Beard Trimmers for Longer Beards

beard trimmers for longer beardsNot all beards are the same, and each skin behaves in a different way, that is why knowing which are the best beard trimmers for longer beards on the market, is very important to be able to select the one that is best to buy and that suits your requirements.

We make a comparison evaluating which beard trimmers offer considerable power, always ready to be able to face a dense or hard beard, as well as protect the user’s sensitive skin and eliminate the problems of injury or irritation, which is so annoying for many.

What are the best beard trimmers for longer beards.

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1. Wahl Multi-Purpose Grooming Kit

Wahl Multi-Purpose Grooming KitThe international leader in men’s hair clippers comes back this year with a complete mower: the Wahl Multi-Purpose Grooming Kit 09888-1216. In other words, a versatile model that allows as much to maintain our beard, to achieve clean contours, to mow the hair, then to shave and maintain other parts of our body (ears, nose, chest ..).

The Wahl Multi-Purpose Grooming Kit multifunctional mower combines a plastic facade and chrome steel. Once taken in hand, the mower inspires confidence. As is often the case for Wahl lawnmowers, the design quality is almost irreproachable.

The Wahl Multi-Purpose Grooming Kit (Ref 09888-1216) includes many accessories:

  • a double grid heads to shave very closely.
  • has a head to eliminate the hairs of the ears and those of the nose
  • the famous T-Blade cutting head for the outline of the beard
  • 3 beard-cutting guides (1.5, 3 and 4.5 mm),
  • a 6-position cutting guide (from 2 to 12 mm, in 2 mm increments),
  • 3 T-Blade cutting guides (3, 6 and 10 mm).

The grip is much improved. On both sides of the mower, there is a non-slip surface designed to naturally accommodate the fingers of our hand. The approach is good and the concern for comfort is well thought out.

The Wahl Multi-Purpose Grooming Kit has a cutting range of 0.5 to 12 mm. For maintenance of the beard, the device is accompanied by 3 cutting guides (1.5 – 3 – 4.5 mm).

beard trimmers for longer beards

The T-Blade head and its 3 cutting shoes are present for the maintenance of hair and body. The double razor head shaver for a close shave (torso for example.) It can be used to eliminate the hair at the cheekbones and neck when working the contours of the beard.

The beard shave is rather comfortable. The blade is effective.

Finally it can remove unsightly hairs from the nose and ears, a precision head. Unusual for the shot since it is a blade of about 1cm and not a cylindrical head.

beard trimmers for longer beards

It has a lithium-ion battery that allows it to hold 3 hours of autonomy for only 1 hour of charge. Moreover, if the battery falls flat the device has a quick charge function. 1 minute of charging will allow using the mower for 3 min.

The Wahl Multi-Purpose Grooming Kit is not waterproof. On the other hand, all the heads are detached from the apparatus and can thus be cleaned with water. A brushstroke inside the area that accommodates these heads will be necessary to dislodge the few stuck hairs. To ensure the longevity of the mower it is recommended to apply a drop of oil to the blades once a month if you use them frequently.

  • It is easy to use
  • Has a warranty period of 2years
  • Has extra small clipper to aid light hair trimming needs
  • long-lasting battery life and quick charge
  • faulty battery cases reported
  • The small trimmer needs separate batteries

2. Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer BT5210/42 – 100% waterproof

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer BT5210/42It is normal to find several models of the Philips brand, pus is a great company when it comes to generating good quality artifacts in the market of hair cutting machines as well as in beard trimming, for professional barbers This brand is very popular.

The BT5200 / 16 model of the Philips and undoubtedly an attractive option, is completely waterproof, so after using it you can wash it without problems, even do not be afraid to place it under the tap and so you can clean it thoroughly, it will not suffer any damage this will It allows you to make wet and dry cuts which are very useful if you require a quick last minute touch up just after leaving the shower.

Its simple design does not make it the most attractive but if it has a practicality like no other, it has the option of graduating between 17 different lengths of cuts that range from 0.4 to 10 mm, this is great and with its guide comb you can lift the hair to make cuts with longer lengths, so you could have a perfect three-day beard.

In addition to the aforementioned characteristics and benefits, we cannot ignore the aspect of the duration and charging time, in terms of the duration, this is not specified by supplier, however the duration references incline it to a long duration with respect to the Charging time, users ensure that the charging time is only one hour, so it is a great advantage in this model.

