Best Electric Toothbrush for Plaque Control

best electric toothbrush for plaque controlIf you have already chosen to buy the best electric toothbrush for plaque control and do not know which one to choose, now you will have the top 5 with the best models in the entire market.

We will make comparative electric brushes, we will see each product with its primary qualities, as well as its prices and customer opinions.

Are you looking for the best electric toothbrush? Then you have reached the right place. We have devoted many efforts to develop this guide to free purchases, where we teach you the basics and also give you some useful tips to know what is the best electric brush available in the market during the year.

The truth is that when you go out to buy your electric brush you will realize the incredible variety of designs, brands, models and additional features that exist, maybe at that moment you feel a little confused and you will not know which electric toothbrush you must buy, but do not worry that we will also help you with that.

10 best electric toothbrush for plaque control

Brushing more was never the same since the appearance of these majestic electrical systems. After the manual techniques were very successful, it was time to try something different, and with the incorporation of rotating systems to the bristles, activated thanks to batteries or load centers, now guaranteed a much deeper cleaning and with results that the public would love; that is why they are better than any other product, not only because the work of the bristles allows to eliminate more elements than a conventional one, but the manual work continues to work since it is the user who decides in which parts of his teeth or his mouth decides to do more emphasis.

Electric brushes are very sought after in the market for their effectiveness when it comes to oral cleansing, and if you want a more concise opinion on what elements to consider before buying this personal hygiene instrument, then this article is for you, because not only We will tell you what electric brush to buy for your taste, but we will give advice for you to use it properly.

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1. Braun Oral-B Professional Care 600 Review

best electric toothbrush for plaque control
Click the image for more info.

Braun Oral-B presents its Professional Care 600 electric toothbrush, with a high-tech system that allows brushing tooth by tooth with excellent results in the removal of bacteria, plaque, and any agent that threatens the health of your teeth, gums, and tongue. The system of cleaning with timer achieves a deep and uniform cleaning in the proper proportion and duration.

The best electric toothbrush Braun and endorsed by Oral-B is characterized by easy mobility and storage for its portable size, also has a contact pressure control for protection in the washing of teeth. These characteristics provide quality and performance, transforming it not into a common brush but into the best electric toothbrush.

Buying this electric toothbrush facilitates the daily task of dental hygiene, its high levels of quality generate confidence in oral care. Recommended by dentists for oral care of the family in both adults and adolescents.

Technical characteristics of the Braun Professional Care 600:

  • Ideal size: Precision Clean
  • Professional timer 4 × 30
  • Gum and tooth protection system
  • Dimensions of the product 1 x 1 x 1 cm
  • The weight is 350g
  • Uses two rechargeable batteries
  • The autonomy of up to 30 min
  • Sensitive pressure control
  • Blue and white colors

  • The pressure control guarantees the protection of teeth and gums
  • Easy handling for your weight and portable size
  • The autonomy of 30 min
  • Precision Clean Size
  • The use of rechargeable batteries
  • Its head is removable
  • The high performance giving quality and noble results with oral health.
  • Every 30 seconds it performs a break of a few seconds, then continues to function normally
  • The head change should be made every six months maximum by health standards.

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2. Oral-B PRO 600 CrossAction Review

best electric toothbrush for plaque control
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The electric toothbrush CrossAction 600 of Oral-B with technology Braun, provides cleaning of greater quality and durability, giving results superior to those of any other electric brush, its head is inspired by professional cleaning tools, covering each edge of the tooth with its inclining fibers At 16 degrees and a 3D oscillation provide effective execution of sanitation of teeth.

This is a rechargeable electric brush, it incorporates a timer that will help you to wash the teeth safely, without exceeding the brush time, thus protecting the protective film of the tooth and gum. The dentists in the world recommend it due to the excellent work they do in the preservation of oral health.

