Best DNA Test to find Relatives

best dna test to find relativesWith their methods of scientific analysis, the best DNA test to find relatives offered by these service providers will allow you to obtain precise results on your origins.

Whether it’s to satisfy your curiosity, to build or reconnect with lost family members, or to learn more about what your DNA contains, these genetic tests will provide you with information you will not find anywhere else.

Taking a DNA test to know its origins is a practice that was long reserved for medicine. For ordinary people, it was a costly and often inaccessible solution, intended to find a genetic disease or to prove a family relationship with a loved one. But today, it is possible to submit to a DNA test out of curiosity!

At present it is not strange to hear about DNA test kits, these tools give you the opportunity to know in-depth where you come from and what are the dominant genes within your family nucleus.

Knowing more about ourselves is helpful to have a more concrete idea of ​​who we are; Learn more about your genes with any of these best DNA test to find relatives.

A look at what research has uncovered about the supposedly ‘best’,
If you’re curious (or in a hurry)

This specific DNA testing kit is the most popular with our readers

Choosing the best DNA test to find relatives.

1. AncestryDNA Test

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A homemade set for DNA tests whose results are analyzed in a genetics laboratory and to be displayed on their website for 6 to 8 weeks. This kit has the tools for professional DNA testing and the company has its own website where all the results are placed in real-time.

The big favorite of Amazon users who want to know much more about their ancestors and the origins of their family. This equipment is available at a fairly accessible price.

To find family members, the Ancestry DNA test could be the most interesting. It has more than 6 million samples, making it the largest worldwide DNA service. To know which regions your ancestors come from, it’s effective, but it makes the difference when you want to rebuild your family tree with precision!

Your ethnic origins are in your DNA and the more DNA samples available in a database, the easier it will be to go back into your family history. With Ancestry, you will easily know where your ancestors came from, which countries you are linked to by genes, and where those who share these genes are.

The Ancestry site offers two major services.

The first is to create your family tree for free online. You will then provide some information about your family. Once started, this process will gradually evolve automatically. The platform launches immediate searches and informs you as soon as a relationship has been found, via the appearance of a small sheet synonymous with new results on your genealogy file. Gradually, your family tree fills up and you will go from surprise to surprise, discovering origins that you would not even have suspected!

Among the documents analyzed by this service are the birth, marriage and death registers, the censuses of each country, but also the registers of the First World War!

The second service of Ancestry is its DNA test, which takes the form of a salivary test. Upon receipt of the sampling kit, you will only have to place some saliva in the tube provided, before returning it in the envelope provided for it. After about 2 months of patience, you will receive your results online and you can discover where you come from!

This genetic test will compare your DNA with people from more than 350 regions, which is twice as much as most other DNA tests. This allows for an incredibly accurate ethnic mapping, which you will discover in the form of maps and graphs, showing the percentage of your DNA established in the world.

The only downside to Ancestry is that it can quickly become expensive. If you choose the complete package, with the DNA Test and access to all the results of your family tree, it makes the note climb quickly. In addition, the accuracy of the results is lower when it comes to analyzing roots outside Europe.

However, our opinion on Ancestry is positive, especially if you are looking for distant family members. With its consistent database, it can offer you exciting results!

  • The largest database of DNA Samples
  • A very complete search engine, to find ancestors
  • Very precise results
  • A simple salivary test
  • Rates a little high
  • No health report
  • Almost 2 months waiting for the results

2. MyHeritage DNA: Test of Ancestors and Ethnicities

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An easy-to-perform DNA test that gives you much more detailed information regarding the genes of your ancestors from both the maternal and paternal side of your family; based on a database that has information from more than 42 ethnic groups around the world. This test does not take more than 2 minutes to complete.

Learn more about the origin of both sides of your family with the help of this DNA test. The company has a website where they expose you in an easy to understand way, everything you need to know about the ancestors of your family.

Amaze yourself! That’s the slogan of the MyHeritage DNA test. This service will allow you to go back to your family tree to understand where you really come from. Expect some nice surprises!

With MyHeritage, you can find distant relatives and discover your unique heritage, the geographic regions of your roots and the ethnic groups to which you belong. For this, the site uses ultra-modern technology, offered to the general public at a price more than affordable.