  • excellent relationship quality price.
  • a short time of charging duration.
  • wireless and connected use.
  • A great variety of cutting lengths.
  • high accuracy
  • does not specify duration time.
  • could be lighter.
  • could have an led display indicating battery level.

3. Braun BT5090 Beard Trimmer

Braun BT5090 Beard TrimmerThis incredible artifact offers you an almost unparalleled personal grooming experience, its design is of a size and reasonable despite colors that give it a professional and elegant appearance, its quality will make you want to think it through when choosing as it is highly recommended, for something is in our top 10 of the best trimmers of beards.

It is a powerful hair cutting machine that offers 25 length adjustments so you can make the cut you want, its sharp blades are undoubtedly long-lasting highlighting the design quality. Its dial of change of length gives you incredible portability, avoiding, of course, a huge amount of guide combs, this time you will have only one comb that can be graduated according to the length you want.

It has a 50-minute rechargeable battery with only one hour of charging, it can be used connected for longer sessions of use, it also has a charging base that makes it quite comfortable when occupying some space in your home, not compliant with these characteristics, has the facility of being able to wash the head under the tap for deep cleaning.

  • charging time of one hour.
  • adjustment dial for different lengths.
  • load base.
  • wireless and connected with cable
  • time life of the battery is short.
  • non-self-shaft blades
  • not very light
  • it is not the most economic

4. Wahl Professional Vacuum trimmer with suction system

Wahl Professional Vacuum trimmer with suction systemA device that promises to suck up to 96% of shorn hairs. The suction concept for a beard trimmer is clearly relevant and provides extra comfort in everyday life. It is made up of a

  • A smooth facade of black color for the bottom.
  • A semi-transparent plastic for the hatch of hair collection
  • A shiny chrome facade in the front.

Suction system and collection of hairs

Wahl Professional Vacuum trimmer with suction system

At the front of the device, directly under the blade, we find the hatch collection of hairs. Once aspirated most of the hair is stored there. To access and remove them at the end of your shave two options are available to you:

  • Raise the hatch with your index finger and apply pressure to the outside. In this way, the hatch lifts. Be careful though.
  • Remove the hatch completely to clean it. For this, you have to place your thumb at the ribs on the surface of the hatch and push forward.
4. Wahl Professional Vacuum trimmer with suction system

For more security and to avoid spilling the contents of the hatch, the second option seems to be the best.

After the 5 test session, only about 5 to 10% of the shorn hairs are not aspirated. So yes it will be necessary to spend a little cleaning at the sink but nothing really bad in comparison with a conventional lawnmower.

On the efficiency side, the cutting quality is always faithful to the Wahl know-how. Clean and without burrs! Although very noisy, the suction system does its job properly. Be careful, do not expect to see any hair on your sink. On the other hand, the chore of cleaning after shaving will be greatly reduced.

  • Globally efficient suction system.
  • Autonomy is far superior to competing clippers.
  • Quality and comfort of cut.
  • Many hooves are available.
  • Handy difficult because of imposing size.
  • System too noisy
  • Installation of the blade and hooves a little complicated

5. Philips Norelco OneBlade QP2520/72 

Philips Norelco OneBlade QP2520/72 In this position we have what is undoubtedly one of the most practical beard trimmers on the market, with its incredible weight of just 68 g, I doubt that there is a lighter machine that is with such an innovative technology, today We care too much about what our face looks like, because it will no longer be a problem with this incredible product, I invite you to try this excellent artifact.

Its incredible technology allows you to make cuts on any surface thanks to its contour tracking, its head adapts to the surface on which it is making the cut, it is incredible, it also has blades that cut in both directions, that is blades in both ends of the head, something extremely useful to avoid past extras at the time of obtaining the best result.

It has rechargeable batteries that last up to 45 min of use with only 8 hours of charging, it can also be used in wet and dry, this device is waterproof, and if one more advantage seems incredible its rounded tip blades avoid unpleasant one’s skin cuts

It offers cuts for any length of beard with high precision, without a doubt this machine meets its slogan to the letter, you can even trim the length of your beard to make it cleaner, you can also profile so that you have that desired style your little one’s dimensions allow you to reach anywhere (except for nose and ears), and you can shave without any problem, this beard trimmer does not rush the cut so that you enjoy that feeling of comfort in the skin.