The frequent question of what is the best brush? The answer is this article, allowing to take into account the time for a safe brushing, its autonomy of action in the rechargeable battery guarantees frequent and effective operation for seven days, avoiding the need for daily recharging. Its lightweight adds mobility attributes and storage capacity. Easy to maintain

Technical characteristics of the Oral-B CrossAction:

  • Head with 3D Oscillation
  • Rounded head
  • 2 min timer (4 × 30)
  • Weight of 358g
  • Dimensions of the product 1x1x1cm
  • Rechargeable battery, the effective duration of 7 days
  • The 3D oscillation that contributes to the removal of plaque and bacteria on the tooth
  • Its long-lasting rechargeable battery, allowing the use of the article for seven consecutive days without recharging
  • The weight offers mobility and storage characteristics
  • The heads of other Oral-B electric brushes are compatible with this model.
  • High price compared to other brushes of the same function and range
  • The only existing battery in the equipment is not a standard size
  • Forced detention every 30 seconds.

3. Oral-B PRO 750 CrossAction Review

best electric toothbrush for plaque control
Click the image for more info.

Oral-B exhibits its best electric toothbrush model Pro 750 CrossAction, high quality, presents a design in its elegant and stylized design. The functionality of this electric brush is based on the elimination of 100% plaque, bacteria that can seriously compromise oral health, damaging the teeth and causing future losses.

This sin is considered as the best electric brush for its 3D technology that guarantees the coating of the teeth in its entirety, the built-in timer that protects the brushing time, providing the protection of the tooth before long brushes and highly abrasive and with durability in the 7-day battery generates practical autonomy without needing to recharge the battery every day. of daily brushing.

Synonymous with durability, comfort, storage capacity, power, and extraordinary results, the 750 CrossAction electric toothbrush provides the protection that the family requires in the care of teeth and oral health, it is a generator of trust since dentists recommend it in daily use, prevention and preservation of teeth.

Technical characteristics of the Oral-B Pro 750 CrossAction:

  • 3D brushing technology
  • Includes a transport case
  • Brush timer
  • 8,800 x minute oscillation
  • Battery charge duration of 7 days
  • Weight 490g
  • 3D cleaning
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Dimensions 10.1 x 6.9 x 4 cm
  • 60cm cable length
  • 220-volt load voltage
  • The price makes it an accessible and competitive product in the market
  • Its carrying case offers protection and easy mobility
  • Recommended by dentists for the care and preservation of dental pieces and oral health in general.
  • The required charging time is high for a portable and mid-range capacity brush
  • It weighs a few grams more than other electric brushes of similar characteristics.

4. Oral-B Vitality Sensitive Clean Review

Oral-B Vitality Sensitive Clean
Click the image for more info.

The innovation in the preservation of teeth and oral health is led by Oral-B thanks to the innovation in the systems of brushing and oral hygiene. On this occasion, he presents his Vitality Sensitive Clean electric brush line, designed for users with greater dental sensitivity.

This brush offers an effective cleaning 2D that consists of total removal of bacteria but with a lower level of oscillation and ultra-fine bristles that allow the extraordinary cleaning of the teeth with less invasive treatment.

In addition to having the 2D cleaning system for the most delicate cleaning, Oral-B included in its electric brush the 3D cleaning function offering the versatility between a soft brushing and a stronger one that pulsates, rotates, and oscillates with more vigor, both with high-quality results.

The result of this combination of power and sensitivity is a versatile brush and at the same time an effective tool for the daily care of the health of the teeth and mouth in general.

Technical characteristics of Oral-B Vitality Sensitive Clean:

  • Oscillating head
  • Cleaning in 2D and 3D
  • Weight 249g
  • 5-day battery life
  • Cable length of 90 cm
  • Dimensions: 11 x 7.1 x 21.9 cm
  • Ultra-soft bristles
  • Your head can be replaced by other generic
  • Perform only two shutdowns in two minutes
  • This electric brush is quite light compared to other models with the same features and functionalities
  • The affordable price provides competitiveness in the market
  • It is light enough
  • The autonomy of the electric brush is low
  • The charging time is high (16 hours)
  • Does not have a battery level indicator
  • The oscillation speed is a low level
  • The continuous change of the heads since their bristles are softer, shortening their useful life.

5. Oral-B Vitality Plus TriZone Review

Oral-B Vitality Plus TriZone
Click the image for more info.

