Best 10 Inch Subwoofer for Home Theater

best 10 Inch subwoofer for home theaterIf you are one of those who listen to music that is cool that every sound creeps into your soul, getting an active and best 10 Inch subwoofer for home theater essential.

A subwoofer gives songs more body by adding those lower-end frequencies in the spectrum that makes all the difference.

But not only that. If you want to see a movie such as God commands, or hallucinate with the sound effects of your favorite video game, this gem specialized in projecting the lowest sounds is the part of the puzzle that your home sound system was missing.

If we talk about home theater systems, a good subwoofer for home cinema will be the cornerstone that will add a touch of salt and pepper to your blanket and film sessions.

Choosing the best 10 inch subwoofer for home theater

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Of course. There are so many options on the market that choosing a good subwoofer can be difficult. That is why we bring you this comparison with the best active subwoofers on the market.

In order not to get involved, we have ordered the devices that we have chosen according to the budget of each one. But before getting into flour, always take a look at our recommendations and tricks so that they do not give you cheese when buying a subwoofer.

1. Yamaha NS-SW300 Active Subwoofer – Best Overall for 10 inch

best 10 Inch subwoofer for home theater
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Design: The Yamaha NS-SW300 subwoofer has a very cool design. Its edges have smooth curves and the black color gives it an elegant appearance. But beyond the appearance, the design is very effective and pragmatic.

It has the technology called Twisted Flare Port, which refers to its own design used only in Yamaha subwoofers that allows air to circulate more efficiently in the speaker. This generates a clearer, more powerful bass.

On the front panel, it integrates a power button and a potentiometer for volume. The location of the volume control is very accurate since in most subwoofers this control is located at the rear, which can be somewhat uncomfortable when placed near a wall.

On the rear panel of this Yamaha subwoofer, we find a standard RCA input and an LFE. It also integrates a crossover control that allows you to set it between 40 and 140Hz. We recommend setting it to 80 Hz.

Sound: The performance of this subwoofer speaker in reproducing bass is remarkable. We tested it by watching Blade Runner: 2049, and even in scenes with constant LFE effects like gunshots and explosions, the sound came through very sharp. In this section, it beats any subwoofer in its price range.

The frequency response is great: it ranges from 20Hz to 160Hz. The effects of the lower frequencies are heard without any distortion. We have also noted excellent performance when playing any musical genre.

It has a 10 inch (25 cm) driver which produces smooth, natural bass. The Yamaha subwoofer outputs the amount of bass necessary for sound to sound in the best possible quality. It provides bass that does not overshadow the other frequencies but does bring its own depth.

The built-in amplifier has an RMS capacity of 250 W. It is the most powerful 10 ”subwoofer we have tested and can work perfectly in medium rooms.

Technical characteristics:

  • Subwoofer Type: Active Subwoofer.
  • Driver size: 10 ”(25 cm).
  • RMS power: 250 W.
  • Frequency response: 20–160 Hz.

Elegant design, sound quality, good power.


Nothing relevant to mention.


The Yamaha NS-SW300 is the best active subwoofer in its price range. The design is very attractive and the sound quality it provides is above the competition. It really is one of the best options to improve the quality of any stereo for the house. 

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2. JBL arena SUB 100P active subwoofer

best 10 Inch subwoofer for home theater
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Design: The JBL Arena Sub 100P is an affordable and attractive 10 ”subwoofer. It has a 100 W amplifier, a capacity less than that of the best subwoofers, but it is an excellent option to improve the bass of some soundbars.

The JBL Arena Sub 100 P subwoofer speaker is available in black and white, a friendly option that allows you to combine it with the rest of your furniture. The design is quite compact, so you can place it anywhere without getting in the way. All controls are integrated into the rear panel.


This active subwoofer features a 10 ”(25 cm) driver that is ideal for small and medium rooms. The amp is not that powerful but it performs very well. When testing it with various musical genres we notice a remarkable result in the bass, which is perceived clean and without any distortion.

We also used it with various movies and were able to clearly hear all the effects of the LFE low-frequency channel. A negative point we find is that it can suffer at times when the LFE channel is used continuously and for a long time.

This is normal for subwoofers with 100W amplifiers, but maybe due to their limited frequency response (41 to 150Hz). Movies do not usually present effects below 41 Hz, but we do find them on certain occasions.

