Best Dash Cam for Parked Car

If you are looking to find the best dash cam for parked car, you’ve come to the right place. The camera of the parking mode surveillance board can record video sequences of hit and leak incidents or vandalism.

The surveillance dashboards with parking mode come with a motion sensor that can shoot and record images in case there is any movement in front of the camera. The camera would turn off after a period of time if it did not detect any movement or vibration.

There are many types of surveillance cameras for cars, and the choice will depend a little on our needs.

If you’re curious (or in a hurry)

This best dash cam for parked car is the most popular with our readers

If what you want is to find the envious neighbor who entertains himself in scratching your car, you are likely to opt for a spy car camera. In any case, it must be a camera recorder for cars, which works with batteries or with the car’s own battery.

I have taken the liberty of making a selection of what I consider, the best surveillance cameras for the car of the moment, I hope you find it very useful:

What is the best dash cam for parked car

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1. AKASO VI car video camera

 best parking mode dash camThe main advantages of the AKASO VI video camera are:

  • Great image quality thanks to its 1080 pixels, in Full HD format
  • WIFI technology, compatible with IOS and Android systems. You can connect to the camera through your mobile phone, to configure the device and manage the recordings.
  • G sensor, to block recorded files in case of an accident. It also has built-in GPS, to track any data of the trip: location, speed …
  • It is installed next to the rearview mirror. It is very well concealed and goes unnoticed, it is ideal as a surveillance camera for cars.
  • High-quality night vision.
  • The camera loops automatically. The files are saved on an included MicroSD card.

One of the most attractive features of this camera is the GPS option. It also allows you to edit videos and images and share them with your friends on social networks. At all times you can tell them how your trip is going, or send them curious images or videos.

It has a Full HD quality for images and videos, thanks to its 1080 pixels, although it is possible to change to a higher quality (1296 pixels) or lower (720 pixels). These changes can influence the amount of information recorded on the card, don’t forget it.

AKASO has several Dash Cam. The analyzed one, V1 is my preferred option, since within the price of the camera it includes a 16 GB micro SD card, it has WiFI and GPS connection, for a really attractive price.

  • GPS connection
  • The camera comes with a 16GB micro SD card. It is not that it has a very large capacity, but if you do not want to buy a card at the moment, it is money that you are saving.
  • The image quality is very good, even in night vision.
  • The tracking screen could be a little bigger, they only have 1.5 ”.
  • The camera’s recording angle is not configurable. Other models offer the possibility of decreasing the angle, which gains quality in the recording … obviously, at the cost of missing part of what is happening.

2. AZDOME car security camera

 best dash cam parking modeThe highlight of the AZDOME camera is:

  • 170º front view, with an ultra-wide-angle HD
  • It has a resolution of 1080 pixels, Full HD.
  • Monitor the parking lot, thanks to its motion detection system. It can also be programmed for recordings with different time periods.
  • It has a night vision system. Install a system called Starlight, which offers high-quality night recordings.
  • Loop recording. Recordings are stored on a TF card up to 64GB
  • The camera has an internal battery that can be charged via USB with the car’s cigarette lighter. You can load it by conduct and remove the cable when parking, so that it is not visible from the outside.
  • Mount a 2.45-inch IPS screen, which allows us to watch videos and configure the camera.

This car surveillance camera offers the option of continuous or time-lapse recording, using image captures. It has a Novatek processor. This processor allows you to obtain 30 high-quality images per second, which can be projected as if it were a video.

You can program the shooting time-lapses for images at 1 per second, 2 per second or 5 per second. You will not need to reprogram your camera every time you start the car, it has an auto-start and shutdown function.

This function does not prevent you from monitoring the parking lot, in addition to having motion detection.

If you are looking for a camera that is not very expensive with a large viewing screen, this may be one of the best options, thanks to its 2.45 ”.

  • Mount parking sensor and motion detection.
  • The angle of the camera can be modified so that we can go from 170º to 140º or 90º.
  • The quality of the images is excellent, thanks to its 6 lenses.
  • 2.45 ”monitor with a very good image resolution.
  • It does not have WIFI connection, so we eliminate all the advantages associated with this functionality: GPS, mobile connection …

3. Mini Dash Cam Blueskysea B1W

best front and rear dash camThe main features of the mini Dash Cam Blueskysea are:

  • 150º viewing angle
  • The camera of very small size, so that it is not an uncomfortable element on the windshield.
  • The body can be rotated 360º, so you can record the interior or exterior of the vehicle at will.
  • Image quality 1080 pixels
  • WiFi connection. The camera can be managed by the mobile phone.
  • G sensor, to block recorded files in case of an accident.
  • It can incorporate a parking sensor, to detect impacts when the car is parked
  • The camera loops automatically. The files are saved on a Micro SD card up to 64GB.
  • It is installed to the car cigarette lighter, via USB cable.