We started our top with a brand dedicated to the care of the mouth: Oral-B, and its Vitality Plus TriZone model, a sensational electric brush that will leave you wanting to use it. To go into detail, this is a rechargeable instrument, and that feature is special for continuous use. Its modulation of work is pulsed and oscillating, with 2D technology, indispensable to remove plaque and bacteria between teeth.

Having the quality of this Oral-B electric toothbrush gives us confidence that the cleaning will be total, and not only we remain in the name, but we analyze the product and observe, for sure, that its quality is irrefutable: clinically proven, this model and its TriZone head help reach the wheels, thus allowing the cleaning of them.

Although at the beginning we said that this artifact was modulated with two styles: oscillations and pulsations, not only remains there to mention that it guarantees a deep cleaning and that this brush has a timer for a 2-minute brushing, as dentists recommend. It is good to work with this system, since not only will there be visible results, but also the internal work will be done efficiently.

The good selection of materials for the manufacture of this brush positions Oral-B as one of the most used and recommended brands by dentists in Spain, and it is precise because of the resistance of its products. The Vitality Plus TriZone, like other electric brushes of Oral-B, has interchangeable heads so that there is always a spare and never stop the brushing action.

  • Includes 1 rechargeable electric toothbrush handle, 2 heads, and 1 charger so that brushing is continuous and prolong the life of the appliance
  • Its price is accessible considering the quality of its brand.
  • Users claim that the pulsation movement is not as effective as the oscillation movement

6. Fairywill FW-ET507 Review

best electric toothbrush for plaque control
Click the image for more info.

Fairywill is a company dedicated to the manufacture of articles for the hygiene of the mouth, from irrigators to electric toothbrushes, each one with a distinctive seal of quality and elegance in its designs. In this article, we will talk about the model FW-ET507, a very practical electric brush that adds to this top thanks to its power and precision when it comes to oral cleaning.

We find a product simply full of power, and that is that the FW-ET507 gets up to 40,000 beats per minute; a very large number and that does not leave any space without cleaning on our teeth. Their bristles are nylon, so they adapt easily to the morphology of the teeth.

In this list of the best electric toothbrush, this creation of Fairywill not only for its elegance or power of brushing, but this version has 5 working modes that can be changed even in real-time of use: massager, bleach, cleaner, for sensitive teeth and polish. And you wonder how can you get these results? Everything is thanks to its battery that, after completing its charge, can work for 30 continuous days (2 minutes per day, twice a day). Thanks to this, you will hardly have a brushing interrupted again.

The design of this copy is not so far from the classic electric brushes, although its black color and silver and gold details make it a very elegant hygiene tool and coupled to all tastes, and these are reasons why we could choose this version above others in the market.

  • It has replaceable parts (1 rechargeable handle, 3 heads) for prolonged use
  • It has a 1-year warranty from the date it is purchased
  • This price electric brush continues to be high if we compare it with a common budget

7. Oral-B Genius 9000 Review

best electric toothbrush for plaque control
Click the image for more info.

Again with the brand Oral-B, and it is almost impossible to talk about good toothbrushes without mentioning the productions of this brand. His career in the world dates back to 1950, in the United States; and since then, its place and preferences for dentists and users, thus providing a wide range of items for the health of the mouth implementing technologies and quality supports for the greatest satisfaction of the public.

Within its many ranges of brushes, we now name the Genius, which offers to this top the model 9000, a brushing system that, according to studies, manages to eliminate up to 100% of the plaque and bacteria from the mouth … something really more beyond the ordinary.

The biggest attention of this product is for its rounded head, which allows the user to clean their teeth, tongue, and gums, reaching much more land than a conventional electric brush. But if we really want to highlight an unprecedented detail, it is your position detection, which practically tells you where you have not yet gone through the brush positioning, but not everything is there: it also alerts you when you are brushing very hard so that so do not damage your gums or teeth Amazing, is not it ?!

We are facing one of the largest brushing systems today, and of course, with all that range of positive characteristics and qualities for a more complete development of hygiene, it is obvious that the price can be a little away from the typical average, and that is that the value of this brush Oral-B Genius 9000 is 185 euros on Amazon.