If we reproduce an effect below this range we will hear some noise and some loss of volume. This content, it should be emphasized, is rare, and the bass sounds really clean and powerful above 41 Hz.

Technical characteristics:

  • Subwoofer Type: Active Subwoofer.
  • Driver size: 10 ”(25 cm).
  • RMS power: 100 W.
  • Frequency response: 41 – 150 Hz.
  • Wireless connectivity: No

Good compact design.


The frequency response may come up short at times.


The JBL Arena Sub 100P subwoofer speaker is a good choice for improving the bass quality of any home sound system. The design is attractive and compact, emits powerful and clear bass, and also has a very good price. The frequency response is somewhat limited, but this is something that can affect sound quality in very few situations.

3. Klipsch R-115SW Active Subwoofer

best 10 Inch subwoofer for home theater
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Design: The Klipsch R-115SW is the best active subwoofer you can get for the price. It combines a 15 ”driver with a large 400 W RMS amplifier and an excellent design.

But beware: it has so much power that if you use it to the maximum we assure you more than one complaint in the next meeting of neighbors.

The design of this 15-inch subwoofer is unique. The driver is built using exclusive Klipsch technology that uses ceramic and metal. This lightens the weight of the speaker considerably but maintains the strength. The Klipsch R-115SW subwoofer can reproduce any sound at maximum levels without any distortion.

The rear panel integrates the inputs and controls. Among these, it has an RCA line input, a control to adjust the gain, and another for the crossover point. It also features a switch for phase and one for on / off.

In addition, it includes a port to connect the Klipsch WA-2 wireless connection kit. If you buy this additional kit you can place the subwoofer anywhere in the room without having to worry about cables.

Sound: Lots of strength. The subwoofer amplifier that this device has is great. It has a capacity of 400 W RMS and 800 W maximum power, more than enough power to fill very large rooms with sound. The amplifier, together with the 15-inch driver, produces a really powerful and high-quality sound.

No matter what you play, the bass will feel crisp and deep. The Klipsch h R-115SW lets you experience LFE sound effects as realistically as possible. The performance of this 15 ”subwoofer when it comes to reproducing low-frequency sounds is really remarkable.

The frequency response reaches 18 HZ, and when testing it we observe perfect fidelity. We didn’t notice any kind of distortion, but we did feel the effects very strongly.

Technical characteristics:

  • Subwoofer Type: Active Subwoofer.
  • Driver size: 15 ”(38 cm).
  • RMS power: 400 W.
  • Frequency response: 18-125 Hz.
  • Wireless connectivity: with Klipsch WA-2 Wireless Kit (optional).

Excellent design and sound quality.


Nothing relevant to mention.


If you are looking for the best sound quality in a subwoofer for less than 1000 euros, we believe that there is no better option than the 15 ”Klipsch R-115SW subwoofer. This is a perfect model for bass lovers and for all those who want to enjoy movies as realistically as possible.

The power and sound quality are outstanding. Paired with Klipsch speakers like the R15, you can get a great home cinema system that will last you for years to come. Have you got long teeth?

4. Sonos SUB subwoofer

best 10 Inch subwoofer for home theater
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Design: Wireless speakers are hard to talk about without mentioning the Sonos. Sonos multi-room systems are among the most popular on the market. They have attractive designs and sound great.

The Sonos Sub subwoofer is designed to work with them. This subwoofer speaker is available in black or white. It has a very elegant design and with first-class finishes. The body is large and slim and features an opening in the middle from which you can see the two 6-inch drivers it integrates.

 It has a rubber base and can be placed both on its side and vertically. It has just one physical button that is used to connect the Sub to your wireless sound system. All controls are handled through the Sonos app.

You can connect it to any Sonos system, but it is especially useful next to the Sonos Play speakers  ( If you need a smart speaker, the Sonos One is one of the best on the market).

Sound: The Sonos Sub greatly improves the sound quality of Sonos Play systems. We tested it with a pair of Play 3 and Play 5 speakers and noticed something that made us very horny. Not only did it add strength and depth to the bass, but the vocals were also more powerful.

This may be because the Play 3, using it together with the subwoofer, concentrates better on the higher frequencies, with a much clearer and more pleasant result. Without the subwoofer, the Play 3 and Play 5 speakers lose volume and bass detail, and can also reinforce the presence of higher frequencies.

