Best Digital Piano for Home Use

best digital pianosIf you don’t know which digital piano to choose, don’t worry, in this guide, we will show you what factors you should take into account when choosing the best digital piano for home use.

After an exhaustive analysis, we will show you the best digital piano for home use on the market taking into account their value for money and the opinions of their buyers. In addition, we will show you a description of each of the products and a comparative table.

What is the best digital piano for home use?

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1. Roland GO-61K

best digital piano for home use
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Ideal for people who want a product of good quality and sound.

This digital keyboard is very “flirtatious” in terms of design and produces good sound, so we recommend it for more advanced people,  although if you are a beginner and do not mind spending a little more money on a quality digital keyboard, It is an option that you can also shuffle.

As sound is very good, it is high quality and has more than 500 different tones (basses, strings, piano, etc …). In addition, it includes a free programming language manual for those who are starting.

It is compact, making it easy to carry and practical.

Accessories include built-in speakers and display. The only disadvantage is that it does not include AC Adapter.

  • High-quality sound
  • More than 500 different sounds
  • Includes programming language
  • Easy to carry
  • Does not include AC adapter

2. Casio CT-S200BK

best digital piano for home use
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It is the cheapest digital piano we review. Its characteristics are good.

This model offers excellent features at a fairly affordable price. It is perfect for both beginners and advanced.

It has 61 standard keys that produce a very good sound, 400 tones, and 77 rhythms of accompaniment. Plus, it weighs less than 4kg and comes with a carry handle, making it a really handy keyboard.

One of the reasons why we recommend this keyboard is that it has dance music mode, which allows you to play percussion, bass, and synthesizer parts to create dance music effortlessly. It has 12 dance music voices that add great creativity and offer a complete experience

Among its drawbacks, it does not have accessories, and having 61 keys it can be the ideal keyboard for a beginner but for someone more advanced it may not be enough.

  • The weight
  • Includes Dance music
  • Great sound quality
  • It has many accompaniment tones and rhythms
  • Does not include accessories
  • It has only 61 keys

3. Alesis Recital Pro

best digital piano for home use
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For more advanced people, who want to renew their current digital piano.

This digital piano is excellent value for money, perfect for mid-season musicians.

It includes 88 keys with a counterweight (like the analog ones) and the sensitivity of these can be modified. They are of good quality. In addition, they generate a sound

E l sound is clean and very powerful thanks to 20 W of power with its built-in speakers, which do not come to distort anything.

It has various functions such as split, lesson, or layer and various effects such as chorus and reverb.

Includes a total of 12 voices and educational functions. It also has a sustain pedal input and power adapter included.

Among the drawbacks is size. It is large so it is not practical to transport and it will not serve any case.

  • Clean and powerful sound
  • Its price
  • It consists of several functions
  • The size

4. Yamaha P-115B

best digital piano for home use
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High-quality Yamaha digital piano, for people who want a professional product.

This is another digital piano model that satisfactorily delivers value for money. Perfect for both beginners and somewhat more advanced people.

It features 88 weighted, soft-touch keys with a matte finish. They produce excellent sound. In addition, it has 14 sounds, also of high quality and 192 polyphony.

Regarding the audio outputs, there are 2 headphones, with a 6.3 mm jack in the lower-left part of the front and a rear USB-MIDI connection plus 2 standard monaural audio outputs, although in this case, some users would have preferred more balanced TRS.

It includes a basic sustain pedal that works very well, although it is not as high quality as the rest of the set.

In general, it is very comfortable to play and gives the feeling of playing a real one, so for beginners, it is something that will come in handy. In addition, it does not weigh too much so it is practical when transporting.

  • Excellent sound
  • 14 sounds and 192 polyphonies
  • Your pedal
  • His weight
  • No negative opinions

5. Korg B1-Wh

best digital piano for home use
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Digital piano for professionals.

This model is somewhat more expensive but its features are worth it, both for beginners and advanced.

It has 88 counterbalanced keys with good touch, when you play them they produce a very real and high-quality sound, as well as its imposing white design.

The audio output can be either through headphones for quiet practice or through Oval speakers.