  • precise
  • wireless
  • light, compact and comfortable.
  • avoid unforgettable cuts in the skin.
  • 8-hour battery charging duration.
  • duration of use of 45 min
  • does not allow court on nose and ears.
  • low power.
  • for beard use only.

6. Braun BT5070 Men’s Beard Trimmer

Braun BT5070 Men's Beard TrimmerOnce again we come across a model of the Braun brand, this is another of the brands that are common among barber users, the BT5070 model is similar to the model already mentioned the BT5090, however, they differ in some features that will be mentioned below.

Among the main differences that these two machines have is the weight, this machine offers a fairly comfortable design with 390 grams somewhat lighter than its sister described above, just as the other model can be used wirelessly with its batteries rechargeable, as can also be used connected for longer cutting sessions.

It has a completely black design that may well be unattractive for some, for others it is very captivating, it is enough with its simple but elegant design to catch your attention because it can be seen as a professional machine just by seeing it once.

The price can be consulted directly at the supplier of interest through Amazon link that will be provided at the end of the description, this is another aspect that differs from its BT5090 family machine, but due to weight and power could be slightly cheaper. On the other hand, it offers great precision with its dial of 25 different positions for the desired length, so you can give the style you want to your beard without any problem.

  • economic
  • light, compact and comfortable.
  • selector dial with 25 different lengths.
  • the little time duration of charge.
  • good precision.
  • half-duration battery.
  • non-self-folding blades.
  • shelf life shelf of the battery short.
  • it is not the lightest.

7. Remington MB4045 Beard Trimmer

Remington MB4045 Beard TrimmerIn this space we will present you not only a beard trimmer machine but rather a complete kit so that you can pamper your beard and get that style you want, if you want you can visit our post of “The 10 Best Beard Care Kit of 2019 ”Where you can get more additional information about this topic.

The modern man and refined gentleman, from now on, can take care of your image with this kit, which includes the elegant Remington MB4045 machine in black and gold, which makes it one of the most attractive machines on this list, its weight 600 grams suggests a high power design.

The qualities of this incredible machine include titanium coated blades, with excellent technology of self-sharpening blades, cuts extendable pins to achieve better accuracy, has a duration of 120 min without the use of cables and free of charge.

Its high power combined with the appropriate accessory will allow you to make your beard the perfect beard, a worthy of all admiration, from then on it will only depend on you to maintain that image that you want so much, its ergonomic design makes it very comfortable, although its weight It is something high compared to the rest of the list will not be a major problem because thanks to its power and precision they will make you finish the beard trimming sessions in a very short time.

  • pretty complete kit
  • elegant and comfortable design.
  • good precision.
  • long-duration battery.
  • wireless and connected with a cable.
  • slightly heavy against the rest of the market.
  • could have a greater number of cutting lengths.

8. Hatteker beard trimmer

Hatteker beard trimmerAn innovative creation to keep your beard clean, as you can also use it to completely remove your beard. With its variety of combs, you can bring your beard to any style that you can, the only limit would be your imagination, do not wait any longer and start trimming your beard with the Hatteker.

An incredible advantage of this product is that it can be used in the presence of water, if you read it correctly, it is waterproof, you can use it with wet hands or you should not worry that some water is splashed in the machine because it will not suffer any damage and its Precision is of very good quality.

This machine is not only for the use of the beard since it brings with it combs guides that can be used for the hair. Among them are nine guide combs ranging from 1 mm to 16 mm (for more details of the measures of the guide combs please refer to the link at the end of the description), on the other hand it has four measures of guide combs for use of the beard between them are 3, 4, 5 and 6 mm.

Its incredible technology allows you a comfortable use without wires during use, it is wireless and this is a great quality, to tell the truth, imagine being able to shave your beard with extreme comfort without the presence of a cable that hinders, in addition to being able to move wherever you want while you do a touch upon your beard.

  • waterproof.
  • five interchangeable heads.
  • self-sharpening blades.
  • ergonomic handle.
  • duration of load up to the duration of use.
  • makes more noise in wireless use than connected.
  • only sixty minutes of wireless use.