Your DNA will be analyzed and you will be informed of your origins, among the 42 listed by MyHeritage. This is the largest number provided by a DNA test! And it is very simple to do since you will just make a simple smear of the cheek (it only takes 2 minutes!). Indeed, no need to spit or provide a blood sample. Here, we put on the ease, with more results provided quickly. Your curiosity will be satisfied in just 4 weeks.

Then you send the DNA test via a closed envelope and wait, while the work is done, through an autosomal DNA test. You will be informed of the results online as soon as they arrive. You will then have access to an ethnic estimate, in percentage.

You will discover your ancestral past, with the percentage of your DNA present in each region of the world. Maybe you thought you were only from your country, but you could have ancestors in Ireland, Japan or Uzbekistan!

DNA will let you know where your origins come from, both sides of your parents. Thus, you will have a complete family tree. As evidenced by the users, it allows reconnecting past links buried in the mysteries of your genes. What to enlarge the family in the blink of an eye.

MyHeritage uses a system that compares DNAs with those of many people, allowing for genetic matches. Most of this service is that it provides access to its results to other providers of DNA testing service, which allows to expand the accuracy of the answers and to compare the different results obtained.

The MyHeritage DNA test has, over the past 16 years, enabled more than 101 million users to find new family members. Better yet, it is possible to create your family tree for free on the site , by consulting billions of online registers. You will have a family tree that grows little by little, with vintage photos and the facts of the past made by your ancestors.

Our opinion on MyHeritage is very positive, both research and results are accurate and easy to access. It is a cheap DNA test, which will offer all the curious concrete answers to their questions. You may find people who look like you on the other side of the Earth!

  • Easy to do, with a simple cheek smear
  • A huge database
  • Accurate results obtained quickly
  • The ability to create his family tree online
  • A cheap DNA test
  • No DNA analysis of your health

3. 23andMe, a genetic DNA test with advanced medical analyzes

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The DNA Testing service offered by 23andMe offers you two types of results: a search for your ancestors, as well as a medical analysis service that allows you to understand your genetics. A good way to go back to the source of certain diseases that you could suffer, or anticipate some problems from your genes.

The medical part is very interesting because everything is written in our genes. Did you know that Alzheimer’s disease was part of your genetic heritage? This type of DNA test will inform you about the risks that you may encounter in terms of your health (to prevent them), your state of fitness, with an analysis of your sleep, your intolerance or your muscle composition. At the medical level, it’s a great way to prevent ovarian cancer, lung cancer, macular degeneration, or potential liver disease, among others.

As far as researching your origins is concerned, this DNA test will analyze your family DNA, on the paternal and maternal side, as well as that of your Neanderthal ancestors in order to trace the path your genes have taken over time.

The results are in the form of very clear graphs, with maps showing you the percentage of your DNA present in each region of the world, chronological borders indicating, epoch by era, where your parents of the past were, as well as a table of your chromosomes. For each chromosome, you will discover the corresponding percentage of nationality. It’s fascinating and easy to interpret!

To perform this 23andMe DNA test, you will have to undergo a salivary test. You will receive a sampling kit, which will be sent to you within 3 to 5 days after your order. You will only have to spit in the tube provided for this purpose, from your home, following the instructions on the booklet. Then return this DNA test via the package provided and wait. It takes 6-8 weeks to get the test reports. You will be informed by email and you will be able to consult these online!

We appreciate the seriousness of this service, which performs all these tests in certified American laboratories, with a clinically validated technology. In addition, privacy seems paramount on this platform, which guarantees you to share none of your results without your explicit consent.

The 23andMe DNA test is available in two versions. The first allows you to know your ancestors, with a DNA search of your origins. The second, more expensive, combine this research of your roots with medical analyzes of your genetic inheritance very advanced.

Although the site is only in English, you can receive your DNA kit in France, via the international section of the site. A good point more, for a very complete service, which will allow you to know you much better!

  • A thorough search of your ancestors
  • Very interesting medical analyzes
  • The results in the form of very graphic graphics
  • The DNA test is performed by a certified laboratory
  • The treatment time a little long
  • The site in English only

4. FamilyTree DNA

Click image for more info.

