a yield of 8,000 pages per month, with a maximum power consumption of 1020 W and uses 220-240 V (± 10%) 50/60 Hz (± 2 Hz) power.

If you wonder about its appearance, the model has a compact design, with dimensions of 30.3 x 37.2 x 30.3 cm and a weight of approximately 8.8 kg, so it can be used in workspaces little ones. To add convenience, your paper tray can hold 150 sheets and add an additional 30-sheet feeder.

Many users consider Canon company as the best brand of faxes, for this reason, it is worth reviewing in-depth the pros and cons of this product before making the purchase:


Multifunction: It is fax with a built-in telephone, which also functions as a printer and copier, providing greater versatility.

Size: Thanks to its compact design, it can be installed in small offices without taking up too much space.

Performance: It is capable of processing up to 8,000 pages per month, making it work for small and medium businesses.


Monochrome: This fax is designed to print only in black, which could be a disadvantage to users.

3. Canon Pixma MX490 Multifunction Printer

best fax machines for office use
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It is one of the cheapest faxes available on the market and even better that corresponds to the renowned Canon brand. The Canon Pixma MX475 prints, copies, scans, and faxes with ease.

This equipment has Wifi, in addition to allowing it to share functions with other devices such as mobile phones and PCs.

It has XL ink cartridges that allow 50% savings per page compared to other standard sizes. When we look for the best fax at its relation quality and price, optimal functions, as well as an attractive price, are elements that hook our interests in deciding to buy fax.

Prints in color and black and white, depending on how you want the type of document, if it is in color it lasts 24 seconds but if it is black it will be much less. The access point mode of the Canon Pixma MX475 gives the possibility to print from any device to which it has been attached.

As you continue with us in this interesting search for good fax for your home or office, we point out the pros and cons of a model that can help you answer the question of which fax to buy?


Multifunctional: This model is multifunctional as it gives you the possibility of printing, scanning, copying, and faxing.

Speed: It has a very high printing speed that will be important to finish the task in the desired time.

Wireless: It is compatible with different applications with which you can connect wirelessly and thus send formats from different devices.

Resolution: It has high resolution fax in black and white or color thanks to its type of super G3 fax.


Screen: A small part of users have pointed out that the screen does not have lighting, making it difficult to see when there is some darkness.

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Buying Guide – best fax machines for office use

As a support tool in the office for our company and even for our home, this is how the fax machine is presented to us. To send important files or information and do other relevant tasks is the support that we can have with an element of this type at the level of our business. Considering this, we have prepared this guide to buy the best fax and you can select the one that meets your needs and even manages to exceed your expectations.

Why buy fax?

Because in every office there should be a fax machine that manages to support the different tasks that are carried out in a work environment. Today there are details that adhere to technical requirements and that without a doubt are adapting to the device as technological evolution advances and this must be made clear when making a comparison of faxes.

With the possibility of storing contacts, printing a large number of sheets, talking on the handset with the security that if we move away from the machine we will continue to have a phone call, these are some of the details that convince us of the need to have a fax in the office.

And also at the forefront of technology, such a machine allows you to have other necessary tools in the office that are condensed into one, being able to use the internet connection, which somehow satisfies or manages to meet the requirements we have.

Contacts storage

The fact that a fax can save the data of our contacts is important because it will undoubtedly save us from having to dial the numbers to send information to a person or company and we are in a hurry to do so.

Its storage will vary but will not exceed 100 contacts, so it is necessary to establish the most important numbers of our contacts that have a fax machine in order to debug the most important and with which information is exchanged.

Or simply because we are not close to the device and we need a third party to help us send some data from the fax. The storage of contacts becomes a great ally since it will only be a matter of searching in the previously loaded list and the problem will be solved.

Using the headset

Generally, fax machines have been characterized by the possibility of receiving information through a phone call. Despite the fact that email exists, such a machine gives an air of professionalism to the company you have.

The creators of fax machines have incorporated digital qualities, which does not make them disappear but allows coexistence in a more effective work environment.

Today’s faxes have a handset that allows you to move away at a distance from the device and continue having a conversation, in case we usually walk when talking to another person and thus clarify ideas while we are communicating, generally the distances are 5 to 10 meters, although obviously the individual will not stray as far from the machine.

Color printing

We can not only find variety in its design but also in its performance. Faxes come with the included option to print in color and that gives files an advantage that needs to be printed in color so we will no longer have to worry about printing in one color with a white background.

You also have the option of using the toner according to the characteristics of the model. The positive thing about the matter is the duration of the ink in terms of the number of sheets since you will have the possibility to print because the toner is defined by giving quality in the prints, yielding the ink, in addition to the option of injecting ink.

best fax machines for office use


It is advantageous for the user who will not have to buy a tool separately but will see the usefulness of several tools in one. This produces the reduction in costs that we can invest in accessories or other materials for the office or for the home.

In addition, the multifunctionality in the type of sheets that it groups since it not only allows the A4 format but also other more varied formats, which ultimately translates into a very complete fax and of considerable utility.

Number of printed sheets

It is an important detail, above all to avoid saturation of sheets as well as the input and output and also the batch or number of sheets queued, without losing the impression as well as to avoid that the device forces us to take it to a technical service for not following the instructions properly.

Likewise, today’s faxes allow the use of the Wi-Fi network and through a previously configured command or by opening the email we can print information we have received. Its price is not so high since most have coupled these characteristics.

It is not revealing that the fact of how much it costs worries us although we will also be able to find cheap fax that meets our requirements.

How to use a fax

When you have a business or an office where management is carried out, it is necessary to have communication teams that help maintain the speed of the operations that are carried out. For years, faxes have occupied an important place when it comes to the transmission and reception of information, is essential equipment in any office.

best fax machines for office use

Prepare the fax to be used

After unpacking the fax when you buy it, it’s time to prepare it to start using it. Start by placing it in a stable place that is close to both a power outlet and the phone line to make connections easier. After completing this step, turn on the fax and let it make automatic adjustments. Attach the ribbon or cartridges to the fax and also load it with sheets.

Connect it to a phone line

Fax receives and sends information by transmitting data when connecting to another device through a telephone line, so you must have one so that you can use this equipment. If the phone line jack is near the fax, just connect the cable to the corresponding port, which is usually located on the back of the fax. If the line jack is not close, you must make the necessary connections to bring the cable to the equipment.

Send afax

This task is simple. To send a fax, turn on the machine; Check the connection by lifting the handset to make sure it has a tone. If you are sending more than one document, arrange them the way you want them to be received if this is important. Insert the sheets into the fax slot. Dial the phone number that will receive the information. After dialing you must wait for the recipient fax to accept receipt of the document. You will know that you can send it when the “send or start” button is turned on, so press it as soon as it does. The fax will start sending immediately.

best fax machines for office use

Receive a fax

It is very important that you keep the fax loaded with ink and paper so that you can receive information. To receive the fax, it will ring as if it were a normal telephone. Some faxes are configured to automatically receive information; others require that reception be authorized.

If your fax is automatic, you won’t have to worry about doing anything, as reception will start after the ringing. If it is not, answer the call before accepting the reception; Press the “start” button to receive the fax.

Care you must have

Prevents the fax from receiving a strong shock that may affect its operation. It is also important that there are no liquids near it; do not go near the machine if you have a glass of water or any other drink in hand. If a sheet jams while receiving or sending documents, do not force the sheet; Open the machine and try to extract it following the direction of the exit.

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