  • It has an app that helps keep the pace and time of brushing (2 minutes), also has support for mobile mirrors
  • It comes with its travel case that charges the brush and the phone at the same time
  • Its Lithium-Ion battery guarantees up to two weeks of use
  • Its value distances it from the standard budget
  • Your Bluetooth connection, according to clients, is not compatible enough

8. Philips HX9352 / 04 Review

best electric toothbrush for plaque control
Click the image for more info.

Now appears, dramatically, a colossus of industries: Philips. The Dutch giant with more than 120 years of history and good acceptance around the world. When we talk about technology and companies we must mention this transcendental industry, and that is that their contribution to manufacturing have given us samples of quality in their elements, and with it, the following article is a faithful sample of the good contributions of Philips, with its Sonicare range for oral health, in this case: The electric brush HX9352 / 04, one of the best in the entire market and offering an unprecedented cleaning experience for users.

About the product, we come across an electric toothbrush with different working modalities. This machine, also known as Diamond Clean, has a technology called Quadpacer, which beeps to know when to move from one section of the mouth to another, in order to achieve a more accurate wash. In addition, its 5 working modes are applicable for each type of mouth, for example: with the extra-soft function, the sensitive gums are not at risk of being hurt; with whitening mode, in a couple of minutes the plate starts to be dismantled; with diamond mode, a total of 30 seconds is added to achieve the desired brightness; With the complete, the cleaning is done at depth with soft stimuli that massage the mouth.

This power translates into 31,000 beats per minute, something very amazing and that is feasible when doing the job in the shortest time possible. This Philips Clean Sonicare Diamond provides 85 minutes of autonomy: more than enough for almost 45 sessions without needing recharging. With its motor system, it only remains for the user to maintain the useful life, and, as recommended in the user manual, this is achieved with delicate movements … not like those that one can exercise with a manual brush.

  • It has spare parts of the head
  • In just 2 weeks, the health of the gums begins to improve
  • As for whitening, this brush achieves doubly better results than those of a manual brush
  • This price electric brush continues to be high if we compare it with a common budget

9. Fairywill Fw917 Review

best electric toothbrush for plaque control
Click the image for more info.

We take back the reins of the Fairywill company and its inscrutable trajectory in terms of elements for oral health.

This time, we bring the latest model of the top and that will surely increase your desire to buy electric brush: the Fw917, one of the copies that most like the public, having almost 100% of positive comments on Amazon, and boy is that something hard to get, eh? Well, now we’ll talk a little bit about how Fairywill got it with this presentation.

This is a brush with standard measures, its operation is with sonic technology, that is, with vibrations … and many vibrations, we speak of 35,000 per minute, real deep cleaning machinery. Its effectiveness is 100% if it is used in the right way: as recommended by dentists. Within its classic appearance, in white, is a lithium battery that can be easily charged at its base, with just 4 hours of charging, you can enjoy its use for 30 days, something great compared to another electric brush.

It has 3 modes of work: Super, Normal and Massage, whose individual functions are adapted to the user’s taste under the need they have at the moment. Thanks to its hygiene modes, in just one week the changes begin to be seen in our teeth, looking whiter, and, in just 2 weeks, the health of the mouth will begin to increase considerably.

Undoubtedly, these characteristics seem to fall instantly love, but if you really want to have a fact that you like at all, then we anticipate that you no longer need to look for an electric brush offer. 

  • 1-year warranty in case the product has faults
  • Its price is very accessible considering all the benefits of its use
  • The device comes with 1 rechargeable electric toothbrush handle, 3 replacement heads, and 1 USB cable without adapter
  • Sonic pulsations can stun users during the first days of use

10. Philips HX6711 / 02 Review

best electric toothbrush for plaque control
Click the image for more info.

Philips unveils the best electric brush on the market, model HX6711 / 02, white and blue, characterized by its Clean and white functionality, which allows you to choose between these two options according to the requirements of dental care .,

The Easy-Start program included makes it easy for the user to gradually get used to the electric brush, gradually increasing the brushing pressure gradually. With dynamic action technologies that direct the flow of water for the use of this in obtaining the cleanest results.

The electric toothbrush is preferred by features such as cleaning and whitening modalities, through which it is able to eliminate the stains that occur daily in the teeth by the intake of coffee, alcohol, tobacco, and others. With the daily use of the brush, guaranteeing the useful life of the dental pieces, their constant sanitation constitutes the health of them, avoiding the occasional loss of a dental piece.

