Best Depilatory Creams for Face

best depilatory creams for faceIf you have come to this website looking to find the best depilatory creams for face you are on the right web portal.

Depilatory cream is a method to remove hair quickly and painlessly as it does not remove the follicles.

In this sense, it is similar to the use of the blade, but without the risks of cuts or the damage, it causes to the skin.

Despite this, and as with all methods of hair removal that exist, the use of depilatory cream also has its advantages and disadvantages. But we tell you more so you can be 100% sure if you decide to use it.

If you are considering changing the use of shavers or even sessions in professional aesthetics for a more practical, comfortable and economical option, start asking yourself how to use a depilatory cream, because without a doubt once you try them you will be delighted with the results.

We know very well that making the decision to drastically change the method and type of product that we use in our personal care routines can be somewhat intimidating because it brings with it many questions will it be a better alternative? What happens if it hurts my skin? What if the results are not what I expect? Do I have an allergy to the components of depilatory cream?

To make your transition process much easier and more relaxed, we have put together the best depilatory creams for the face.

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What are the best depilatory creams for face.

Sally Hansen Cream Hair Remover Kit (Pack of 2)
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1. Sally Hansen Creme Hair Remover Duo Kit For Face

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A product for all skin types, which can be used even in the super delicate area such as the face since it is made with natural elements which in addition to removing hair provide multiple benefits to the skin

Are you one of those people looking for quality regardless of price? Are you in search of a product that effectively removes your hair and also minimizes its growth? Are you looking for a product for extra sensitive skin like the face?

We have the ideal epilating cream for you, the Sally Hansen Creme Hair Remover Duo Kit For Face, designed with willow extracts and pumpkin seeds and enriched with collagen and Vitamin E.

It can be used by anyone regardless of whether it is male or female and best of all it can be applied on any type of skin, even in the most sensitive areas such as lips, eyebrows, chin, intimate parts since it is properly checked by Dermatologists for its moisturizing action.

It is easy to use, just gently apply the remover cream with the tips of your fingers or with the brush that is included when purchasing the ideal product for areas with facial hair.

The affected area is covered with a layer of regular thickness, rinse your hands well and wait 3 minutes to remove the cream with a cloth or moistened cotton.

It is recommended that you first remove a small part to see if the hair is easily removed if not, wait a few more minutes without letting the cream dry. Then rinse the area with warm water without using soap and let dry.

Finally, use the conditioning lotion, Extrasmoot Conditional Lotion that allows softening the skin after the extraction process of the fence soothing any irritation that may occur, resulting in soft and delicate skin.

  • Easy to use.
  • It is a cream made with natural elements.
  • Enriched with collagen and vitamin E.
  • It is designed for all skin types but especially for super sensitive ones such as the face.
  • Moisturizes and softens the skin.
  • It’s expensive.

2. Veet Depilatory Cream Normal and Dry Skin

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It is a cream that comes in a 200 ml presentation, which gives you the opportunity to perform the depilatory process and keep your skin without the annoying hair with the novelty after applying it keeps your skin hydrated for up to 24 hours. No unpleasant smell.

It is made with natural products such as aloe vera, in addition to vitamin E, alkaline agents, thioglycolic acid that help you with skin care and protection. It can be applied on any part of the body including face and intimate areas.

It is specific for normal or dry skin, so it will not cause any irritation or discomfort as long as the respective care is taken not to exceed the exposure period of the cream on the skin. As stipulated in the product box, only 6 minutes is more than enough for the cream to have acted.

It is an easy-to-use cream, it is only applied with the help of the spatula, the 6 minutes are allowed to act and remove the hairs and then the said cream is extracted with the help of the spatula that is included with the purchase of the product.

It is necessary to emphasize that when the product is applied to the armpits, no deodorant should be used for 24 hours.

  • Easy to use.
  • It is unisex.
  • Special for normal or dry skin
  • It comes with a spatula.
  • Optimal results.
  • Your boat is quite small.