As for accessories, it includes a top-quality Music Stand and Damper Pedal.

The only negative point that we can find is its weight and dimensions, which make it impractical for transportation. It is a highly recommended digital piano to leave it in a static place.

  • Good touch
  • Real, quality sound
  • His design
  • Impractical for transportation

6. Roland GO-88P

best digital piano for home use
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One of the best selling digital pianos. It has an unbeatable value for money.

This model offers the best features in terms of value for money.

It has 88 keys with great resistance and produces a very good sound that helps develop the perfect technique to become a more expressive musician, but this also has a disadvantage and is that it weighs more than previous models, making it more difficult to transport. It is still compact and lightweight, however.

It also includes excellent integrated Bluetooth speakers that you can connect to your smartphone to learn in a simple and compact way; Once connected, you can start exploring free online content that makes learning quick and easy.

Among its disadvantages is that having 88 keys could be counterbalanced and thus offer great resistance, but they are standard. Also, the sound although very good could be better for a Roland keyboard. It also does not include accessories.

  • Very good sound
  • Beautiful and elegant design
  • It has 88 keys
  • Includes Bluetooth speakers
  • Keys are not counterbalanced
  • Does not include accessories

Things to consider before buying a digital piano

The piano guy

As a starting point when buying the best digital keyboard, you have to know that a digital piano is not the same as an electric keyboard. Many electric keyboards have less than four octaves, so there will be a multitude of songs that cannot be played.

For a person starting with the keyboard, pianos of at least five octaves are recommended. However, if you want something more far-reaching and that doesn’t fall short in a few months, it ‘s best to buy a full or larger digital piano.

If you are just starting out, you can buy a basic digital piano. Some of them have tools and functions that can help you when it comes to learning, but if you already have some experience, you probably want to buy a digital piano with a keyboard with a certain sensitivity so that the nuances in your performance can be perceived by the listener. your music and even by yourself.

Space and portability

best digital pianos

It is necessary to analyze the available space you have for your piano or if this is for a child, which would make the height of the digital piano a crucial factor since it has to be adequate. It would also be worth a digital piano that includes height adjustment.

Another aspect to consider is if you want a digital piano that is easily transportable or if you are going to have it fixed in one place. In the first case, you must take into account its ease when assembling and disassembling your digital piano. Therefore check its weight, dimensions, and transport bag. Sometimes, the digital pianos that we offer do not include this accessory and, although they are not very expensive, buying it separately increases the price, making it a factor to consider when choosing a digital piano.

Number of keys

A full piano has 88 keys, but you will also find them with fewer octaves and, therefore, with fewer keys. Our recommendation is that if you do not want to have limitations when playing melodies, buy an 88-key digital piano. However, if you want a piano that is more portable or basic, you can buy one with 76 or fewer keys.

In addition, some digital piano models incorporate polyphony options. This term refers to the number of individual notes or tones that the piano can produce at one time. At the very least, look for a digital piano with 64 polyphony, although there are 128 and 256 if you need them.

Type of action

There are three types of action when it comes to digital pianos: hammer real weight, real weight, and no weight.

Digital hammer-powered digital pianos are those that sound more like an acoustic piano but require more skill when playing for the key to deliver the proper sound. The weightless ones have lower sound quality but are easier to play. And the real weight ones are an intermediate point between both options, a mixture of ease of use but without sacrificing too much quality.

Keyboard sensitivity

The sensitivity of the keyboard is largely determined by the type of action since in those of real weight and those of real weight with a hammer, the volume of the note will depend directly on the intensity with which the key is played. If the characteristics of your model mention the sensitive keys, consider it a plus.

The best keyboards are often called “full weight,” and sometimes that weight is graduated so that the lower octaves are heavier to emulate the heavier hammers and strings on acoustic pianos. If you’re not budget- conscious or really want a good digital piano , go for hammer-weight real-weight pianos.

Some extra features of digital pianos can be:

Automatic sounds and accompaniments:  Almost all digital pianos bring them, although not in as much variety as keyboards.

Headphone jack:  Sometimes we must play without being interrupted by the sound and, in these cases, being able to use headphones while playing our piano is an ideal option.