When we connected the Sub all the frequencies were heard with fidelity and the vowels sounded much clearer. No matter what music genre you play, the Sonos Sub subwoofer delivers high-quality bass.

Technical characteristics:

  • Subwoofer Type: Active Subwoofer.
  • Driver size: 6 ”(15 cm) x2.
  • Frequency response: 25-96 Hz.
  • Wireless connectivity: Yes, with Sonos Playbar, Play: 1, Play: 3, Play: 5 and Connect Amp systems.

Wireless, good EQ options.


Nothing relevant to mention.


If you are a fan of Sonos systems and think that your Play 3 or Play 5 isn’t giving you the bass strength they should, then the Sonos Sub is for you. This active subwoofer not only lends strength and depth to the bass but also enables better sound quality at all frequencies.

We think it is something lacking, but if you have or plan to buy Sonos multiroom systems, they are a good investment.  

5. ELAC Debut S12EQ Active Subwoofer

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Design: It is a very handsome and comfortable 12-inch subwoofer. The Elac Debut S12EQ subwoofer, like the entire Elac Debut line, is designed by Andrew Jones, who is famous for creating innovative, high-quality speakers.

This subwoofer is a good example. The design is unique: it does not integrate any physical controls and only has an RCA input on the rear panel. Everything is controlled through Elac’s Sub Control app .

The app connects to this subwoofer speaker via Bluetooth, so you don’t need Wi-Fi to work. The application is available for iOS or Android. This eliminates the hassle of reaching for the subwoofer to control it.

In addition, the application offers an incredibly simple calibration system: you only need to hold your phone or tablet close to the subwoofer and press “analyze” in the app. The application will record the sound of the subwoofer regardless of the obstacles in the room.

Then, you have to do the same process from the place where you will be sitting normally and the software will take care of comparing the two measurements. The program will then perform an automatic equalization optimized for your living room, ensuring that you can hear clear bass with the best possible quality.

In addition to this new calibration system, you can control many other functions through the application, such as volume, audio filters, and different additional settings. In addition, the app allows you to select different sound profiles suitable for any situation: music, cinema, night …

Sound: Deluxe. We must emphasize that the quality of the bass that this 12 ”subwoofer offers is excellent. It has a powerful amplifier with 500W RMS capacity and a large 12 “driver, so it works perfectly in very spacious rooms.

We have tried it with different movies, recordings, and games and it has always behaved quite well. Playing Grand Theft Auto 5 we could feel all the effects, such as explosions or shots, in a clear and powerful way.

We also tested the “Cinema” sound profile by watching Rogue One: a Star Wars story and we notice that it adds a greater punch to the bass. The same goes for the “Music” mode.

Although we believe that the reinforcement of the basses was not necessary for musical recordings, it is an option that can fascinate many people. Anyway, you can select the normal sound profile and you will get faithful bass.

Technical characteristics:

  • Subwoofer Type: Active Subwoofer.
  • Driver size: 12 ”(30 cm).
  • RMS power: 500 W.
  • Frequency response: 25-150 Hz.
  • Wireless connectivity: Yes

Sound quality, innovative design, equalization options, Bluetooth. One of the largest subwoofers in value for money.


It does not integrate physical controls, which for many is comfortable, but if you are not very technological it can bring you down the street of bitterness.


The design of this 12 ”subwoofer is unique. The app integration offers several controls, like EQ, Calibration, and Sound Profiles, that are really useful and satisfying. No other model on the market has these options.

More importantly: the sound quality it offers is one of the best we’ve tested. If you don’t mind having to control it through a phone or tablet, the Elac Debut S12EQ is a great option. In its price range, it is one of the best subwoofers you can get. 

6. ELAC Debut s10.2 Active Subwoofer

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Design: This subwoofer is designed by renowned Andrew Jones, known for creating sound equipment with attractive prices and excellent audio quality. It offers 200W peak power, a 10-inch driver, and the famous Bash Tracking amplifier used by all ELAC models.

It is presented in an MDF cabinet that integrates a horizontal reinforcement specially designed to avoid unwanted vibrations that can decrease the sound quality, and also provides greater stability.

