Best Blender for Smoothies and Soup

Best Blender for Smoothies and SoupAre you looking for the best blender for smoothies and soup, but you have no idea which one to buy? Nothing is better than a cold and refreshing drink made with fresh ingredients.

Smoothies have become popular these days as they are easy to make and for health-conscious people, it is a very effective way to get the supplements they need.

You can use fruits or vegetables, yogurt or milk, and then add ice or water to it. Some also add protein shakes. But apart from having the right ingredients, getting the right blender is also essential.

Since the main ingredients are fresh or raw fruits or vegetables, achieving the consistency of a smoothie could be a challenge if you only use a regular blender. Sharp blades and a powerful motor are important in achieving that smoothie-like texture.

A sharp blade is necessary to achieve a rich and creamy texture. Also, stainless steel blades prevent rust. A powerful motor is also necessary to get the most out of it. The containers they bring are also another thing to consider when buying a blender.

Whether you’re making smoothies just for yourself or your family, different container sizes can go a long way. In addition, the ease of cleaning the appliance is key to avoid overloading work at home. Investing in a high-quality blender is a must these days! In addition, the ease of cleaning the appliance is key to avoid overloading work at home.

Investing in a high-quality blender is a must these days! In addition, the ease of cleaning the appliance is key to avoid overloading work at home.

1. Vitamix Professional Series 750 – Best Overall

best blender for smoothies and soup
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Vitamix Professional Series 750 with a polished stainless steel finish and a capacity of 2 liters. Manufactured throughout its bisphenol-free package, with a powerful 2.2 horsepower maximum horsepower motor and wide blade blades.

Its top cap is a 2-piece Santoprene rubber with a removable plug to add ingredients while in use. It has five pre-programmed settings that ensure simple cleanliness, comfort, and consistent results for smoothies, frozen desserts, soup, and mash recipes. Variable speed control easily adjusts speed for a variety of textures.

The dial can be rotated at any point during mixing, so you have complete control. The motor maintains cold torque and temperature to constantly provide the power you need to process any ingredient. To top it off, the low-profile 2-liter container makes it easy to process large batches while eating.

Technical specifications

Weight: 12.5 pounds / 5.7 kg
Height: 17.4 inches / 44.2 cm
Width: 9.4 inches / 23.9 cm
Length: 7.7 inches / 19.6 cm


The best of the line among other brands! Vitamix 750 is not just a blender, it is an experience! They say that if you want something outstanding in function and quality, you have to pay the price! Yes, the price is high but you get something according to your price. Absolutely true for this model!

There’s a reason Vitamix is ​​the # 1 blender used by professional chefs – nothing else comes close to its power and ability to completely mix ingredients. The quality is impeccable. It will definitely stand out in your kitchen.

Very efficient in preparing purees, salad dressings, soups, sauces, smoothies, fillings, cereals, and desserts. And the taste … it’s so perfect, you’ll never want to buy processed food in stores and restaurants again! Cleaning is very easy.

A little warm water: a drop of soap, 60 seconds of mixing, and voila. Super easy with your own cleaning cycle! Do not hesitate this is the Holy Grail! Consider Vitamix is your best investment! It’s worth it and comes with a 7-year warranty, what more can you ask for? Buy it!

  •  It has a very high and quality performance.
  •  2-liter low-profile container makes it easy to process large amounts of food
  •  It has variable speed control and multiple programs 
  • It is expensive, however, it is a quality product.

2. Brentwood JB-920W

best blender for smoothies and soup
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The powerful Brentwood JB-920W 350w 12-speed with Pulse Mixer uses stainless steel blades to easily break and crush ice. With 12 speeds to choose from that will allow you to make delicious smoothies, slushies, and purees.