The DNA test of FamilyTree DNA is divided into 3 distinct offers, offered at various prices. The first is a DNA test that uses the Y-DNA method to trace your paternal lineage. The second is an MtDNA test, intended to discover your origins on your mother’s side. Finally, the third DNA test of FamilyTree DNA is called Family Ancestors and allows you to know your origins and find distant relatives.

Men have this famous Y chromosome, which differentiates them from women. It is a chromosome that goes from father to son, and it is thanks to him that we can go back in line with the men of a family. FamilyTree DNA uses the largest Y Chromosome database for its Y-DNA test and lets you know which way the males of your family have borrowed to get to you.

This Y-DNA test is available in 4 versions, ranging from an analysis of STRs repetition (the segments of your DNA) of 32 segments to an analysis of 500 segments. The higher the number, the more accurate the results will be.

Regarding the DNA test on the maternal side, which allows you to know your female ancestors, he uses the Mitochondrial DNA method. This mtDNA is transmitted by a woman to her child and makes it easy to identify female members of your family. Here too, two versions are available: the first focuses on certain segments of your DNA when the second one takes them all into account. What changes is again the accuracy of your results. For an individual, the first will be sufficient, but those who want to analyze in detail all components of their origins will favor the latter.

Finally, we have the DNA test (autosomal) which allows establishing the ethnic percentage that you have in each region of the world. For example, you could learn that you are 60% American, 24% African, 10% from Central Asia and 6% from East Asia. You will certainly discover surprising DNA matches! This DNA test also allows you to draw a map of the migrations of your ancestors. Very meaningful, since at a glance you will understand the path of previous generations of your family!

The different tests are done in the same way. First, you will make a cheek smear with the kit received at home. After returning it, you will wait between 6 and 8 weeks to be notified of the results, online! You can order them even by living in France, but the treatment times increase a little in this case.

FamilyTree DNA allows you to compare the results with those of other services and share them, to extend the database as much as possible and thus to offer you very precise analyzes. This is, in our opinion, the most accurate DNA test for those who want to achieve the most advanced family tree! Perfect for the most scientific and curious of you.

  • 3 separate DNA test offers
  • Complete packs, to rediscover your family history with precision
  • The most advanced analyzes that we know
  • Communication with other databases
  • 3 separate DNA test offers
  • Complete packs, to rediscover your family history with precision
  • The most advanced analyzes that we know
  • Communication with other databases

5. Living DNA – Your Ancestry Adventure Kit

Click image for more info.

Living DNA’s DNA test is a 3 in 1 solution that lets you know where you are coming from, what percentage of each country you carry in your gene pool, and find family members.

If you want to go back in time, up to more than 80,000 years ago, then this is a great opportunity to do it. This DNA test offers you a journey into your story and will help you to better know, thanks to clear and precise results. You will be presented with a map of the world, for each region (more than 80 regions represented), the percentage of your DNA that comes from it.

For women, only the lineage of the mother will be traced, but men will have access to results on both the paternal and maternal side. Thanks to modern technology and a panel of scientists and researchers who make up the Living DNA teams, you will be able to find family ties up to the 13th degree. What if you had ancestors in Asia? In Africa? This test will allow you to find their descendants, and why not contact them! The site is developing a contact solution that will make new links.

The DNA test on which we give you our opinion here is simple to realize. You will receive quickly, after your order, a kit with a smear of cheek smear. Pass the stick in the hollow of your cheek and voila. You just need to put it in the small plastic bag in the kit and send it back. When your results are ready, you will receive an email and all you will need to do is connect to the platform to find out who you are! Count just one month to get these results.

What you need to know about Living DNA is that most of the DNA samples were collected in the UK. Very precise and very detailed when it comes to analyzing a person from the British Isles, the tests will be less pushed by the rest of the world. This service is however available in France, despite a site totally in English.

Among the excellent ideas of Living DNA, we must absolutely quote the book of ancestors, available for purchase at the time of your order. This is a customizable book that will tell the story of your family, with your results, the journey of your ancestors, and a lot of information about DNA and what it contains. A very nice way to have a material object that you can transmit from generation to generation.

Very complete and affordable, Living DNA’s DNA test will allow you to see the results in different forms, for a complete understanding of your roots. Thanks to him, you will travel within your family history easily!

  • Very fast results
  • A cheek smear is enough to send your DNA
  • The different formats available to consult the analyzes
  • The customizable book
  • The website in English only
  • DNA samples mainly collected in Great Britain

6. ORIG3N: Home DNA Test

Click image for more info.