3. Veet In Shower Hair Removal Cream.

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Imagine being able to take a relaxing bath and be able to shave in a simple, fast and practical way. Well, it is possible, the perfect solution for you, the hair removal shower cream for sensitive skin of the Veet brand.

It is a cream that comes in a 400 ml presentation, made with aloe vera and vitamin E, thinking about the maximum care of delicate skin, therefore it eliminates hair effectively but with the necessary delicacy, resulting in hydrated skin and hair-free.

It can be applied to any part of the body including the face and intimate area. And best of all at a super affordable price.

It is super easy to use, when you are taking a bath you apply the product, do not worry if you see that its texture is thick, it spreads smoothly.

Then you let him do his job for only 5 minutes and then clean it with soap and water bypassing the special sponge that comes included with the purchase of the product that is finally easy to remove the cream with the hairs.

And Ready, you will be hairless and the best with soft and hydrated skin, without irritation or cuts.

It is recommended to use it up to once a week depending on the type of person and the number of hair that you have.

  • Presentation container of good size.
  • Special for sensitive skin.
  • Easy to use.
  • Moisturizes and softens the skin.
  • Because of its thick texture, it is cumbersome to spread it.

4. Nair Nair Sensitive Bikini Cream Hair Remover

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Do you need a product that allows you to remove the hairs in the most sensitive parts without irritating or causing discomfort?

Well, we have the perfect solution for you, the Nair Hair Remover Bikini Cream Sensitive, a high-quality product that includes in its elaboration the multiple benefits that provide natural elements such as cocoa butter, baby oil, and vitamin E, allowing you to remove hair In just 3 minutes.

Imagine for a moment going to the beach and having all the security of putting on a bikini without worrying about the fact that your hair is noticeable or if you have that irritated area from having used waxing or shaving.

You don’t have to worry about it anymore, this wonderful product is specially designed for extra sensitive skin like the bikini area, armpits and face.

The union of natural ingredients such as baby oil helps to avoid or in any case minimize irritation leaving the skin soft, silky and moisturized; and cocoa butter with vitamin E relieves the discomfort that hair removal can cause. It is scientifically proven by dermatologists.

It is easy to use, just apply a little of the cream in the area you want to shave and leave it for 3 minutes that she does her action, the magic is performed, when you pass that period you remove it with damp cotton and you will see the great result. At the end rinse with warm water.

  • Easy to use.
  • Special for more sensitive skin such as the bikini line, armpits, intimate areas, and face.
  • It takes advantage of the benefits that cocoa butter, vitamin E and baby oil provide to the skin.
  • Moisturizes and softens the skin.
  • Bring a little cream, only 50 ml.

5. Collistar Linea Uomo Crema Depilatoria.

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Most men are more restrained than women in terms of hair removal, although more and more have understood that it is a necessary process to achieve a better personal presentation.

Are you tired of using the shaver, manual or electric, to shave? Or are you one of the men who like to look good but doesn’t want to have laser or wax hair removal because he doesn’t have the resources?

If so, this time we present a cream specially designed to be used by the male gender, Collistar Uomo Men which comes in a 200 ml presentation containing a depilatory cream.

Best of all, if the product’s instructions are followed to the letter, the skin will be soft, smooth, delicate and hairless. It should be noted that if the established time is not fulfilled in terms of the period that the person must spend with the cream on the body, there is a risk that it could cause burns or allergies.

Its use is very simple, first, the cream is spread, for these cases, this wonderful product includes a spatula that allows you to expand and remove the cream. Like this or easier?

After the mixture is spread on the skin you have to wait for the corresponding period of time to proceed to wash it and then extract them.

It should be noted that at the first pass the cream does not remove all the hairs it is recommended to apply the cream for a second time and redo the entire process. This depilatory cream can be used on any part of the body including the intimate area.

