Best Air Mattress for Permanent Use

best air mattress for permanent useWithout a doubt, some of the most useful household items on the market are inflatable beds or inflatable mattresses especially the best air mattress for permanent use.

And these are the best alternative available to people who have a small house and who have to welcome friends or family who stay to sleep.

Thus, even if they do not have a free room, nothing happens because they take out the inflatable bed, in which visitors will sleep soundly.

But those kinds of items are also great when traveling. In particular, it can be used both for sleeping in a campsite and for resting when going to the festival or on occasions when, in the end, there are too many people and few beds in the rural house that has been reserved.

If you’re curious (or in a hurry)

☑ This air mattress is the most popular with our readers

What is the best air mattresses for permanent use

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1. Soundasleep dream series air mattress – the best overall

Best Air Mattress for Permanent Use

The Comfort Coil SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattress beats its competition in a rather manageable way when it comes to the enthusiasm of the reviewers.

You get pretty much everything: comfort, ease of use and durability are all unparalleled, users say.

This double-height mattress is available in both double and twin versions, and the queen boasts 40 internal batteries to support the support. Inflated, it is 19 inches tall.

Reviewers praise the SoundAsleep mattress for several reasons, but one of the main advantages was the fact that it does not leak or sink during the night, a common problem with air beds.

They also like the inflation of the dial with a single click, which allows more control over how stiff or soft the mattress ends up.

The owners echo this praise, saying that the integrated pump is comfortable and facilitates the installation and lowering of the bed.

Many say that the SoundAsleep lasted longer than the other air mattresses they tried, and they say that the waterproof flocked top helps keep the sheets from slipping. Other features include an integrated storage cable, a non-slip bottom, and a carrying bag.

  • one-click design of integrated pump
  • the deflate and inflate times are about 4 minutes
  • the top and bottom layers are tightly held together by coil design
  • the bottom design has sure-grip suction
  • has power cord storage top and storage design
  • the surface of the mattress is sturdy and balanced
  • twin and queen are the only available sizes
  • Can be used in cabin style tent but it is best for home use
  • Cannot be purchased in retail stores

2. Inflatable mattress for EZ Insta-Bed – the best high-end:

best air mattress for guests

The Insta-Bed double-bed EZ Bed inflatable mattress is a good way for buyers looking for a real mattress feeling without making that kind of investment.

This is because the 48-coil EZ Bed has a frame that gives it the feeling of a real bed, increasing the sleepers to 22 inches from the ground, but it always fits comfortably like most other air beds. The EZ bed only comes in queen size.

Like the Insta-Bed raised mattress, even the EZ Bed comes with the secondary “Never Flat” pump that monitors air levels during the night, adjusting if necessary.

There are three firmness settings and the flocked top helps keep the sheets tight and secure. Owners particularly like not having to stoop to bed, and some say it’s so comfortable that they even forget they are on an air mattress.

They also say that the installation is simple, despite the addition of the frame: simply unpack the unit from its case, connect the included pump and watch it inflate.

The case is equipped with wheels to facilitate the movement of the bed, but some users warn that they take up more storage space than a normal air mattress. The EZ bed has a one-year warranty. The weight capacity is 500 pounds.

  • the air loss is minimal
  • it shuts off automatically
  • the never-flat technology
  • it is heavy and large

3. Bestway flocked inflatable mattress 

best air mattress for everyday useFor those who are looking for an inflatable sleeping mattress, with a very economical and functional option, it is made of vinyl, and its surface is completely fringed, its structure is ribbed, so it keeps the air inside without risk to leaks

It has the capacity to support a weight of 227 kg and has a size of 185 x 76 x 22 cm, its operation serves both to leave the camping and to use it at home when receiving visitors, as for its inflation it takes just 2 minutes.

 In case of accidents, the kit brings a patch to place in the affected area, thus avoiding major problems.

  • It has a fairly low and economical price, which allows its value for money to go hand in hand.
  • It has a patch that covers an area that has air leakage.
  • Although it is not very large, it can support a weight of up to 227 kg.
  • It is made from vinyl.
  • Does not include pump.

4. Active Era Air Mattress

best air mattress for campingIf you need an additional mattress for an emergency, the Active Era AB-S1-EU model is a good proposal.

This mattress has an individual type of design, measuring 91 centimeters wide by 187 long and 46 high.

A model that improves its resistance and support, having 21 air coils and a structured interior that gives extra comfort when resting.

It also has an adequate external reinforcement, since the mattress has a 15 gauge material that better supports friction and perforations.