A homemade DNA test which includes an illustrated guide on how to apply it and information about genes and their connection to our ancestors. This DNA test kit has an application for smartphones and a 24-hour website. The set includes all professional instruments for DNA testing.

An easy to use a team that will give you all the information you need to know about your family and the influence of their genes on you. Everything you need for an accurate DNA test in a comfortable 14cm tall box.

7. Geno 2.0 Next Generation (Ancestry) – Powered by Helix

Click image for more info.

An advanced DNA testing kit which gives you complete information about your ancestors and presents them to you in an application compatible with intelligent electronic devices. The database used in this DNA test is designed under a patented system used by National Geographic researchers.

A homemade DNA test that has the experience and credibility of National Geographic experts, this kit is really very easy to use and all the data is automatically supplied through the application.

A DNA test: Yes but why?

Science is progressing step by step from year to year and it is no longer a surprise, genealogical tests are democratizing as digital technologies. And the years ahead will maintain this trend.

And why not buy a DNA test as a gift? After all, you can very well buy a DNA test for a family member or close friend. Of course, before buying a DNA test make sure that the individual who receives the gift does not have any brakes on this kind of scientific approach.

Why pass a DNA test?

First, because science allows it in 2019. Then because if you want to know more about its genealogy, it is quite possible to find answers through the data collected during the past centuries to trace a family tree. And to discover your ethnic origins.

Secondly, because the new philosophy of our society is in favor of this democratization: to discover its genealogical heritage with a reliable test that goes back to your roots. It is perfectly legitimate to know one’s biological and ethnic origins.

Paradoxically, there is another pretext that makes genealogical tests a promising solution. In recent years, millions of people have found new members of their families by discovering their origins. Human technology and scientific methods make it possible to harvest, cross and process more and more data very quickly. From maternity tests to cousin tests to ethnic tests, the results are becoming more and more precise. Genealogy has a certain future.

The efforts made by the various organizations dealing with natalities, deaths, family booklets can receive reliable results today, reliable results that were not possible to receive in the past. Well, not as simple as now.

By the way, what is DNA?

Deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA is a long molecule forming a chain chemically linked by phosphodiester bonds. It determines how we develop and act.

DNA is divided into four distinct nucleotides: adenosine, cytidine, guanosine, and thymidine, whose order of sequence is of fine precision and writes the genetic information, our genes.

What you need to understand before taking a DNA test is that Man has 46 chromosomes (provided by your parents: 23 by your mother and 23 by your father) or 23 pairs. The 23rd pair of chromosome defined the sex of the individual.

  • In women: The 23rd pair has 2 X chromosomes;
  • In humans: The 23rd pair has a Y chromosome and an X chromosome;

This is the essential information to remember before taking your DNA test because several tests exist and it is important to be able to distinguish the different chromosomes of our parents to achieve the expected results and targeted your research.

The different types of DNA tests

In 2019, there are 3 different types of genealogical tests available. They do not work the same way and provide different data depending on the nature of the test.


Autosomal DNA testing is the type of test we recommend to learn more about parents and grandparents. It also allows you to learn more about his family history and easily trace his own family tree.

The autosomal DNA test can trace the genes of your mother and father within five generations. He is not interested in the kind of your genes, in other words, in the 23rd chromosome, but in the first 22 pairs.

This type of test inspects single nucleotide polymorphisms (NHPs), the forms of nucleotides independently of the other pieces of your DNA. In addition, with scientific methods, laboratories examine more than 700,000 NHPs to support your relationship with another individual.

Going back in our family tree and given the 23 chromosomes 2 provided by our parents, it is logical to think that a quarter of the DNA comes from our grandparents, one-eighth of our grandparents, etc. Its main purpose is to affirm your relationship with another person.

Through all the data collected over the centuries, the autosomal test can locate a search on the same family line as your PSN. As far as possible. And you can get in touch with parents as far away as your third or fourth cousin.

In addition, the autosomal DNA test also estimates your ethnicity. That is to say, that it can provide information on the regions of the world where your ancestors lived, that in the last hundred years. In some cases, the tests can even go back more than a thousand years.

Scientists and genealogy laboratories sample the world through 25 distinct regions. This provides a direct estimate of his ancestry.