It is made of strong, dishwasher-safe, bisphenol-free materials with a 1.25-liter glass graduated jug with the lid. • Suitable for making delicious smoothies, slushies and purees • 12 speeds + Pulse mode to crush ice • Stainless steel blades • Includes 1.25-liter glass jar with lid • Detachable and dishwasher safe • Bisphenol free manufacturing • Compartment for cable storage • Non-slip base • Approval label: cETL

Technical specifications

Weight: 7.1 pounds / 3.2 kg
Height: 8.4 inches / 21.3 cm
Width: 9.9 inches / 25.1 cm
Length: 13.5 inches / 34.3 cm


Slush machine at an affordable price! If you are on a budget and are still looking for a quality machine, you will never go wrong with Brentwood. It fulfills its functions correctly, nothing exceptional.

But its price means that you can get hold of it to enjoy a fruit smoothie every day! Useful, economical, and practical to make juices, smoothies, and purees with a fine texture and free of lumps.

Very efficient in the preparation of salad dressings, purees, sauces, smoothies, creamy fillings, desserts, etc. From the first use, you will be so satisfied that you will never want to buy a packaged smoothie or mash again.

Its disassembly and cleaning are extremely simple. Highly recommended for its simplicity of use and functionality. Don’t wait any longer and put your functions to the test in your own kitchen!

  •  Very affordable compared to other blenders
  • Excellent construction, it is undoubtedly made of quality materials.
  • One of the few mixers with the highest speed range, 12 specifically.
  • Available in one color
  • Its design has a very common and conventional appearance

3. Vitamix 5200

best blender for smoothies and soup
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Vitamix fuels passions. That is why we are the most trusted brand for professional chefs. But you will not only find us in the kitchens of the restaurants. You will also find us in domestic kitchens around the world.

If you’re interested in the culinary arts, make healthier choices and enjoy restaurant-quality smoothies in your home, when you’re ready to move on and move forward, when you’re ready to invest in your passion, you’re ready for Vitamix.

Built to Last A sale blender is not a bargain if it does not last. We know that buying a Vitamix blender is an investment. But Vitamix mixers are built to last, helping you buy reliable, non-disposable products.

Easy to Clean Simply mix warm water and a drop of dish soap at the highest speed on your machine, and watch it automatically clean in 60 seconds or less; no need to disassemble it. The difference is in the mix. Since the main reason, people buy a blender is to make smoothies, it’s important to get it right.

Whether you prefer an icy mix or a perfectly smooth, nutrient-packed puree with veggies or a light, fruity one, Vitamix shakes give you a delicious mix and even in every sip. Power We do not claim to have the most power.

We don’t need any more horses. The concentrated power of our complete mixing system makes all the components of the Vitamix machine work together, creating faster and smoother mixtures full of flavor.

Technical specifications

Weight: 10.6 pounds / 4.8 kg
Height: 20.5 inches / 52.1 cm
Width: 7.3 inches / 18.4 cm
Length: 8.8 inches / 22.2 cm


There is a reason to purchase it! It is an excellent brand! There was something better on the 5200, you’ll love the look of the tall, slim package, plus its motorized base is lighter and easier to move.

If you are unsure about buying the 5200 or 7500, you are sure to be satisfied with the 5200. Regardless of the model, however, it is a Vitamix and it is glorious. Use it to make organic vegetable juices on a daily basis, and you will see how Vitamix has no problem reducing it to a perfect liquid.

It is tempting to buy cheaper blenders, but remember, the high price is high quality! Vitamix is ​​the best option. Very efficient in preparing purees, salad dressings, soups, sauces, smoothies, fillings, cereals, and desserts.

And the taste … It’s so perfect, you’ll never want to buy ready-made food in stores and restaurants again! Cleaning is very easy. A little warm water: a drop of soap, 60 seconds of mixing, and voila. Super easy with your own cleaning cycle! It works perfectly!

  • With a drop of soap and warm water, your Vitamix machine can be cleaned in 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Easily adjust the speed for a variety of textures.
  • Hardened stainless steel blades designed to handle the toughest ingredients
  • It is very expensive compared to other blenders, but it is for its quality and high performance.