It is made with three natural moisturizing components that allow hair removal but without neglecting the protection and care that the skin needs so much.

As for the period of hair removal, it depends on each person, but if it is used frequently over time, its components will cause the hair to appear in a smaller proportion.

  • It does not irritate.
  • It can be used on sensitive skin.
  • It is used in any part of the body.
  • Over time it reduces the appearance of hair.
  • It should be applied twice for a perfect result.
  • It is necessary to leave it for a little longer than what the box specifies.

6. Veet for Men Hair Removal Gel Creme

Are you a strong hair man? Are you looking for a product that allows you to get rid of your hair quickly and without causing any discomfort or pain? Well, this product is perfect for you, the depilatory Gel for men of the renowned world brand Veet.

It comes in a presentation of 200 ml, gel, which allows you to quickly remove and without any pain or discomfort body hair. Of the whole body?

Yes, it allows you to be able to shave your entire body (chest, legs, arms, armpits) to the intimate area and in those cases where the hair is very strong or very short.

And best of all, it leaves your skin without that unpleasant smell characteristic of all depilatory creams and with a soft and delicate texture.

Its use is very simple, you simply apply the gel to the skin with the help of the spatula that is included with the purchase of the product which allows you to save the amount of gel to use, although you can also apply it with your hands without any inconvenient, that it is necessary that at the end of smearing the gel they wash their hands.

The gel is then allowed to act for about 3 to 6 minutes, as stipulated in the cream manual and subsequently removed with the help of the same spatula and using soap and water.

It is necessary to emphasize that the exposure time cannot be exceeded since it can cause reactions such as irritations and burns.

If you have thick hair it is recommended that you repeat the process 2 times in order to achieve an optimal result.

  • Special depilatory cream for men.
  • A spatula is included to spread the cream neatly.
  • Leaves skin soft and hydrated.
  • Over time it reduces the appearance of hair.
  • If left exposed longer, it causes skin irritation.
  • If the hair is strong it should be applied 2 times.

7. Natural Hair Remover Depilatory Cream

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Imagine for a moment having at home a cream that you can use both in those sensitive areas such as the face, armpit, bikini line and in stronger areas such as legs, arms, breasts, without any inconvenience, without having to worry about irritations or the pain that causes hair removal.

Well, you do not have to imagine it anymore, this wonderful cream can be used by both men and women to remove hair in just minutes leaving you with smooth, soft and moisturized skin.

It is made using the virtues and benefits that provide the skin with natural ingredients such as plants, vitamin E, cocoa butter, among others.

And best of all is its price, with only a few dollars you can buy this amazing product, so do not hesitate the Natural Hair Remover depilatory cream can be your best ally to have a good appearance when for example you go to a beach and you need to wear your bikini with all security without being aware that the hairs or irritations are not visible in your intimate area.

  • It does not irritate.
  • It can be applied throughout the body.
  • It applies in just 3 minutes.
  • It has moisturizing properties.
  • Exclusive for normal skin.
  • Designed for men.

8. Byly Depil Duo

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Are you looking for a chemical-free product that is organic? Well, imagine a product that you can naturally use in the comfort of your home without having to pay large sums of money in cosmetic centers or to people specialized to depilate using chemicals that eventually damage the skin’s layers.

We present this excellent option, a wonderful product made with 100% organic, organic materials, specifically mint and green tea extract, the union of two incredible products that provide countless benefits to the skin in a single cream. Yes as you hear it a natural and effective product.

It is designed for both men and women and because it is natural it can be applied on all skin types even in the extra delicate, with double action and great efficiency that will allow you to get rid of the hairs in the whole body in just 3 minutes including face and intimate area, keeping skin hydrated and well maintained without dryness or irritation.

It is easy to apply, simply apply the product neatly in the area you wish to shave, let it act for 3 minutes and the cream will disintegrate the hairs.