From this camera, I would first highlight its size, since it is only 9 centimeters long and 3.8 centimeters high, so that it does not mean an obstacle to vision while driving. Another interesting point is the possibility of rotating the camera body, in order to record the road or the interior of the vehicle.

It can be useful in some circumstances, but it is certainly very fun, as it allows you to take pictures or videos of a pleasure trip. Although it is a small camera, its resolution is very good, since it has a SONY IMX323 image sensor installed.

With outstanding performance and WIFI control, this camera can be a great acquisition.

  • The camera is orientable towards the interior of the car.
  • Very small size. To me, that I do not like to hang anything from the rear-view mirror, nor that there is an element that interferes with the vision, this characteristic seems very good to me.
  • It does not have GPS.
  • It does not bring the necessary wiring kit for the parking mode to work, it must be ordered independently.

4. Crosstour Car Camera Das Cam

  Crosstour Car Camera Dash CamThe CROSSTOUR camera is a great option, just analyze its main features:

  • The Crosstour E-CR 500 camera is a typical DashCam, but with some features that make it ideal as a car surveillance camera.
  • It has a SONY motion sensor, which detects anyone 3 meters from the vehicle, and automatically starts recording.
  • How Dash Cam has a recording angle of 170º.
  • We can access the videos of the camera and its configuration thanks to a 2.7 LCD screen.
  • Loop recording. Recordings are stored on a 32GB Micro SD card
  • Compatible is the G system, to stop recording in case of an accident. It is also possible to lock it manually
  • Mount internal battery to record with the car off. It is charged via USB to the car’s cigarette lighter.

Although the CROSSTOUR brand is not well known, I am sure that SONY will be known to you. This camera mounts a SONY IMX323 sensor, which together with its 6 lenses, offers superior image quality.

The screen of the device also allows us to better appreciate the details, thanks to its 2.7 ”.
But, it is not the only improvement of the camera in terms of image quality, since it has HDR and an aperture of the F1.8 lens, which allows you to record high-quality images even with little or no lighting.

The strength of this camera is not only its price (very tight) but the quality of the images.
All users highlight the quality of the recording, even in places with poor lighting, how a garage can be.

  • A very good recording quality, thanks to its SONY IMX323 sensor
  • Protection at all times, thanks to its motion sensor.
  • 2.7 ”LCD control monitor
  • It does not have a WIFI connection.
  • The camera power in parking mode is improved

5. ThinkWare F770

 ThinkWare F770Thinkware F770 is a 2-channel dash camera with Sony Exmor Sensor. The recording angle manages to give 5 lanes of traffic with its 140-degree wide-angle lens. Thinkware F770 records recordings in HD quality at 30 fps(1920 × 1080) and night recordings even in sharp light.

With the new Ambarella processor combined with modern features, such as G sensors and motion sensors, itis an excellent choice at all times. In addition, this dashboard surveillance camera includes advanced security technologies, such as the collision warning system, lane change, and camera alert.

The Thinkware F770 Dashcam also offers built-in WiFi that allows you to configure settings with a smartphone. With this application, you can adjust the functions, control the duration of the video, adjust the sensitivity of the sensor without even touching the camera unit.

The parking mode function uses the built-in G sensors and the device’s motion sensors to detect movements or vibrations that further activate the dashcam to record fast video sequences. The F770 records a quick 30-second video when it detects motion/vibration and also locks it so that it does not overwrite.

The cam on the board draws power from the cigarette lighter port. If you need a 24 * 7 recording, even when your vehicle is off, wiring it to the car’s built-in battery could be an excellent option.

This dash camera also comes with a wiring kit if you need a full video recording at all times. The time-lapse and loop recording functions are responsible for managing storage to a large extent. The GPS function enables location notification and can also deactivate the speed stamp in the configuration.

Note: You do not need to wire the unit just to operate the parking mode. The built-in battery does it when motion or collisions are detected. If you need a 24 * 7 recording, then the use of wiring is recommended (the fuse kit comes with this board camera) for the main battery. In addition, the rear camera cannot be used as a reverse camera. You may need heavy modifications to achieve this with this dashboard camera.