A complete product that has an integrated inflation pump, with which it is easy to leave the product ready for use without wasting arms by pushing the pump so that a few minutes are enough for the mattress to be well swollen and ready to rest.

In order to have an additional bed anywhere, this model offers you some functions of the best inflatable mattress of the moment, which we analyze below.

  • Pump included: The product has an inflation pump inside the mattress itself, which makes this process easier.
  • Inner support: The mattress includes structural support formed by 21 air coils that give extra resistance when resting.
  • Flocking Finish: The flocking finish creates a pleasant feeling when touching the mattress, away from the plastic finish of other models.
  • Noise: As usual in these products, the inflation process is somewhat noisy, so you will have to do it at not too late hours so that it does not bother.
  • Carrying bag: You miss the transport bag in which to store the mattress and which is usually common in these types of products.

5. ETEKCITY Air Mattress

can you sleep on an air mattress permanentlyThe following model has small features that make it one of the best recommendations, it has a non-slip base that allows you to sleep without the risk of falling movements due to the displacement of the mattress.

It also has integrated support layers that give a feeling of comfort.

Air leaks will not be a problem because all its seams have been welded to prevent any escape, the mattress is manufactured from PVC materials that are not toxic and that generate firmness within the internal structure, managing to withstand a weight up to 203 kg.

It has an air pump with 3 nozzles so you can use it to fill both the bed and other objects you need, its dimensions reach for two people with measures of 191 x 99.1 x 22.9 cm.

  • Welding system in its main finishes.
  • Non-slip technology at its base.
  • It supports a weight of 204 kg.
  • Bring a pump with 3 nozzles, to use in different uses.
  • Welding the system in its main finishes.
  • Non-slip technology at its base.
  • It supports a weight of 204 kg.
  • Bring a pump with 3 nozzles, to use in different uses.

6. Insta-Bed inflatable mattress

best air mattress for long term useIf you prefer a lower-profile air mattress, the Insta-Bed double-bed inflatable mattress is a bit shorter – 18 inches for the 19-inch SoundAsleep – but the owners are also enthusiastic about its comfort and features.

There are also other options with the Insta bed: it is available in versions with double cushion, two or more beds.

Insta-Bed has the “Never Flat” technology that uses a secondary pump to combat failure and maintain constant pressure throughout the night, and most users agree that it does so effectively.

It also has a flocked top similar to that of SoundAsleep, which prevents the sheets from slipping so much. Reviewers particularly appreciate the easy-to-use inflation pump, which has three preset firmness settings and automatic shutdown.

The double bed has 35 reels for SoundAsleep’s 40. It also has a one-year warranty, and the queen holds up to 500 pounds.

  • the air loss is minimal
  • it shuts off automatically
  • the neverFLAT technology
  • it is heavy and large

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7. Intex Deluxe

  Intex Queen Ultra Plush Dura Beam Deluxe AirbedAs another option, we present this inflatable mattress Intex perfect to use as an accessory bed for visitors as it also has two spacious seats.

And this space is possible thanks to its dimensions once inflated of 152 cm x 203 cm x 42 cm, Those 42 cm thick will allow you to be perfectly isolated from the floor and be able to use conventional bed sheets that will be perfectly secured thanks to its design.

Its surface is made of Tech technology fiber, which will bring to your rest that feeling of softness and comfort you need.

It includes a comfortable integrated air pump so you can have it swollen and ready in a few minutes. And it also includes a carrying bag so you can take it wherever you need it most.

Intex has for you what could be the best inflatable mattress of the moment with this Queen size model:

  • Dimensions: The first aspect to highlight of the inflatable mattress of Intex is that it has dimensions of 152 x 203 x 42 centimeters. This allows it to be used by one or two people without any problem since they will have enough space to sleep comfortably.
  • Fibers: Fiber-Tech technology was integrated into its fabric in the elaboration of this inflatable mattress, so thousands of polyester fibers are on its surface that will prevent the fabric from stretching, which guarantees a much longer life.
  • Design: Another of its points in favor is its design. This inflatable mattress is blue edged and gray tops. With these colors you will not run the risk of getting dirty too quickly and, in addition, you can place it on different surfaces without worrying.
  • Resistance: combined with the above, to improve the resistance of the mattress to the surfaces it has been manufactured itself resistant to water and punctures. So that you can place it practically where you want without any problem.
  • Bomb: and so that you can easily inflate it and without wearing down your lungs, the automatic pump that will do the hard work for you is included with the purchase.
  • None

8. king koil queen size luxury raised air mattress

king koil air mattressThis air mattress with a built-in pump is made of ecological PVC material and with a waterproof layer.