9. Philips MG3730/15 Multi-Grooming

Philips MG3730/15 Multi-GroomingThen the Philips MG3730 / 15 is an incredible beard trimmer of an attractive design in black color, its incredible design will leave you delighted, it has a serious appearance of professional use with high precision as well as an enviable performance, a very excellent option for trim your beard

Its price makes it quite attractive given the advantages that this incredible beard trimmer offers, its comfortable design allows you to take it anywhere because, its weight will not be a problem when using it because with only 322 grams it is very easy to hold, its use is not limited to the beard, it can be used for any part of the body just change the guide combs to make cuts anywhere you need it.

It brings with it an interchangeable head that will allow you to reach those difficult areas to shave, such as the nose and ears, you should not worry about the damages that can cause to your skin because the Philips MG3730 / 15 is very soft with the contact, and With its self-sharpening blades you will have blades like new after three years of use.

It offers the opportunity of independent use of cables or charging of up to 60 minutes, to enjoy this time a charging time of 16 hours is necessary, even though its charging time is high it provides enormous precision, comfort, and excellent design this machine It is certainly a very good purchase option.

  • sharpening blades.
  • light, compact and comfortable.
  • attractive design.
  • wireless use.
  • with a head for ears and nose.
  • charging duration of 16 hours.
  • cannot be used while loading
  • could be more precise in lower cuts
  • it is not waterproof.

10. Braun Precision Trimmer PT5010

Braun Precision Trimmer PT5010We present the new Braun PT5010 a small but precise beard trimmer, which does not fool you its size this is one of the machines that could be more useful when maintaining an impeccable image with the style of a beard outlined and clean.

With its design of small area blades it will be very easy to reach the most difficult areas of the face in addition to protecting your skin from annoying cuts, its power is average therefore for its incredible size it offers you a very good quality cut and performance, you can get that beard you love so much with a very low price.

Use a triple battery that provides 120 min of continuous operation without cables, although this machine is not rechargeable technology has great qualities of precision that compensate for this aspect.

If you want a clean beard, keep a unique style, always doing it wherever you want is your best option without a doubt.

  • economic
  • light, compact and comfortable.
  • precise
  • intermediate duration battery.
  • not rechargeable.
  • low power

Buyers Guide To consider – beard trimmers for longer beards

Before clicking on the purchase, what should you look for when choosing a beard trimmer?

  • Autonomy. These devices are charged to the network via a cable, take an hour to complete the charge and offer an autonomy that varies depending on the models: from 50 minutes to 2 hours of use wirelessly.
  • Water resistance. It is advisable to opt for a trimmer that can be cleaned under the tap without fear of damage. Remove the possible hairs that have been attached optimizes the next shave. Some of these small appliances allow their use under the shower, which saves a lot of time if used in the morning before leaving home.
  • Blades. They must be of high quality so that they always remain sharp. They are usually made of stainless steel, but there are some more sophisticated with titanium and ceramic coating.
  • Combs and heads. It is recommended to choose a model with several cutting options that adapt to the different lengths of the beard. Look at the ones that offer long combs for populated beards or precision heads for the most hurried and marked looks. What’s yours? If you do not want to do without any possibility, there are some kits that include endless accessories for all types of beards, for body hair or even for haircuts. We love these packs to give on designated dates such as birthdays, Christmas or Father’s Day.
  • Accessories. Some trimmers tare various accessories such as the carrying bag to store it or take it anywhere, in addition to scissors, combs or special brushes for the care of the beard. The bag is really practical for those people who spend a lot of time traveling for different reasons.

Conclusions on beard trimmers for longer beards

I sincerely hope that after all that I have told you, I have taken you out of your doubts and be clear about the best beard trimmer to buy.

I sincerely hope that after all that I have told you, I have taken you out of your doubts and be clear about the best beard trimmer to buy.

Do not forget what I have already told you, first look at what money you have and then what your real needs are and from there choose the model that best suits you.

You have already seen that I have presented models of all types, from those that have absolutely everything to those that are basic but their reliability and performance will perfectly meet your expectations to wear a beard always arranged according to your taste and your style, which finally and after all that is sure what you will be looking for, right?

Now it’s your turn to take a final turn after reading everything I’ve told you here and making the final decision to acquire what will be for you the best beard trimmer.

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