The mDNA test consists of leaving the main DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and focuses on mitochondrial DNA (mDNA). The test analyzes the 16,500 pairs of your genetic base. While the body of a human being has more than 3.2 billion pairs of DNA.

Indeed, mitochondria are old bacteria that make up the cells of a human body. Their goal is to provide energy to our cells. And they produce mitochondrial proteins. Mitochondrial DNA is present by tens in each of our cells.

MNA is provided exclusively by your mother. This is the type of DNA test we recommend to do a maternity test and trace your matrilineal lineage. Yes, this type of test will retrace the haplogroups of mitochondrial DNA. A haplogroup is a group of individuals with only one common ancestor.

Be able to go back to the maternal line of your family from your mother’s side: your mother, your mother’s mother, your grandmother’s mother, and so on. The mDNA can identify more than 50 generations back.

In addition, the benefits of mitochondrial DNA testing are:

  1. To be able to identify your matrilineal (maternal) lineage ;
  2. To find distant relatives (about 50 generations);


Sorry ladies, but only men can pass this test. It is always possible to ask one of your relatives to provide you with a DNA sample to collect the information (your brother, uncle, paternal uncle father, cousin). In a way, you can trace several paternal lines with your father’s Y-DNA samples and a Y-DNA sample from your mother’s brother, for example.

As said before, the 23rd pair of human chromosome knows 2 versions. Women have two X chromosomes. As for men, the 23rd pair consists of an X chromosome and a Y chromosome.

The Y-DNA test allows the exploration and study of the paternal lineage. And the results obtained make it possible to complete your many projects. Like the mitochondrial DNA test, it will analyze a haplogroup of your paternal lineage and your original people in ancient times. We recommend this type of test for a paternal test or to learn more about its ethnic origins and especially during the Middle Ages.

Synthesis on DNA tests and ethnicity

The 3 DNA Tests above indicate information about the ethnicity of your ancestors. But the information is different because:

  • Autosomal DNA covers all of your roots in your family tree. But it mixes quickly and provides less accurate estimates beyond 5 generations.
  • mRNA and Y-DNA indicate your genetic lineages accurately and in more than 50 generations. This kind of DNA test studies only part of your family tree.

The reliability of DNA tests is constantly increasing, the laboratories are constantly evolving and the scientific methods used are more and more precise.

If you decide to take a DNA test, be aware that once the test is done, and labs discover new information about your ethnicity, they automatically update your data. It is therefore not necessary to repeat a DNA test. However, you must visit the sites of the various laboratories.

In addition, it is important to know that DNA tests track your region of origin and not a country of origin.

Our history has gone through various wars, the names and boundaries of some parts of the world kept changing.

For example, I am Alsatian and Alsace is a region that covers an area of 8,280 square kilometers in 2019. Limiters with Germany and Switzerland. The region has known several borders over the centuries:

  • Before the 17th century, the region was German
  • Between the 16th and 18th century, Alsace is annexed
  • The Franco-Prussian War again changes the borders and is annexed by Germany
  • During the First World War, Alsace is taken over

It is not easy to define with a DNA test if your ancestors are English, French or German. DNA tests only define a geographic membership for a specific region. And this is growing with the migrations of peoples and international marriages.

How does it work the DNA samples?

To take a DNA sample, you can:

  1. Use a cotton swab to take a saliva sample.
  2. Use a cheek pad for harvesting a DNA jellyfish

For DNA testing some labs will ask you to use a cotton swab or cheek pad.

It can be difficult to collect saliva on young children and the elderly. They may not produce enough saliva to pass the DNA test.

In this case, opt for a DNA test that requires a sample with cheek pads.

All specific material for specimens will be provided in the DNA kits.


Have you just collected the DNA sample? Well, it only remains to send it to the laboratory so that he can analyze it. For a DNA sample analysis, it takes between six to 10 weeks. Once the analysis is complete, the laboratory sends you an email with the results.

Depending on the laboratory and the DNA test chosen, the results may appear:

  1. The raw data on your DNA
  2. An estimate of your regions of belonging, your ethnicity


My Heritage offers a DNA Test and autosomal results. Once the data is received, you can build a family tree for free.