Its queen design features an inflatable pillow and an internal and external valve to inflate and deflate in 4 minutes.

It comes with a carrying bag.

Est to structured with extra support for the column ensures good sleeping posture and eliminate the fatigue of the day.

You can also use it without any problem outside since its 15 gauge material can resist perforations and challenge the elements.

9. Coleman Comfort Bed 

 Coleman Air Mattress | Double-High SupportRest Of all the inflatable mattresses that we have been presenting, this has some models that can be the most expensive, since its value amounts to a little more than average.

But it is understandable if we take into account the technical characteristics it has, among which are:

  • It is indicated for the rest of the two people, each of which will have its own air chamber so you can sleep better.
  • Its size is 188 x 137 x 22 centimeters .
  • It is made of PVC, which guarantees, for example, its resistance, being able to support a weight of up to 270 kilos.
  • It incorporates a completely hermetic system, which does not lose air at any time.
  • The only aspect against it is that it does not incorporate the inflation pump.

10. Insta-Bed- Inflatable mattress 

 Insta-Bed- Inflatable mattress The first of the recommendations is a model that has fiber tech technology, which consists of thousands and thousands of fibers made of polyester.

It provides great resistance and is not affected by such use or the passage of time, is capable of supporting a weight of up to 273 kg which makes it ideal for two people.

This mattress is gray, its finishes and textures are quite soft, in addition to not being damaged by contact with water or punctures, usually, its weight is about 9 kg and has a cover to store and transport with comfort.

To inflate, you need a period of 3 minutes using a 220/240 V electric pump, which includes a 1-2 system to quickly dispose of it, its measurements are 152 x 203 x 46 cm

  • It has resistance against water and punctures.
  • Its texture is quite soft and comfortable.
  • It is perfect for use by two people, supporting a total weight of 273 kg.
  • It can be inflated in a period of 3 minutes.
  • It has no negative elements beyond that if you are looking for an individual model, it will be very large.

Purchase Guide -What to consider before buying the best air mattress for permanent use

Thanks to technological advances, there are different models with high levels of quality in terms of these mattresses, so you must take into account different aspects to choose a quality product at a reasonable price and thus be able to get the best out of it when you should vacation in the beach, mountain, etc.

Here are the different aspects to consider when choosing the best air mattress for permanent use, one by one.


Conventional models are known to be hollow inside, so at bedtime, the feeling will be sinking, you can now see models with internal structures made from interwoven plastics , achieving greater stability and resistance.

You should look carefully at the type of technology they use, especially if you want to choose a double mattress, since there are technologies that allow you to establish an independent rest area, so that your movements will not affect the other person and vice versa.

It is important to evaluate the height of the mattress when it inflates and the weight of the entire structure. If it is used in camping it is acceptable that it is quite low, but it is essential that it be easy to carry and also very light.

In the house you can give yourself a little more comfort and therefore it does not matter if it is heavier due to the integrated electric pump, as long as it is high enough to dampen well the movements of those who sleep on it.

Inflation system

The inflation system is undoubtedly one of the most important elements, since the pump with which the mattress swells must be included in the purchase, usually there are two systems: the automatic one that usually works with electric power, or the manual.

In the market, the main distinction is made between the mattresses that are inflated taking advantage of the foot of the pump and also relying on the patience and goodwill of the inflator.

However, these basic models can be compatible with small compressors for domestic use: in this case, check the compatibility between the size of the valve and the mouth of the blower.

Another possibility is the models equipped with an integrated pump to inflate the mattress.

These are electric pumps that connect directly to the outlet and require a minimum time to complete the inflation even of the double mattresses.

They weigh a little more but offer practicality and immediacy of use that lends themselves well to respond to the need to offer a bed to a sudden guest or to use it at the campsite or on the beach.

An extra element to consider is the noise level, try not to make it too loud since it could interfere with the sleep of others around you.


As with the structure, the external functionality of the product has also improved, previously the product generated a feeling of smooth plastic which could be uncomfortable, however, the current models have a texture that closely resembles the models of plush.

Another element that you should consider is the ease of placing the sheets , it is necessary that you have a separation throughout the product, It is also very common to find products that offer a kind of elevation that works as a pillow form ,these elements make prices rise, but at the same time the rest improves.