4. Braun MQ9037X

best blender for smoothies and soup
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The revolutionary Braun MQ9 hand blender transforms the hardest ingredients into the most delicious creations.

It incorporates the pioneering ACTIVEBlade technology in its design as it is composed of a flexible shaft that moves the blade up and down.

Its patented POWERBell Plus system, based on an additional milling blade, makes it easy to mix large pieces of food. Braun’s SmartSpeed ​​technology allows you to intuitively adjust mixing power without stopping.

With multiple accessories including a mixing wand, a whisk, a disposer, a 2-cup chopper/cutter, and a measuring cup, the MQ9 puts 700 watts at your disposal to effortlessly tackle the most challenging jobs.

Technical specifications

Weight: 2 pounds / 0.9 kg
Height: 16.1 inches / 41 cm
Width: 2.7 inches / 6.8 cm
Length: 2.7 inches / 6.8 cm


It is BRAUN and it is five stars! Perfect mixer for quality, function, and design. With a more than powerful motor, and a great design that allows avoiding unwanted splashes. Of course, if you go straight to full power, it’s easy to splash it all out, but if you gradually increase speed, it will behave as expected.

The blender comes with a complete variety of accessories: a whisk, a mini food processor, a tall beaker to match the blender head, and a disposer. Whisk accessory works – no problem with whipped cream! It is perfect.

Although the storage of the blender and all its accessories becomes somewhat cumbersome. You may store the motor unit on top of the mini food processor accessory as it is less likely to tip over.

Then place the blender attachment in the plastic cup to keep the sharp blade away from your fingers. I imagine it is a great challenge, but Braun lovers would be very pleased to see Braun come up with an innovative way to store all the pieces together in an orderly and safe way. Other than that, everything is perfect! You will love it being part of your kitchen!

  •  It can be used with one hand.
  • It allows you to obtain faster and finer results than other brands.
  • High performance, comes with an extra blade for more power.
  • – Good quality product
  • Quite expensive compared to other brands and models in its category.

5. KOIOS HB-2050

best blender for smoothies and soup
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Looking for a high-powered hand mixer that lets you mix, chop, and puree ingredients on the go? Hurrah! With the new and versatile 4-in-1 manual immersion blender from KOIOS, you can easily cut, whisk, mince, grind, and mix, even the toughest foods.

Variable 6-speed turbo control – Powerful and quiet 400-watt motor – Stainless steel S-shaped blade – Convenient and secure accessory exchange with a simple “click” – Unique bell-shaped head reduces splashing – Detachable Dishwasher Safe Accessories – Ergonomic Soft Grip Handle

Technical specifications

Height: 9.9 inches / 25.2 cm
Width: 9.4 inches / 23.8 cm
Length: 5.3 inches / 13.4 cm


The search is over! This is what you need in your kitchen. Looking for a high-powered hand mixer that lets you mix, chop, and puree a few ingredients on the go? Hurrah! With the new and versatile 4-in-1 manual immersion blender from KOIOS, you can easily cut, whisk, mince, grind, and mix, even the toughest foods.

This fantastic blender is perfect for whipping eggs and whipped cream, preparing baby food and pancake batter, vinaigrettes and toppings, sauces, and dense smoothies. The manual immersion blender has 6 speeds + a turbo function.

It has a powerful copper core motor to complete the heaviest jobs with little noise. Includes mixer shaft, stainless egg whisk, 500ml bowl, 600ml mixing glass, perfect for making baby food, smoothies, soups, mayonnaise, meringue, hot sauce, sauces, pancakes, etc.

It is a very strong and durable device, covered by a robust stainless steel casing. With a fairly long power cord and bell-shaped mixing head and S-shaped blade to reduce it. Very functional design with an ergonomic handle to work comfortably with one hand.