After the established period has elapsed, the product is removed and rinsed with plenty of soap and water, in the end, you will see how your skin is shiny, extra soft and hydrated, you will notice the difference instantly.

  • Easy to use.
  • It is a 100% organic cream made with mint and green tea extract.
  • Optimum results in just 3 minutes
  • It gives the skin hydration and softness.
  • It can be used on all skin types and people of any sex.
  • It must be applied twice for strong hair.

How depilatory cream works

The depilatory cream normally has a strong alkaline base that allows it to achieve a gelatinous texture to completely wrap the hair. During its performance, the ingredients in its formula begin to break the keratin of the hairs.

Keratin is a protein fiber that acts as a shield to protect each strand of hair from external aggressions. The depilatory cream thus breaks this protection, which causes the hair to tear and fall out.

These creams are not absorbed by the skin, so they do not reach the follicle and hair removal is not as durable as in the case of wax, for example. This action is similar to the use of the blade, but in the case of the latter, the hair is cut directly and does not dissolve.

Advantages of these creams

Best Depilatory Creams for Face

It is a fast and cheap method

On average, the creams take 10 minutes to remove all the hair, although they may take longer depending on their thickness.

In addition, they are an economical option since they are not expensive and last for some sessions.

You don’t need to wait for hair to grow

As the depilatory cream dilutes the hair from its closest point to the skin, you do not have to wait for it to have a certain dimension before shaving.

It is true that the wax method is more durable, but with this, you will not have to hide your legs or armpits for a few weeks while waiting for the hair to grow.

Easy to control

Due to their texture, depilatory creams are very easy to control in their application, mainly in the case of smaller areas or difficult to access on the skin.

They are very good, for example, to shave the English without pain and without the risks of the blade that does not adapt to the curves of that area and can result in cuts.

Lasts longer than blade hair removal

A depilatory cream does not cause pain, but it will never have an effect as lasting as other methods that remove the follicle.

However, the hair may take a few days longer to notice than with other hair removal techniques. This is because it manages to dilute the hair much closer to the surface of the skin than the blades.


Your chemists

Some chemicals present in depilatory creams can cause allergies or skin irritations. Also, if you do not completely remove the cream or let it act more than the indicated time you can suffer burns and have to go to the hospital.

To reduce this risk, read the ingredients of each formula carefully and try to buy a type of hair removal cream suitable for your skin. Also, remember to always follow the product instructions carefully.

Dry skin and more sensitivity

This disadvantage depends a lot on the brand and type of product you choose. Some may dry the skin after use or leave it more sensitized to the point that you feel the rubbing of clothes.

You should not expose yourself to the sun after hair removal

Even if the cream does not produce adverse or uncomfortable reactions, the chemicals used to dilute the hair leave the skin sensitized and weakened.

You should avoid exposing yourself to the sun on the day of hair removal since you can suffer burns more easily or the skin may stain in certain areas.

The results may not be uniform

Depending on the thickness of the hair, the cream may take more or less to dilute it. Since hair is not the same in all parts of the body, the end result may not be uniform.

Not ideal for clumsy

Each depilatory cream is intended to be used in specific areas of the body. You should never use one for the legs on the face, for example. As the hair on the legs is thicker, its formula is too strong for the sensitive skin of the face.

If you are clumsy and while applying the cream you get dirty other parts of the body you can risk having irritations and burns. This is even more important if you do not find out that you have become dirty with the cream and forget to remove it.

The smell

This disadvantage begins to disappear as brands improve their formulas to make them more attractive. However, it remains one of its least positive characteristics.

Even in those with fragrances a mild unpleasant chemical smell that can remain on the skin after hair removal is notorious.


Each of the depilatory creams that we have analyzed in terms of their characteristics, pros and cons have variation in aspects such as price, effectiveness, use, sex, viscosity, and ingredients.

Taking these aspects into account give you an idea about what is the best depilatory cream according to its effectiveness, according to its price or according to the gender of the user.


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