Before deciding on the best brand, compare prices: for the same price it is a good idea to rely on sturdy materials and seams. Therefore, PVC is preferable, better if it is flocked on the surface to prevent the sheets from slipping overnight.

Be careful with the distribution of the mattress cushions: often the headrest is directly integrated, while other models have raised edges so as not to run the risk of falling out of bed, for example, if the two sleep together in the same structure.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How and with what can an inflatable mattress be patched

First of all, you should get a repair kit. These cases are economical and small and include sandpaper, glue, and patches; These patches are usually used for bicycle tires, tents and inflatable mattresses. First, proceed to deflate the entire mattress.

This is done in order to prevent air from passing under the patch and ruining the glue.

Proceed to locate where the leak is and sand gently around the hole; Once you’ve sanded, clean with soapy water and isopropyl alcohol to remove dirt and dust around and then dry the surface completely.

Continue making the repair by cutting the patch, being careful to cut it larger than the hole, an inch more on each side would be fine.

If the patches are already factory cut, use a larger one.

To apply the patch, follow the manufacturer’s instructions; some are applied as if they were stickers, while other models require the application of a special glue; Then you just have to fix the patch gently and wait 2 or 3 hours for the glue to dry completely.

Q2: How to inflate an inflatable mattress without inflator

If you do not have a pump on hand to inflate your mattress and you do not want to leave your lungs in the attempt, at home, there are different homemade devices that could help you with this task and achieve your task.

To start a test with a hairdryer, you just have to turn on the appliance and position the air nozzle on the mattress valve, so that it starts to inflate.

This process could take time since the dryer nozzle can hardly be coupled with the mattress inlet diameter. Also, keep in mind to use cold air.

You also have the option of using any appliance or tool that has an air outlet, such as a handheld vacuum cleaner, a leaf blower or a snowblower.

With these devices, you will have more powers and the inflation process could be faster; As with the hairdryer, you just place the air outlet nozzle on the mattress valve and wait for it to fill.

If you don’t have any of these tools or appliances, try using a bicycle tire pump. To do this, you must find an adapter so that the nozzles are compatible and there are no leaks in the process.

Q3: How to fold an inflatable mattress

Folding an inflatable mattress is not as difficult as you think. To begin, unscrew the valve cover and let all the air out, pressing on some complicated parts.

The idea is that it is completely deflated so you can fold it easily.

If the air resists coming out, you can try to connect an electrical mechanism that helps in this task.

Once the mattress has lost firmness, it begins to screw on the opposite side to the air outlet and continues neatly in this direction, so that the mattress occupies a minimum space when deflated.

You can fold it in parts, squeezing and rolling up little by little; as if it were to roll and compress a tube of toothpaste.

If it is the case that you are short of time and need to speed up deflation, you can use a vacuum cleaner; With it, you will get the air out of the mattress quickly.

Q4: Which inflatable mattress is better, Intex or Bestway?

These two brands offer you a wide variety of high-quality products, not in vain they are leaders in the market of inflatable products.

Choosing a mattress from one of these two manufacturers is your decision; Both brands are recommended by many buyers all over the world.

Starting with the Intex brand, this multinational is present in more than 100 countries and offers you inflatable mattresses for the home, for camping, for the car, of single, double or matrimonial size. There are for all needs and for all tastes.

Intex mattresses offer Fiber-Tech technology, made using polyester fiber and thanks to which these products achieve high resistance to tearing, wear, tearing and their qualities are not reduced with the passage of time or use.

They are mattresses that offer great softness to the touch, firmness, and breathability.

Then we have the Bestway brand, a company recognized for its inflatable leisure and sports products.

Bestway mattresses stand out for being high-end, made of resistant materials; So they are able to cope with punctures and blows. They also offer a velvety surface for optimal rest. Some models integrate an inflator for easy filling.

Q5: Inflatable mattress or mat

When choosing between an inflatable mattress and a mat, you should weigh the advantages and cons that each of these products offers you, especially when it comes to sleeping outdoors.

In this sense, we have that inflatable pads offer you more comfort than a mat, keep you away from the cold and hard ground and offer you softness and comfort.

Their disadvantage, so to speak, would be that they need an inflator for their inflation and deflation process, while the mats do not require any treatment. Just unscrew them and put them on the floor.

When storing or storing, inflatable mattresses can be completely reduced in size and carried folded in a backpack or box.

The mattresses, on the other hand, you will have to carry them rolled up or folded on your back since they cannot be folded up to be stored in a box.

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