  • This blender is an all-in-one product: mix, whisk, chop, and grind.
  • It has a stainless steel body that makes it very robust
  • It is very powerful and little noisy
  • Continued use requires deep cleaning

The ultimate guide to buying a blender

The price and your budget

The price of the blender should never be the only factor you value when buying. We are not going to deny that it is important, but not decisive.

What power should a good blender have?

The motor watts indicate its strength. Normally, the higher the number of watts, the better juice you get and make better use of the fruit you use. Personally, I use this formula when looking at details: motor = power = resistance.

However, at times the motors are not properly optimized and do not meet expectations, although it is not normal. That’s where the reliability of one brand or another comes in.

What do the watts mean in a blender?

Watts, or watts as we know them, is the unit of measurement for the energy produced by an appliance. In this way, we can know the force and power with which an apparatus can work.

It is assumed that the more watts the better the blender is, but this is not always the case as it depends on many other factors. For simple shakes you don’t need excess power, so think about what you want it for and save yourself some money.

A good motor also implies greater resistance, or what is the same, longer life of the appliance.


The design of a blender is also a key aspect when choosing one. It is the first thing that enters through the eyes and as we know, the first impression always counts.

In addition to your tastes and preferences, what you have to look at and assess is whether the design is in line with your kitchen or if it is too large, for example.

To talk about the design of mixers we distinguish three :

  • Simple design

They have a simple design that is more focused on functionality and results than on aesthetics. It is also true that they will surely be cheaper than the others.

  • Elaborate design

Strong, resistant, and quite complete. This is what this type of blender is like. They usually weigh a little more than the previous ones, so it is best to find a fixed space in the kitchen.

  • Special design”

For lovers of aesthetics and design, this is undoubtedly your best option. Of course, they have to be willing to scratch their pockets a little since these models are not usually exactly cheap.


The material from which the products are made is a very important aspect, as it can determine the durability and even quality. What use is a mixer with a powerful motor if it is made of bad materials?

Here I leave you a series of factors to take into account to be more sure of which blender to buy :

  • Resistance. You can check the resistance by looking at what it is made of, whether it is made of plastic, reinforced plastic, metal … The most common is that the cheap ones are made of plastic, although keep in mind that sometimes cheap can be expensive.
  • Dishwasher safe? A priori it may not seem the most important, but believe me when I tell you that it is much more comfortable to put everything in the dishwasher and save time and effort.
  • Weight? The material with which it is made is usually a determining factor in determining the weight of the mixer. If you don’t have a place for it, take a look at this detail before deciding.
  • Can it withstand hot temperatures? If you intend to make creams or use hot ingredients, make sure the blender jar you buy is heat resistant.


When buying a blender, we must be clear about what we want it for and the use we are going to give it. It would be a shame to spend more for a more complete product that in the end, you will not use.

What do I have to take into account? Here I leave you the most common functions of blenders.

  • Make fruit or vegetable smoothies.
  • Shred food.
  • Crush ice.
  • Chop vegetables.
  • Make purees and sauces.

what blender to buy - best blender for smoothies and soup


Cleaning is a phase that we all have to go through when we finish cooking and it can sometimes be cumbersome and too long. It is important to check certain aspects of the mixer that give you an idea of ​​comfort when cleaning it.

It is such an important aspect that even many people look for easy to clean mixers even if they do not give the same results as others.

That is why here I leave you some of the aspects to take a look at that will help you choose the blender you are looking for.

  • If the parts are dishwasher safe.
  • If the removable parts are easy to disassemble.
  • If it includes a cleaning brush.
  • If the blades are removable.

The jar or glass

The pitcher can be the determining factor when deciding which blender to buy. For this, you will have to really know the use you want to give it, whether individual or shared.

It is not the same to buy a blender with a 2 or 1.5-liter jug ​​that a whole family can use, as a 1l or 600ml one. Make sure of what you need and avoid paying more for something that will not be worth it.

