Best Chainsaw for a Woman

best chainsaw for a womanWhat is the best chainsaw for a woman? Here is the question that I have been trying to answer lately by testing different brands. A small chainsaw is suitable for women and extremely useful.

Using a small chainsaw for pruning allows for easier work, with less fatigue and of course, it takes up less space in the garage.

These are light chainsaws that are used for intricate areas or places where a larger chainsaw does not fit. They are a perfect complement for those who are dedicated to felling, carpentry, or as a domestic tool to cut wood.

What is the best chainsaw for a woman

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Buying Guide – best chainsaw for a woman

Many are domestic and professional users who want to buy a chainsaw or already have it since it is a tool widely used in gardening, forestry, and domestic tasks; especially in the maintenance of forests and gardens, felling of trees, pruning of vegetation, etc.

In addition, with the arrival of winter, its use to cut and chop firewood increases in order to load our warehouse and thus be able to feed our fireplace or wood stove to heat our home.

And as we already know, to carry out these tasks in the best possible way it is necessary to have a suitable chainsaw that gives us all the guarantees, being able to work effectively and safely.

For this, today we have prepared an article in which we will talk about the main keys to keep in mind to choose the best chainsaw for our garden, in addition to talking about the most prominent brands of chainsaws on the market.

Things to keep in mind when choosing the best chainsaw for a woman

1. Wood to cut and use to give

The wood that we are going to cut and the use that we are going to give to our chainsaw are very important. It is not the same to cut soft and thin woods in our garden than to cut down a tree.

That is why, before our choice, we must know the use that we are going to give it and the type of cuts that we are going to make, choosing a chainsaw that is powerful enough and with the sword long enough to make the cuts that we must make.

At the same time, if our needs are simpler, such as pruning our garden, it is not necessary to invest as much money as a large professional chainsaw, but it will surely be more advisable to get hold of some of the cheapest chainsaws in the world. market, or even a hedge trimmer.

2. Types of chainsaws

Depending on the type of motor we can distinguish three types of saws: electric, battery, and gasoline.

• Electric chainsaws:

An electric chainsaw is a saw powered by an electric motor that must always be connected to a power outlet. These electric chainsaws normally carry a 35/40 cm diameter sword and are suitable for cutting softwoods up to 20 centimeters in diameter.

Its main use is in domestic gardening tasks, such as cutting hedges, etc.

• Battery-powered chainsaws:

A battery-powered chainsaw is a battery-powered saw, usually 18 to 36 volts, which offers us very easy handling and allows you to make cuts without the need to be continuously connected to the electrical network.

Its autonomy is battery life and that will depend on it.
These types of saws are increasingly used due to the great advance in power and battery life. In addition, as we could discuss in another post, cordless garden tools offer us the possibility of working without noise.

Cordless saws are indicated for cutting softwoods up to 15 centimeters in diameter and are ideal in pruning work at heights or situations where we do not need much cutting power but are easy to handle.

• Gasoline chainsaws:

A  gasoline chainsaw is a reliable, robust, solid, and powerful tool that runs on gasoline.
Although gasoline-powered chainsaws require superior maintenance, they offer us much more cutting power than an electric or battery-powered chainsaw thanks to the presence of a powerful gasoline-powered engine.

They are the type of chainsaws indicated for cutting thick and hardwoods, as well as for intensive daily work.

3. Length of the sword

The length of the sword is another very important decision factor. This is determined by the size of the trees to be cut.

A bigger sword offers us the possibility of cutting larger trees, but at the same time, it is less manageable. In contrast, shorter blades are not suitable for large trees, but they weigh less and are easier to handle, making them ideal for pruning or one-hand cutting.

Chainsaw swords

4. Weight of the chainsaw

Another important aspect to consider is the weight of the chainsaw. Think that the lighter it is, the more comfortable it will be to work with. Therefore, if you have little or no experience operating chainsaws, it is important that you opt for a lighter chainsaw.

5. Frequency of use

It is very important to determine the frequency of use with which you will use the chainsaw to choose with more precision the most suitable machine for your needs. It is recommended to buy an electric chainsaw if its frequency of use is short, otherwise, if you have many trees or shrubs to prune or cut it will be better to buy a gasoline chainsaw with a higher power for all intensive work.

6. Quality and guarantee

As in all tools, it is vital to buy a chainsaw manufactured by a trusted brand that offers us a quality tool with a good guarantee and after-sales service, in order to have accessories and spare parts whenever necessary. From our experience, we recommend the Dolmar brand, from the Makita group, whose finishes in cutting tools and their effectiveness are more than proven, earning our trust over the years and the satisfaction of users.

Your most frequently asked questions

Cordless chainsaw: what are the advantages?

A cordless chainsaw or battery-powered chainsaw is a device that has many significant advantages. Of course, to notice them and especially to take advantage of them, you must make sure that the use of the device is done in the appropriate setting, that is to say, the occasional limbing or pruning of small shrubs or trees with flexible trunks. What if we let you discover the positive points about using a cordless chainsaw?

  • Maneuverability and ease of use

A cordless chainsaw lets you work without worrying about having a power outlet nearby and without being cluttered by a power cable that you could get your foot in. Since its weight is usually less than 6 kg, it is easily held in the hand, especially since it generally has an anti-vibration function and an ergonomic handle.

In addition, its start-up is very common and its maintenance almost insignificant. Indeed, it is not even necessary to lubricate the engine.

  • Comfort in use

The comfort lies essentially in the fact that such a device is not at all noisy especially compared to the electric and thermal versions.

It, therefore, allows you to work more or less discreetly in your garden. In addition, a cordless chainsaw does not pollute the atmosphere at all. It is favored by people who are very passionate about ecology and environmental protection.

  • Practicality

If you have small needs in terms of maintenance of your garden, a cordless chainsaw or battery chainsaw suits you much more. No need to bother with an overly powerful tool. Besides, even power cuts cannot keep you from working.

How to properly use your cordless electric chainsaw?

Having a cordless electric chainsaw is great. But the best would still be to use it correctly. Do you know how to use your device well in order to get the most out of it? Here are some very useful tips that will help you.

The first thing to do is to take note of the recommendations and safety instructions provided by the manufacturer on the instructions. Even if you have already had the opportunity to use a cordless electric chainsaw, take the time to read the instructions carefully.

Certain specific features of the device probably require special measures to be taken. Only the instructions can help you. After the instructions, you must make sure that you have the necessary protective accessories. Some chainsaws are delivered with the following accessories: protective glasses, visor, gloves, safety shoes, protective clothing, helmet …

Chainsaw battery protection equipment

Before starting the appliance, check that it is in perfect working order, that is to say, that all parts and fittings are in place and that the chain brake is properly engaged. Make sure that the battery is fully charged and if you have planned long work, remember to have the spare battery fully charged.

And once the job is started, don’t step on a rickety stand. Your two feet should be very stable. Do not cut wood that is placed over your shoulders. If during work you feel tired, switch off the appliance before putting it down.

Do not force when you feel that you are no longer holding on. Although less powerful than other models, the cordless electric chainsaw can be very dangerous.

I hope this best chainsaw for a woman helps you out! Now start making your decisions. You might be interested in Best All-Terrain Tire for Towing

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