Technical characteristics of Philips HX67 / 02 electric brush :

  • Timer
  • Clean and White Mode
  • QuadPacer Timer
  • Easy-Start
  • Weight of 100g
  • Lithium battery
  • Dimensions 9.5 x 17.1 x 23.5 cm
  • Sonicare
  • The built-in modes in your Clean and White system
  • Washing and Bleaching Indicator Intervals
  • The existing SoniCare technology in the equipment helping the water flow, guaranteeing deep cleaning
  • Easy-Start provides the progressive increase of the power in the article during its use
  • Its weight provides storage capacity and mobility
  • The price is competitive in the electric brushes of the same range
  • The equipment battery is not rechargeable
  • The QuadParcer that forces forced stops in the intervals of brushing time.

Considerations before Buying the best electric toothbrush for plaque control

Cleaning mode: To remove this bacterial plaque from our teeth, it is essential to work with a good toothbrush. But, to know which is the best electric toothbrush, consider that the head can work in the following ways: Oscillation, a rapid movement in two directions; Rotation, clockwise and counterclockwise to access smaller spaces; Pulsation, makes the function from the head to the surface of the tooth as a pulse; and with Sonic Technology, with small movements that oscillate at a high frequency.

Brand of the manufacturer: Consider the brand that makes an object is always an excellent way to know how good that product can be, but for this, we must first know what those companies are. Here we will review some of them: Oral-B, Fair will, and Philips Sonicare, they all point like those big ones in the market who know how to make copies of the highest quality thanks to their wide trajectory.

Price: Do not be fooled so that you have a clearer idea of the electric toothbrush price, you should know that they range from 20 to 180 euros: beyond that, it is not convenient to pay, since you can get one of the excellent magnitudes by 20 euros.

Tips for Wisely Using your Electric Toothbrush

We can not simply buy an electric brush without knowing how to use it properly, which is important if we want it to last a long time. To begin with, we must make sure that the load is complete; If the charging base emits a “ready” sound, we can not let it pass. An overload could completely damage the motor of the device or, vice versa, a half load could turn it off in the middle of the activity … and that is annoying, huh?

On the brushing, depending on the modulation it has, the manual movements can not be abrupt since they are not necessary. When exerting a lot of force, the appliance could be affected, especially if the user moves in the opposite direction to the device. It happens with the irrigator and electric toothbrush, the treatment must be careful enough, considering, in addition, its contact with the water; that could, in case of being excessive, damage the internal system.

Characteristics of an electric toothbrush :

We will agree on something, the electric brushes are often very different from each other because all the mouths are different, which means that if you want to be completely satisfied with your purchase you must find the toothbrush that best suits your needs. needs, cleaning habits, and the physical characteristics of your teeth, gums, and tongue.

In order to find that ideal model, first, we must walk through a series of technical values ​​that define the characteristics of each brush and can make it functional or not for you. Let’s see:


The strength of the brush is a vital element. It is precisely the power of the brush motor that replaces the movement that we normally make with our brush arm. The ideal level of power in your brush depends on the shape and size of your teeth and also on the sensitivity of your gums. If you have big and strong teeth then buy a powerful model and use it at the maximum level. But if for example, you know that you have bleeding gums, then look for a less strong model and be careful when using it.

Type of bristles:

As with conventional brushes, the type of brush bristles must be appropriate for the type of mouth. There are thick, medium, and soft bristles. The thicker the bristle, the deeper is the brushing but also more invasive with the gums. The advantage of electric brushes is that most models allow you to easily change the head and vary the type of bristles each day if necessary.

Type of batteries:

At the beginning the electric brushes worked with AA or AAA alkaline batteries, even some modern brushes still use them. But most models today work with a rechargeable battery cartridge.

Teeth whitening:

Some reputable brands have managed to incorporate in their best electric brushes tooth whitening treatments during brushing. This is possibly one of the characteristics that you could think of investing a couple of Euros more.

Weight and size:

Last, but not least, keep in mind that it is best to choose an electric toothbrush that fits the size of your mouth and that has a manageable weight for you.

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