Amplifiers and speakers:  If you are going to use it at home, your digital piano must have an amplifier and its speakers integrated, but if you want it to perform in premises, it is important that external equipment can be connected for these purposes.

Best brands of digital pianos


Yamaha currently offers the largest number of digital piano models priced from any of the brands on our list. With six pianos of price ranges all excellent instruments even without regard to cost, Yamaha offers a good list of options for anyone looking for an affordable and quality digital piano.


For forty years, Roland has been manufacturing and distributing a wide variety of musical instruments. Without a doubt, the most recognized (and possibly the best) instrument they produce is the electronic piano.


Without a doubt, Casio produces some of the best value for money digital pianos today. Currently, they offer five large digital pianos. One of them is their new PX860, which many musicians consider to be the best and most affordable digital piano on the market.


Originally from Japan, Kawai has produced pianos since 1927, making them one of the oldest and most established brands on the market. In addition to being known for his handcrafted acoustic pianos, Kawai is also a giant in the world of a digital piano.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Digital Piano for Home Use

These are some questions that I often hear from parents who have children who want to learn to play the piano or that their parents think about taking them to class.

I tell you my opinion and I hope it helps you.

What is the best piano for my 7-10-year-old son?

By the time a child reaches 8 years old they already have the breadth of their fingers to play almost any instrument and especially the piano. There is no real difference if a child starts learning at 3 or 4 years old than if he starts at 7 years old, but passing at 8 or 10 years is already different, however, there are exceptions to this, obviously.

The piano to buy your child is determined by his ability and the teacher. The piano keyboard is generally a better option if you are not sure of your child’s ability or if he will be willing to continue learning in a few months. Without a doubt, an electronic keyboard will be the best option, but with the keys to take into account that we have seen before (counterbalanced keys, keyboard with 88 keys, etc.).

How much should I spend on my son or daughter’s first piano?

This is without a doubt a personal choice. As a general rule, I would say that a decision should be made based on the time spent versus the price of the instrument.

Most children who have never shown a special interest in playing the piano are candidates for a lower-value piano, such as a digital keyboard. We are not talking about a children’s keyboard, the toy ones, but a digital piano that allows you to learn but does not tell us too much money. This is easy to understand, if you do not show a very pronounced interest it is likely that you will get bored in a while and the frustration of both the child and ours will be proportional to the price of the instrument.

Should I buy an 88-key piano for my child?

This is another question based on personal circumstances that are very difficult to answer, but in general, the empirical rule when deciding on such a matter is that children 8 years of age and older can operate a full-size keyboard. That is 88 keys.

Young children should use the 25-35 key pianos and start enjoying the sound rather than feeling pressured to practice, which sometimes happens when children start so young.

Do play pianos or children’s pianos help develop your future ability as a pianist?

Toy pianos are ideal for a child to start playing. The more we put an instrument that is even childish within your reach, the more fun and more enjoyment, the easier the transition to a real instrument with full keyboards and more typical of a music student.

There are many cases in which there is no difference between children who were pressured to practice at an early age and those who started later, so this implies that it is better that they enjoy when they are young and later they will love music. of older.

There are many cases emerging where teachers don’t see much difference between children who are pressured at an early age and those who started at the same time, so this suggests that they enjoy at an earlier age and practice more vigorously as that grows.

Should a young child attend piano lessons?

It is common to see parents concerned about when it is appropriate for their children to start piano lessons.

Physical dexterity is a problem when your child is too young and cannot handle the stress of touching. Eye-hand coordination is extremely difficult for the first few years and it is usually best to wait until they are a little older. 8 years is usually the ideal age to avoid problems, especially with private classes that can be exhausting.

Generally, in class, teachers often repeat individual notes to the student, which is very far from the child’s idea of ​​learning to play the piano. So it’s not a good thing that it starts too soon.

The key is not to push them too hard to play the piano and let them learn gradually, and if they finally go to a teacher, they should be the right age, 8 years or more, IMO.

I hope this best digital piano for home use helps you out! Now start making your decisions. You may also like: Best Blender for Smoothies and Soup

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