6. ABOX Car Camera

best capacitor dash cam

  • CLEAR IMAGE LIKE ROCK CRYSTAL : With a resolution of 1080P HD and 30 frames per second, Trekpow Dash Cam captures the detail of a license plate during movement or the beautiful landscape during a long trip. Its powerful image sensor and processor provide a wide dynamic range that retains good color and contrast in a variety of weather and lighting conditions.
  • ZERO INVISIBLE SPOT : The large aperture and 170 ° degree field of view provide the capture of 4 lanes of traffic and reduce blind spots, allows the dashboard camera to capture more precious moments from different angles. The innovative 180 ° rotating lens allows you to capture every happy moment with your family and friends.
  • AUTOMATIC MOTION DETECTION AND EMERGENCY LOCK OF ACCIDENTS: If nothing moves in front of the camera lens within 10 seconds, the camera on the board will stop recording. Variable sensitivity The G sensor automatically detects a sudden jolt/collision and the emergency blocks the footage until “Event” Archive “to prevent the video from overwriting, they are useful to help address the accident and distinguish responsibility.

7. Apexcam Car Camera Dash Cam

 Apexcam Car Camera Dash Cam

  • DOUBLE LENS & 4.0 “IPS DISPLAY & Full 1080p FHD: The dashcam features a Full HD 1920×1080 / 30 fps front camera and a 720×480 rear camera that captures both high-quality front and rear views, ensuring your safety.
  • 170 ° GREAT ANGLE & NIGHT VISIO: Ultra wide-angle lenses allow you to see each corner of the lane and record valid evidence in the event of a car accident. The video system automatically adjusts the exposure to help capture details that are not normally seen during night driving and provides night vision.
  • AUTOMATIC AND CYCLIC RECORDING: When the car engine starts, the camera will automatically turn on and start recording, save the file and turn off the power when the engine is stopped. Start loop recording, the last video will automatically overwrite the oldest recorded video, ensuring there are no missing records in the driving process.

8. ThiEYE Car Camera Dash Cam

 ThiEYE Car Camera Dash Cam

  • 1080P FULL HD DASHCAM – This car camera records 1080p high-definition videos at 30 fps. The Full HD 1080P recording resolution ensures that you can clearly examine license plates and other important information that you could provide to the insurance company or the police.
  • 170 ° GREAT ANGLE – The large aperture and 170 ° degree field of view provide the capture of 4 lanes of traffic and reduce blind spots, allows the dashboard camera to capture more precious moments from different angles. The dashcam extended dynamic range technology effectively balances the brightness of the driving environment to reduce overexposure for clearer video
  • Gravity sensor function – G-Sensor’s advanced technology causes the car’s camera to automatically configure itself and block the current video to distinguish responsibility when the car crashes. It would serve as a witness to avoid unnecessary disputes.

9. Dash Cam, JIMI JC200

 Dash Cam, JIMI JC200

  • Dash Cam with HD night vision – The 3G dash camera is a complete front (1080P) and rear (720P) camera system that supports you in any road accident, even works well for night driving. Wide-angle lenses cover more, capturing the crucial peripheral action. Front and rear fields of vision of 140 ° and 90 ° to control the movements of vehicles and other activities in the front, behind and even to the sides
  • Continuous loop recording & G Sensor for Emergency Recording – Loop recording allows continuous use by writing about old and unnecessary images. The WiFi dash cam with a G sensor ensures that emergency images block important video files if there have been strong vibrations or shocks. Dashcams can provide video evidence in case of a road accident. 32GB TF card is compatible.
  • Multiple Alerts and Remote Control – Dashcam that detects vibrations or vehicle displacement, the alarm trigger will be sent to users through SMS / application. Your loved ones can also press the SOS button for emergencies. By using the built-in GPS dashboard camera, you can know where it is and be alerted if it goes too far (adjust geo-fence). Much easier to know the exact location of your car. “

10. GEARGO Dashcam Full HD

GEARGO Dashcam Full HD

  • SONY Sensor + WDR + 4 “LCD Display – With SONY sensor, Full HD of 1920 * 1080P, offers you high definition when driving or taking pictures about some wonders of nature, and has an excellent night vision effect. WDR support, You can restore the true colors of the objects as possible, ideal for situations like low light or backlight. 4 “screen will show more details and better vision
  • G-Sensor + Motion Detection – Built-in G-Sensor to record and store any unexpected incident. When the G sensor detects an emergency, the recorded video file will be locked, will not be overwritten and saved automatically. Reserve accident evidence and protect your safety. It also has the function of motion detection and parking monitoring.
  • Wide Angle + Dual front and rear cameras – Front Camera + Rear Camera (720 * 480P). Recording can be obtained both in the front and rear of the vehicle, provides a wider and clearer view and a complete recording. The rear camera will turn on automatically when backing up. The video recorded by the rear camera can be used to objectively determine the accident situation.

Frequently asked questions on best dash cam for parked car 

WIFI car camera – Can I monitor my car from anywhere?