23andMe submits to you both autosomal data and if you wish, an associated health report, under a single tariff. However, 23andMe does not offer to do his family tree.

Family Tree DNA is the only company to provide separate DNA testing. Be a Y-DNA test and an MT DNA test in addition to the autosomal DNA test. In addition, once the data has been collected, you can also build a family tree. This structure also has the largest genealogical database in the world. Very interesting, if your family history is scattered outside of Europe.

Igenea analyzes your genealogical origins with a detailed analysis with an autosomal DNA test combined with a detailed analysis of your paternal and maternal lineage, according to your gender. Moreover, this Swiss genealogical laboratory, and open to any other request for any combination of possible genealogy analysis. Finally, Igenea also proposes projects on the DNA of Napoleon or Tutankhamun. Interesting to read this kind of report as a genealogist.

Which DNA tests to choose?

As said, the 21st century marks the democratization of DNA tests and laboratories offering DNA testing are increasing steadily over the years. In itself, all the laboratories presented on-site offer autosomal tests. And all cartographies the origin of your ancestors by geographical division di place of life of your ancestors.

However, all DNA tests have advantages and disadvantages.

In addition, here is our ranking of the main DNA tests available, ranked in relation to their relevance and reliability for all genealogists, beginners, and insiders


MyHeritage is a new genealogy lab. The autosomal DNA test provides reliable results. The price is one of the cheapest on the market for an autosomal test and in view of its quality/price ratio, we place it at the top of the list.


  • Covers more than 42 ethnic regions of the world;
  • Family Tree Builder: Free tool to make his family tree;
  • Gather your DNA data (after testing) to complete your family tree for free;
  • Automatically analyze the results of other members and have them match for free;
  • Based on one of the largest customer databases in the world;

The disadvantages :

  • Offers only an autosomal DNA test;


FamilyTreeDNA has one of the best combinations for genealogy insiders. With the ability to do an autosomal DNA test, Y-DNA and separate mtDNA, it will be perfect. In addition, if you have already done a DNA test previously, you can import your raw DNA data, import it on FamilyTreeDNA, to match all your data.

Find out what we think about DNA family tree DNA tests.

Advantages :

  • The laboratory offers the 3 DNA tests separately;
  • One of the largest genealogical databases in the world with a very present community;
  • Once registered, allows you to get in touch with your correspondence by e-mail;
  • Features a chromosome browser to compare your DNA results, compare multiple sets of DNA results, and share matches together;
  • Preserve data from your DNA Test for 25 years;
  • Import your raw data from tests done by other laboratories;


  • No tests related to health;
  • More expensive than MyHeritage and 23andMe;


23andMe is quite new as a laboratory, and it’s a very interesting DNA test. Notably, if you want to get an autosomal DNA test and do a DNA health test. Indeed, it is the only laboratory that offers a DNA test directly related to your health.

Advantages :

  • The only laboratory to offer a DNA test related to your reliable health;
  • Has a well-stocked database with over a million hits;
  • A chromosome browser to cross your results;


  • More expensive than MyHeritage for an autosomal test
  • Additional cost for the health DNA test;
  • Unable to import raw DNA data from other sites
  • A genealogical community restricted to MyHeritage and FamiyTreeADN


Igenea is an expert Swiss laboratory with Swiss quality. It is without a doubt with their DNA tests that you will have the most reliable data. Made up of real experts in genealogy (biologist, laboratory technician, anthropologist), we put our trust in IGENEA.

Advantages :

  • Igenea Expert Test: The world’s most comprehensive DNA test;
  • DNA results dating back to 100,000 years;
  • Reliable and certified DNA testing at 99.99%;
  • Swiss expertise;


  • DNA tests more expensive than others;
  • A weak genealogical community;

Finally, doing a DNA test is useful?

You have analyzed our comparison of different DNA tests, maybe you wonder if this is really useful? Well, yes, absolutely.

It’s true that doing a DNA test may be just a hobby for you, but DNA testing can provide information that will tell you more about your family’s story. Finally, for genealogy insiders, doing a DNA test is almost essential.

DNA tests are ultimately not so expensive with reliable results and we recommend them to restore links with his family. Our tester has had similar results every time, so do not doubt the DNA tests.

Moreover, it is quite possible to order a DNA test online, this is completely legal if you are of age. So do not hesitate and do your DNA test.

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