The Elac Debut S10.2 subwoofer is compact in size and you can place it anywhere without hassle. It has a very useful automatic on/off the system . Detects when an audio signal is sent to the amplifier and automatically turns on. It also turns off after some time of inactivity. In addition to control, this subwoofer can through the ELAC Sub app that lets you operate the controls via a smartphone.

Sound: The Elac Debut S10.2 offers good power for its 200 W peak and 100 W RMS size. It is ideal for medium-small rooms and allows you to listen to low frequencies, the foundation of any type of music, with a depth that normal speakers can never reach.

The 10-inch driver offers plenty of realism at low frequencies and has a frequency response of 28-150Hz and offers an adjustable 50-150Hz crossover. The best thing about this subwoofer, like all the company’s models, is that it integrates a BASH Tracking amplifier that offers better performance than traditional amplifiers when playing movies with dynamic sounds and any type of music.

Technical characteristics:

  • Subwoofer Type: Active Subwoofer.
  • Driver size:  10 ”(25 cm).
  • RMS power: 200 W.
  • Frequency response:  35-150 Hz

Good design, great amps.


We would like more RMS power.


The ELAC Debut S10.2 is a compact and well-designed subwoofer. It offers deep, strong bass of great quality, plus good power for its size. It is an excellent choice if you are looking to buy an affordable subwoofer for a medium or small room.  

7. Yamaha YST-FSW050 Active Subwoofer

Click the image for more info.

Design: The Yamaha YST-FSW050 is a good quality, affordable active subwoofer. It is available in black and has a simple cube design that is quite attractive. This subwoofer speaker has dimensions of 16.3 x 35 x 35 cm and weighs 9 kg.

 It is quite compact and can be easily placed on any shelf without taking up much space. Also, it looks great. It integrates rubber feet that lift the subwoofer so that the integrated driver of 16, 51 cm (located facing down) can work optimally.

Sound: Yamaha is renowned for the quality of its equipment and this is no exception. This Bluetooth subwoofer features Yamaha Advanced YST II, ​​Linear Port, and Down Firing technology, which ensures great sound quality.

The Yamaha YST-FSW050 subwoofer amplifier features 100W RMS capacity. This is sufficient for powerful bass in small rooms. The frequency range is 35-160 HZ, somewhat limited in the lower frequencies but this is to be expected due to the price. Like any small subwoofer, it may flaw a bit when playing constant LFE effects, but overall the bass it offers feels clear and deep.

Technical characteristics:

  • Subwoofer Type: Active Subwoofer.
  • Driver size: 6.5 ”(16.51 cm).
  • RMS power: 100 W.
  • Frequency response: 35-160 Hz.
  • Wireless connectivity: No.

Affordable, compact design.


Low power.

Conclusion: The Yamaha YST-FSW050 Active Subwoofer is an excellent affordable kit that can increase the sound quality of your sound system. It doesn’t have a lot of power, but it works very well in small rooms. If you want to hear the effects of a movie as God commands, and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, this subwoofer is a good alternative.

Buying Guide – best 10 Inch subwoofer for home theater

The subwoofer is an essential element in any sound; They have them the great sound equipment, the audio systems of the cars and they are more and more common in the houses where there is home cinema or Home Cinema.

But buying a subwoofer is not an easy task. It can become a whole story if we do not pay attention to the main characteristics, for this reason, we have created this guide to buy the best subwoofer on the market today, with the aim of selecting an economical one, but one that fully fulfills its function.


As with all speakers, the power of the subwoofers is expressed in watts. If you are building a home theater sound system, a 100 to 200 W subwoofer will be more than enough, at least in a room of about 25 square meters.

The truth is that the soundtracks demand a lot of power, but it is also true that we do not want to disturb the neighbors with the usual vibrations of the walls. The position of the subwoofer and the isolation of the room will have a considerable influence on the final result, so it is a matter of testing how you organize your sound system.

If you have good speakers that support bass, you can distribute the frequency more evenly, and in that case, the entire load doesn’t have to go to the subwoofer. We take the opportunity to reiterate what we all somehow intuit: if we exceed the volume, we can reduce the useful life not only of the subwoofer but of the entire sound system.


In this case, capacity and power are not the same things. We refer to the ability to reproduce low frequencies. We can say that a good subwoofer can reproduce with good quality about 20 or 30 Hz, which is a fairly low level, but it will not vibrate the objects around it, ideal if it is for our room.