Have you ever wondered how a WIFI car camera works? Well, it’s quite simple. The camera does not really have access to the WIFI network as we understand it (access to network data), what it has is WIRELESS communication with your mobile phone, so what is produced is a connection between the camera and the phone.

This connection has a maximum range, which is usually about five meters. The moment you move further away from the vehicle, you will no longer be able to access the camera data: you will not be able to see through the camera, access its recordings or modify parameters.

Can a camera be connected to the car’s WIFI?

You know that many current vehicles already incorporate WIFI, but the real one, the one that receives data from abroad. There are also devices that can be installed inside the vehicle, to receive that data.

In “theory” you could connect the camera with the car, and through the router of the car and, “yes” have access to the camera, as long as it has an autonomous battery or connects it to the vehicle.

My car has been scratched: How do I buy a good car surveillance camera?

That you scratch the car, unfortunately, is not uncommon. To avoid having your car scratched again, or to prevent it from happening, a good idea is to install a car surveillance camera.

But … you have to keep in mind that not all are equal. It is likely that at first, you are considering buying some of the many surveillance cameras for cheap cars, well, well … but do not expect to get wonderful results. Cheap, usually expensive.

car surveillance camera
If you want to buy a good car surveillance camera, You will have to take into account the following points that will define your security needs:

Night vision

Whether our vehicle is in a covered garage or because it spends a lot of time in the street, if we want video surveillance to be effective, the camera should have night vision.

It is very important that you be able to record and obtain good images in low light conditions because the safest thing that anyone who wants to scratch the car acts precisely under cover of darkness.

Spy cameras for cars, those that go unnoticed tend to have infrared LEDs that are not visible, precisely so that no one can locate the existence of a surveillance, but in turn record clearly.

Recordings quality

All cameras show the quality of the recordings they make in their descriptions.
The quality of the images is displayed in pixels or megapixels.

We will have an acceptable quality from 720 pixels, very good from 1080 pixels.
You decide which quality you prefer, but the higher the image quality, the more likely you are to know who the author is.

If you save a lot on the equipment, you may get the images of who is scratching your car, but you may not be able to identify it … then the money spent will be useless.

Autonomous surveillance camera

We can buy two types of cameras, those that are fully autonomous and run on batteries or rechargeable batteries and those that work with the car battery. The problem of those that work with autonomous battery is the number of hours that can work if it is finished, either recording or without recording.

On the other hand, those that work with the car battery are usually connected to the cigarette lighter. Eye!! There are vehicles that when turned off disconnect everything, even the cigarette lighter.

Also, the cable from the camera to the cigarette lighter can be an impediment to surveillance, if what we want is for the camera to go completely unnoticed. As you can see, the autonomy of the camera or better, from where it will take the energy it needs to function, will condition our purchase decision.

Cameras with motion detection or car camera in continuous recording

If the autonomy of the camera was important, it is no less important to look for cameras with motion detection. Cameras with motion detection will start when they are detected around them. For this, they have sensors that start the camera.

The great advantage is that they will only record what is really important, avoiding recording continuously.

Small surveillance cameras, spy cameras for cars

As I mentioned before, when installing a surveillance camera for a car we can seek to identify or deter. If what we want is to identify, we will prefer a hidden car camera … unless its presence is not evident and easily detectable.

For these situations, the best cameras are small surveillance cameras, which are almost impossible to detect unless we pay close attention.

The other possibility is to use spy cameras for cars, which go unnoticed because their presence is hidden within everyday objects, which are impossible to distrust.

Parking mode with motion detection

Most newer car models come with safety features such as lane assist, reversing camera, pre-collision detection, front and side airbags. There are car owners who want to add more security functions, especially when it comes to parking. This requires a model with parking mode and motion detection.

This feature is common in high-end brands and models and is useful when the car is off. When this happens, the car camera stays awake. It helps to detect other cars or pedestrians before you start recording for a specific time. The model has a built-in G-sensor that helps detect and register the impact.

As a result, you will have evidence of every blow and leak along with vandalism that may occur in your absence. The video can also be used when looking for compensation from an insurance company. It can also be used when the police are informed about matters related to theft that ultimately help with an investigation.

The good thing about this feature is that the recorded material is locked. This means that the device is not overwritten during recording, which requires a larger SD card. It is also advisable to back up the data on external storage devices to provide more space for the SD card to store more images.

The car camera continues to evolve every year and we strive to update this article regularly to reflect improvements. All our recommendations are suitable for a wide range of budgets and will not disappoint you.

Installing a camera in your vehicle offers a lot of peace of mind when it comes to coverage in the event of an accident. It can also provide crucial evidence for other road users who may also be involved in an accident

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