There are blenders that are designed for individual use and are also prepared so that you can take the mixture wherever you want. These can be a great option if your intention is to take your smoothies to the gym, the office, or anywhere else.

Another aspect to take into account of the jars is the material with which it is made. The harder the material, the more resistant the jar will be. Also, if you intend to use hot liquids make sure it is heat resistant.

Mouth size

Most blenders today have the detail of a mouth, that is, a hole that can be covered and discovered in the lid of the jar. This is so you can add ingredients even when the blender is running.

Before you decide to buy a blender, take a look at its mouth. Some are too small and may not be very practical if you intend to use that hole frequently.

how to choose a blender - best blender for smoothies and soup


Sometimes, to decide which blender to buy, what we look most at is the power and we overlook other aspects such as speeds. They can have from only one position to a high number.

Speeds are ideal for working with different foods and for achieving different results. Thanks to them you can vary and try different textures in your smoothies. Also, if they have a turbo function better than better. 


Are you afraid that the noise made by your blender bothers the neighbors or is very unpleasant? You do well, as many appliances of this type make a terrible noise when in operation.

If you want to avoid all the noise possible, I recommend you take a look at the silent blenders in this post. The Vitamix Quiet One is one of the most requested for the low noise it causes. 


How? What is also safe in the blenders? The answer is a resounding yes because it is also very necessary and useful so that they have the greatest possible durability.

In addition, it must be ensured that no accident will occur due to the blender.

Among the security systems, we highlight the automatic blocking and automatic shutdown. The latter is very useful in case we forget the blender on or spend too much time running.

In addition, we also find the safety lock that ensures that the glass is perfectly attached to the base. In this way, you can prevent the liquid from leaking out of the container or the jug from being displaced. 

The best tips to buy your ideal blender - best blender for smoothies and soup

Measurements and storage

I hope you have considered if you have room in the kitchen for a blender because it is a very important detail. We must be aware and make sure that it will not end up being a thing that we do not know very well where to put.

Either in the kitchen or stored somewhere, our blender must have a place both in our house and in our lives. That is why some users prefer to buy a small blender, like the ones we tell you about in this post. 


Are you afraid that your blender will break and you may have spent money for nothing? Before you get pissed off, you should know that practically all brands offer a guarantee, and let’s see how much.

  • Most manufacturers offer a 1 to 2-year warranty. They must specify it at all times.
  • Manufacturers of professional and industrial blenders can give up to 8 years warranty. They are higher quality products and at a much higher price.

What blender to buy according to your needs

We enter the most important part. This should be the criteria that really drives you to buy one blender or another.

  • Type of useAre you going to use it once in a while? Cheap blender. Are you going to use it daily or occasionally liquefy hard fruits? Mid-range / high-end Very intensive use? Buy a professional appliance.
  • Type of fruits: also think about the predominant type of fruits that you are going to use. If you are clear that you are going to liquefy carrots or beets often, you need a powerful motor, but after a month you will have the device burned.
  • How many of you are at homehow many people are at home? If there are only two of you, you will not have the same needs as a family, at least in terms of capacity. The blenders accumulate the pulp as you crush the fruit, so there will come a time when you have to stop and empty the container.

The higher the capacity, the more liters of juice you can get without having to stop to empty the glass of the pulp.

  • Type of blender: there are two variants: those for spinning (those for life) and those for cold pressing ( juice extractors ). As we mentioned before, the latter is more expensive but has the quality that they preserve the nutrients of fruits and vegetables much better.

If you have introduced juices and smoothies forever in your diet, it is best to buy a juice extractor. There would be no point in making the daily effort to prepare the juices if you are losing the nutrients of the fruit due to the blender.

Now, yes, you have a reference to buy the best blender for smoothies and soup that you really need. You just have to start preparing some delicious juices!

I hope this best blender for smoothies and soup helps you out! Now start making your decisions. You may also like: Best Massage Chair for Sciatica

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