This usually influences capacity and price. The more inches the subwoofer has, the more impact and thrust it will have, as well as better air displacement. It will also be more expensive, but everything will depend on your needs and preferences. The most recommended are those that come in a sealed box and those that are cylindrical in shape but are also sealed.

If it is a small bedroom, 12 inches is more than enough to have a high-quality sound.

best 10 Inch subwoofer for home theater

Coil type

Finally, we want to clarify that the number of coils does not affect the actual power of the subwoofer. It is not necessary to think that if we buy double coil subwoofers we will have twice the power. You may have more options in terms of impedance settings, but the power will be the same; the double and even quadruple coil can be more expensive and not a great advantage.

As you can see, it is not about buying the most compact, most beautiful subwoofer or that best combines with Blu-ray. The truth is that it is a decision that requires study and meditation.

We must be very sure of what we need to avoid making an unnecessary or exaggerated purchase, but it is not good to fall short, so we invite you to take into account these basic characteristics.

If you care a lot about the brands, you will find JBL, Yamaha or Pioneer models at good prices, but we recommend you not to be afraid of other brands; Of course, try to review very well the comments on the Internet about the subwoofer you want to buy.

How to use a subwoofer

You don’t have to be an audiophile to be able to appreciate and want to have this speaker that emits, in great detail, the lowest frequencies (lowest spectrum) of sound. For example, the soundtrack of any movie gains realism when we add this product to our audio equipment.

best 10 Inch subwoofer for home theater

What is the subwoofer for you?

The subwoofer lets you hear those lower-range decibels, lavishing that surround sound you feel immersed in every time you attend a movie theater or live concert. That is, you give it professional sound wherever you install it.

The subwoofer has the particularity of providing “face-to-face sound”: everything that sounds (music, voices, effects) constitutes an auditory presence that physically permeates the environment, since the subwoofer “moves” air masses that they come to our auditory sense.

Why use a subwoofer?

Because it adds emotion and forcefulness to what we hear (it is almost a sound that you see), both in movies and TV series (explosions, impacts, collisions, earthquakes, tsunamis), and concerts (those virtuous plucking of the bass, certain percussions that bounce like a tennis ball on our rib cage).

Without going any further, the subwoofer allows you to appreciate, in the foreground, that vital and vital sound of the heart rate. Do you hear it echoing – deep, deep – inside? That is your own subwoofer!

Choose the correct subwoofer for what you are looking for

In order to choose the right one for your requirements, take into account the space available on the premises where you are going to locate it. An area, for example, of 24 square meters, perfectly supports the vibration of 160 watts of power. The golden rule is that the more space, the more power the team should possess, and vice versa.

Where to put the subwoofer?

Some manufacturers recommend placing the subwoofer in a corner, as the walls can help bounce sound waves back into the seating areas. This is a good option, however, if you have multiple placement options you should try after connecting the subwoofer.

best 10 Inch subwoofer for home theater

How to connect the subwoofer

All subwoofers require two connections: power and signal. For the power supply, you only need a nearby outlet. We recommend connecting the subwoofer to a power protection device to protect against surges.

For the signal connection, the simplest and most common option is to connect the subwoofer to the LFE connection of a home theater. It works for any receiver or amplifier with a subwoofer output.

How to Optimize Subwoofer Performance

Your receiver may include a calibration microphone to optimize the performance of your speakers. These auto-calibration systems generally do a very good job of adapting sound to your environment.

To manage the bass, go to the receiver settings menu and find the speaker settings. There will be a size adjustment for the front left and right speakers. Set the speakers to “small” even if you are using floor standing speakers. This is because the “small” setting will send the low frequencies to the subwoofer.

This is good for three reasons: it frees up the front speakers to focus on the mid and high frequencies, it allows your receiver to devote more power to the mid and high frequencies, and can prevent low frequencies from damaging the speakers.

Once you’ve set the speakers to “small,” you may not need to fine-tune the crossover. But if you want more precision, you can set the precise crossover point, measured in Hertz. All signals below the crossover point will be sent to the subwoofer.

For bookshelf speakers, you can adjust the crossover point near 120 hertz. For large tower loudspeakers, try 60 Hz. Most default receivers somewhere in the middle usually snap around 80 Hz.

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